A Staring Contest with Her Ass Part 2

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I walked into her parent’s kitchen where she was standing by the table, looking at some glamour magazine. Her mom would arrive anytime soon, so I knew I wouldn’t get much out of her. Being so I slid my palms against her ass, feeling the denim jeans and slowly they made their ways into her back pocket. I put my chin on the top of her black hair and looked down at the magazine she was reading. I saw a couple of pictures as she kept staring down, her fingertips gently touching the table. I slid my head down and slapped one on her left cheek as she smiled. I grabbed her ass through her jeans and pulled back.

She wouldn’t budge. I tugged a bit more and she started her movement backwards, but I pushed her right and we headed towards her family room.

“Faster,” I said to her as I moved my arms with the motions of her legs.

Instead she stopped and my hands were the only things between my cock slapping against the back of her jeans. I looked at the clock and could tell I had close to about 15 minutes with her. I withdrew both hands. I sent my left across her stomach and up her shirt as I led the other down the back of her pants.

“No!” she said protesting. “Mom might come home any minute!”

The kisses I gave her on her neck made her forget her protest as she slowly sunk into me. My hand was at the crack of her ass as I slowly made my middle finger down to her asshole. It was still virgin territory, and somewhat forbidden. Even though I was given the thumbs up to do my queen in the ass, we just didn’t have the time. I had been looking up information and gotten the idea of lube and all that down.

“What if when you take it out,” she said in between gasps. “There’s…you know…the stuff on you.”

I know what she was talking about. Shit in her ass and then on my cock. I was thinking of using a condom, but she said no. I was actually glad. Anyways, I had though about it earlier, done the research and put my mouth to her ear.

“I’ll give you an enema,” I whispered in her ear as I slowly stroked her asshole.

“What the hell is that?” she asked me as she squeezed her ass cheeks in confusion.

“Uhh,” I said trying to gather up the thoughts. “Kind of like when I clean your ass out.”

I could tell she was confused like no other. As I kept moving it around, her hips stopped moving, but my finger kept remained at her area, slowly pushing in and out. My free hand at the time was in her front pocket.

“What do you mean when you ‘clean’ my ass out?” she asked as she tilted her head up and looked at me.

Fuck I thought to myself. How was I going to get her to take an enema? I sure as hell didn’t want to have shit on my cock and nor did I want a rubber on either.

“Well I looked around,” I started as her eyes stared into me and I definitely couldn’t lie. “Put some water in your ass and then you kind of…shit it back out.”

I was waiting for the sour face, but it never appeared. Instead came a shy little smile across her face as she thought of it.

“Okay?” I asked her as I got my finger into her ass.

“Okay,” she replied as she pushed back and the finger went deeper in.

I pushed down and gave her a kiss. From there I heard the rustling of the garage and figured her mom was home early. Quickly I pulled out and threw my arms over her shoulders and extended them. She started the walk towards the garage door as I followed behind.

“Hey you two,” her mom said as she popped in from the door.

“Hey,” we replied in unison as we let her walk by.

“Anything on your minds for tonight?” she asked us as she laid down her purse onto the table.

It was a Friday. It had occurred to us, and I felt like taking her out to a movie. Nothing had been decided. She decided to lead the way as I followed her, walking right back into the kitchen.

“Nothing,” she said as she stopped, letting my hard cock press against her left butt cheek. “Rent a movie or something.”

“Well we’ll try to stay out of your way,” her mom said as she looked at us.

Shit I thought to myself as I put my forehead against the back of her head. She freed herself from my grips as I stood there. She walked over to the pantry, opened it up and pulled out a granola bar. Throwing one at me, I let it bounce off my shoulder, but caught it mid air before it fell. I looked up to see a smile on her face as she started to unwrap one.

We got to her room, and I pushed her in, closing the door behind us.

“How will you put the water in my ass?” she asked me.

“I dunno,” I replied like an idiot.

She looked at me as she sat down in her computer chair, twirling around.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” she asked me. “It’s your idea.”

She had me on this one as I stared at the back of her head. I walked my way towards her bed, and plowed myself into the mattress.

“Well we can use your shower head,” I explained to her. “Get your tight little butt lubed up, pull out the shower head and clean you up.”

“Right up my ass?” she asked me looking at me with a smile.

“Right up your ass.” I replied to her as my raging hard on tried to rip through my jeans.

I loved the way she used to talk dirty as I looked at her teasing me. I hated it. I just wanted to blow a load into her throat. Ugh. I looked at her for a minute until the door opened.

“Hey kids,” I heard her mom say. “You’ll have to order that movie off the satellite. Your father and I are going out in a minute.”

She shot a smiling look my way, but I didn’t play it like that. I nodded my head, looked towards the ceiling as her mom nodded and closed the door. I looked back at her and then grinned like a fucking monkey.

“All the way up my ass?” she asked once again.

I had no idea what hat gotten her into this taboo of anal. Maybe she had loved it forever but was too ashamed to tell me. From her comment, I got up raced toward the chair and easily and started my little tickling fit on her. She fell out of the chair soon enough as I pinned her down.

“All the way up our ass,” I told her as I bent down for a kiss.

It was about an hour later when her parents had left and we had the house to ourselves. We had stripped all the way, and I was bahis firmaları sitting on her chair reading up on the enema steps once again. She walked into her room and looked at my hard cock and made her way there. She had her back to me, and I knew she wanted to sit. Holding her hips I let her down slowly so her pussy could engulf my cock, and it engulf it did. She couldn’t sit on all of it without going absolutely wild, so she stood up slightly.

“Ohhhhhh,” I heard the little sigh come out of her mouth as she pushed down on my cock.

I kissed the back of her neck, and swung my head back to the screen. I read slowly and perceived every bit of information into my head. I knew she was getting bored, because before long she had her arms on the armrest and slowly started to bounce up and down, and I smelled her pussy juices and felt the drip out of her as she did.

“Slow down,” I told her as she got to a small little pace, but from where I took over.

“We haven’t fucked in forever,” she said as she let go as my hands wrapped around her waist, and I started to bob.

“I think we can do something about that” I told her as I started the small pumping, trying not to release the built up cum inside of me.

Her beautiful breasts flayed up and down as she rode my cock. I wanted to push her down all the way and make her scream.

“Holy shit,” I said as I found her pussy tighter then usual. “Did you shrink?”

I heard her laugh as she quickly got up and looked at me.

“Now!” I heard her say, grabbing a hold of my arm and pulling me.

My cock and her pussy dripped of her juices. As she walked towards the hallway, I could see them going down the side of her leg.

“What are we going to use?” she asked me, referring to lubrication.

I broke free of her hold, and raced back to her room. I had bought a tube of KY Jelly. It took a lot of courage and very awkward stares, but I got it in the house. I ran back to the bathroom, where she stood looking at her self in the mirror.

“I want to get a boob job,” she told me, lifting them up slightly and letting them job.

“How about no,” I told her as I walked over.

“Why not?” she said. “Don’t you want bigger boobies?”

”Not fake bigger boobies,” I said. “Plus I like little ones.”

“Are you saying I have little boobies?” she asked me.

I shot her my ‘just don’t go there’ look. She saw it and gave me a flirtatious smile. I smiled back after awhile and looked at the shower head.

“You need to be lying on your left side when we do it,” I told her.

“Okay,” she replied.

“But,” I started, “The showerhead is too big and it won’t reach.”

She gave me a blank expression as I looked at her.

“Then what are we going to do?” she asked me.

I shrugged my shoulders and took a seat at the edge of the tub. Thoughts raced through my mind.

“Can’t you just shoot the water into my ass?” she asked.

I could tell she was anxious to try anal.

“Into your little tight ass?” I asked her.

She walked over and sat down on my thigh, rubbing her pussy all over me.

“I got it,” I said as I slowly pushed her up and started my depature from the bathroom.

I came back with a big box of Dasani water bottles. She looked at me as if I were insane.

“Come on,” I told her. “Mineral water, small openings, and we can get throw them away when we’re done.”

She thought about it for a minute and slowly came walking to me seductively as her breasts bounced from side to side.

“I like the way you think,” she said running her finger around my lip.

I went for it and sucked on it for a bit, but she pulled it out and walked towards the towel hanging on the wall. She took it and laid it down as I put down the box of bottles and took one. She laid down in silence on her left side as I slowly picked up the KY jelly and got down on my chest right in front of her asshole.

“Hello you two,” I said speaking to her tight pussy and ass.

I heard her giggle from the anticipation. I looked down and gave her sweet, cold pussy a lick. It felt so flavorful as I gave it another and another. I was being distracted by her ass, and I knew I had to have a lick. Slowly I dabbed my tongue in between her ass cheeks and slowly licked away. I wasn’t getting in far enough.

“On your tummy boo,” I said.

She listened and was sprawled out in an eagle spread as I parted her ass cheeks. I felt a groan as my cold hands touched her warm butt cheeks.

I stared down at her hole. It looked so beautiful. Untouched and asking for it to be felt. I slowly put my tongue forth and gave her asshole a lick. It sent a shock through all her nerves and I felt her kick her legs. I smiled from the pleasure she was receiving and decided to go at it fully.

I started to circle her asshole with my tongue, using my lips from time to time. As the minutes grew bye and the towel under her continued to get wet, I slowly started small little dabs. The foreign taste kept me at it. With enough saliva on her ass, I got my tongue in there with a little effort and felt the room her ass had to offer me.

“Oh my god,” she let the words escape.

I smiled as I slowly pushed farther in, taking in what I believe is the sensational taste she had to offer. I kept going at it and slowly pulled away after I saw the small bubbles of my saliva starting to form.

“I think my tongue likes it,” I told her.

I saw a glowing smile on her face. I let go of her cheeks, but her hands replaced the area, keeping her asshole visible to me. At the same time I picked up the KY Jelly, popped off the top and slowly let it pour onto her asshole. I poured what I thought was a reasonable amount. As it sat there, I put down the tube and picked up the bottle. Smearing some jelly onto my hands, I unscrewed the top and put some jelly around the ring of the bottle.

“On your side boo,” I told her.

She did as told, and kept her ass cheeks spread as she laid on her left side. With her eyes closed I looked at her.

“Just tell me when you feel full,” I told her.

She nodded. I prayed that my small knowledge of enemas would do as I slowly put the end of the bottle to her asshole, kaçak iddaa pushing it in. Suddenly it just slipped in like no other. I looked at her and she looked back. It had slipped in and I smiled. I tilted it and waited for it to pour, but it wasn’t going at the s peed I wanted. I slowly squeezed it and it went at the rate that I wanted to. I squeezed all the way until the plastic endings touched, and there was still about half the bottle to go. I popped it out and inflated it again by squeezing it.

“What’s it feel like?” I asked her.

“Like I gotta take a big poop,” she replied with a hasty smile.

I plugged the bottle back into her ass and squeeze the rest of the water. I didn’t feel like using the rest of the bottles so I refilled the same one and returned to her. She kept the same position, with her beautiful ass exposed to me. Once again it slipped in, and once again I filled her insides up with water.

“It’s getting heavy,” she told me.

“Just a little bit more,” I told her.

She listened to what I said as I poured the bottles into her ass, time after time. It went by quickly as I quickly just squeeze them dry into her ass. 6 had filled her up and by that time she had let her cheeks go.

“All right,” I said as I threw the bottle to the side and grabbed her arm to get her up.

I saw her wiggle a little bit.

“I feel it inside of me!” she exclaimed as she jumped up and down.

My prick started to grow hard. It was flaccid from all the work, but now I was really. I grabbed her and pulled her close to me, pressing her tits against my chest. I gave her a small kiss, but I couldn’t help but get on my knees and put my ear to her stomach. She jumped up for me and I could feel the washing of the waves inside of her.

“Woah!” I plainly said, looking up at her.

I got up and started to rub my prick and she noticed. Slowly she got down onto her knees and removed my hand. Quickly she engulfed my cock into her mouth and started her beautiful blowjob. She went in to suck about 4 inches while her petite little hands wrenched back and forth at the base of my cock. I felt her tongue slurp against the base of my cock, tapping away at the foreskin that was pulled back.

“Oh god,” I said.

She kept going at it like she’d never done before. All of a sudden she stopped, and I watched as she pushed my cock upward with her right hand and very slowly jacked it. She licked down the shaft and to my balls. She looked straight at them and brought my right one to her mouth. As soon as she put it in her mouth, I felt her toss it around with her tongue and suck at the same time.

My knee just about gave, but I threw my arm onto the wall for support just before it got too bad. I looked down and she moved over to the other one and I felt the same sensation. I held on with all the strength I could and then I finally looked at her as she drew back.

“Time to empty you out,” I said as I pulled her up.

She walked towards the toilet and just sat, waiting for my command.

“It’s best if you stand and let it out,” I told her.

“Nuh uh,” she said.

“Uh huh,” I told her. “Trust me, it’ll all come out.”

She looked at me as I offered her my hand. Of course she took it and looked at me.

“I have to aim at it?” she said looking at the toilet.

“We can use the tub,” I said as I started to rub my prick again.

She thought about it and then hopped in. I followed her and I got in front of her as she faced the drain. I knew it was going to be dirty. I downloaded a movie on it and I got the idea. I slowly looked over her shoulder as she hugged me. I split her ass cheeks apart and she got the idea.

She released.

At first the water came out clear and then turned into a brown misty color. After that small discards of her insides slowly came out at intervals of 10 seconds, nothing as bad as I thought it would be. She clung on for about a good 3 minutes while I watched the water spurt out of my ass. I felt my cock throb at the site of the water releasing.

She finished and turned around.

“Ewww!” she said and quickly hopped out.

I followed her, turned the water all the way to hot and closed the curtains.

“Ready to take it up your ass?” I asked her.

With a small nod she turned around and walked out the door. I followed her, closing the door completely as she jogged back to her room. I caught up with her just in time to grab her, turn her around and toss her onto the bed. I got on top of her and assorted her neck with my kisses, slowly making my way to her face, but right down the center of her neck. I got to her breasts and I knew I wanted to mine them. I brought both my hands up and pushed them against her small, firm breasts.

I started to suck on them as she ran her hands through my hair. My other hand played with her other nipple, teasing it slowly. I moved my mouth to that and brought it into my mouth. It was hard as rock candy as I slowly flickered it with my tongue, and then sucked on it hoping for her to lactate. She didn’t, but I got opened my mouth farther and brought her tit farther in.

From there I moved my kisses down her stomach and right to her pussy. The smell just made my cock throb as I stared at it. I kissed her left thigh and made my way to her lips. I parted them with my hands and looked at the pink it had to offer. I licked at her inside and felt the taste of her womanhood. I gave a large grin as I slowly put my mouth on it and let my tongue flicker away.

She moaned and slowly wiggled, but I placed my hand son her pelvis to keep her down. I looked at her enlarged clit and gave it a lick. She let out a loud moan and then I had it in my mouth. I sucked on it and slowly poked at it with my tongue. Letting go of her pelvis, I let her ass raise into the air as she approached her orgasm.

She screamed as she started to shake and jolt with my mouth still sucking on her clit.

“OH MY GOD!” she cried out. “STOP IT!”

I didn’t listen to any of it. I kept going until she pulled away, and I looked her right in the eyes. She stared back as she breathed hard and quickly.

I got up with out a sound and raced down the hallway and grabbed the kaçak bahis KY Jelly. I ran back, opening it on my way and putting it on my hard prick. As soon as I got there, I could tell she knew where I was running to. She was all ready on her knees and elbows, with her face on a pillow. I smiled as I got to her ass and squeezed some on my hand

“Ready?” I asked her.

She nodded her head from the pillow. I was on my knees as I pulled her ass cheeks apart, giving me a better view to her asshole. I smiled and bent down to give her virgin ass another lick. She giggled with delight as I slowly slapped my hand on her ass and used my cock to spread it around.

“Just relax,” I told her. “Just take it in, don’t move or anything!”

She listened to my words as I slowly placed my hand on her back and the other on my cock. She brought her hands back and pulled her ass cheeks apart as I slowly pushed into place. It wasn’t so easy. Her tight ass tried to keep me out, but I pushed hard enough to get my head in. She jumped a little bit and it closed tight on me.

“Don’t move!” I told her once again.

She froze as I slowly pushed a little bit more. I felt her insides make room for me as I slowly pushed in and saw that my cock stopped about an inch or so short of it’s full length.

“How’s it feel?” I asked her.

“Oh my god,” she said with delight. “I feel so stuffed.”

I smiled as I slowly pushed a little bit more, but didn’t go anywhere too far. I pulled out a little bit and slowly rocked forward. As I did, I moved her hands from her ass cheeks and let them sandwich my cock together. They did and I slowly let go completely of her as I moved my hips against her ass.

“Go faster!” she ordered.

Just like that I grabbed her hips and listened to her command. I pushed all 7 and a half inches in and she let out a giant moan as I did. I reversed it and drove it in again. I got the hand of it and started to fuck her ass quickly. She put her head into the pillows and started to moan as I drove my cock in and out of her ass.

As I did it I could feel the juices dropping from her pussy. Was she cumming all ready? I kept pushing my cock in and out with ease. Her ass cheeks keeping me in the straight direction as I poured in and out. Her moans continued and after a good 5 minutes I pulled out and stared at her gaping ass.

“It’s not tight anymore,” I said as I slowly spread her ass cheeks.

She didn’t say a word. I guess she was still in heaven from the ass fucking as I stared down at that gaping hole. Slowly I put in my middle and index finger into her ass and it completely tightened around them. I smiled as I slowly pushed back and forth, but I got her hints as she looked up at me. I started to go faster as I finger fucked her ass.

“Oh my god!” she said as she put her head back into the pillow.

I kept going and felt her shake. I brought my other hand to her clit and rubbed fiercely. She screamed into the pillow and I felt the enormous orgasm take over her! Her cum sparked out of her pussy like lightning and onto her sheets. I kept going as she kept squirting.

She stopped screaming and she dropped her body to the mattress. My fingers were still in my ass. She had cum, but I hadn’t. I took my fingers out and brought my cock back to her ass and laid on her back. I put my fingers to her mouth, wondering if she’d want a taste. She lifted her head and took them into her mouth and slowly sucked away on her ass juices from his fingers.

I slowly pushed my cock right back into her ass with ease and started the assault again. As she slowly sucked away at the awkward angle, I kept piercing into her ass. As soon as my fingers were clean, she let them out. When they were free from her mouth, she started to groan and moan silently as I kept piercing into her ass, my climax roaring high.

My cock kept ramming farther in to her ass and I could feel her starting to jolt a little bit as she laid there. I was getting tired of this position. She had recovered from her orgasm so I grabbed her around the waist and brought her back up to her knees and elbows. There I started to go at a rapid speed. Each time my cock exited fully out into my view and entered back out of it. I kept this up for a couple of minutes as her gaping ass made no indications of closing. Just as I felt the final moments of my approaching orgasm, I made sure that the cum would make my way inside of her. She also knew it was going to happen.

“Cum…inside…my…ass!” she instructed in between gasps.

I did as I told and I came right into her ass! I felt my warm juices shoot inside of her as I slowly bent over. She completely collapsed as I lay on top of her. I felt my warm cum approach the head of my penis as I finished my loads. With my cock still in there, it started to grow flaccid as I put a kiss on her head.

“Jesus Christ,” I whispered as I ran my hand through my hair. “That was fucking great!”

“Don’t take it out,” she told me. “I want to feel it grow in there.”

I must have lied on her for about 10 minutes until my cock started to cooperate with my thoughts. Slowly my cock started to grow in her ass. In the last ten minutes, her ass had enclosed on my cock and I thought the blood would never get there, but it did!

“It’s growing!” she said as she felt it.

I smiled as she giggled a little bit and my cock grew to its full extent. Slowly I took our my aching cock and looked down at her.

“It’s all yours,” I told her, giving her control.

She slid up a little bit and then onto her knees. I stood there on my knees as she came over and right down to my cock, reading to suck her ass off my cock. She placed her mouth over my cock as she sat on her stomach, hunched over. IN the mean time I reached over and opened up her ass cheeks. As soon as I did this, she pushed out and let the cum pop our, letting it dribble down her cunt.

“Looks like you’re becoming an expert with this,” I told her.

She gave a small smile as I felt the warmth of her breath and then she enclosed her mouth on my cock and started to suck furiously. With her free hands she grabbed my balls and played with them. I thrusted my hips into her mouth as she licked and sucked away at her ass on my cock. It wasn’t minutes later before I held head lips right against the base of my cock and cummed right down her throat.

New story coming up

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