An Unusual Career

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Jessica Morgan had followed her daughter in the Harem Nightclub. She wasn’t too thrilled about her daughter lying to her about where she was employed, and she was bound and determined to get to the bottom of all the goings-on.

Joanne had told her Mom that she was “modeling” to make ends meet. The 19-year old co-ed had a beautiful body, long and leggy, like her mother. It wasn’t too hard to imagine Joanne posing for photographers. She was certainly built for it, an adorable blonde with a 34C / 25 / 34 figure. She wasn’t tall enough for High Fashion modeling, but catalog modeling would have suited Joanne just fine. The pretty blonde only wanted to make enough money to buy some new clothes and maybe accompany her friends on a planned trip to Hawaii later in the year.

When her daughter started bring home hundreds of dollars a week, Jessica was thrilled. She was very proud of her daughter, she thought Joanne was likely working extra hard. In the beginning, she didn’t think to question her daughter, the money was coming in very handy since David had bailed on his wife and daughter. Joanne had taken a leave of absence from her college studies to help out, for which Jessica was grateful. In a year or two, Jo had planned to return to college, complete her studies and everything would be back to normal.

Over the last few months, things didn’t seem to be adding up at all. Jessica had never seen her daughter’s pictures in any of the catalogs or newspaper ads. When she questioned Jo about it, her daughter became evasive, which was highly unlike her. The pair of women had always been very honest and above-board, for Joanne to be hiding something from her mother was not like her at all.

So, going against her own best judgment, she had followed Joanne to the club. At first, Jessica was shocked to find out that her daughter worked in a Strip Club, but if waitressing and serving drinks brought in that much money, Jessica decided to tell her daughter that it was fine with her. The human body was beautiful, she had told Joanne that many, many times. There was no shame in nudity.

Jessica took a seat and ordered herself a beer, waiting to see when her daughter came on shift. The music started up and she heard the DJ’s voice:

“Let’s have a big hand – for STARR!”

To the pounding tempo of the music, a tall leggy blonde in a PVC pants outfit came out, twirling around the pole and writhing in time to the music. She flashed a killer smile to the audience as she strutted about the stage and began unzipping the red and black top. It was Joanne.

Jessica could barely breathe, she was so astonished. Her daughter was an Exotic Dancer. From the hoots and hollers in the crowd, the “Yeah, go Starr baby!”, her daughter seemed to have a few fans. MORE than a few, if the roar of the crowd was any indication.

Jessica looked around the club. She knew Jo could have found worse places to work, the club seemed very clean, the sound and lights were state-of-the-art. The waitresses were immaculately dressed and very professional. Even the clientèle were dressed in business suits and there were even a few attractive women in the crowd. It didn’t stink of beer or cigarettes, all in all, it seemed pretty upscale.

Jessica continued to watch her baby girl moving about the stage, almost in awe. Jo moved with style and grace, she was very beautiful, sexy in her movements. She stripped off the PVC pants and was now down to boots and a G-string, which came off with the final set. She stroked and played with her pussy, inciting more whoops and hollers from the excited crowd. When Jo left the stage, Jessica figured she had taken at least $200 in bills with her. The sudden influx of cash was now explained.

Jess decided to go backstage and tell her daughter that she didn’t have to keep her activities a secret anymore. She was a grown woman and if she wanted to dance, Jessica wasn’t going to stand in her way. Besides, she was so darned good at it, Jess thought with a smile.

No one stopped her, so Jessica went to the dressing room and entered. What she saw there dropped her in her tracks.

Joanne was sitting in a chair, naked except for her black boots. Between her legs was a stunning Asian girl, with black hair down to her butt and striking features. The girl was unusually voluptuous for an Asian, with big, full breasts and silky long legs. The pretty girl was busily eating Jo’s pussy with abandon. Her own sweet, baby girl was indulging in lesbian sex!

Between the legs of the Asian girl was an older man, close to Jessica’s own 35 years. He was eating Joanne’s pussy for all he was worth and the harder he devoured the girl, the harder the Asian girl’s tongue delved into the cunt of Jessica’s beautiful daughter.

Jessica couldn’t speak, she couldn’t utter a word. She just leaned against the door, bearing silent witness to the kinky tableau unfolding before her. She wasn’t trying to judge, her mind just needed to make sense of all of this.

“Oh amsterdam shemale God, Kiko baby, you’re the best pussy-eater there is. No one eats me like you, no one!” the screams reverberated off the walls of the dressing room.

The beautiful girl looked up from Joanne’s cunt, almond eyes gleaming with passion. “They had better not baby. No one eats you as often as me, I bet.” She giggled and buried her face in Joanne’s pussy again.

“Both of you talk too fucking much!” the man fucking the Asian girl snarled. “I don’t pay you two to talk, I pay to fuck your asses off!” This something else for Jessica to wrap her brain around – her darling daughter was peddling her ass for cash?

“Which, so far Grant, you’ve been all talk and no action. Eating Kiko’s and my pussy isn’t fucking. You’re okay, but we horny girls need some hard cock, don’t we Kiko baby?” Joanne cooed, as she and the girl shared a soft kiss.

Kiko nodded as she continued to tongue and finger Joanne’s tight pussy. From her vantage point, Jessica could see that her daughter had shaved her pussy completely bald. It was so sexy, her baby girl was so sweet looking. Jessica shook her head. She couldn’t think that way, she should leave, but she was rooted to the spot. Her feet like they were made of cement.

The older man moved away from Kiko and said to them, almost cruelly “Okay, which of you bitches wants my dick. You, you hot blonde cocksucker? Or the little Japanese bitch?”

The smell of sex permeated the room, and despite herself, Jessica’s finger went under her short skirt and into her panties, finding her pussy soaking wet. She slipped a finger into her own pussy and began to finger-fuck herself as she continued to play voyeur to her daughter’s sexy tryst.

“I want it Grant. I want you to fuck me with your big, nasty cock! I want you to put that big cock in my cunt and fuck the hell out of me, okay? Fuck me, dammit, give me your cock!” Joanne moved over to the couch at the far side of the room, followed by Kiko, then Grant.

Grant moved between Joanne’s legs and grinned down at her, eyes slitted and almost evil, serpentine. His cock was immense, Jessica wondered how her little girl was going to take all of the big shaft. She had to see this, she just had to!

Jessica watched as Grant’s hard cock slid easily into her daughter’s pussy. He began to fuck her savagely, he was almost brutal as he fucked her baby girl. She saw the pretty Japanese girl lower her curvy, golden body over her Joanne’s face and saw Jo’s little pink tongue snake out and begin eating the sweet, velvety pussy. Kiko groaned with delight as Jo ate at her with obvious glee.

Grant held her daughter’s hips as he pounded Jo’s body mercilessly, his cock eliciting groans and moans from the blonde teenager. He fucked her, his cock drilling her hard, seemingly not caring if she enjoyed it or not, oblivious at times to her yelps of pain that came almost as frequently as her coos of pleasure. Kiko’s voice was almost musical as she squealed and enjoyed Joanne’s erotic ministrations.

The sweat was pouring off of Grant’s body as he screwed Joanne hard into the couch. It seemed to groan in protest as the trio abused it, Joanne’s boot-clad legs wrapped tightly around Grant as he continued to viciously pound her horny little cunt. From above, Kiko was screaming loudly as her juices coated Joanne’s tongue and face.

Jessica figured that the three of them were lucky, the loud music from outside drowned out their screams of pleasure. Her baby was a noisy fuck, Jessica noted with a giggle. “Like mother, like daughter!” Jessica giggled once again.

The stocky man’s hard cock was slamming in and out of Jo’s cunt, he wasn’t much on technique. He needed to slow down, take his time, make sure Joanne got her pleasures. Jessica thought that Grant reminded her a lot of her jerk of an ex-husband.

“Fuck Grant, you’re so hard lover, so fucking hard. Give me that cock, give me all of that hard, big dick of yours!” Joanne screamed.

“Yeah Grant, make my baby cum! Make her cum!” Kiko yelled out.

“Shut the fuck up!” Grant snarled. “I’m paying for this, I decide who cums and when!”

Kiko reached out a gentle hand and caressed Grant’s cheek gently, trying the placate the angry man. “Of course you do lover, we’re just trying to encourage you, okay?” That seemed to soothe him and he began to pump his cock into Jo’s wriggling body once more.

Joanne’s grunts and moans let Jessica know her daughter was enjoying the savage fucking, but the grimace on her beautiful face seemed to tell another story. Grant was not a gentle lover, he fucked the sexy blonde hard and fast, while she sucked Kiko’s sweet pussy with adoration. There was no question that Kiko was someone special to her beautiful daughter.

Grant pulled out of Joanne, who seemed not to be disappointed, and moved towards Kiko. She made a face, but Grant didn’t seem to notice it, by the time everyone had shifted rotterdam shemale around, Kiko was smiling at him.

Grant mauled at the beautiful Japanese girl’s big tits as he began to fuck her with the same savagery he had used on Joanne. They jiggled and bounced sexily as Joanne lowered her hairless cunt onto Kiko’s face. “Ooooh, so good, Kiko baby, so fucking good!” Joanne purred with obvious delight. Jessica thought she saw a small smile cross Kiko’s face.

Grant was fucking Kiko the same way he’d fucked Joanne, obviously style wasn’t his thing. He huffed and puffed as his massive club stroked in and out of the girl, who was loving her friend avidly.

Jessica’s fingers were deep inside of her cunt now, she was dripping, she could feel the juices trickling down her stocking-clad legs. She was so tempted to join them, she wanted to be part of this kinky fun, yet she still couldn’t move a muscle. There was still something holding her back, some remnant of puritanical ideology.

She heard yells from the couch and saw Grant pull out of Kiko’s cunt and slide his dick into the Japanese girl’s soft mouth. She swallowed his cum down and shared the last remaining drops with Joanne. Grant seemed pleased with this.

He went over to his pants, getting dressed, the girls made no effort to do the same. Reaching into his wallet, he pulled out a wad of bills and set them on the dressing table. He smiled, almost pleasantly, and said “Same time next month, babes?”

Both girls smiled at him and nodded. As he went towards the door, he noticed Jessica for the first time. “Hey, who are you? You’re fucking hot baby. You shoulda joined us, we coulda had even more fun!” That was when Joanne saw her mother standing in the doorway.

“MOM!” Joanne cried in shock. She pulled a towel around herself and Kiko hid behind her lesbian lover.

Jessica smiled, she’d been caught with her hand in the cookie jar too. “It’s okay baby, I’m not mad. Really.”

Joanne smiled at her beautiful mom. “Really?” not quite sure if she believed her parent.

The sexy blonde mother smiled at the two girls. “No. As a matter of fact, I’ve been watching you for quite a while baby. Your strip show is very, very sexy. It would seem I’ve got a very hot little daughter.”

Kiko giggled at that comment. “Hell, I’ve known that for a long time!”

Joanne let the towel drop, Kiko came out from hiding. “You watched my show, Mommy?”

Jessica smiled at her lovely daughter. “I did. You were so beautiful out there honey, and you move so well. I am very proud of you. But why do you have sex with that horrible, horrible man?”

Joanne couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but she wasn’t about to let this moment go by. “Grant? He’s not so bad Mom, and I need a cock once in a while. He pays well too, but most of the time, I’m with Kiko. I like women so much more.” She reached around and caressed the Japanese’s girl’s full breasts lovingly. “Can you blame me, Mommy? Isn’t she beautiful?” Jessica nodded at that remark, Kiko’s beauty was undeniable.

Jessica found herself blushing a little at her daughter’s admission of her lesbian leanings, yet she found herself aroused by it as well. Seeing Joanne and Kiko together was truly sensual, her daughter was certainly adept at pleasing a woman.


“Hmm? What is it baby?”

“Would you like to see the show that Kiko and I do at the end of the night? It’s really sexy Mom, you’d love it! Please Mommy, let us show you!”

Jessica nodded, knowing full well she shouldn’t be watching her daughter and the other girl having sex, but unable to tear herself away. Joanne seemed so anxious for her to see the show and Jessica wanted to see all of it. She felt wicked, like a depraved slut, yet realized, she liked that feeling.

The girls moved about the dressing room, getting ready to put on their show for the beautiful blonde mother. Kiko donned a sexy garter belt and stockings, with stilettos. She was tall for a Japanese girl and took Jessica’s breath away. Joanne hadn’t exaggerated in the slightest, she was a magnificent creature. As Jessica watched Kiko, she felt her daughter behind her.

“You have to be naughty with us Mommy!” Jo purred in her ear, undressing her beautiful mother. She unbuttoned the blouse and Kiko knelt before her, pulling off her black skirt. She sat before the girls, clad in only a black lacy bra and thong.

Kiko whispered into Joanne’s ear “My Lord Jo, she’s beautiful!”

Joanne nodded. Her mom was still beautiful, tummy flat and legs long and sleek. She walked a lot, to keep from spending too much money on gas, she exercised at home as much as she could, so she had a beautiful figure. Jessica wore her blonde hair much shorter than her daughter’s long hair, her eyes were green, not blue, but the two of them could pass for sisters. Often, people did think they were sisters, which always made Jessica giggle. Even their personalities were somewhat alike.

Jessica blog shemale watched, heart feeling like it was about to burst from her chest, as Kiko and Jo began their routine. She was wet, her thong was soaked, she caressed her breasts through the bra, not caring what happened next. Her only thought was the illicit lesbian show she was about to watch.

Kiko and Jo circled each other, moving in time to the music from the nearby CD player. On occasion, one would lean in and kiss the other, making it very obvious that their tongues were touching. Little sighs of pleasure escaped their lips and Jessica’s arousal grew by the minute. It was like a sexy ballet.

Kiko held out a bottle of oil and poured it over the nearly-naked Joanne, then over herself. The girls pressed close together and used their bodies and hands to smear the oil all over each other. The beautiful blonde and her golden lover were glistening with oil in a few scant minutes, yet continued the dancing, not missing a beat.

Kiko and Joanne moved closer now, rubbing their breasts together, squeezing and fondling each other. Jessica heard the little whimpers her daughter was making and found herself getting more turned on. To see her baby in the throes of sexual passion, with this beautiful creature, was so decadent, so sleazy, yet so exciting. Her own fingers rubbed inside her thong, stimulating her clit.

The girls were really getting into it now, fingers sliding in and out of each other’s cunts, talking lewdly to each other, a little louder than usual for their one-woman audience. With a show this hot, Jessica wondered how the club didn’t get busted, but she kept on staring at the women.

They were on the floor now, lying on top of a rug, face-to-face, breast-to-breast, rubbing against each other, mounds grinding together. “Fuck Kiko, rub me lover! You know how to make me cum baby, keep doing that!” Joanne squealed.

“Mmm, baby, I want to eat you. Please Jo, let’s `69′, okay?” Joanne gave her consent and the two girls moved into the sex position. Their tongues began darting in and out of each other’s pussies as Jessica continued to stimulate herself, loving every second of the show before her.

Kiko and her daughter were beautiful in their lovemaking, sensually breathtaking. Their loving tongues ate each other with joy, their hands stroked and caressed each other’s flanks. Kiko’s toes were even being sucked gently, caressingly by Joanne. Their gentle stimulation of each other’s bodies was making Jessica wet with desire.


Jessica looked over at her daughter, who was momentarily out from between her lover’s thighs, looking at her. Her face glistened with Kiko’s love oils. The scent of sex and the Cinnamon aroma of the oil filled the room.

“Mommy, join us. Please?”

Jessica gasped. She couldn’t, she just couldn’t. It would be incest, it would be wrong, oh, so wrong!

Yet, she found herself walking towards the beautiful young women. She found herself in the midst of Kiko and her beautiful daughter. Jessica was being kissed by the two sexy young women and felt her own body being lowered to the floor. She looked up to see Kiko’s dark eyes flashing as she lowered her face between Jess’ thighs.

Her body arched and stiffened as she felt the first contact of Kiko’s adept tongue. The beautiful Japanese girl suckled and nibbled her clit, nothing in her life had ever felt this good. The pleasure of her first lesbian experience was magnificent and it was about to get better.

Her eyes looked into the eyes of her own daughter. Jo smiled down at her and lowered her face to kiss her mother’s soft lips, their tongues mingling. Jessica had never felt this close to her daughter and she returned the kisses eagerly as her daughter – now lover – fondled and caressed her firm breasts, manipulating them as no man had ever done.

“Oh Mommy!” Joanne sighed. “I love doing this with you. You’re so beautiful.”

Jessica arched her body upwards so her daughter could fondle her breasts more readily. She purred in delight at the incestuous contact of her daughter’s hands and lips and Kiko’s tongue delving into the folds of her heated pussy.

All of Jessica’s shame was gone. Swept away in a instant of lesbian bliss. Jessica was her daughter’s lover now, who was to say that was wrong? They’d always been there for each other, and now their love had gone to the next level. Kiko’s being there was a delightful bonus.

“Oh baby, I want to make love to you. Please darling, let Mommy eat your pussy. Please, let me love my baby!”

“Of course Mommy!” Jo said eagerly. The girls moved positions and now Jessica lay between her daughter’s thighs, eying the beautiful pussy. Nervous for a moment, she lowered her face to the warm cunt and began licking, tentatively at first. With each lick, she grew bolder, until she was face-deep in pussy. Kiko lay at Joanne’s side, sucking her nipples as Jo writhed about, body thrashing in sheer pleasure.

Kiko was placing little butterfly kisses all over her lover’s body as Jessica continued to love her daughter. The moisture was seeping from Jo’s body as Jessica ate her, swallowing the juice and relishing every moment of their lesbian antics.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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