A Deal’s a Deal

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Close Up

“A deal’s a deal,” said Dave, a little deflated.

The door had opened and in walked an absolute specimen of a man. He stood at 6’5 at a minimum. His toned muscles gently pressed against his shirt in all the best ways. He made his way over to the bar and ordered a drink.

Across the room in a quiet booth, Stacey bit her lower lip as her eyes followed him to the bar. “Looks like i hit the jackpot tonight, hon.”

Stacey and Dave had been on a bit of a tear as of late. Three months ago they dipped their toe into playing with some pretty tame toys. That led them to now, fresh off the high of their latest escapade. The week prior, they indulged in a threesome with another man. Tonight Stacey upped the ante. She was going to go home with the next guy who walked through the door.

“i feel like you knew he was coming in here,” chided Dave.

Stacey looked at him in fake disgust, “Babe, I’m insulted that you’d think I’d be so diabolical. I’ve never seen him before in my life! Besides, i’ve never felt you harder than when you were fucking me while i was sucking that guys cock last week. And I think you quietly like the idea of me taking that guy back to our place and fucking him in our bed. Oh, what’s that? I think someone agrees with me!” Her hand found it’s way to his crotch, where he was already semi-hard. She leaned over and gave him a kiss. “You know I’m more the spontaneous type, anyway”

“Oooh you’re the worst.”

“I know, but you love it.” They shared another deep kiss, until Dave broke away.

“oh babe, sorry to burst your bubble but…” He motioned toward the bar. The man at the bar had his arm wrapped another woman. “I think he already has a friend.”

“Damn, too good to be true. Shall we play again? Next guy through those doors.”

“Maybe lightning will strike twice,” Dave replied.

In walked a older, shorter, stocky an in a boxy suit. His hair was thin and grey, receded to the back half of his head. His belly pressed hard against his shirt, which showed a few oily spots, probably from an old ketchup stain.

Dave chuckled, “You really hit the jackpot this time!”

Stacey punched him playfully, “God, let’s hope he already has a friend too.”

“I don’t see any ring on that finger, and it looks like he’s sitting alone. A deal’s a deal, love,” said Dave, smugly, as he motioned toward the stocky man.

“Do I have to?” Stacey pouted. Dave could never resist that face , which she used to her advantage all the time.

“Haha, of course not babe. I’m not that cruel. Anyways, you’re the one who wanted to do it in the first place. I’m happy to take you home myself.” He leaned in for another kiss.

“You spoil me. Maybe i’ll give him a little tease. Brighten his day a bit?”

Dave motioned towards the bar. “Be my guest.”

Stacey strode over to the bar, Dave watched her ass as his cock twitched with her every step. At 32, she still didn’t look a day over 25, and he was grateful. He was truly blessed.


Stacey sidled up to the older man. “Is this seat taken?”

“Nope, all yours.”

“A man of few words I gather?”

“No, just not used to pretty girls talking to me at my age.”

“You probably had a few girls in your day,” Stacey studied his face. He was probably pretty cute in his prime. Too bad.

“Sure, I may have broken a few marriages in my day. But obviously those days are behind me.” he pointed at his scalp.

“I’m Stacey, can i buy you a drink?” she held her hand out.

He shook her hand. “Bob. Look Stacey, you’re very clearly beautiful, but I’m not really looking for ‘company’ if you know what I’m saying.”

“Oh my gosh no! No, you have the wrong idea. I’m here with my husband. He sitting over there. Sometimes I flirt with other men to rile him up a bit.”

Bob leaned in and smiled, “Well then let’s give him something to get riled up about.”

Stacey leaned towards him and touched his thigh, “I like the sound of that. Excuse me while I powder my nose, and then maybe you can buy me that drink.”

“Wait I thought you were buying me the drink?”

Stacey winked at him and headed towards the bathroom. She walked slowly, giving him the time to take in her phenomenal ass. It was fun riling up the old man. Now she was going to freshen up, grab Dave, and fuck him senseless at home.


Dave watched their exchange from afar. He watched Stacey flirt and flip her hair, exchanging glancing touches. They leaned into each other. What were they talking about? Then Stacey got up and headed to the restroom. As she walked over, she locked eyes with Dave and gave him a wink. What was she up to? A few seconds later the man followed with a smirk. Dave picked up his phone and sent his wife a text.


Stacey looked at herself in the mirror. She was a teenage boy’s wet dream. A slim 5′ 8 frame, with a lovely set of breasts and a tight butt. Long wavey auburn hair and piercing emerald green eyes. Her dress clung in all the right places. That old man wouldn’t bahis firmaları spend time with a girl like her for a whiile, well, for free anyways. She thought about how fun it was to tease the old man as freshened up her makeup. As she continued, her mind drifted to what she wanted to do with Dave at home, hell maybe the car. She smirked. He was in for a wild ride tonight.

She heard the door open and close. The door locked. Her phone buzzed.

“Everything OK in there?”

She saw Bob round the corner and their eyes met. “I thought we might rile up your husband a little more?”

Stacey replied, “Oh Bob! You bad boy. He’ll be absolutely jealous. Just the thought of us being alone in here for more than a minute will drive him mad!”

Meanwhile, she texted Dave, “Just a horny old man, sweetie. I’ll be OK. Be out in a bit, still fixing up my make up. Love you. <3" Bob stepped towards Stacey. He gently touched his finger to her chin, and brought her face close to his, “I was hoping for a little of what hubby is gonna get tonight.” She pulled her head away, wagging her finger. “Sorry, Bobby, we won’t be kissing tonight.” She thought to herself, why did she let him pull her face so close. Was she getting wet?” “Oh I’m sorry, dear. Obviously, we wont be kissing yet. Not until you’ve earned it.” “This was fun but i should be getting back to my husb-” Stacey stopped as Bob pulled out the biggest cock she’d ever seen in her life. “I think I might have something of interest to you.” Stacey was mesmerized. It wasn’t even hard yet! How does this exist! Her hand could barely hold it up! Wait… When did she get down here! “Wait did you drug me?” “Sweetheart, you didn’t even have a drink with me yet! My cock has this effect on women sometimes. It starts with curiosity, just wanting to inspect it, touch it, measure up to it. Then, the fun begins. You want to know if you can fit it in your mouth. You wonder what it’ll feel like, what it tastes like. Could your tight little pussy even hold all of it? Go ahead, sweetie. Have a taste.” She paused. Was she really about to put this mammoth in her mouth? Is it even physically possible? It’s still limp for Christ’s sake! Maybe just a taste. She open her mouth and licked the head tentatively. “That’s it. Nice and slow. Wouldn’t want you to hurt your jaw.” Slowly, she fit the head, and worked her mouth around the shaft. She was barely halfway when she felt it get hard. How was this possible. Dave was already a mouthful, but this was nuts! Oh My God, DAVE! She completely forgot her husband waiting in the booth! Stacey started to move her head back when she felt Bob’s hand on the back of her head. Easing his cock further into her mouth until she was deepthroating him. “You’re a natural! Seems like someone’s done this before. I guess hubby is pretty stacked himself huh?” Stacey could do nothing but stop and nod, while her head bobbed on his now raging hard on. “Is he bigger?” Stacey began to shake her head. “Hah. I’m only kidding, I know he’s not. You wouldn’t be sucking me off if he was! God this is amazing, love! I feel 25 again!” “GLGH, GLGH, GLHG” Stacey couldn’t believe this man was facefucking her in the bar bathroom. She buried her free hand in her panties and pleasured herself, while thinking about how Bob’s cock would fit in her pussy.Sh Bob pulled her head off his throbbing cock, now coated in her saliva. A trail followed to her lips. She barely caught her breath when Bob spoke. “That was wonderful, sweetheart. I think you earned this.” He lifted her chin, and pulled her face to his again, kissing her. She returned the kiss, hungrily. Their tongues played until Stacey broke their kiss. “I’m going take you home, Bobby. I need to feel that cock inside me. Let me just step outside and let my husband know. You’ll take me back, and he’ll follow a little later.” She blew him a kiss as she stepped out. ________________ Dave saw Stacey walk back towards him, grinning ear to ear. Her hair was a little out of place, and her make up was a little smudged. Didn’t she say she was freshening up? “Change of plans, dear. I’m gonna take Bob home.” He almost did a spit take. “What??? What happened in there??” “His cock is the biggest thing I have ever seen babe! I just need to try it. Then i’ll let you try me.” She winked at him seductively. “Wait, he showed you his cock?!? I don’t know how i feel about this.” Stacey pouted, “Please babe? And technically, he was the next guy to walk in. A deals a deal. Besides, you’ll join in once we’ve got the party started.” Damn it. Those green eyes and full pouty lips always got to him. Dave relented. “Fine. I guess that was the deal.” “Oh thank you babe!” She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big kiss. “We’re gonna have so much fun tonight!” “We better,” replied Dave. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard tonight, you’re gonna forget he’s even with us.” “Oooh, i like the kaçak iddaa sound of that,” she purred. “Why don’t you have another drink, and get yourself good and ready. We’ll be waiting for you at home” Stacey headed out the door.


Stacey found Bob leaning on an old beige sedan. Was he really about to take her home?

“A kiss before we head on out?” asked Bob.

Stacey obliged. They kissed heavily against his shitty car. Groping and feeling each other’s bodies.

Bob’s hands found their way underneath her panties. She was soaking wet!

Stacey’s hands moved down his chest. She felt his round flabby belly and began to question what she was doing. Then she felt his cock. This was it. This was the reason. She needed it. Bad. There was no way she was going to end the night without feeling this monster inside of her. A couple of patrons walked by heading in to the bar. Naturally, they stared at the sight before them. Stacey didn’t care. They didn’t know the magnificent beast this man held. How could they? After a moment they pulled themselves apart and got in the car.

Stacey handed Bob her phone, GPS ready to take them home. “Take this. I’ve got some work to do.” She unzipped his pants and got to work on his cock.

“You really couldn’t wait huh?” Bob put the car in gear and headed on out. “OH god damn, you’re gonna get us both killed. Don’t stop. That feels so good.”


“Good girl.”


Dave couldn’t believe it! Stacey was actually taking that old coot home!

He slowly sipped his drink, thinking about Stacey sucking off that old man. He must have some cock for Stacey to want him. Dave was always pretty confident in his size. Besides, it’s also how you use it, and by all accounts, he used it pretty damn well. As he drank, he got more and more hard thinking about fucking Stacey as she sucked the man off. This was gonna be a rough walk out.

Dave finished his drink, calmed himself, and headed out the bar. It’d been a while, they should be at the house already. He raced home, only to find an empty driveway. The house was empty. The bedroom was dark. His phone rang. It was a video call from Stacey.


Stacey felt Bob put the car in park. The cars engine quieted. That wasn’t long enough to get home was it? She was so wrapped up in Bob’s cock that she didn’t notice him silence the GPS. They were at a dingy motel. Bob looked down at her.

“Time for the fun part.”

“This isn’t my house?”

“I thought we’d have a little alone time first. You’re not gonna want hubby when you take my cock for the first time. Trust me”

Stacey obliged and followed him to his motel room. It was beige and plain, not unlike his car. It was so drab. Stacey couldn’t believe this was where she was going to fuck this man. He took her to the edge of the bed where they continued their kiss. Stacey undressed Bob, revealing his rotund form. His body was hairy, his belly drooped toward his massive cock. Stacey doubted for a moment, but once curiosity got the best of her. She kissed his neck, slowly making her way down his chest and belly, finally ending at Bob’s giant cock. God it was massive. She began to bob her head on his cock. It was intoxicating. The size, how much it filled her mouth.

“GLGH GLGH GLGH” She could deepthoat Dave at times, but she did have to work for it, and she would be be at the base. She was a little more than half way down his cock and she was almost choking. Wait, shit, DAVE! He’s gonna come home to an empty house and he’d worry! She grabbed her phone to text him. “Shit sorry I need to text my husband so he wont worry!”

Dave took the phone from her hand. “Let’s give hubby a show shall we?” He tapped through her phone and video called “Hubby”

“Oh Bobby you naughty boy.” She smiled


Dave answered his phone, “Babe are you OK??”

He was greeted with the sight of his wife, and the biggest dick he had ever seen in his life. “Hey baby, we’ll be home soon. Bobby here just had the naughty idea to fuck me here before we came home. If you’re good, maybe we’ll let you watch the whole thing. GLGH GLGH GLGH.” She was a woman possessed. She worshiped his cock. She sucked and licked every inch of his cock and balls. She sniffed his crotch with fervor. She choked and gagged herself on his cock. Her saliva was dripping off her lips an on his cock. Her mascara ran, and her lipstick smudged. She didn’t care. All that mattered was pleasing this beast.

Dave was stunned. He couldn’t speak. Was this really his wife?

He heard the disembodied voice of Bob. The camera panned back a bit as Bob stood up, Stacey followed his cock like a hungry dog. Dave could see what looked like Bob’s hairy bell. Was this really the guy? “Hey Davey boy. Thanks for letting me play with your wife a bit. As you can see she’s having a wonderful time.”

Stacey smiled and nodded in agreement to the camera.

“I think she’s earned her reward. She’s been one hell of a trooper. kaçak bahis I almost came a couple times, which is honestly a testament to what a great cocksucker you’ve got here. Should i reward her?”

Stacey’s eyes lit up and nodded. She wanted his cock more than ever.

“Or maybe i should make you wait a little bit longer.”

Stacey pouted.. There it was. Her signature pout. Looks like Stacey was about to get what she wanted.

“Oh how could say no to a face like that. Come here darling. Give me a kiss.” The camera flipped around as Stacey jumped on Bob. They kissed deeply and passionately. What spell had he cast on his wife, Dave wondered.

“Please Bobby. Give it to me. I need it. Please. I’m aching.”

“Really? Even if your husband is watching us?” Bob could see Dave’s face on the phone, equal parts intrigued and regretful.

“YES! PLEASE BOBBY! Dave will love watching us. It’ll get him so hard! Tell him Dave!”

“Uhhhh..” Dave croaked.

“Should i give it to her Davey boy?” Bob went back for another kiss.

Dave’s face on the phone disappeared. The phone was black. “Yes” Dave gulped.

“Oh thank you baby! You heard him! Give it to me Bobby! I need it!” Stacey pulled off her dress, revealing her sexy black lingerie

“Stacey you were holding out on me.” Bob put the phone down on the dresser, angling the camera to the bed. He walked back over to Stacey and they kissed again.

Bob laid Stacey on the bed kissing her neck making his way to her magnificent breasts. He took off her bra, groping and squeezing her tits. He licked and sucked on her nipples, while his hand ran down her sides and squeezed her ass. He pressed his body onto hers. His belly enveloped her lower torso. Dave watched as his wife’s beautiful body disappeared under the hairy largess of this man.

“Bobby stop teasing me, I want it now!”

“All in good time, dear” He pulled down her lacey thong. We’ve gotta warm you up first. Although from the looks of it, you’ve warmed up quite a bit.” He started licking her already wet clit.

“Oooooooh. Bobby that feels so goooooooooddd.” Stacey was staggered that he would actually still go down on her. And he was good at it! Dave was good too, but this was totally on another level.

“Does Davey boy ever make you feel this good with his tongue?”

“Ohhhh god, not like this, oh my god, oh my god, nothing like this. What are you doing to meeeeeeeeeee???”

“Just giving you what you need, doll.”

“Yessssssss, yesssss, yes, yes, I need it. It feels so goooddddd.” Stacey writhed in pleasure. “FUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK,” she bellowed. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her mouth agape, tongue out, drooling. She moaned loudly as waves of pleasure radiated through her body. This was by far the most powerful orgasm she’d ever had.

In the darkness of their bedroom, in another part of town, Dave was shocked at what he was hearing, let alone seeing. Stacey had never cum like that with him. How did this bumbling fat fool pleasure his wife so well! He hadn’t even fucked her yet. On his phone screen, Bob had crawled up next to Stacey and they were kissing again, as she recovered from her orgasm.

“Bobby that was amazing, where did you learn that??”

“Experience, dear. And a lot of practice.”

“care to show me more?” Stacey pulled Bob on top of her. “I think i’ve been pretty patient up until now. Give me that cock Bobby. I wanna feel you inside me.”

“Since you asked so nicely.” Bob positioned his head on her pussy.

“Slowly, I want to savor this.”

“Don’t worry, doll, i’ll get you where you need to go.”

He entered her and she gasped, “Oh my god. It’s so thick. I can’t believe it’s inside me.”

“That’s just the tip.” Bob smiled and slowly worked his cock in and out.

“Mmmmm baby that feels so good. Give me that amazing cock. Yes, yessss, yessssss ooooooohh Bah ah ah beeeee.”

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Ready for whaaaaaaaaa- ah ah ah aaaahhh.” Stacey was interrupted as Bob put the full length of his cock in her pussy. “Bobby I can’t believe you’re this big. Ooooooohh so full.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Bob slowly pulled out, leaving the head in.

“Baby stop teasing and fuck me”

“Tell me how much you want it”

“I want it. I need it. Please just fuck me.”

“Even though your husband has been waiting for us to come home? Should we stop and go meet him?”

“Noooooo pleasseee. I need it nowwww.” Stacey felt the empty void in her pussy. She missed it, she needed to feel full again. At any cost.

“Even if your husband doesn’t get to fuck you tonight?”

“Yes, just give it to me.”

“That means you belong to me now. This pussy belongs to me now.”

“All yours. I’ll give you anything you want.”

“From now on you call me Master. You live to serve me now, and if you make me happy, i’ll keep giving you this cock.”

“Yes, master, I’m yours! Alll YOOURS!! AAAAHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS!” cried Stacey as Bob resumed his takeover of her. “Fuck meeeee. It feeeeeelllsss sooooo goooooddddd. Don’t staaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhppppp.” She had another orgasm. Never had she felt such pleasure in her life. Bob was amazing at oral, but this was another level of ecstasy. And he was still going!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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