Alison’s Surprise

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She closed the door and pressed herself against his back, sliding her arms around his waist. She could smell the clean tang of fresh cotton, mingled with the subtly spicy notes of expensive cologne. She brought her lips close to his ear, so that he could feel her breath as she murmured soft words,

“Thank you for dinner Simon, I hope you weren’t disappointed with the company.”

He smiled and replied equally softly, “The company enchanted me so much that I barely recall eating. Are you sure you’re not really a witch who’s cast her spell on me?”

Alison chuckled softly and slipped her arms around his waist. Her breath was hot on his ear as she snaked her tongue out and flicked the tip against his earlobe. She smiled against his skin as she slid her hands over the crisp, white, cotton of his shirtfront, until her fingers touched the smooth disc of a button. Simon lifted his hands to the neck of his shirt, unfastening the bow and the collar button. Alison’s fingers had already slipped two buttons through their matching buttonholes and spread the pleated front of his shirt. She slipped her hands inside and spread her cool fingers over his skin, feeling the heat against her palms. She pressed herself more firmly against his back, kissing the back of his neck and leaning her head against his broad shoulder.

Simon gently removed her hands from inside his shirt and turned to face her. She slipped her hands back under his shirt and leaned her head against his chest. She could feel his heart beating within his chest and, with her ear against his skin, hear it like the distant boom of thunder. Simon dipped his head and brushed his lips against the side of her neck.

The touch of his lips made her gasp, “Oh Simon.”

Simon kissed the tip of her earlobe, tracing the delicate whorl with the tip of his tongue.

“Alison, my love.” He murmured in reply.

Now it was Simon’s turn and he reached behind her to the tiny hook and eye at the neck of her dress. A flick of his finger and thumb undid the fastening and Alison smiled, the curving of her lips like a caress against the base of his throat.

“You’ve done that before.” she giggled.

“Not often,” he whispered, ”and this is the first time it worked.”

He took hold of the tab on her zip and slowly drew it down her back. The soft, sheer material slid down to fall in a heap around her ankles. The points of her nipples pressed against the white lace of her bra, the aureoles dark smudges through the material. She arched her neck, offering her smooth neck to him. He bent his head and kissed the base of her throat, his lips hot against her skin. He flicked the tip of his tongue against her skin, tasting the sweetness. She purred, deep in her throat, and her chest heaved for a moment, as she almost forgot to breathe.

He lifted her chin with a fingertip and pressed his lips against hers. Slowly, sensuously he parted her lips with the tip of his tongue, tasting their sweetness, before he explored her mouth. His tongue caressed her, exploring the edge of her teeth, the smoothness of her cheek and then twining with her tongue. He eased his tongue back sliding it out of her mouth, then thrust forward, hard and deep. She moaned, softly, into his mouth and then sucked on the tip of his tongue, holding him there.

Their senses swimming, they broke the kiss, gasping.

“Simon, I love kissing you.” Alison breathed.

“And you kiss beautifully.” Simon gasped in reply.

His hands slid slowly along her back and paused when the reached the fastening of her bra. It took him a heartbeat to unfasten the hooks and eyes and ease the straps casino şirketleri down her shoulders and along her arms. The lace caught, for a moment, on her nipple scraping it gently like a fingernail, making her whimper as the sparks of pleasure ignited her nerves. She pushed his shirt off his shoulders, trapping his arms for a moment. She leaned forward and kissed his hard nipple, biting gently and smiling at the sound of him growling deep in his chest. He wriggled his arms in the sleeves of his shirt, letting it fall to the floor. Reaching up between their bodies, he cupped her breasts in his palms and squeezed her breasts gently, trapping the hard points of her nipples between his fingers. He stepped forward, moving her back towards the bed. Another gentle squeeze, rippling his fingers against the taut skin and he pressed her back a little further. Her legs bumped against the edge of the bed and she sat on the duvet, and then leaned back, stretching her arms over her head like a tigress.

“Lick them Simon,” she implored, “lick my nipples.”

Simon leaned over her and blew softly against the hard, dusky, points of her erect nipples. Then he touched the tip of his tongue to the hard point, swirling it gently over the very end. Alison closed her eyes and drew her breath in sharply. Simon blew gently on the moistness, watching her already swollen nipples grow a little harder and bigger. He pursed his lips and gently kissed the bud of tender flesh, drawing it into his mouth and bathing it with his tongue.

Alison ran her fingers through his hair and pressed his head to her breast, her nipples aching to be caressed more firmly. Simon twisted his head away and blew gently across the wet nipple, watching the skin pucker as it cooled under his breath. Lifting himself on his arms, he leant over her and kissed the curve of her neck softly. He moved his mouth along her neck leaving a trail of moist, gentle, kisses against her skin.

“You’re beautiful. “ Simon murmured, “I could kiss you forever.”

His hand slid over the curve of her tummy, pressing against her panties, making the soft material cling to her damp skin as his lips caressed her jaw, then her cheek. As he kissed her mouth, his tongue slipping between her lips, he pressed his finger against the tip of her clit, through her panties. She gasped into his mouth, a rush of her sweet breath filling his lungs. They broke their kiss as she whispered,

“Oh Simon, I hope not. “ He frowned for a moment and she continued; “I want you to more than just kiss me. I want you to possess me, make love with me. Oh darling, fuck me.”

Simon smiled broadly; the change from the proper educated lady to sluttish wanton excited him.

He drew his hand along the inside of her thighs, then back over the material of her panties, until the tips of his fingers pressed against the waistband. Slowly he pushed the tips of his fingers under the material, feeling the heat of her, as he touched the edges of her pussy. He stroked a nail across the tip of her rigid clit and felt her whole body stiffen, as though she had been electrified. Curling the finger he slid it easily into her pussy, feeling the heat and the wetness of her sex. He looked deep into her eyes and whispered,

“You’re so wet darling, you’re almost dripping.”

She blushed and cast her gaze downward and then looked back at him. He arched his hand and pushed the material of her panties down. She arched her back, pressing his finger deeper into her pussy as he slid the panties over her bottom. A wriggle and a kick of her legs pushed them down to her ankles and onto the floor. Simon stroked casino firmaları her smooth skin, dragging a fingernail very lightly along her pussy, before slipping it slowly into the wet opening. He leaned over and kissed her mouth, sliding his tongue between her lips and his finger into her pussy with the same, slow, seductive rhythm. She felt the ripple through her muscles as she was ever so gently stretched and her eyes widened as she realised that he had slipped two fingers into her pussy and was slowly opening her. His thumb brushed her clit lightly and she felt the jolt that turned her insides to liquid. All she could keep in her mind was the feel of his mouth and his touch as he explored her body. He broke their kiss, his fingers still inside her, and kissed her jaw, and down her throat. His warm moist kisses trailed across her breasts until he could take her hard nipple between his lips and bathe it with his tongue. Gently, he nipped the hard bud between his teeth, sending a surge through her body as though her nerves were blazing trails of gunpowder.

Slowly, he moved his mouth lower, over her tummy to the smooth triangle at the top of her thighs. He ran the tip of his tongue along the lips of her pussy as he slowly moved his fingers in and out, twisting his fingers to caress her. Hot, sweet liquid gushed over his fingers as he explored her, then, with his other hand, gently drew the hood of skin right back from her clit and ran his tongue slowly all around the hard bud. Alison screamed softly as he kissed the tiny bud, his lips caressing the sensitive tip. He thrust his tongue deep into the glistening pocket of her pussy, tasting her and lapping gently at her pussy, sticky and damp from the sweet fluid gushing over her thighs.

“Oh God, Simon I’m close, so close,” Alison cried.

Simon gently closed his lips around her tender clit and slowly sucked. He ran his tongue over the tip of her clit and caressed the tiny shaft with his lips, as he slid three fingers into her pussy, gently but firmly stretching her.

Alison cried out in a half groan, half howl, “I’m cummminnnng!”

Her body arched and she thrust herself towards him, her whole body trembling, no vibrating, like a plucked harp string. The arching of her back and the rippling of her pussy drew Simon’s fingers deeper inside her and stretched her a little more. Simon flicked his tongue over the tip of her clit and sucked once, hard. Alison’s eyes were round in disbelief as she came harder than she had ever done before, harder than she believed possible. Her pussy gushed, flooding her thighs and splashing out onto the bedclothes. She was gushing so much that she thought she heard the hot nectar splash onto the bedclothes. Her limbs as weak as water, she fell back onto the bed, gasping and speechless.

Slowly Simon slid his fingers, wet and glistening, out of her pussy and, as she watched licked the wetness from them. Then, the smell and taste of her pussy still in his mouth, he kissed her forcefully. Her own taste on his lips and tongue excited her beyond belief and her pussy rippled again, an aftershock to the orgasm that had ripped through her. He reached down to run his fingers over her pussy and she felt the muscles ripple and almost cramp. She moaned wordlessly and reached out for his cock, taking him between her hands and stroking gently. Dimly she realised that he was tremendously excited and that his cock was hard and swollen. She marvelled at the size of him and shivered at the thought of his cock filling her pussy. He touched her clit again and she felt the muscles of her pussy clenching hard. She knew that she would not be able güvenilir casino to take him in her pussy, not at least until she had calmed a little and some of the sensitivity hard worn off. She ran her fingers over his cock, feeling the gentle throb of his blood beneath the skin. Raising herself she pushed him back laying him flat.

“My turn.” She smiled wickedly.

Simon had no chance, nor wish to fight her and lay back as her hot mouth caressed his chest. Her teeth nipped in tight lines down his chest moving down his belly. Instead of kissing his cock or balls, she kissed the tender skin inside his thighs, parting them so that she could move her mouth higher. She kissed the tight sac holding his balls and cradled his balls in her long fingers. Opening her mouth, she kissed and sucked upon his balls, taking them into her mouth one by one, savouring the weight of them. Her finger caressed the sensitive skin behind his sac, teasing him mercilessly. She kissed along the length of his shaft, feeling the skin beneath her lips. Her hand stroked the length, moving the velvety skin over the hardness beneath. Gently drawing the skin right back from the head, she blew gently on the swollen glans. Pouting, she pressed her lips against the tip, flicking her tongue all over it, like a snake. Simon groaned and trembled as he fought down the urge to thrust his cock between her lips and into her mouth.

Alison smiled and opened her mouth to slip him inside, the head of his cock sliding past her lips. She swirled her tongue over and around the head, tasting it as she ran the tip around the rim of his glans. She lowered her head slowly, engulfing him in her warmth and then, sucking his rod she eased her head back, almost slipping him from between her lips. She kept him teetering, not quite in her mouth and not quite out of it either, then plunged back down, bobbing her head against him. She teased him with her mouth, revelling in the feel of him between her lips. She would suck gently, and then blow cool air across his slippery cock, before sucking hard against his shaft. She rested the head against her lips touching the slit with her tongue and then take him so deep he was sure she would gag on him.

Simon could barely cope with this and he felt the tightening of his balls. He was sure that she had felt it as she cradled his swollen heavy sac but she carried on sucking and licking at his cock. He knew that she disliked the thought of semen in her mouth; in fact the thought revolted her and he raised his voice,

“Alison I want to come. I’m very close, you’d better come here, so I can fuck you.”

Alison just looked up, his cock still in her mouth and very deliberately slid her lips right to the base of his hard shaft, then lifted her head.

“ What makes you think I want to do that, and not to suck you off right here and now, just like this?”

Simon was speechless, lost for words, as Alison took him back into her mouth and flicked her tongue over the glistening head. She bobbed her head slowly on his cock, getting faster and faster until he was shaking with the effort of holding himself in check. She could feel the pounding of the blood through his body and just as he was about to pull away from her, she flicked her fingernail against his taut perineum. It was too much and with an explosive gasp, followed by a howl, he spurted into the back of her throat. She swallowed again and again, drinking him down until his sac was emptied, literally, into her belly.

Letting his cock slip from between her lips, she lay beside him

“Actually, you taste sweet and citrussy.” she said, as they kissed.

“Better than you expected?” he asked.

“Much more so.” she replied, kissing him again. The faint taste of him on her lips excited him again, but Alison pressed him back onto the bed.

“Patience, my love.” She admonished “We have all the time there is.”

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