Alex’s Gifts Ch. 13

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First Date

Alex woke Sunday afternoon in an empty bed, covered by a sheet from the waist down. He yawned and stretched. Wiping his eyes, he looked at the clock on the wall. It was well into the afternoon, nearly three o’clock. He groaned and then closed his eyes and rolled over. A familiar musky scent filled his nose as he buried his head into the pillow.

Alex’s eyes snapped back open and he found the source. The panties his sister had worn last night were spread out on next to him. The smooth black fabric pressed into his face as he shifted his body over and laid his head on them. With one hand, he pulled the thin fabric over his nose and mouth and inhaled. His mind swirled as memories of what happened yesterday came flooding back. He fucked his sister. And her three friends. Holy shit!

Alex sat up and saw more pairs of skimpy undies scattered around his bed; the beaded red thong, Sonya’s green bikini, and Megan’s white lace butterfly. It seemed the girls had left him presents while he was sleeping. He scooped them all up and held them against his nose, closing his eyes and breathing deeply. Divulging his fetish to them during last night’s game of truth or dare was already paying dividends. He reached under his bed and added the four pairs to his growing collection. Dressing quickly and smoothing his ruffled hair, he headed downstairs to see what remained of his guests.

Sonya and Brittany were standing in the foyer about to leave and he could hear Casey and Megan talking in the kitchen. “Alex!” Brittany said excitedly and ran up to him for a hug.

“Hi Britt,” he said as the blonde wrapped her arms around him. “You two taking off?”

“Yeah,” she said, frowning slightly. “Sonya’s taking me to the clinic then I need to get home. My parents are probably wondering where I am.”

“Ok. Thanks, Sonya,” he said, nodding towards the foxy redhead.

She smiled in return and put a hand on Brittany’s shoulder. “Let’s go, they’re closing soon.”

“When can I see you again?” Brittany asked.

“Whenever you want, you’re both welcome here any time. And thank you for last night.” They exchanged phone numbers and Alex waved goodbye as Brittany piled into Sonya’s car.

Back inside the house, Alex strolled into the kitchen to find his sister and Megan making meatball sandwiches. “Morning, sleepy head,” Casey said. “Look at all these leftovers, I won’t have to cook for weeks!” she added while standing in front of the open refrigerator. She was wearing a black tank top and a pair of white and blue striped cotton panties. Megan had on a pink t-shirt and matching pink undies that pulled tight into her cute little bum. He admired her lean, narrow form as she worked at the counter assembling their lunch.

“Do you want one?” Megan asked, looking over her shoulder and grinning as she caught him staring. She wiggled her hips playfully and giggled.

“Sounds great, I’m starving. And thirsty,” he said. Casey passed him a glass of iced tea and then turned back to help her friend.

“I hope we didn’t wear you out yesterday,” Megan said with her back turned. Casey snickered and handed him a plate.

“I’m pretty sure I’ll be alright, just a little dehydrated,” he said with a smile as he pushed his empty glass across the kitchen island and watched his sister refill it. “I found your presents by the way, very thoughtful.”

“We thought you’d like them. More for your collection,” his sister said with a conspicuous wink.

“What collection?” Megan asked.

“Ask him to show you the box under his bed sometime,” Casey replied, flashing a wicked grin at Alex.

Shit, he thought. Megan would recognize the panties he took from her room and then he’d be forced to lie or explain the peephole. He’d have to be careful until he had the time to sort out what to do about Ben’s creepy setup. “Hey, that’s private,” he said, feigning indignation and hoping to change the topic.

Megan scoffed and said, “More private than what we did last night?”

“About the same, I’d say,” he said. “Look, about that. We need to be careful,” he continued, trying to be the responsible one. “I don’t want to cause problems with Ben,” he said, looking at Megan. “And Lily would flip if she knew what we did,” he added, now eyeing his little sister. “Plus, mom will be home soon.” He took a bite of his sandwich while he waited for their response.

Casey sighed, her shoulders visibly drooping. “I know, Alex. We’ll be careful.” Megan nodded in agreement, her mouth full of meatball. Casey wished that Lily wasn’t such a problem. She wanted to be relaxed around her brother, and sleep in his bed, but she knew that would come to an end once Lily returned home tomorrow.

“That means no walking around half naked and no sleeping in my room when someone else is here,” he said, hoping to emphasize his meaning.

“I get it,” Casey grumbled. “But I don’t like it.”

“I know you don’t, sweetness. But we’ll still find time to be together, don’t worry,” he said, smiling softly at bahis firmaları her. “And you,” he said, looking at Megan intently, “Not a peep of this to your brother. Understand?”

“Yeah, yeah, we don’t exactly sit around talking about our sex lives, you know,” she said in a snarky tone.

“Does he even have one?” Casey asked with a chuckle.

“That’s enough,” Alex interrupted. “I will deal with Ben. Okay?”

“Fine with me,” Megan said, shrugging her shoulders.

The three ate in silence for several minutes before Alex quietly spoke. “I did have a great time yesterday and I don’t mean to be strict about it. I just don’t want anything to mess this up. You both mean a lot to me,” he said and then blushed, still unused to sharing his feelings with the opposite sex.

“Aww,” Casey said. “We love you too, Alex. And we promise we’ll be good.”

“Most of the time,” Megan said with a playful grin, marinara sauce streaked across her chin.

Alex tossed her a napkin and said, “I knew you were going to be a handful.”

Megan wiped her face and then said, “I’m more than one handful!” She lifted her shirt and exposed her two perky breasts, then shook her shoulders back and forth. Casey choked on a piece of bread and Alex gaped at the little exhibitionist as her puffy pink nipples danced to and fro.

Casey took a finger full of red sauce and smeared it onto her friend’s chest. Alex chuckled as Megan scoffed and said, “Lick it off!” Casey immediately did as her friend asked, which was obviously her intention. Alex watched his sister lick the tomato sauce from Megan’s breast and suck gently on her stiffening pink tip. Megan gasped and stared longingly at Alex with her eyes wide and lips curled in pleasure.

“I can see where this is headed. You two have fun, I have a few things to take care of in my office. Thanks for lunch,” Alex said and then stood.

“Aww, you’re no fun,” Megan said, pouting as Casey remained latched onto her nipple.

“I’ll be back.” Alex winked at her, and both girls grinned back in anticipation. He walked up to his office and sat in his desk chair, then opened his laptop and noticed Jenny’s business card on his desk. What the hell, he thought as he picked up his phone and dialed her number.

“This is Jenny,” she said cheerily.

“Hey, it’s Alex.”

“Hey! How as the party? Recovered yet?” she asked enthusiastically.

“I just woke up actually. And it was fantastic. The girls had a great time. Thank you so much for all the work you did, everyone loved it.” He couldn’t help but smile into his phone as the memories came rushing back.

“That’s great. I’m glad they had fun. Didn’t give you too much trouble I hope?”.

Alex chuckled and said, “We got along well enough. So, I was wondering, are you free tonight? Want to grab a bite to eat?”

“Sure, that sounds great. I’ll be at my store restocking most of the afternoon,” Jenny said.

“Okay, how about I swing by around six and pick you up?” Alex offered.

“That works,” she confirmed.

“See you at six then.”

“Looking forward to it. Bye, Alex.”

“Bye,” he said and hung up. He turned back to his laptop and checked his email. A needy client ate up the next hour of his time. He didn’t want to work, but it was a big account and he knew the fix would be simple.

After logging his time, Alex closed the laptop and went into his bedroom. He was growing more excited to get back to the girls. They’d obviously expected more of his attention before the weekend came to a finish. He got dressed for sexy times at the pool, stepping into a pair of his skimpy bikini briefs and then added a pair of shorts. Temporarily, at least.

Alex couldn’t find his two petite companions when he first arrived downstairs. He went to the fridge to grab a drink and saw a flash of pink through the kitchen window tumbling across the back yard. Megan was spinning and flipping over the grass as his sister watched and cheered. Casey looked naked from a distance, he could see her pale bare bottom bounce as she hopped and clapped. Then she turned and he recognized the white leotard she was wearing. Megan was, of course, wearing her pink one-piece suit.

Alex snuck quietly outside, dropped his shorts, and slid into the pool. He began swimming laps and quickly found the relaxing rhythm that he most enjoyed about the sport. For fifteen minutes he swam uninterrupted until he felt something hit him in the back. He stopped and looked around to find a beach ball floating next to him and the two gymnasts sitting on the far end of the pool grinning and waving.

“We’ve been trying to get your attention forever,” Casey said as he paddled closer to them.

“Yeah, what’s a girl gotta do?” Megan asked with a smirk and a shrug. Alex could clearly see her little pink nipples through her transparent swimsuit. He ducked under the water and swam closer, surfacing between them and sliding a hand up the inside of each girl’s leg.

“What can I do for my two lovely ladies?” kaçak iddaa Alex asked sweetly, batting his eyes and smiling wide. Before either could answer he slid his hands down and grabbed each girl by an ankle. In one swift motion, he dropped into the water and pushed off hard against the wall with his legs, dragging both girls into the pool with him.

They surfaced sputtering and wiping their eyes, trying to find Alex. He’d immediately turned for the stairs and was climbing out before they could catch him.

“Hey! What was that for?” Megan asked indignantly.

“You’ll see in a second,” Alex said, turning to the two girls. His sister was looking up at him, about to climb the stairs.

“I like that suit. It really doesn’t leave much to the imagination,” Casey said, grinning and staring at his crotch.

Alex looked down and saw the thin clingy fabric stuck to his package. The cut in front was very narrow and it clearly separated his lumps and bumps, accentuating his anatomy rather than obscuring it. And when wet it was even more revealing. He turned his attention back to Casey and Megan as they climbed out of the pool. Stepping onto the concrete deck, they stood shoulder to shoulder, hands on their hips in perfect symmetry. Alex looked them up and down and smiled. “Perfect!”

The two girls turned and looked at each other and gasped. Both of their saturated suits were completely see-through. Casey’s thong pulled tight between her legs, her bulging lips and a thin patch of dark hair immediately drew attention. Megan might as well have been naked, her already semi-opaque pink swimsuit was now effectively invisible aside from the seams around her thighs and chest.

“You little…” Casey started, stepping towards Alex with her fists clenched in mock anger.

“To be fair he did say he wanted to see my new suit wet,” Megan said, holding out her arms and twirling for her audience.

Casey turned to watch her exhibitionist friend and said, “Looking good, Meg!”

“You are too, I can see why Alex couldn’t keep his hands off that thing,” Megan replied, ogling her leotard and how it hugged the curves between her hips, bulging her puffy lips and showing a prominent crease through their center.

Alex felt his cock jump and it quickly began to fill out his sheer briefs. “Did you two need something?” he asked again, hoping to shift focus before the girls noticed his rising excitement and went in for the kill.

“Yes, we need help practicing gymnastics,” Casey said.

“Yeah, we need you to be our coach. Help us stretch and spot us,” Megan said, giving Casey a sideways glance.

Alex knew they were up to something, but he was more than willing to have a little fun. Their playful antics weren’t hard to see through anymore. “Ok, just tell me what to do.”

The two girls walked into the yard. Alex followed, mesmerized by the way their narrow hips swayed and their tight little butts flexed as they stepped barefoot through the grass. They stopped in unison and began stretching, first their arms and shoulders, then their backs and legs. Alex watched them bend at the waist and plant their palms on the ground. He could see both girl’s mounded lips push into their transparent suits as their folds spread and thrust out from between their legs. Megan’s crease was shorter than Casey’s, her pretty little pussy on full display behind her transparent swimsuit. He admired how full his sister was, how her thick pussy mounded up and stuck out between her thighs, and how her thin inner lips parted slightly as if they were kissing the inside of her white leotard.

“Help us stretch, coach,” Megan said, grinning at him upside down.

Alex stepped up behind Megan and pushed lightly on her lower back with both hands. Megan leaned towards him as she bent farther down, her head now practically between her ankles. He thrust out his hips and pushed his stiffening shaft against her. She bent her knees and rubbed along his length in response, the two thin layers of fabric separating them slid easily against the other. She repeated this several times until Alex’s skimpy underwear could barely contain his excitement.

Megan stood, turned around, and wrapped a small hand around Alex’s protrusion. She pinched his sensitive tip between three dainty fingers and felt him twitch in response. “I don’t know how boys deal with these things,” she said as she traced a fingernail along his veiny shaft.

“It’s a lot easier when I’m not surrounded by half-naked girls who want to play with it all day,” Alex said with a grin. Megan smirked and gave him a little squeeze. He throbbed in response and then turned away from the horny gymnast.

“Come spot me,” Casey said.

“What do I do?” he asked.

“Just stand there and if it looks like she’s not going to land on her feet, catch her,” Megan said, moving behind him. She wrapped both hands around his waist, pressed into his back, and began groping for his cock once again.

Casey walked a few dozen paces into the yard and turned kaçak bahis back to face Alex and Megan. She began her routine, cartwheeling and twisting across the grass in their direction. When she was less than ten feet away, she sprung up and flipped twice in the air before landing with a solid thump in front of her brother. Alex watched her body quiver as her lean strong legs flexed and absorbed the force of the impact.

“Well done, Case!” Alex said enthusiastically while Megan continued to stroke his hardness through his bikini briefs.

“Here, come claim your reward,” the spunky brunette said and then flipped Alex’s stretchy underwear to the side, exposing him to his sister. Megan wrapped her thumb and index finger tight around his base and waved his prick at her as if in open invitation.

Casey clapped her hands, bounced over to Alex, and quickly slid to her knees. She immediately sucked his tip into her mouth and began circling his sensitive ripples with her tongue while looking up at him with hungry brown eyes. She slurped noisily, bobbing her head along his length while Megan reached around and stroked his shaft in time with her friend. The two gymnasts continued their rhythm for half a minute before Alex felt himself nearing release.

Alex groaned, hoping to prolong their play, and said: “I thought you girls needed help with your gymnastics.”

Casey dropped Alex’s cock with a smack of her lips and fell backward onto the grass. She put one hand behind each knee and spread her legs wide, doing the splits upside down. Alex and Megan watched as puffy dark pink mounds bulged out from the seams and threatened to swallow the narrow strip of white fabric that ran between her legs.

“This is as far as I can go,” Casey said, straining her voice.

“I bet I can help you with that,” Alex said as he got on his knees between her spread legs. He picked her hips up so they were off the ground, her pussy now pointed skyward. “Put your arms under your butt and lift.” His sister did as instructed, supporting herself from her elbows to her shoulders with her back now perpendicular to the ground. “Perfect!” he said as his sister’s legs folded open past the point of being parallel. Alex marveled at her flexibility and stared at the parted mound between her legs, now the tallest point on her body.

Alex dove in, pushing his nose into his sister’s sweet sex and inhaling her scent deeply. Casey moaned loudly as Alex ran his tongue over her leotard and scraped his teeth across her most sensitive of place. He reached up with one hand and pulled the stretchy fabric to the side. Casey briefly felt a cool breeze across her lips before Alex drove his tongue deep between her parted petals. Megan dropped down behind him and resumed fondling his cock. He helped her take his briefs off completely, never once breaking contact with his sister’s gaping pussy.

Casey cried out as Alex continued his passionate feasting. He pushed two fingers into her and wrapped his lips around her swollen clit, flicking it with his tongue and sucking her thin folds into his mouth. He felt her push up harder, trying to pick more of her body off the ground to grind against Alex’s probing mouth.

“Oh god, stop Alex, I can’t take any more,” she said after a minute, her arms and legs quivering uncontrollably.

Alex turned to Megan and said, “Help her stay up.” He stood and stepped one leg over Casey, now straddling her split legs. Megan moved around his other leg and held Casey by her hips, taking her chance to suck and lick on her friend’s pussy despite the protests. Alex crouched and used a free hand to push his cock straight down the side of Megan’s face. She turned from Casey and took him into her cheek, flicking her tongue across his tip and slurping noisily. Then she sat up, holding Casey’s backside while Alex crouched over his sister, aiming his thick shaft down between his legs. He bent his knees and slid his tip into Casey. Inch by inch he dipped deeper into his sister while she gasped and whimpered, her spread legs still quaking.

Alex leaned over and lifted his hips, pulling his glistening cock straight up until he felt it pop free from Casey’s warm grasp. Megan reached up and curled her hand around the base of his shaft and guided him back and forth across his sister’s folds, teasing her clit and poking just inside her gaping entrance with each pass. He heard Casey pant and make faint grunting sounds each time he dove into her wetness. Alex dropped deep her again, as much as she could take, and then lifted. Casey cried out in intense pleasure as Alex drove back in, Megan now doing most of the work of keeping her pointed skyward.

Alex sped up his pace, squatting down into her and lifting back up, burying as much as he dared into her shallow tunnel with each stroke. Casey legs spasmed and he felt himself seize, nearing an explosive climax. He dropped into his sister one last time and held. He felt her insides ripple as she yelled out in release, kicking her feet wildly. Alex came the moment he felt her contractions, sending his cock throbbing and spitting cum down into her hot depths. Several seconds later Megan collapsed and Casey followed, reflexively wrapping her legs tightly around her friend’s waist.

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