At Grandma , Grandpa’s

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Angela and I always had great times at our grandparents place. When we were younger, we spent many a summer there just having fun and getting nice and plump from our grandma’s cooking. Our parents couldn’t keep us away from that place, and things started to get a lot more fun when we reached legal age. That’s when our grandparents introduced me and Angie to the wonderful world of incest.

Perhaps a brief introduction of my family is necessary before I get started. My sister Angela, loving known as Angie by the members of our family, is an auburn-haired hottie. A bot on the short side, a bit voluptuous and plump perhaps but with curves and shapes on all the right places. A gorgeous face, cherry red lips and blue eyes deep enough to drown in. You could say she had everything going for her in the looks department, and the guys at school were drooling over each other to get to her. She was no slut though, and didn’t sleep around anymore than I did. She did see a few boys every now and then though, and it was no major surprise that she liked having sex.

Sylvia is our grandmother, a warm and kind woman who was always happy and a terrific cook. Her sun bleached blonde hair was starting to fade towards gray, but it still had plenty of luster and glimmered when the sun shone on it. She was slightly taller than my sister but shorter than me, and with a hell of a body. A tad on the chubby side, but in no way disproportionate, with great big tits and a huge size XL ass. And hell, I was a guy so naturally I liked staring at her fine body, even if she was my grandma.

Our grandpa’s name is Joe, a rugged sort of fella but with a great, big heart and a hearty laugh. Fairly hairy as far as his body goes, but slightly balding on top. Grandpa has always liked to keep his body in shape, he exercising regularly and trying to keep a healthy diet, even though grandma’s cooking makes this a daunting task to say the very least. Me and my sister also knew that grandma and grandpa had a very active sex life (the thin walls of their house told many a tale), which probably kept any possibility of a protruding beergut at bay.

As for me, I may not be the most popular kid in school. Not a jock in any sense of the word but no “geek” either. You could say I just do my thing and somehow get along fairly well with the ladies. I may not score every day of the week, but I’m “hunky” enough to get some every now and then, so I’m definitely happy.

Personally, I never thought of our grandparents in a sexual manner, even though we had both seen them naked very often. Our grandparents were never shy about their nudity, and often walked around completely naked in the back yard during hot summer days. Me and my sister never complained or even questioned this behavior, it was just so natural to us since they’d pretty much always done it. Sure, I always wondered what grandma’s big tits would feel like and I must have touched myself “improperly” on more than one occasion, while thinking about fondling them. But that’s as far as my personal fantasies went. Can’t speak for Angie, of course, even though I did see her eyes ogling our grandad’s mighty dick once or twice while out swimming.

One beautiful Saturday morning, grandpa took me fishing while Angie stayed at home with grandma to help her with a batch of cookies. The sun was shining bright, the water was clear and still and the fish were biting. In a couple of hours we had caught a handful of striped bass. Grandpa and I were talking about everything under the sun, the old man was telling jokes and making me laugh with everyone of them. Eventually the conversation steered towards sex. Grandpa was doing most of the talking I must confess, asking me about everything from favorite positions to number of sex partners throughout the years. Even though this took me completely by surprise, I didn’t really mind. I figured I had nothing to hide from my grandparents as far as my sex life goes, I was never a shy kid and definitely not among my nudist grandparents. Most likely, whatever I’d experienced by now, they’d experienced tenfold or more. Pretty soon the two of us were candidly talking about sex, like a couple of high school buddies.

“You like really big breasts, don’t you son?” gramps asked me.

“Sure, I love big tits!” I chuckled. “Every man does, right?”

“Haha, ain’t that the truth,” grandpa answered and got a strange look in his eyes. A smirk came across his face, not an evil and sinister grin but like he had something on his mind.

“Man, you should get a hold your grandma’s tits!” grandpa eventually told me. “They are the biggest, plumpest, juiciest tits you’d ever get your hands on. You’ve touched a pair of nice, big ole titties, haven’t you son?” I silently nodded and avoided eye contact with my grandpa. Usually not the shy type, I suddenly felt my cheeks redden and blush. Up until now, the questions had been fairly innocent in a “guy to guy” sort of way, but now they took a U-turn in a big way. I started to fidget in the boat, but with a couple casino şirketleri of minutes left until we’d make landfall, there was nowhere to run and hide.

“I really like getting sucked by Sylvia, your grandma has the most delicious mouth you could ever imagine. It’s like slipping your pecker in a tight velvet sack. And there’s nothing quite like it when she uses her hands to massage your balls while going down on you, I can cum gallons when she starts to play with them. She likes to take all of it in her mouth too, and just drink it all down. I love your grandma, son.”

I didn’t say a word, I was still too shocked to reply. I can’t say that I wasn’t turned on by it though, but in a way this was all too much to take in. One moment grandpa was talking about different types of fish, and one moment he was talking about what he and grandma like to do when they get down and dirty. And in explicit detail as well. I couldn’t quite figure out what was on his mind.

“Shouldn’t we be heading home soon, grandpa?” I asked him. “I mean, I’m getting pretty hungry and what if it starts to rain?” I look up, down, left, right.. anywhere but directly at my grandpa. “Rain?! There’s not a cloud in the sky!” Ok, so that was just a quick lie to try and get off this boat.. busted. “Well.. yeah, but I’m still getting kind of hungry.. what do you say we head back to land, go home and fire up the barbecue? Grilled fish sounds kind of good right now, I’m starving.”

“Ok son, sounds good to me.” grandpa answered with a big, hearty laugh. “I’ll call grandma once we get back to the car and let her know we’re on our way.” He grabbed the oars, smiling from ear to ear, and started to row us back in towards land. While I was still a bit apprehensive about making eye contact, I could see out of the corner of my eye that grandpa was watching me and smiling as we made our way towards the shore. My nervousness was wearing off the closer to land we got, but I hadn’t been more turned on in my life.

On the car ride back home, grandpa soon started to talk about “regular” things. Everything from sports to politics to just everyday normal life and its ups and downs. I started to lower my guard, relax a bit, and pretty soon it felt like everything was back to normal. We pulled onto the driveway and I headed for the front door, with our big bucket of fish in my hand, when all of a sudden my grandpa called out to me.

“Let’s take the back door and surprise them!” he whispered. We tip toed around the back, carefully enough so that we wouldn’t trample grandma’s cherished tulips, and made our way to the back door. “Careful now, take off your shoes so that they won’t hear us. Grandma will be so pleased with all the fish we caught, you’ll see!”

The two of us crept up towards the door and peered into the kitchen, where grandma and Angie were taking out the last sheet of cookies and preparing for our grilled fish dinner. As my sister bent over to take the cookies out of the oven, I could swear I saw grandma caressing her butt. I wasn’t totally sure though, and apparently Angie didn’t notice it, but it looked as if our grandmother got shivers of pleasure just by touching her supple ass.

“Well, we should really start cleaning up in here before the boys get back with all that fish. Someone’s got to start to clean and gut all of them, and it’s not gonna be grandpa if you know what I mean. That’s just how grandpa’s always been, he catches the fish but he doesn’t like to prepare them. That’s what I do.” She laughed out loud and Angie couldn’t help but laughing at her comment either. My sister and I knew all too well that it was the gospel truth.

“Why don’t you run up some hot water and start cleaning up the pots and pans, and I’ll start putting away the rest of the stuff?”

“Sure thing!” Angie replied in her cheerful manner and did just so. As Angela was scrubbing away on a bowl full of cookie dough leftovers, grandma Sylvia started to put all the ingredients and spices and whatnot into the cupboard next to hear. I started to notice that every now and then, whenever grandma picked up new things to put into the cupboard, she brushed her big tits against my sisters shoulders. I wasn’t that sure, but it looked to me as if she was doing it intentionally! Angie paid it no mind, and if she did, she did a hell of a job hiding it.

Grandpa and I were still hiding in the shadows of the hallway, when grandma started asking all sorts of questions, most of them sex related.

“Sooooo.. do you like giving head, Angie?” Wow, that was a tough question right out of the box right there, but Angela cleared her throat and answered matter of factly. “Sure grandma, I love giving blowjobs.” Grandma just kept putting away the stuff that cluttered the counter, still brushing her tits against Angie, and kept those questions coming.

“That’s good, what do you like best about it?” Angela thought long and hard about it, and without the slightest hint of hesitation in her eyes she answered. “Probably when the guy cums casino firmaları all over my face.” Holy shit, my older sister was definitely no prude, it even appeared as if she liked talking about sex with her granny.

“Oooh, I love when your grandpa comes over my face! You like swallowing it?”

“Depends I suppose.. sometimes. When it tastes good.” She smiled in a mock coy manner before bursting out in giggles. “My god, I’m discussing thing right now that I don’t even share with my closest girlfriends. Are we’re all pretty close, you know?”

“That’s ok dear,” grandma replied. “I don’t share all my dirty secrets with my lady friends when I invite them over for tea and cookies. Then again, most of them are pretty boring old hags!” she said and laughed loudly. Even Angie couldn’t stifle herself and burst out laughing.

“You said you have a bunch of girlfriends, are you guys close or REALLY close?” grandma asked and winked at my sister. “We’re really good friends, grandma.. but I don’t really follow you here.”

“What I mean is..” Grandma inched closer to Angela and told her in a low voice. “Have you girls played around with each other? You know, sucked on each others boobs or eaten each others pussies?” I could hear my sister gasp, but she answered matter of factly that she hadn’t.

“I love eating pussy,” grandma moaned. “Your grandfather and I visit the next door neighbors every now and then, they’re swingers just like we are, and I treat myself to all the pussy I can when we’re over there.” Angie was now dead silent, she didn’t say a word and she didn’t move a muscle.

“I love having my tits sucked too. Have you had your tits sucked by another woman, dear?” Grandma started to slowly rub her big breasts, very subtle but it was obvious what she was doing. Angela noticed this, intently staring at her own grandmother gently squeezing those big knockers. There was no reply, only another gasp as Angie sucked in air. She was frozen in time, but was still unable to take her eyes off grandma’s big tits being rubbed. It was like she was in a trance.

“You’d like to touch a woman’s breasts, wouldn’t you? Touch them. Squeeze them. Suck them. Wouldn’t you?” Angela nodded in silence. “You’d like to have another woman touching your tits, wouldn’t you?” Another silent nod. Grandma moved closer to my sister, Angie didn’t flinch. Grandma reached out her hand, touching the tip of my sister’s breast, gently nudging it with the tip of her finger. She cupped Angela’s right breast with her hand, very gently and carefully. Angie sighed, but made no effort to remove the hand.

“Feels good, doesn’t it? I’m sure you’ve only been touched by boys. Boys can be so rough, so crude, so forceful. Women aren’t like that, at all. We can sense what the other wants, I guess it’s female intuition, it just comes so natural.” Angie started to softly whimper and wail as grandma kept massaging her tit.

“Hey, the boys are back!” Angie suddenly cried out and withdrew from grandma Sylvia’s busy hand. Too bad, things were starting to get interesting. My sister looked a bit flushed, and tried to act like nothing had happened.

“Hi guys, did you have a good trip? Catch us any supper?” grandma asked and smiled at the two of us standing in the doorway. “Sure did, a big ole bucket of them! If you’d be so kind to get them ready, I’ll be firing up the grill and start frying them up.”

“Of course honey, as always,” grandma chuckled and winked at grandpa. “You kids can set the table, right? Then the two of you can go watch some TV or whatever, I’ll call you when dinner’s ready.” Me and my sister set the table in silence. I knew that she knew that we’d seen a lot of what took place, and she was probably more than a little embarrassed.

As soon as dinner was ready, the four of us sat down and started to eat. I thought things would be awkward and weird, but it was as if nothing had happened. Grandpa was his usually jovial self, and the rest of us were in good spirits as well. I was very excited about the possibilities of things to come, and Angie looked the same, but nothing else happened that day. Once we had finished eating, we all cleared the table and grandpa did the dishes. Me and Angie listened to some music and read magazines, and later joined our grandparents and watched some television, but that was basically it. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, and maybe it wouldn’t either.

As me and my sister got ready for bed, things felt a bit weird and neither one of us was willing to open up and talk about what had happened earlier in the day. It didn’t feel bad in any way, but it was apparent that none of us were ready yet. We said good night, turned off the lights and went straight to sleep. I don’t know about my sister, but I slept like a baby.

Then came that fateful day, the plans were set in motion. The four of us were out in the back yard, just kicking it back on the patio like we usually did on hot days at grandma and grandpa’s. I was in my shorts and t-shirt, Angie had a pretty güvenilir casino little red dress on and our grandparents were both more or less in the nude. Another day at the grandparents, that is, it was all natural to us.

Grandma was putting a tray of lemonade onto the table when grandpa called us both over.

“Hey kids, me and gramma here have been naked around the two of you for as long as you both can remember, right? Teaching you that there’s nothing wrong with it, that there’s no shame in it, right?” We both nodded.

“Well, why don’t the two of you strip out of your clothes as well and join us, it’s a hot as hell day and there’s no one around for miles. Trust me, it feels amazing to just walk around in your own skin like this, without having a care in the world whether or not someone’s gonna see you. What do you say, isn’t it time to lose those britches now? You’re both adults now, after all, no sense in covering up in shame or anything.”

Me and Angela looked at each other, half surprised and half in shock I suppose. We both started to fidget and hum, but when grandma nodded at us both asked us what possible harm could come out of it, we both started to lose our clothes. We both stood in front of grandpa Joe and grandma Sylvia, me in my briefs and Angie in her bra and panties, tugging at the edges.

“The underpants have to go as well,” grandma told us and smiled. “No sense in getting the job half done, you’ll both feel wonderful with your cock and tits out in the free”. Grandma’s use of words took us by surprise for a second or two, but eventually we just looked at each other and laughed. And off came the underpants.

Now I have never been guilty of spying in my sister in the nude, but now I just couldn’t help myself. Her tits were very nice, big and (I presumed) firm. My dick started to grow, and I did my darndest to try and cover it up with my hands.

“Don’t cover your pecker up, son,” grandpa laughed at me. “That’s all part of being free and naked, you shouldn’t cover up what you were born with. Just let it swing free, even if you’ve got a raging hardon like you do right now. That’s all natural, it’s just your body’s way of saying that you like this.” Couldn’t argue with that, so half reluctantly I removed my hands. I could see out of the corner of my eye that my sister was studying my dick passionately, her breathing got a lot heavier too.

All four of us sat down around the table and started to sip on a glass of lemonade. The sun felt really nice against our nude bodies, I started to loosen up a bit and spread my legs a bit to let the rays of the sun warm my penis. It just felt good, and I got lost in the moment. I started moaning low at how good it felt to be naked and out in the back yard of our grandparents. Our grandpa suddenly broke the silence.

“Hey kids, check out your grandma’s titties. Don’t they look big and nice, like you just want to squeeze them?” I looked at my sister to guage her reaction, she didn’t say a word.

“Look at them, just hanging there all nice and juicy, there’s nothing wrong about staring at a woman’s tits, kids. If the human body is not the most natural thing in the world, then I don’t know.” I was staring intently at them now, and as if on cue, grandma started to touch her breasts. She massaged them, squeezed them and held them up for the two of us to see. Grandma had nice, natural titties. Very big with just a little hint of sagging to them. For all I cared, they were absolutely perfect, the kind of tits you were just dying to put your hands on.

I looked over at my sister, and she was staring at her grandma’s titties as well. She was licking her lips, and was moaning low. I couldn’t believe this, my sister was getting turned on by our grandma. Then again, after what happened yesterday, I can’t say I blame her.

“Would you like to touch your grandma’s tits, son?” grandpa asked me. I silently nodded my head and walked over to my grandma, without saying a word. I took one of her big tits in my hand and started to gently fondle it. Just like in my fantasies, except they felt even better than I could have possibly imagined.

“Grandpa? Can I touch them too?” Angie suddenly spoke. “Go right ahead, Angela. You’re just like your grandma I can tell, I’m sure she would like that.” Angie smiled back at her grandpa, put aside her glass of lemonade and joined me beside grandma. Without hesitating, her hand reached for her left tit, and she started to squeeze and caress it. Angela knew what she wanted, and I really liked it. My dick started to get harder and harder, I was getting turned on by my own sister. My grandma leaned back in her chair, and in seconds she was moaning and panting.

“My two grandchildren, you’re such good kids. You’re making your grannie so proud, I love your hands on my tits.” I looked over at grandpa Joe, and he was watching the two of us touching and caressing our grandma.

“You like that, don’t you kids?” he said and smiled at us. And just by looking over at my sister, who was smiling back at me, I could safely say that we both did. “Had a feeling you would, that’s why we decided to tease you like we did yesterday, to see how you’d feel about this. Looks like both of you passed the test.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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