Amber Alert

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Amber liked the peace and quiet, most days she came home after work exhausted and just wanted to “veg out” as her 20 year old lard ass used to say. She had noticed that Rob had started to lose a bit of weight recently. The bitch of a daughter Justine paraded around in bikinis or short shorts every opportunity she got.

Amber looked down at her own body and thought it wasn’t bad for a 50 year old, sure her tits drooped a little and her stomach wasn’t flat but she still turned a few heads. She juggled with her breasts for a few minutes felling the weight as they landed back down. She remembered when she had Justine, what 25 years ago now, she’d popped her out and got back into shape within the month.

Her tits grew with that pregnancy, she had gone from a nice 32 C to 32 D. She hadn’t minded that change it allowed her to fill out her T-shirt more. She liked to show them off on the pretence of breast feeding. She had enjoyed those years then they decided to have another child as Justine would be lonely. So at 30 she was pregnant again, this time her breasts only grew a little.

She worked hard to get the baby fat off but this time it was no use. The downward spiral had begun at 30. Her husband left when she was 45 for some yoga instructor. She often fantasised about him trying to do a pose and getting stuck. She lay on the couch thinking back over her life.

Rob had started to get healthy and work out. Now she didn’t mind looking at him and sometimes she even brought him into her fantasies. His muscles weren’t defined yet and he still had a bit of a gut but the cute head of golden blonde made up for that. He had nice blue eyes that held flecks of grey.

Justine was a chip off Jim’s block. She had his haughty attitude and liked to look down her nose at people. Even without a bikini on Amber was sure that Justine’s breasts would stand tall and perky, 34C’s just like she used to have. She had nice smooth long legs, they had a bit of a glow but the weather wasn’t warm enough yet for a full tan. Sometimes she was Ok and she would sit and talk but mostly spent time in her room or at the mall.

She came home most days around 5 but today she finished early it was now half 2. The kids spent most days at the community college up the road, at least that’s what she was paying for them to do. She was about to put on the TV but something made her take a walk around the house. To her it felt like there was someone there. She checked her own room first and as expected it was empty.

As she moved further up the hall she thought she detected breathing. She slowed her own and listened closely. There was definitely someone there. She approached Rob’s room carefully. She opened the door carefully and looked inside. No one was here either but the breathing was louder. She saw that the door connecting Rob’s room to Justine’s was open.

As far as she knew that door was kept locked but maybe the kids opened it for fun or something. She crept quietly towards the door and the breathing was definitely getting louder. She looked into Justine’s room and saw a broad back facing her. She recognised the counters as belonging to Rob. What he was doing in his sisters bed she hadn’t yet figured out.

Then she heard the breathing of a woman. OK so now he was sleeping with a woman in his sister’s bed. She had to hand it to him, he certainly had guts. If Justine found out she would have a shit fit. Amber turned to leave and let her son bang in peace when she heard a voice she recognised. It moaned softly “again.” The voice belonged to none other than her other offspring.

Neither of them saw Amber as she waited in the doorway. She didn’t know whether to shout at them and be disgusted or whether she was excited at the prospect. She heard their breathing begin to quicken again. She peeked around the doorway and saw Rob lying on top of Justine, he held himself up with his arms so Justine’s breasts could be clearly seen. A stab of jealously shot through Amber. She wished her tits were that perky again.

She heard the panting start up. Both of them mounting in excitement. She started to rub herself gently. Their moans were helping her get off and the muscles in Rob’s arms did nothing to put her off. She was just getting into it when Rob let out a sigh. He was done already, that boy had no staying power. She could tell that Justine was kind of pissed too. She said, “Are you finished again already?”

Rob just muttered “Sorry.”

Amber decided that now would be a good time to interrupt. She stepped fully through the doorway and said, “So this is what you get up to when I’m not here.”

Rob fell out of bed on the other side dragging the blanket with him. Justine was now lying down on the bed completely exposed. casino şirketleri Amber eyed her critically looking for flaws but came up empty. After her breasts she had a beautiful flat stomach. Her mound had a nice straight slit with just a thin landing strip above.

Both the children just stared in shock for a minute then Justine tried to grab the blanket back from Rob who was standing up with the blanket wrapped around his waist. His belly was bulging slightly over the blanket. It took her three times before she tugged it away from him. She covered herself with it slowly allowing Amber plenty of time to look over her body.

Justine didn’t seem to be particularly upset about being discovered, she seemed more upset about being interrupted. Rob stood with his hands trying to cover over his dick. Amber still got some good looks at his soft dick because he kept bringing them up and gesturing to explain. Amber looked closer and saw that he didn’t have a condom on.

She ordered him to move his hands and went to get a closer look. She moved around the bed with the children’s head following her all the way. Justine had the sheet wrapped tightly around her now. This highlighted her breasts again.

Rob looked like he was going to bolt any minute. When Amber reached him he tensed up even more. She reached down and grabbed his cock.

She shouted “what’s this?”




With each shout her voice got louder. Every time she shouted she gave a little tug on Rob’s dick. She could feel it start to respond in her hands. She could also feel some of his cum transfer to her hand. She enjoyed the feeling as it had been a while since she had experienced either.

“It’s his dick.” Replied Justine calmly.

“I know that.” Said Amber. “What I meant was where is the condom that is supposed to be on this dick.” Shaking the talked about article in her hand.

Rob started to reply but he kept stuttering trying to explain. Every time he started to say something Amber squeezed on his dick. He was already red in the face from having sex and that shade darkened over his whole body when his mother had grabbed his dick. Finally he managed to say, “Justine is on the pill so it doesn’t matter.”

“Of course it matters, the pill can fail.” Retorted Amber. “I bet neither of you can actually put one on properly.” They both said that they did but Amber wasn’t too sure whether to believe them or not so she asked for a demonstration. She wondered if either of them had one.

Rob said that he had a few in his room and started to go get them. He was stopped short by some unknown force. It took him a minute to figure out what was holding him back. He finally remembered that his mother still had his dick in her hand. He gave a little cough and Amber finally released him.

He started walking back to his room taking the short cut his mother had used to enter. He glanced back at the two women in his life. He had already fucked the pretty one and really enjoyed that. He wondered what it would be like to do it with his mother, she was standing there in her waitress outfit. It consisted of a pair of black trousers and a red blouse with the name of the restaurant emblazoned on the front. The size of her breasts hid most of her belly by pulling the material well out from her body.

She wasn’t a beauty queen but he guessed that she could make up for that with experience. He tried to do a butt shake but that didn’t really work. His ass was big enough to do it but he guessed that only women could pull it off. His dick was half hard and warm from his mothers hand. He found the condoms in the drawer beside his bed. He had only had sex with one other woman bar his sister and he wouldn’t mind adding another to his belt, even his mother or maybe especially his mother.

He returned to Justine’s room ready for some action and found Amber making out with Justine on the bed. He gave a cough and Amber got off the bed again. He stared at her breasts and wondered if they felt much different from Justine’s.

Amber asked if they would like to see her naked since both of them already had their clothes off. They both looked on eagerly, she took off the blouse. Underneath she wore a red bra so it wouldn’t be seen through her blouse. Then she unbuttoned her trousers and slipped them off. She wore a pair of white granny panties.

When she reached around and unstrapped the bra her breasts fell an inch or two. When she took off her panties it revealed a massive bush. Her pussy was a lot different from the neatly trimmed one belonging to Justine.

Justine and Rob stood in front of Amber. All of them were in their natural state, all their assets and imperfections visible. Rob had his casino firmaları belly and fat ass, Amber had her drooping breasts and her belly. Justine had, well they hadn’t found anything physically wrong with her yet but she was still a bitch most if the time.

They all started to explore each others bodies. Justine and Rob ran their hands through Ambers forest of pubes finding them very soft. Amber had her hand wrapped around Rob’s cock again and this time he let it grow to its full hard length. Justine had part of her hand covering his cock as well.

Rob decided to try to finger both of them together. It took him a minute to navigate the forest and find her opening. It was a lot easier to find Justine’s slit. There was no forest to navigate and he had much practice in the past. He used two fingers to stimulate them and got a small response.

Amber broke things off saying, “First things first, I have to teach you about safe sex.” She removed Rob’s hand from her cunt and took her own off his cock. She moved to the bed and retrieved the condoms. She put Rob sitting on the bed and had Justine kneel beside her.

The first thing to do she explained is to make sure the penis is properly lubricated. “Lubricants you buy can be used but I prefer to do it the old fashioned way.” She bent her head over Rob’s cock and covered it with her mouth. She took in as much of it as she could and used her tongue for extra lubrication.

When she removed her mouth she opened the condom saying. “It should always be opened using your hands. When you get good enough you can keep using your mouth on his shaft while you open it.” “Make sure his foreskin is pulled back like this.” Pulling back his foreskin and exposing his soft tip. “Keep the tip of the condom facing you. Now place it over his dick leaving a bit of space so his spunk can go into it.” “Then pinch the tip of the condom to get the air out.”

“Keep one hand holding there and use the other to roll it down the shaft. Make sure it goes all the way down. Then like before we put it on we can use some extra lubrication.” Again she bent her head over his cock and gave it a quick lick. “These condoms aren’t that good its better to get the flavoured ones, then you’ll get to enjoy it as much as Rob.”

Throughout this episode Rob had sat quietly on the bed letting out occasional moans as his mother worked on his dick. Justine had been watching closely from her kneeling position beside her mother. She seemed to be paying very close attention which was good. Amber asked her if she wanted to try putting one on but she replied “I want to feel what its like with the condom inside me.”

“OK I can give you some pointers there as well.” Replied Amber

She made Rob lie back flat on the bed. He tried to get up again saying he was always on top.

“That’s the problem.” Said Amber.

When both of them asked what she meant she said, “If Justine is on top she will be more in control. Rob hasn’t learned to keep it in yet.”

Rob agreed to try it and relaxed back onto the bed again. Amber helped Justine onto the bed holding her around the waist with her fingers stroking down her landing strip. She stood at the side of the bed watching Justine lower herself onto Rob. Justine let his entire dick go into her.

Amber told her to pull out a bit and to lean forward more so that her breasts would be over his stomach. When they asked why, Amber explained that the outer third of the vagina was the most sensitive and that leaning forward would help prevent Rob from slipping out of her. Amber told Justine to move at the waist guiding her hips again.

Next she told Rob to play with Justine’s nipples and for Justine to do the same to him. Amber was now on the bed kneeling behind Justine and was playing with Justine’s tits as well. She showed Rob how to tease Justine’s nipples to get them nice and hard. She applied different pressures sometimes squeezing hard and sometimes just lightly tracing her fingers across the nipple and around the rest of the breast.

Justine copied what was being done on her body on Rob. He seemed to enjoy it as much as she did as he tried to move faster inside her. When Amber saw this she told him to slow down and let Justine do the work. Amber again moved her hands onto Justine. Her thumbs pressed into her ass cheeks and she reached around as far as she could. She tried to get her going in a nice rhythm that would benefit them all.

Justine was clearly enjoying this more than the previous experience with Rob. Her moaning was also a lot louder although this could have been because both Rob and Amber were squeezing her breasts fairly hard.

Amber considered swinging around in front of Justine and letting Rob eat her out but güvenilir casino she figured she would give him a chance to get better at regular sex first. She looked at his face and saw that it wouldn’t be long before he came. Justine had a bit to go before she climaxed but Amber thought Rob had hung on long enough for tonight.

She told Rob to cum when he felt like it and got Justine to grind harder. Rob let out something between a moan and a sigh when he came. Justine was about to stand up and free herself of Rob’s deflating dick when Amber put a hand on her shoulder to restrain her.

“You have to take the condom off properly, Rob hold it at the base and then Justine you can get off him.”

They did as she said and Rob’s dick fell back into his own forest of pubes. Amber wasn’t finished with her lessons yet. They now had to remove the condom from his now soft dick. Justine was standing at the side of the bed while Amber was down by Rob’s feet.

She told Justine to get back on the bed beside her. Justine agreed still full of energy. “Take the condom off now Justine.” Justine complied looking again with interest at Rob’s flaccid member. There were still traces of sperm around the tip. When Amber saw Justine notice this she said, “We’re going to have to clean him up and what’s a better vacuum than our mouths.”

Amber and Justine lay either side of Rob who was just lying there in post sex bliss. Amber started by licking his shaft from the base to the tip, her tongue bringing it out of the folds of hair momentarily before it flopped back down when the pressure was removed. Justine started doing the same on the other side. Every so often her tongue and her mother’s would connect and that sent a thrill through both of them.

Rob’s dick was twitching in response to their ministrations, but all the blood must have gone to his head because he couldn’t get it to make his dick hard. When Justine reached his tip after the third or fourth licking trip she decided to take it all in her mouth. She covered it completely with her mouth, her mother giving way to her graciously.

She enjoyed the feeling of movement and kept flicking it around using her tongue. It was a new experience for her and she found that she liked it immensely. While Rob wasn’t exactly prime material he was still a man and sex was on their mind 99% of the day. She also knew that in a few minutes he would have recovered his ability to get an erection again. She would have to try both ways to see which she liked better. Perhaps she could give him a blow job, swallow everything and then keep working on him, there was an idea for later.

Amber had not been idle. While she had given over control of Rob’s shaft quickly enough she had other places on his body to play with. The first place she started on was his balls. She gently massaged them with her hands and then started using her mouth taking in one of them at a time. She wondered absently if Justine had managed to give him another erection. She wasn’t sure because his whole shaft was still in her mouth.

He was lying back with his eyes closed. His lips were pressed together but they were curved upwards. She moved lightly so her face was only inches from his. She lowered her lips to his enjoying the connection it gave them. Her lips were slightly parted while his remained tightly closed.

She used her tongue to open them first gliding it along the outside then penetrating the lips which parted smoothly. She continued her journey inwards exploring those hidden depths.

She felt like an explorer as she probed deeper looking for hidden treasures. Suddenly she felt it, a brief contact at first, an accidental brushing. Then she felt it again this time the press against hers was harder. It felt like hers but it was slightly broader and held a powerful force behind it. They came together clashing then dancing around each other. She could feel its playfulness and added as much of her own as she could, forcing it in deeper.

What was it kids called it “tonsil hockey” she recalled although there was properly as many names for it as with everything else. Her tongue play had continued almost independently of her thoughts. She started to extricate it from his mouth duelling the whole time with his. When it was out the lips parted slightly and then resumed their original shape as if nothing had happened.

Justine had finished playing for now as well. Both women were in two minds whether to put back on their clothes. They decided against it. They just wanted to feel each others bodies pressed together. Since Rob was still lying contentedly on Justine’s bed they went into Amber’s room.

They lay in the bed with Amber spooning Justine in front of her. Justine could feel her mother’s sizeable breasts pressed up against her back. Amber had one leg over Justine while she absently played with her tits. They both fell asleep like this both content in the others embrace and exhausted after their day of playing together.

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