Aunt Sarah to the Rescue

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Aunt Sarah was my mum’s sister. No doubt she still is. I remember her fondly from my childhood. Always taking me places and spoiling me because my mum could not afford to. When I think of her back then, two things come to mind. Firstly, was her ability to embarrass me. No matter what she did or said, I always ended up blushing or running off to my room. Secondly was her breasts. Large, round, plump breasts. As a teenager, I was forever horny and wanted to just reach out and grab them. I managed to refrain but I am not sure how. She would often take me swimming to a local outdoor pool during the summer and she was never without her bikini. She had a great figure and all the other guys at the pool stared at her as she went by. It was as much as I could do to stop staring myself let alone hide my continuous erection from her. I doubt I did either very well.

So now there I was, a young man, standing on her doorstep, looking for a place to stay. I won’t bore you with the gory details but I had returned from travelling around Europe, my mum had gone off to live with a younger man in Wales and I was homeless. I called Sarah from Belgium on my way back and asked if she could put me up for a few weeks. I had a good job lined up and would soon be on my feet. She was delighted to have me stay. She lived in a pleasant four bedroom house all alone. It was all that was left of her marriage after her ex-husband ran off with a beauty therapist from Slough. She had two step-children from the marriage but they had long flown. She hugged me quite enthusiastically when she opened the door. I got a big kiss too, right on the lips. She wasted no time showing me to my room. It was a good size room with a comfy double bed, tv, ensuite bathroom, a desk and a sofa. I could ask for no more. No sooner had my bags hit the floor than Sarah was pressing a glass of wine into my hands and dragging me to the sofa.

“Sit down Johnny. We have a lot of catching up to do. You really have grown haven’t you?”

She squeezed my arm and we seated ourselves on the sofa. I sat more or less in the middle and she sat as close as she could to me without actually being on my lap. She was wearing figure a hugging dress and exposing her usual amount of cleavage. Her make-up was immaculate with some lovely red lipstick. By my crude estimate she was approaching forty but looked much younger. She wore small diamond studded earrings which sparkled and complemented her eyes. Her legs, well they were covered perfectly with stockings and finished off with high heels on her feet. I got the impression she got all dressed up for me. She leant in towards me, placed her hand on my knee and we touched glasses in a toast.

“To getting to know each other again.” She said with a smile. And then we began to chat. She insisted on hearing all about my travels around Europe, what I had seen and learnt. She told me all about her business and how well things were going for her. We briefly discussed my mum, my new job and a whole lot of other things. All the while she continuously touched me. Resting her hand on my arm, stroking my knee with her fingers, rubbing her leg against mine. She was being very affectionate. And Aunt Sarah can seriously talk. I felt very comfortable in her presence. Not like when I was younger. Not embarrassed at all. Up to a certain point.

The subject of her ex-husband, Tommy, came up. She ranted about the ‘whore casino şirketleri bitch from Slough’ and vented about how she was much better off without him and that she loved her personal freedom.

“You don’t miss him then?” I quipped flippantly.

“No, not at all.” She replied sternly. And then she thought for a moment. “Well maybe I miss his dick. Not that he was much good with it, but I do like a nice dick inside me. Not had one for months now. Not since the gardener left. How about you? What’s happening on the girlfriend front?”

“Oh. Not much. Well nothing really. We split up before I left for Europe.” I replied.

“Shame. Still, bet you got plenty of pussy over there?” I think at this stage I had passed embarrassment. I went through every shade of red imaginable but unfortunately had nowhere to run. I was already in my room. So I had to tough it out.

“No. Actually, nothing.”

“Oh God, you’re not gay are you? Not that there is anything wrong with that. Each to his own I say. Whatever gets you off. Just I wish I had known.”

“No. No. Definitely not gay. Just not very good with women.” She smiled and kissed me on the cheek. That was quite sweet. What was not so sweet was at the same time, her hand moved up the inside on my thigh until it was just about at the tip of my cock. I smiled back at her. She topped up our glasses and we continued chatting. I am not normally a wine drinker, so after a couple of glasses, it began to have an affect. Her rubbing inside my thigh was beginning to do the trick too and I started to get stiff. I really could not tell if she was being flirty with me or if it was my imagination. The conversation moved on but now all I could think of was Aunt Sarah and the gardener, and those tits. Like a child, I found myself staring at them again. She was now leaning into me, hands all over. This could not be my imagination. I took a chance, not that there was any rational thought behind what I did, and kissed her. It was brief and clumsy.

Aunt Sarah stared at me sternly. Disappointment written all across her face. She put down her glass and stood up.

“Come her,” she said as she beckoned me with her finger. I stood in front her, ready to be admonished.

“I’m not surprised you have trouble with women if that’s how you kiss. Now put your arms around my waist.” I followed orders. “Now kiss me. Nice and slow.” I leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers. They were soft and cool. She pulled me towards her and our lips pressed a bit firmer but still gently.

“That’s better. Now some tongue.” Our mouths opened and our tongues met. Calmly they touched, exploring slowly, as our lips continued to bond. We continued for several minutes like this and it felt fantastic. My hands began to wander but she did not stop me. Eventually I took a step back. Mainly to come up for air.

“Aunt Sarah. What a great kisser. Thanks for the lesson.”

“Oh it’s a pleasure. You have lots to learn I’m sure. And Aunty is a wonderful teacher.” I sighed. I could kiss her all night but I did not want to risk being too forward on my first night.

“I’m going to grab a quick shower.” I said as I moved off towards the bathroom.

“Great idea. I’m going to get out of this dress. Into something more comfortable.” See you in while.

I took a long shower, had a shave and general made myself fresh. I had been hot and sweaty and casino firmaları not all of that was due to my journey. I was wondering how things with Aunt Sarah would go. I kissed her. Well we kissed each other really. She was a fantastic kisser and I was extremely turned on by it. Maybe not just the kissing itself but the fact she was my aunt. It added something rather naughty to it. The whole thing had taken me massively by surprise and I was unsure if I wanted it to continue or just hope it would be all forgotten. The truth was I was very inexperienced with girls. Particularly older women. I knew my way around a woman’s body for sure and had made enough girls come before, especially with my tongue, but I was still anxious. If I could have my aunt teach me one thing, it would be to be confident. Maybe even dominant. So many thoughts. My mind wandered to the kissing again and I could feel an erection returning. I pulled on a pair of shorts and, still with the towel around my shoulders, ventured back into the bedroom.

That’s when I really received a shock. Aunt Sarah had changed into something more comfortable. Certainly more revealing. She was sprawled across my bed wearing a basque, suspenders and stockings. Heels too. She looked like a porn model. I froze to the spot. Speechless.

“What do you think, Johnny? See anything you like?” I liked everything I saw.

“Wow, aunty. You look….sensational.”

“I’m glad you like it. I have expensive taste in lingerie. Nice to have a reason to wear it occasionally.” She slid her way off the bed and came towards me. I was still rooted to the spot. She walked seductively across the room and stood just in front of me. I could see her body heaving and her perfume was intoxicating me far more than the wine did. She reached her hands out and rubbed them across my chest, releasing the towel and letting it drop to the floor.

“I do like a hairy chest.” She oozed and then, taking a step closer, pressed her bosom against it. She leaned in and we kissed again. Very subtly and very sexily. She reached down and felt the bulge in my shorts. A smile came to face. “Something else I like.” I put my arms around her and pulled her towards me. I kissed her firmly. Not like before. Much more intensely and our tongues entwined. She responded, pushing her thigh against my groin and running her nails along my back.

We held each other tightly, our lips clenched passionately.

“Aunt Sarah, you are so fucking hot. I’ve wanted you for years. I do hope I don’t let you down.” She shook her head and placed her finger on my lips to keep me quiet. Then, slowly, she dropped to her knees and released my cock from under my shorts.

“Oh, this will do nicely.” She said and ran her tongue across the head. I let out a noise. I would like to think it was a manly groan but it was more like a gasp or whine. In all my sexual experiences to that date, I had felt nothing like it. So intense. Okay so she was expert with her tongue and she was grabbing my balls as she sucked and licked, but this was my aunt. The woman who I had lusted after since I was a boy. With huge tits and saucy remarks. My mum’s sister. My mum’s gorgeous, sexy, womanly sister. And she had my cock in her mouth. Everything felt perfect at that moment. I think I had my eyes closed during all of this and then I opened them and looked down. She was knelt there staring up at me, spitting on my cock, güvenilir casino sucking me and smiling all at the same time.

“I do love your fucking cock. I want it inside me. And I will have it.”

I reached down and pulled her up.

“You can have my cock. With the greatest of pleasure. But not until I think you’re ready.” The testosterone had spoken. I felt more in command.

“Ooh. I like the sound of that.” Aunt Sarah purred. I led her to the bed, where, with her assistance I removed her corset and laid her on the bed. Those lovely large breasts were staring up at me. I laid down next to her and began sucking on them. She moaned as I licked at her nipples and gently played with them between my fingers. My hand held the tightly as we kissed again. This time even deeper. She opened her mouth and welcomed me in. My hand wandered from her breasts, down her body. I felt the top of her panties and then from there my fingers felt there way between her legs. I traced the outline of her vagina with my fingers and her bum raised up from the bed. Her panties were quite wet and I placed my whole hand over her crotch and and began rubbing. I could feel her writhing under me wanting a finger in her pussy. I slipped my hand into her panties and flicked a finger across her clit. She jumped. I looked down at her as if I had done something wrong.

“Don’t fucking stop. Don’t you fucking dare.” She yelled. I continued rubbing the clit and then gently her pussy lips. They were soaked in her juices. I slipped a finger inside which was greeted with a groan. A second finger went in and I began frigging her. She bucked against me wanting me faster and deeper. I could tell she was close and pulled my hand away. She swore at me but I took no notice.

I knew what to do next. This was what I was good at. I tugged her panties off and slipped down between her legs. I licked up the sides of her thighs and all around her pussy. Then, with one long stroke of my tongue, I went from her ass to her clit.

“Oh. My. Fucking. God.” She screamed. “Lick my cunt. Put your fucking tongue down there and lick.” I had never heard my aunt swear before. It felt so weird and such a massive turn on. She was already wet down there but after several minutes of licking and rubbing she was soaked. I pushed a couple of fingers inside as I sucked on her clit and she came. Like a train. I gave her a few seconds to relax and then moved back up the bed, kneeling next to her. She looked up at and I slid my cock in her mouth. She sucked and dribbled on it.

“So now you want my cock?”

“Yes, I want it so bad. I want little Johnny’s cock in my pussy. I want my little nephew to come fuck his Aunt Sarah.”

We positioned ourselves and she spread her legs. My cock slipped in very easily with so my pussy juice around it. I made several long deep thrusts but barely had time to get any rhythm. I was going to come soon. I could tell and so could she.

“Slow down.” She told me. “Long and slow.” I did my best but she could tell I losing control. She pushed me over onto my back and climbed on top. This was better for both of us. She moved her hips and gained maximum penetration while I regained some control. As she sat astride me, we kissed once again. Her legs thrusted up and down faster and faster.

“Oh, I’m gonna come now.” I declared.

“Yes, me too. Almost there. Come inside me. Come inside your aunt. Fuck my pussy and give me your come.” She screamed and I came. We both collapsed on the bed in a big, wet, sweaty pile.

“That was quite sensational.” I commented. She agreed.

“Not dad for your first day.”

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