A Nigh of Incest

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Big Tits

Jessica (15)
Peter (14)
Mom (38)

Peter crept down the hall silently, careful not to let the floorboards creak. He’d been doing this several times a week for the past month, sneaking down the hall quietly, careful not to wake his mom or older sister. His excitement broke his once steely caution, and he rushed into his mother’s office, eager to get started. Closing the door silently, he made his way to his mother’s dresser, pulling open the drawer, he pulled out his prize: His mother’s favorite underwear, a pink pair. Taking a quick wiff of them, he quickly undressed, excited. The pleasant material made him moan as he pulled the panties up and over his already fully erect cock. He began to rifle through the other drawers, looking for a bra as he rubbed his dck through the panties. Pulling the black bra over his head, he sat on the floor, wanking his penis furiously, moaning loadly.

“What are you doing?” Came a voice from the door. Opening his eyes, his hand stopped moving, Peter stared, wide-eyed, at his sister, who stood at the door in a tight top and pajama bottoms. Jumping to his feet, Peter quickly tried to explain

“This isn’t what it looks like, Jessica!” taking his hand off his still-rock hard dick.

His sister stared at him blankly for a moment, then said “Oh ho, then what is it?” peter stared blankly, turning red with utter embarassment. Jessica’s nipple had begun to grow hard with excitement, and, with a contemplative look, she began to take off her top. “W-what are you doing, Jessica?” She smiled at him as her C cup tits bounced out of the top, and she flung the shirt onto the floor. “You’re obviously ridiculously horny. Let me help you calm down.” And without a word, she dropped to her knees, pulling his dick out of the panties, and immedietly began to suck on it with ferocity, making Peter groan with pleasure uncontrollably. “S-s-stop it, sis. I’m gonna cum.” Dude to his extreme arousal, Peter was excited enough to cum so soon. But Jessica ignored him, licking bahis firmaları his cock’s head with a new vigor. “Aaagh!” Peter erupted into her mouth, sending white cum down her throat and into her waiting mouth. He smiled weakly, having just recovered from an earth shaking orgasm. She smiled back up at him, and got off her knees, before she began to pull off her pajama bottoms.

Peter stared, waiting, keen on his first peek at his sister’s sweet young pussy. Dark as it was, Peter wasn’t able to catch the growing lump in his sister’s tiny light blue cotton panties. As she pulled them down, Peter gasped. Where he had expected to see a young cunt, he saw a semi-erect dick in its place. “Don’t act like you don’t love it. I was born this way, and you’re clearly not complaining.” As she pointed to his rock hard dick. Peter turned red again, ashamed. Peter couldn’t deny the truth in his sister’s words. She was right, for some strange reason, it was a real turn on. She turned her back to him, giving him a great view of her plump ass. She pulled out a large tube of lube, and began to smear it on her dick. Peter was puzzled for a moment, shouldn’t HE be putting on the lube? Then he realized. “S-sis..I can’t do this. I don’t want to..take it.” His sister looked at him for a moment, surprised, before she glared at him.

“You dress like a panty-boy, so you’re gonna be treated like one.” Peter was about to protest, but realized at any moment she could wake Mom, so he kept his mouth shut. She placed the lube back on top of the dresser, in case it would be needed later, and commanded he get on his hands and knees. Peter was shaking slightly as he got down. He wasn’t sure it would fit. His sister had almost as big a cock as he did, being 6 and a half inches long, and a decent girth. Jessica pulled the pink panties down, pushing a finger into his tight asshole before she removed it, and with a lick, cleaned it. He closed his eyes as her cockhead rested against his puckered hole. With one smooth push, his sister entered kaçak iddaa him, all the way to her balls. Peter covered his mouth with his hand, screaming into it. Only his fear of waking his mother kept him from yelling out. Pausing for a moment, Jessica then began to ride her brother. Slowly at first, only a few times a minute, before she built it up into a quick motion, slamming her dick into his ass. Peter moan uncontrollably, unable to hide his obvious pleasure.

Then Peter was surprised. His sister spanked him hard on the ass cheek. He let out another moan, only louder. She then began to talk dirty to him. “You like that don’t you? You want to get fucked up the ass by your big sis, huh? Yeah, you like it fag. Beg for it!” Peter stopped biting his lip to obey. “Oh god, fuck me sis. Put your dick in my ass.” As she began to reach climax, she pounded harder and harder, making him squeal in ecstacy. her balls slapped against his ass, making a pleasant sound. She held herself into his ass, and arched her back, suddenly. She came deep inside his ass, the white cum pouring out the sides of her dick, dripping to the floor. Then Peter came, without even having his dick touched. His sticky cum spilled all over the carpet, and he collapsed on it in a heap, worn out from losing his virginity so violently.

Jessica lay down next to him, panting and grinning, as she slowly stroked his dick back to life. His breath slowly increased until his penis was brought back to its fully hard state. “Wow.” He thought. “I never usually can go over and over again.” His sister’s appearance was such, that this wasn’t quite like his normal masturbation sessions.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Peter saw someone at the door. Turning his head to look, Peter saw his mother standing there, wearing nothing but a towel. “I came to take a late night shower, because I couldn’t sleep and..oh wow..” As she saw both of their erect dicks. Peter watched her face, until he noticed the growing tent in her towel. Jessica smiled, kaçak bahis and approached her mom. “Wanna give me a hand?” And she yanked off her mom’s towel, revealing her DD boobs, as well as her raging hard on. Peter’s mom began to cover herself, but, her body told her other wise, and her nipples stood straight out, and her dick only got harder. To seal the deal, Jessica began to slowly jack her mother’s dick up and down, making her let out a low moan. Then, with a new determination, the pair of vixens went to either side of Peter. Whether or not he was ready for another fucking didn’t seem to matter, and Peter just had to keep going along with it. His mother eyed him with a sly grin “I knew SOMEONE was wearing my clothes, but I always assumed it was your sister.” Then she began to lube up her dick, placing it again at his sore hole’s enterance.

Jessica took position in front of him, without a word popping her dick in his mouth, and began to throat-fuck him. In one quick motion, his mother forced her dick into his ass, and began to mercillessly pound away at him, making him gag on his sister’s erect penis. After a few minutes, filled with grunts and groans from all three, they decided to switch positions. Peter lay on his back on the ground, with all his limbs spread out. His mother took place over his dick, and slowly sat on it, letting the hard on enter her tight asshole. After a moment to reecuperate, she began to bounce on him, her huge tits bouncing with her, her nipples trembling. Jessica squated over his face, her ass right in from of him, and he began to lick it furiously, running around the hole in a circle with his tongue.

As his mother bounced on top of him, she leaned forward, taking her daughter’s dick into her mouth, and began to suck on it with all her might. They all came to a screaming orgasm at once, Peter cumming inside his mother’s ass, Jessica in her mother’s mouth, and Peter’s mother all over his stomach and Jessica.

They all lay on the ground, panting heavily, drained from the sex.

“Ha ha, good thing dad’s away on business.” Peter said, smiling weakly.

“Oh, but I’m not..” Came a voice from the door..


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