Aunt didn’t Think I Would

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My Aunt Paula was what you’d call a spinster, never having married, but I never knew why. She was slim, 5 feet 6 inches tall, with fair hair that started off straight then developed into curls at her neckline. She had scorching blue eyes, high cheekbones and full, sensuous lips.

Her hips were a little wide, but her rounded bum and shaped thighs in jeans could turn any man’s head. Smallish breasts, B-cups, sat above a tummy that had just enough flesh to make sure her hips were not bony.

And I lusted after her. At 22 years of age, I moved back into her town after living interstate. I hadn’t given her much thought recently, until I bumped into her in the pub. She’d been drinking, and I don’t think she saw me at first.

She was flirting with a couple of guys and it got out of hand. They tried to get their hands up her skirt while she stood at the bar, I went over and showed them the error of their ways by giving them both split lips. Then Paula realised who I was.

“Oh Davey. Um, thanks babe. None of these other bastards were going to help.”

“Wanna get home, Paula?”

“That’s Aunt Paula, young man!”

“Piss off, I haven’t called you ‘aunt’ in years. And this ‘young man’ just scraped knuckles for you!”

“Yeah, fair point. OK, take me home, please?”

I’d only had one beer so I drove her to her fifth-floor flat. On the way I couldn’t help noticing that her white skirt had drifted way up her thighs – so far that another two inches would have showed me what colour panties she wore. The occasional sideways glance proved she was still a very pretty woman at forty-four.

I went with her in the lift to make sure she got inside safely.

“Come in and have a drink. Tell me what you’ve been doing these few years…”

We talked a while, she didn’t drink much more but I had a few and after a while I was pretty loose.

Dave, you got a girlfriend?”

“Nobody regular. You got a man?”

“Hah! No. Nobody for ages. Can’t seem to find one that knows how to treat a woman like a”

“Yeah, lots of blokes can’t treat a lady right.”

“No, not a lady. A woman. Get my meaning?”

“Oh, er yeah, I guess.”

“You guess?! Do you know how to treat a woman, Davey?”

She had always called me ‘Davey’ when she was teasing me. So I figured she was teasing me now. The drinks gave me courage.

“Yep. If only you knew, dear auntie, if only you knew!”

“Oooh, do you now?”

Sitting opposite me on the couch, her legs parted slightly. So slightly that I didn’t know if it was deliberate. But then, it wouldn’t be the first time she’d flashed me…

I took another sip of her fine whisky.

“Heck yes. After one night with me I have to leave town to avoid them!”

“Hah hah.” She looked at me over her glass as she took sip of her wine. I saw a flash of something in her eyes, as if she was weighing up where to go next. She made up her mind. Standing a little uncertainly, she walked over to my armchair and sat on my lap.

“So, little Davey. Do you still fancy your auntie?”

“Jeez, Paula. You’re a bit drunk and I…”

“Not that drunk. I still remember how you sneaked peeks at me.”

“Yeah, not sure how much I ‘sneaked a peek’ and how much you teased me.”

“Am I teasing you now?”

“You know what, I just might call your bluff.”

She laughed and got up off my lap. I figured it was the end of another tease until she stopped a few feet away, pulled her skirt up a little to show me her lovey rounded butt nestled in light blue satin panties.

“Like this, Davey?”

“Paula, any minute now you’re gonna have to put up or shut up.”

I was smiling but my tone was serious. My aunt had got me horny without even trying. She bent slightly to show a little more of her butt and now a little of the strip of fabric between her lovely thighs:

“Tick tock, tick tock. Is that minute up yet?”

I hesitated. If she wasn’t a blood relative – my father’s sister – I’d have her in my arms by now. So I decided to test how far she would go.

“OK, look. Let’s just say you tease me and I react. If nothing happens you get a giggle but I go home frustrated and no doubt you’ll do it again next time. You always did. Or, if something did happen, later we’d regret it.”

“Why ‘regret’?”

“OK you fox, I’ll play your casino şirketleri game. Because despite being one of the sexiest women I’ve known, and despite having fantasised about you a dozen times, YOU ARE MY DAD’S SISTER!”

“Oh, a dozen times huh? I’m flattered!”

“Paula, you always could get my blood boiling. Please, don’t tease me just because you can. You’ve had a bit to drink so maybe you went too far. OK?”

“OK Dave. No more teasing. Look, you’ve drunk almost half a bottle of my expensive Irish whisky. Don’t drive home, OK? Stay here.”

“Um, OK. Thanks. I’m just going to the loo, back in a sec. Let’s finish the bottle and talk shit for the rest of the night!”

I went to the bathroom and when I returned Paula had poured a very large whisky for me over a heap of ice, and a smaller one for herself.

For the next hour we talked about all kinds of rubbish, and by then I was pretty sloshed although my aunt seemed to have held her drink well.

I couldn’t stop my mind from returning to the image of her light blue panties flashing at me. Despite the whisky I had an erection. This time it was me that started the teasing.

“What would you have done if I’d called your bluff before?”

“I didn’t think you would. That’s why I kept it up.”

“Why did you think I wouldn’t?”

“Cos you never did. Not even at Andrew’s wedding. Remember?”

It flooded back. Paula was my first-ever tongue kiss, I was barely 18 at the time. It came about like this: At the wedding party, late in the evening after much boozing in the garden at the reception place, the traditional family raucous teasing and dares had been going for a while and getting naughtier all the time. It started, as usual, with such tried and tested laughter-generators as trying to drink standing on one leg, trying to lift fat Aunt Vera off her feet from behind (we all could, but she sooo loved getting felt up by all the family). Then my cousin Lynn dared Paula to give me “A lesson in hot kissing”, a dare she needed little persuasion to accept.

Auntie Paula playfully and exaggeratedly put one, then the other arm over my shoulders, pulled me slowly towards her, sexily hooked one leg around my thigh (wolf-whistles for that move), tilted her head up to meet mine and inclined it slightly, and pecked me briefly on the lips. We two smiled at our joke while the onlookers howled and booed.

Of course she wasn’t done. When she did it properly, I tasted her sweet lips with a hint of white wine in a full mouth-kiss, our tongues twirling, she biting my lower lip and showing me how to reciprocate. I learned everything I know about erotic kissing in those ten seconds.

When we separated to applause and raucous laughter, she noted the boner I had and mercifully allowed me to put my arms around her from beside and behind as if it were just a family hug, thus hiding it from gaze.

Attention in the festivities shifted to my cousin Jackie who was dared to lapdance for grandpa. He loved it of course, but the joke is that cousin Jackie is butch lesbian.

As we watched, Auntie Paula reached back and gave my trapped dick a long squeeze. I wasn’t expecting it and flinched, but she just giggled and moved away. I sat down to cover my embarrassing situation.

Now I quizzed her some more.

“At Andrew’s wedding I couldn’t have got anywhere with a stranger let alone my aunt.”

“Why not?”

“Would you have let me?”


OK, time to go for broke.

“Would you let me now?”


“Oh fuck it. My fault. I started it and you’re teasing me again. Because you know I won’t do anything about it. All right, you’ve had your fun. I’m gonna call a cab. I’ll get my car tomorrow.”

I stood to leave but Paula stood in front of me.

“No. Stay. The answer is yes, not maybe. Yes.”

“Prove you’re not teasing again. Strip naked. Or I’m leaving.”

My aunt Paula took three paces backwards, unzipped her skirt at the side and let it fall, kicking it away.

Those pale blue panties were on full display now, taking the shape of her most private lips. Next came the black blouse, one button at a time, till it too was crumpled on the floor.

Reaching behind herself, she unclipped the black sheer bra, held the cups to her breasts in one last moment of modesty, then bit her lower casino firmaları lip, smiling, as she tossed it aside.

And there they were, the tits I’d jerked off over many times. Round, still firm, capped with dark circles from which her nipples poked like the ends of pencils.

She wore only panties now. I covered the distance between us, took her in my arms, and kissed her full on the lips while I cupped her buttocks in both my hands.

She’d been my first passionate kiss, and the memory of that event came back to me as our tongues fenced, as our teeth bit lips, as our mouths sucked in each other’s lust.

Coming up for air, I bent to nibble at Paula’s nipples. She gasped loudly, holding my head in her hands. After a few moments I realised she was putting gentle pressure on my shoulders, so I took her lead and knelt before her. Being taller, my head was at her stomach height – my tongue was level with her navel. I poked it in there briefly then leaned backwards so my mouth was at the desired height.

My aunt made to take her panties off but I gestured for her not to. I knew she’d have been horny for a while and I wanted her scent.

As she shuffled forwards, I licked at the slit delineated in her panties, kissed and nibbled at it. The satin quickly became slick with fluids from both sides.

I was in erotic heaven. The scent of my aunt’s pussy was intoxicating; I wanted to drink her in through the fabric, but I also wanted to see the place that had been the object of desire years ago.

I pulled the panties aside and was rewarded with a smooth pussy, lips slightly parted and a little puffed with arousal, between which her wetness glistened invitingly.

She bent her knees to open herself to me and I buried my tongue inside her hot wet tunnel as far as I could.

“Oh fuck Davey. Mmmh. Sooo good!”

Licking her slit I learned she liked a flat tongue pressed against her clit and a finger gently probing inside. I kept this up for a few minutes to be rewarded with heavy breathing and increasing ripples in her thighs. Placing a hand on the back of my head, my horny aunt began to rub her pussy against my face as her pleasure increased.

“I want you inside me. I want to cum with you inside me. Mmm. Hurry…”


“Come fuck me. I want your cock in me.”

“No. Come on my tongue.”

I went back to licking and probing, and Paula’s groans told me she’d accepted my wish. To take her over the edge, I put my thumb right up in her pussy and probed her arsehole with my index finger, never stopping my oral ministrations. She panted hard, thrusting herself on my face, as her thighs and tummy bucked and trembled in orgasm.

I held my place while she ground out her climax on me. I eagerly licked and swallowed at the flow of her juices while her climax washed through her until it was over and she collapsed backwards with her butt on the couch.

“Oh my god Davey! You were right! You DO know how to treat a woman.”

“Told you. The question is, do you know how to treat a man?”

“C’mere'” she said, “and get that pole out of your jeans”

As I dropped my jeans and shorts to my knees and moved towards her, she reached for my dick and guided it to her mouth. I stood between her spread legs, her pussy bare despite still having her panties on.

Her mouth on my throbbing cock was hot heaven. Gently bobbing back and forth, she sucked on the backstroke and loosened her lips for the forward bob. With one hand she stroked my balls, the other went to her pussy. I was glad she wasn’t done for the night, I still desperately wanted to fuck her.

After a few minutes of this exquisite pleasure, she took her mouth off my cock and spoke while stroking it: “You want to cum in my mouth? It’s OK if you do.”

“I want to fuck you. And cum in you.”

“That’s OK too. Let’s go to bed.”

She led me by the cock to her bedroom, turned on the bedside lamp, finally removed the now-damp pale blue panties before fully undressing me, then lay on the bed.

“Fuck me now, Dave? Please?”

She didn’t need the ‘please’.

I crawled between her splayed legs, lowered myself onto her, and kissed her. Her tits were crushed between us, my fingers and thumbs tweaking at her stiffened nipples, while we bit and nibbled at each other’s lips.

Her hand snaked between güvenilir casino our bellies and parted her pussy for me.

“Here Davey. Here it is. Fuck me. At long last, you can fuck me.”

I made a slight adjustment to my position and then I felt the electric touch of her inner pussy lips on the head of my cock. I pushed firmly inside while my aunt pushed back with her hips. Many minutes of wanking had passed while I dreamed of this one second, and here it was. I was fucking my Auntie Paula. I was delighted at how tight her pussy was, clasping at my invading member like a child sucking on a lollipop. She began moaning right away.

“Mm. Mm. Mmh. Oh-my-fucking-god. Long and slow, like that, just like that. Mmmngh.”

Despite the amount I’d drank, I wasn’t going to last long. I felt her slick heat through every pore of my cock, my balls tightened after only a minute, and the base of my dick warmed in the early stages of an eruption. I told her. “I’m gonna cum real soon. You’re so tight and wet. Oungh. Oungh, FUCK! Aaawww!”

She grabbed my bum and pulled me hard up inside her as my dick twitched in its hot haven, the warmth at the base of my cock turned to raw heat, and I jettisoned spurt after spurt of my thick goo up inside my aunt’s gripping cunt while she bucked her hips up to receive it. My mind went blank. Only two things existed in the world: My ejaculating cock and my auntie’s hot wet cunt.

Many seconds later, as my senses returned and my heart beat like a drum in my chest, I became aware of Paula grinding up against my still-hard cock as she found a little orgasm for herself. I pushed hard to help her get there, gratified that I was able to stay hard long enough to be rewarded with her teeth gripping my shoulder as she squealed out a climax.

My exertions, the inevitable post-climax tiredness and the drink combined to lull me into unconsciousness just minutes after I’d withdrawn from my lovely aunt’s body. As I slept deeply, images of her sexy body flipped through my head. Her mouth, her tits, her round butt, but mostly her tight smooth pussy emblazoned a new presence in my mind.

In the early dawn, I was partly awake and partly still asleep when my prick decided to get up early. I lazily gripped it, not really wanking but more like enjoying it, when Paula stirred.

She’d put on a tee shirt in the night, but she was naked from the waist down. I could see her perfect butt in the dim light, so I stroked it while I stroked my erection.

She opened her eyes and saw what I was holding. Without hesitation, she smiled, scooted down the bed on all fours and took my cock into her mouth, all the way in, while I just lay back and wallowed in the ecstasy her mouth gave me.

Her backside was close, and I put a finger into her pussy while she sucked me. She was moist and warm in there, so I pulled her thigh towards me with that hand. She got the message, lifted her leg over my head, and gave me her pussy to lick while she sucked my cock.

Perhaps she too had been having erotic dreams all night, because she quickly began oozing wetness onto my face and chin. I drank it in. She stopped sucking to speak: “Now my confession. I know you dreamed of me. This is what I dreamed of. A sixty-nine with you. Your cock in my mouth, my pussy on yours…”

She worked her mouth on my cock with more vigour. Somehow I didn’t cum, but I was getting her closer with each lick and probe as was evidenced by her groans. It was an erotic sensation I’d never felt before, having my cock in a woman’s mouth while her throat rumbled and groaned in pleasure. It made me catch up.

Suddenly Paula’s hips froze. A few trickles of juice spurted from her pussy as she climaxed, covering my face with her musk, the resulting squealed moan she uttered with my cock against her throat pushed me there with her.

I splashed cum into her throat as she gagged and groaned in her own orgasm. She ground down onto my face so hard that my nose went in her arsehole. It was all sweat and pussy juice there anyway, and I was so turned on by her that I didn’t care.

And then it was all over except the panting.

Moments later she climbed off me and lay beside me, head on my chest, while she toyed lazily with my retreating cock.

“Davey, you’re staying here today. There’s so much I want to do with you. And to you.”

I chided her: “Are you ever going to stop calling me ‘Davey’?”

“No. Are you ever going to stop wanting me?”

“Hell no.”

“Good. We’ll figure out how to be discreet later. Hold me?”

I did. And I still do, whenever I can.

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