An Unexpected Fuck Ch. 01

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This is a true story.

I was about 26 at the time, six foot tall, 165lbs, 40-inch chest, 32-inch waste and an 8-inch cock. It might not be that long but it is thick. Playing soccer twice a week at the time so I was reasonably fit and in good shape!

I was on holiday with my new wife of six months touring the south coast of England for a week. Sue my missis was 3 years younger.

At the time, a mate of mine was in the navy and stationed in Gosport with his wife and two young boys. He was away at sea at the time but I had known his wife Sarah for many years when we lived in the same town, so she had invited us to drop in on our travels and stay the night.

It was a beautiful, warm day in a long hot summer. We arrived about 5pm, as the boys were having tea. We played outside with them after tea for a couple hours before they went to bed. We had a takeaway Chinese for dinner, sharing a bottle of wine.

Around 10pm Sue, my missis, said she was tired after a long day and so decided to go to bed. The boys were doubling up in one room so she could have a bed and so she went up stairs to settle down. I was to sleep on the couch but was not that tired and neither was Sarah so we opened another bottle of chilled white and chatted a while.

Sarah was a slim almost skinny girl, 90lbs at most. I had seen her in a bikini a few times and she had a great body with cute, pert 34B breasts. She was round 22 at the time and a dead ringer for porn star Zoe Parker in looks and body.

By the time she returned with the bedding I was down to my boxers and she had changed in to a man’s pyjama top. She only a few of the buttons fastened and it was barely long enough to cover the essentials.

As she entered the room she turned the main light off so now the room was bathed I flickering light from some scented candles she had lit earlier.

As we started to set up a bed on the couch she kept bending over and flashing herself to me. First her pert little tits, then her tight round buttocks and just a quick flash of a neat blonde bush. I could feel the blood surging into my cock straight away.

‘What is that Gordon?” she asked.

“It’s a bulge!” was my rather embarrassed reply.

“What is the difference between Hard and Light?” she asked?

‘Dunno.” I said

“You casino şirketleri can get to sleep with a light on!” She explained, looking at the bulge. “I reckon you might need a hand getting to sleep tonight.”

“A hand would be nice but I would prefer something hot and wet.”

“What, like a cup of tea?” She teased.

“No, I was hoping for something like whatever it is you are hiding under that blonde bush you kept flashing whilst you were making up the bed.”

Oh, so you noticed then?

You bet I did!

“So I am the cause of the bulge then? Well in that case let me see what is causing it.”

“I can show you but then we will have a problem!”

“What sort of problem?” she asked.

“Well, if I get him out, he is going to expect some action.” I explained.

“What sort of action are we talking about?”

“Well preferably pussy action, but a BJ at least!”

“Oh, I am sure we can sort something out, as long as we are quiet.” Reminding us both that Sue was just upstairs.

“Well if you are sure.” I replied. “But I don’t want you reneging on the deal if I do!” And with that I slid the thumbs of both hands into the waistband of my boxers on both hips and slowly started to push them down.

As I did so, first the thick dark hair came in to view, followed by the thick base of my cock and then inch by inch the long shaft until finally the big, swollen head was released to spring out in front of me.

“Christ, it’s big! Bigger than Jim’s” she gasped “And it is not even fully hard yet!” As it had just been released from its prison, my cock was not yet fully erect, it was bent over like a banana, the big head drooping at the end.

“Looks like it needs a bit of help!” said Sarah as she started to unbutton her pyjama top. She started with the bottom button, slowly unfastening them all and then opening the top to reveal all.

“What do you reckon.” She asked.

“Not bad.”

“Not fucking bad?? You cheeky bastard.” She growled.

“Ok.” I said, smiling. “Fucking stunning actually.”

“That is better. Now let’s have a feel of this monster. How long is it?” She asked, stepping toward me and wrapping the long, slender fingers of her right hand around the middle of my shaft.

I didn’t answer; instead casino firmaları I pushed my right hand between her legs, sliding my fingers through her thick long bush in search of her pleasure button. It wasn’t hard to find as it was already erect and pushing out from under its hood. As soon as I touched it there was a sharp intake of breathe from Sarah.

So then, as I rubbed her clit with my index finger and she pulled my cock, I stepped forward, put my left hand behind her head and pulled her towards me. As soon as are lips met, our tongues were wrestling.

I was rubbing her hard now and I could feel her body going tense as we continued are passionate embrace. Then, suddenly she went stiff and started to shake as her first orgasm hit.

I was really horny now and desperate to get my cock into her, so as she came down from her first high I pushed her back and sat her on the edge of the couch. I got down between her knees and take hold of the base of my cock I slapped the head down on her clit, which was now really swollen.

“Oh!” she said as it hit. Then “Oh!” Again, the second time. Then “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” with each slap until her body went stiff and she came again.

At this point, I slid the head of my cock down her labia until I felt the entrance to her love cave and then with a quick thrust of the hips I slid about 4 inches of cock into her. Sarah went wild.

“Cummin” she moaned quietly, as she came again immediately.

Jeeez, I had never fucked such a hot girl!

I pulled back slightly and thrust from the hips again, whilst her body was still trembling, sending the rest of by cock up to the hilt, deep inside her hot wet pussy. My balls slapped against her tight round ass.

“Fuck! It is freakin big.” She whispered as I took hold of her by the hips to keep her steady and then started to shaft her with long deep strokes. Her tight pussy gripped my cock creating a fantastic sensation as I fucked her.

She was shaking and moaning all the time so it was difficult to tell where one orgasm ended and the next one started. Either that or it was one long orgasmic experience!

I started slowly and gently but encouraged by her moans and groans, I gradually picked up the pace and the intensity, driving home deep and hard.

“Cummin!” she güvenilir casino howled as another major orgasm ripped through her skinny frame. I was worried that she might have been too loud, but I could hear not movement from upstairs, so I hoped for the best.

“Don’t stop.” She pleaded. And I had no intentions of doing so as I was having too much fun!

As the throws of her latest major orgasm subsided, I suggested a change of position. I urged her up to kneel on the edge of the sofa now so I could fuck her from behind.

As soon as she was up I was in behind her placing my hand under the head of my shaft and positioning it between the lips of her pussy which was now really wet. A slight lunge upward sent me back into my new favourite place and she started cumin immediately.

I placed my hands on her hips momentarily and held her in place for my next lunge, which buried the whole shaft back where it belonged.

Now as I fucked her I could slide my hands around the front and fondle her pert little tits and the long hard nipples. And whilst she placed one hand on the top of the back of the sofa she could rub her clit with other and feel my cock sliding up and down her tight little chute.

We were both in ecstasy as I fucked her long, hard and deep. Sarah just kept cummin again and again. I can’t tell you how erotic that felt!

We had been at it for a while now and although alcohol prolongs my durability, I was getting close to cummin myself.

As I got closer, the strokes got faster and harder. Then, as Sarah’s body went stiff before starting to shake and shudder again …

“Yes!” I yelped as with a long deep thrust, I squirted my first cum deep inside her pussy. I held it deep for a second or so before pulling back to then ram another length and another shot of cum into her tight little hole. I repeated again and again until I had shot my load and emptied my balls.

I left my cock deep for little while until we had both recovered and then I pulled out. As I did so, my cum oozed from between her swollen pussy lips and dripped on the sofa.

“Jeez, that best sex I have had for a while!” said Sarah as she manoeuvred to sit on the sofa.

“Me too!” I answered, standing up.

“Hey, you are still hard. Doesn’t it shrivel after you cum, then?”

“No, it takes a while without stimulation before it softens.” I explained.

“Oh! Great! Then come here,” she said, reaching out, wrapping her fingers around my bone hard cock and pulling me toward her.

To Be Continued

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