A Night of Passion

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She slipped into the bed beside him. Her sexy camisole felt soft & slippery against his skin. She felt his body mould to hers as she snuggled to spoon with him. He could tell she was just out of the shower, her skin still silky to the touch and her wet hair smelling of flowers. He could feel her pebble-like nipples when he put his arm around her chest.

After a little while, she rolled over, taking his face in her hands. Her lips wanted his and she kissed him long & lovingly. Electric!

He slowly lifted the cami top from her body and ran his hands along her soft skin. He suckled her nipples & kneaded her tits as if he was never gonna feel them again. He enjoyed them more than she enjoyed them being ravished.

He felt her hand reach down & touch between his legs & knew what she wanted & craved. She grasped him lightly and his cock jumped at her touch.

He was still suckling her nipples & massaging her breasts while she continued her slow stroking of his cock, but he groaned as her body slowly started it’s downward motion & slipped through his touches. He was now feeling her kisses travel down his stomach and her mouth open to lick the now exposed head of his wanting, stiff cock. He let out a moan as she took him into her mouth, hand locked to the base.

She proceeded to play with his balls while she bobbed up & down on his shaft, alternating between quick, short slurps & excruciating long ones. He was in another world, enjoying her actions & watching a trail of spit attached to her mouth & his glistening cock.

She was bringing him to the point of no return & knew that he couldn’t last much longer. His balls tightening & retreating up, he could feel the start of an orgasm building up inside of him.

“Mmmm,” she hummed. She knew what was about to happen. Inside her head she was saying “Oh yes, darlin, feed me your hot, sticky, cum,”.

His hips began to move, matching bahis firmaları the motion of her lips, his release began. She just kept sucking & sucking while he came in what can only be compared to a volcano erupting. She felt his cum hit the back of her throat, the roof of her mouth, her tongue, everywhere in her willing mouth. She swallowed as much of him as she could, as fast as she could. He had so much cum built up that he came twice in her mouth, because of the constant non-stop sensations she was giving him.

She licked his cock clean of his remainig cum, squeezing every last drop out. He took her hand and pulled her up on the bed with him. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her body close to his & kissed her tightly, tasting his cum & cock on her lips. “Baby girl, that was amazing,” he whispered in her ear. “Now I want your pussy!”

He turned her over so she can lay on her back as he positioned her so that she resting comfortably on the bed. He kissed her belly & when the kisses got to her pubic bone, her legs opened wider for his accomodating kisses. He positioned himself at the footboard, laying between her legs. Both of his arms were now under her butt cheeks & resting on her belly for the time being.

Shortly, one hand covered her hairless mound while the other automatically went straight to her pussy lips. She closed her eyes and was enjoying the sensation of his hands on her. He now moved his lips & tongue to her pussy as it joined his fingers. He licked the delicate inside lips & plump outside lips of her pussy & of course, her sensitive clit. He now planted little kisses & licks all over, and she moaned accordingly. She also arched her back & grasped the bed sheets beside her, wanting much, much, more. He again spread her lips with his fingers. He moved his tongue deep inside of her reaching as far as his tongue can go into her well-lubed & eager pussy.

“Darlin,” she kaçak iddaa said, “Keep going & don’t stop, that feels so amazing!” Her actions were telling him that he was hitting all the right spots that she wanted & more importantly, needed hit. Moans & groans escaped her mouth, while her body writhed in utter ecstacy.

Inside his head was saying “Baby, I’m going make you cum like a fountain & drink up your sescaping juices. I love you & your fantastic pussy!’

He sucked her clit into his mouth, feeling it in his mouth. He continued to suck and lick until he could feel her start to tremble beneath him. She reached her orgasm when he sucked her clit back into his mouth and dipped his fingers into her pussy. He couldn’t believe how tight she felt on his fingers, her pussy held him in it’s grasp as he sucked her clenched clit and finger-fucked her sideways.

“Oh yes, right there, right there” he heard as she rode his mouth & tongue to a mind-blowing orgasm. He quickly lapped at her with his tongue and sucked her cum into his mouth. She tasted salty-sweet & sexy. She began to come down from her orgasm but he still licked her folds, soft in & outs, up & downs. He could hear the sounds of her wetness as he now thrusted his fingers inside her. She came again seconds later, her pussy wrapping itself around his fingers, while he still licked.

She belted out “Where the hell did that orgasm come from?!”

He said, “I’m not sure honey, but you’re fucking horny, aren’t you!”

Then she said, “I must be. I needed that & it helps having the best pussy licker with me!”

He let her rest for a minute, while he stared & fingered her glistening pussy, spreading her juices around & licking his fingers.

Moments later, he rolled her over onto her belly.

“Where do you want my cock honey, he asked.

“Anywhere, just fuck me sweety'” she answered.

“I will,” he said teasingly, kaçak bahis as he moved his cock towards her. “Tell me where you want it”

“Fuck my pussy,” she screamed, “put that hard cock of yours inside my pussy and fuck me.

His cock eagerly & easily slipped into her pussy and he could still see her cum on her pussy lips as she swayed her hips back toward him.

He steadied himself by putting both hands on her hips and started to find a rhythm as his cock moved back & forth inside her tight pussy walls. It was only a matter of minutes before their bodies were both building up to a climax. As an added incentive, he reached around & tweaked & pulled on her nipples, her breasts also feeling the attached pulling. She now moved one hand towards her pussy lips & started stroking her clit for the extra pleasure. She even squeezed & pulled on his balls & rubbed them with her juices. That sensation really got him going.

He now went back to holding both of her hips tightly & started a faster rhythm. After a few more strokes, she mentioned that she was about to cum. “Harder! Faster! Keep going, keep going! Yes! Yes! Don’t Stop, don’t stop!” And with that, he shot his load deep inside her. The second his cum hit her insides, she came with a tremble & force she never felt before. She started to milk him & it felt as if her clenching was gonna tear his cock off. What a feeling, he thought, what a feeling indeed.

After this amazing episode, he kissed her mouth deeply and then laid his head on her back, cock still trapped inside of her and hugged her chest. She just collapsed under his weight & her other world sensations. She was like a new-born deer that couldn’t stand on it’s undeveloped legs.

“Rest a bit, honey, we have the rest of the night,” he said. “I’m gonna do you again and again, & your ass is next.” She just went “mmmm.” And they both went still & fell asleep, with only their heartbeats making a sound.

When this night started, only she was wet. Now however, they were spent, content & both were wet while the room was now filled with the smell of sex & flowers.

Some time later, he awoke and…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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