And then there were two

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We were dirt poor. Simple as that.

We had five people living in a two bedroom house. It was cluttered, nasty, and loud. My mom had parties almost every other night. I had just started a new job at the local convenient store and I needed rest. Thankfully tonight I was going to Roger’s to stay the night. Roger was my boyfriend of one year and two months.

Lately, Roger hadn’t been acting right. He had been getting irritated over the smallest things and I was afraid it was going to cause problems with our relationship. Even though I know we had a lot going on in our lives, I was so anxious and happy to get to see him tonight.

Driving over to see Roger, I was thinking about a lot of things in my life. Like for instance how to kill my mom’s boyfriend, Jeff. He couldn’t keep his hand off me and he robbed my mother blind and she either was too dumb to see it or was just turning a blind eye. What that woman would do to get laid amazed me.

I turned into Roger’s drive, parked, got my things, and went to the door. It was locked. I knew where the key was so I put my things down and raised up the mat and found the key. I went inside, sat my things down, returned the spare key, and went to the kitchen to grab a beer. I needed to relax.

I thought I heard something but when I got to the living room, the TV was on so I guessed that was what I heard. I sat down and opened my Corona and it was cold sliding down my throat. I watched Dr. Oz for a few minutes while I drank my beer and then got up to go find Roger. Most afternoons he was outside in the garage working on one of his vehicles.

I went out back, searched for him, he wasn’t there. I went back in and walked back to the bedroom and opened it and all I could see was naked Roger lying on his back with naked Rachel the skank on top of him. They scrambled soon as they saw me come in.

What the fuck was I about to do?

I picked up a vase and hurled it at Rachel. It hit her square on the shoulder and busted. Roger was coming at me, stopping me.

“Lana, I can explain.”

“Sure you can, bastard! They can all explain when they get caught can’t they? No good mother fuckers.”

“And you, Rachel, you better get the fuck out of here before I beat the shit out of you.”

I was crying. Roger was telling me he loved only casino şirketleri me but he wanted other girls in our relationship and we had talked about it. Truth was, we had talked about it and I agreed to it, but the difference was, I thought it would be a group effort and I wasn’t told about this so I felt betrayed.

“Lana, let Rachel come back….let’s see how it goes.”

I’m so fucking stupid, I thought.


Roger went to get Rachel and we all went into the bedroom and talked.

Well, this was sexy. I had never been more turned on. Except, you know, at dentists.

Fuck this.

I needed to smoke some weed.

I went outside and smoked a bowl and came back, calmer. Definitely higher.

Rachel looked sexy when I came in. She was laying there, playing with her hair, Roger was sitting on the side of the bed. I walked in and started taking my clothes off. One by one, each article fell to the floor until I was standing there in nothing but a smile.

I went over to Rachel and straddled her tan body and leaned over, my breasts falling on top of hers. I tilted her head back and started to kiss her. She was a great kisser. Her tongue swirled around mine and it was as if our mouths were made for each other. I felt a hand on my ass, Roger had gotten behind us.

He had one hand focused on my pussy and one on hers. Rachel and I continued to kiss and lick each other while Roger groped our asses and pussies making us crazy with desire.

I felt he needed some attention so I turned backwards on Rachel, backed my ass up to her face and she buried her mouth in my pussy and ass, back and forth. She licked my ass hole then trailed down to my clit. She was working my clit and making me crazy. I had my clit hood pierced and there was a lot of action going on down there and I was getting her wet with my juice. My nice clear sticky juice. She was licking it and sucking it down and swallowing.

Since I had turned around, I took the shaft of Roger’s dick and stroked it until it was rock hard. Roger had a massive cock. He knew just what to do with it, too. Right now, though, my mouth was covering the head of his dick and I was preparing him to fuck us both.

“God, baby, show Rachel how you suck daddy’s dick.”


“Rachel, come here, let’s casino firmaları lick his dick.”

Roger laid down on his back in the middle of the king sized bed and Rachel got on one side and I, on the other. First, I took his cock in my hand and stroked him softly up and down. I leaned down and put my mouth on the head of his dick and did a circle swirl all around the head of his dick. Roger loved that move. I licked the underside of the head of his dick and he was pulling on my hair and he wanted me to suck it. I placed my lips over the head and just went down, deep throating it, gagging and choking a little bit. In and out of my mouth. I took Rachel’s hand and put them on his balls and told her to rub them and then lick them.

Roger had his head thrown back, two girls giving him a blow job. Rachel’s and my tongue entertwined around Roger’s cock and we were going up and down the shaft, head to hilt. we each took a hand and made a “wrap” and enveloped his dick in our hands while we moistened it with our mouth, we stroked it in unison.

He had us both by the hair pulling it and tugging on it, this way and that, asking us whose dick were we sucking….

“Daddy, we’re sucking your dick,” I said.

“Say it with the dick in your mouth,” Roger said.

So both Rachel and I were saying “we are sucking your dick, daddy” to Roger, unintelligible, but hot.

We sat up and started kissing as he grabbed a handful of ass in both hands, mine and hers. He was putting his fingers inside us as we were on our knees kissing and petting each others tits. I licked Rachel’s nipples and tugged on the nipple with my teeth a little bit, enough to make it look cherry red.

I turned around and sat on Roger’s huge cock, I was so wet it went straight in. I started bouncing on it. Rachel straddled his chest and put her ass up to his face and Roger was licking her from her ass to pussy and back. I was bouncing on him, kissing Rachel. Rachel was getting her ass and pussy eaten while kissing on my tits. I had my hands wrapped around her tits and then waist as we all were exciting each other.

Rachel and I swapped places and she sat her pussy on my boyfriend’s dick and started bouncing. I placed myself up at Roger’s face to let him lick my pussy and ass. I was about to cum from all of the touching güvenilir casino going on.

Roger told us to get on all fours and wait. We did.

He came up behind us and started spanking our asses with his hands. Roger would put his finger in our pussies and roll around the juices and get some on our asses and then smack our bottoms and make them jiggle and splatter our juices. He got behind me first and started fucking me from behind while Rachel watched. I couldn’t hold out anymore. I turned to my side and Rachel put her fingers into my pussy, ramming them inside me faster and faster and I let out a scream of pleasure, my legs jerked, and my pussy squirted everywhere.

I sometimes squirted when I was very turned on and today it was a massive spray. Rachel wasn’t sure what to think because she didn’t know I was a squirter but now she did. It was messy and hot and sticky and I was still feeling the quakes between my legs.

Roger started fucking Rachel in the ass, I was still recovering so I laid there and watched my boyfriend fuck the hell out of her. Her tits were bouncing and she was moaning and next thing I know, he had his dick buried in her cunt, cumming. She was moaning and they had cum dripping out of her and running down her legs.

I took this opportunity to lick it. I could taste Roger’s and Rachel’s cum and I swallowed it.

I looked up in front of us, on the dresser and there was a digital recorder that had recorded our every move.

Did everyone but me know it was there?

“Who started recording?”

Rachel lunged at the camera. Roger looked confused. What was going on?

Then it hit me.

Rachel hadn’t planned on me coming home and she had been going to blackmail me to get what she wanted, whatever that was. Maybe she was going to piss me off with the tape of herself and Roger, but I came home and joined.

She was going to be taught a lesson.

I excused myself, made a call, and went back to the bedroom.

“So, why did you make this tape, Rachel?”

“I…I… I guess to have it… “


“Lana, I had no idea she was taping it.. but I’m ok as long as it doesn’t get out.”

“Oh, it is getting out. She didn’t think I was coming home and she was going to give this to me.”

We heard a car pull up. In walked Bart, Rachel’s boyfriend.

“Hey, Bart. We got you a present.” I handed him a DVD inside a sleeve and said good night.

And then there were two.

Time to smoke another bowl.

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