Wild Wives Wicked Weekend

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Wild Wives Wicked Weekend
I’ve known Leanne for over 25 years and her husband Steve for about 15 of those.

We first met when we were working for a government department in a small country town where we sucked and fucked away our boredom in a haze of booze and weed.

Orgies, threesomes, toys, married men, you name it, we probably did it. Within reason of course.

We stayed for two years in that town before the government closed the health project and we were separated.

We often met up in Sydney whenever there was a conference, or we had holidays and we’d go away and party hard, but our relationship has always been based on pretty much one thing only, sex.

So when I answered the phone and she told me that Steve and her were thinking of going to their weekender in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, I was excited.

Although their holiday house was three hours away, Marcus confirmed with me that we had nothing planned for the weekend so we may as well take the trip.

The four of us had partied many times before. Leanne is even more hardcore than I am as she will take it up the arse, where as I won’t. Not anymore anyway.

Best thing about them is that we are all clean and always have been. Although 49 years of age, Leanne is a fitness freak and a dynamo. As is Steve, a builder with the arms and torso to match, they’ve both always looked after themselves.

The last time we got together was at least a year ago, so yes, anticipation ran high.
We rose early on Saturday and arrived at their bush side cottage just before lunch.
It was a warm day for the mountains and I was wearing one of my favourite outfits, a short floral wraparound dress with a plunging neckline. As we pulled into the driveway I lifted my bum of the seat and slipped my panties off.

“I won’t be needing these,” I chuckled, and tossed them onto the back seat. Marcus just shook his head and smiled.

The secluded house was of timber construction, totally unsuited for the environment considering the ever present risk of bushfire, but it had a delightful charm, and as I have already said, it was a long way from any other houses.

Double storied, their bedroom was upstairs next to a small bathroom and small guest room, and ours was on the other side of the house above the double garage that Steve had turned into a man-cave of sorts. Between us was the lounge, downstairs shower and toilet and the kitchen- dining room.

As soon as we opened the door and walked in, there was no need to knock, Leanne and Steve greeted us with a volley of kisses.

Steve looked as though he’d been doing a bit of handy work around the house and was wearing a pair of shorts that only emphasised his firm buttocks and strong legs.

We dropped our bags into our room and headed back out into the kitchen where Leanne had popped a bottle of sparkling. Steve was out hammering some of the boards down on the deck and Marcus grabbed a beer and went out to have a chat with him.

Leanne was watching them intently and smiling broadly. I thought that it was a smile of adoration, but I discovered later that they, Steve and Leanne, had a little surprise for us.
When the two of them came back in, it was Steve who stood behind me and began giving me one of his famous deep shoulder massages while Marcus disappeared into our bedroom.

Leanne also went into their bedroom leaving Steve and I in the kitchen. Steve ran his strong weathered hands down my chest and massaged my tits before untying my dress and pulling it aside, revealing my neatly trimmed pussy.

“So hot,” he murmured, and ran his hand down and fingered my wet hole.
I shuffled my arms out and rested back on him as my dress d****d itself over the stool. Naked apart from my shoes, I was ready to roll, but the bastards were teasing me.

Marcus came out with my walking gear and guffawed in mock surprise when he saw me, legs open and nude, on the stool.

“Well,” he said, “At least it won’t take long for you to get dressed.”

Steve kissed me on the forehead and went to turn away but I moved quickly and ducked in front of him as he tried to head into their bedroom.

I could see his firm cock pressing into his shorts, so I went to grab it but he was damn quick and he flew right past me. I was left standing there naked and as horny as hell.

“Bloody hell,” Leanne said as she came into the kitchen. “Get dressed woman, we’re hungry for real food.”

“Are we walking?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said, “Into town along the escarpment and then back again.”

I couldn’t believe it. That was more than three kilometres each way, and I said so.

“Actually,” Leanne said, “It’s four.”

“Four!” I said in disbelief, “Fuck!”

All three of them laughed as I got dressed and once I had my shoes on, we headed off at an all too brisk pace.

I have to admit though, it was a great walk into the village where we had a splendid lunch followed by a quick stroll around the shops before a slower, meandering walk home.

By the time we returned it was around 4.30 and as soon as we walked in, Steve revealed the first surprise.

Over the 12 months since we’d last met, Steve had stripped the old bathroom, knocked a hole in the spare room wall and installed a massive spa bath.

A swinger cliche they may be, but fuck, I love them.

Excitedly we filled it with hot water and foam, hit the jets and with champagne on ice at the ready, we all hopped in.

Because the wall was now gone, the bed was part of the spa room, perfect for fucking on.

I snuggled between Steve and Marcus, stroking their hard cocks as we chatted. Leanne sat opposite watching, as she likes to do.

So when Steve was rock hard I began to nibble on his ear and he reacted by kissing me fully on the lips, his tongue dived in hard, our juices melding.

Marcus stood up and moved over to Leanne who took his cock straight into her mouth and began to noisily suck on it. I decided to give Steve the same treatment, plus I love to watch a guy’s face as I suck his cock, so I twisted around between his legs and he instinctively knew to raise his arse out of the water.

Like a periscope his thick cock emerged from the water and I was quick to slide it into my waiting mouth. His cock was already oozing precum and I savoured the bitter tang as it spread across my tongue.

“Suck that cock,” Leanne said between mouthfuls of Marcus, she loved dirty talk. “Suck that fat cock down your dirty throat.”

Her words seemed to make Steve even harder, if that was at all possible.

He held my head and began a few rapid pumps into me.

“Fuck her face, love, fuck her hard,” Leanne urged him.

I took his balls in hand as he slammed into me. After a few minutes of his glorious cock sliding into my mouth, Steve said, “Whaddya reckon Marcus, how about we fuck these horny sluts?”

I turned to look at Marcus who gave Steve a thumbs up. Although I would have been happy to fuck in the spa, Steve hopped out and quickly toweled himself off, his cock bobbing enticingly in front of him. I quickly followed, but not before moving over to Marcus and Leanne and sharing Marcus’s cock with her and giving her a nice sloppy kiss.

“Come on woman,” Steve urged me on, “Get that red-hot body over here.”

Leaving the two of them alone I almost toppled comically out of the spa, but Steve assisted me and I was soon lying back on the new bed.

I spread my legs wide and rubbed my pussy as he came around to my face. I took his cock into my mouth once more but this time he lay on his side and began to lick at my arse hole and pussy. I turned my head to suck him easily and as we continued our sideways 69er. Soon I heard Marcus and Leanne say it was time to join us.

Leanne crawled between my legs and joined Steve in licking and sucking at my two holes. Marcus wasted no time in sliding his cock into Leanne doggy style. We stared into each others smiling eyes as we sucked at fucked our friends once more.

I was needing to feel filled though and I popped Steve’s cock out of my mouth and said, “Fuck me will you, just fuck me.”

“Fuck her,” Leanne commanded, “Fuck her wet cunt.”

I was certainly wet. Juices oozed from within, mixing with the spittle of my two friends.
When Steve rolled away I turned over and around to face Leanne and we began to kiss as Steve expertly slid his thick cock into my aching hole.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he groaned in delight as he pushed his cock in, “Look at you two.”
It was so good to be watching as Marcus fucked into Leanne as I felt Steve filling my cunt with his thickness.

Steve began fingering my arsehole as he pounded hard into me. He knows full well my aversion to anal sex, so he was simply having a bit of fun as he dipped it further in.
Marcus could see what Steve was up to and he laughed as he said “Don’t bother mate, she still isn’t into it.”

“Still takes two in her cunt though I bet.”

“Too fucking right I do,” I moaned back at him.

I noticed then that Leanne winked at Steve and I thought that maybe that we’d do it there and then, but the buggers just kept on fucking us nice and hard.

Steve soon pulled out completely and I flipped onto my back so that my face was directly under Leanne’s. We began kissing as Steve bent my knees right back and began a solid licking and fingering of my wet, horny twat.

Two, three, four fingers slid into my needy hole as he sucked deliciously on my clitoris. I could feel the rolling urge to climax creeping into my being and as soon as Marcus withdrew from Leanne and shuffled around to our faces, I thought that he was about to cum so I relaxed my body and shook with delight as a quivering orgasm flowed through my body.

“Fuck,” Steve called out as he plunged his fingers into my contracting hole, “Thank Christ there’s no teeth in there otherwise I would have lost my fingers.”

He withdrew his sticky fingers and held them out to Leanne who crawled forward along my body until her pussy was stationed over my face, and her face was above my snatch. Marcus was simply kneeling back stroking his hard cock as he watched us 69 each other.

I sucked on Leanne’s nub for all it was worth and when Steve moved around to fuck her, I sucked on his cock and ball bag as well.

Marcus then crawled across the bed and began to fuck my soggy hole and Leanne’s mouth. As I sucked on her clit I felt her shaking in orgasmic delight as she came. Her juices instantly added an extra dimension to the flavour of what coated Steve’s thick cock.

Steve was happy to keep fucking her, and pulling his cock out and shoving it into my mouth and Marcus was enjoying the same action with Leanne, but in a moment of synergy which amply describes why Leanne and I get on so well in bed, we decided to mix it up once more.

Leanne rolled off me and nearly ended up on the floor and Steve soon began a wholesale fucking of my mouth and I cradled his heavy balls in my hand as he did so.
I heard Leanne shuffling through some draws and she soon revealed a selection of dildos and vibrators for us to play with.

“Nice,” Marcus said, “You’ve expanded the collection I see.”

Steve hopped off the bed and Marcus withdrew, leaving me naked and on my back with my legs splayed wide like a trussed chicken.

“Just a few,” Leanne said, before spitting down the length of an average sized one that came complete with ribs. “This one will do.”

I smiled as she winked at me and moved around between my legs. Marcus slapped her on the arse as she passed and he grabbed another phallus from the draw.

Leanne returned to licking and sucking at my pussy and she began sliding the ribbed cock along my labia and clit, exciting and taunting me with its texture.

Steve wanted his cock sucked so he leaned over me and began to fuck my mouth. Marcus began to finger Leanne’s cunt as she continued to toy with me.

When she finally slid the ribbed cock into me, and began a consistent pumping motion as she licked my clit, I couldn’t help but begin a bucking motion as I climaxed once more. Marcus began to fuck Leanne and he was still holding the imitation cock in his hand. He spat down on Leanne’s arse and slid the rubberised cock slowly into her arse, eliciting a soft moan from Leanne that reverberated around my cunt.

Marcus whipped the fake phallus out and with a wink and a smile to me and Steve, slid his prick into Leanne’s arse.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she cried, “Fuck my arse, fuck it hard.”

“Yes boss,” he said, as he turned up the pace forcing her to break contact with my minge.

Now free, Steve almost lifted me up off the bed as he rearranged me into exactly the same, face down, arse up, pose right next to Leanne and Marcus.

With no effort at all he began fucking me with a fervour, slamming his hard cock into my cervix, sending sharp twangs of pain through me. My cunt was a sloppy mess as he drove his cock home again and again. Leanne and I began to kiss as they fucked us.
“Fuck I love you guys,” Leanne whispered to me “It’s always so good when you turn up.”

I just smiled and looked over my shoulder to see that Marcus was doing his cum avoidance technique of closing his eyes and thinking of something dull.
I decided to test his resolve by talking dirty. It never fails to do the job.

“Cum in our mouths,” I urged, “Cum on guys, cum all over your slutty wives faces.”

“Big fucking loads,” Leanne moaned, “Shoot big fucking loads all over our faces and we’ll fucking slurp it up.”

“La, la, la dee la,” Marcus sung, trying desperately not to hear what I was saying. “Not listening, can’t hear anything.”

“Cum,” Leanne said, in between Marcus’s la la’s, “in, my, mouth.”

I noticed that she shuffled slightly sideways and was reaching underneath herself, searching for his tight ball bag. Marcus threw his head back and laughed hysterically as she made contact with them.

“You fucking bitch,” he laughed, “Jesus, you know me too well.”

Leanne is only a slim thing and Marcus had no problem in flipping her over onto her back.

“You want my cum?” Marcus said, as he shuffled along her body, “You want it in your mouth?”

“Fuck yeah,” she moaned, “Give it to me.”

Marcus pulled on his cock as Leanne squeezed his balls, urging his load onwards and outwards.

I also could feel Steve harden even more as he too reached the end of his restraint.
Marcus let loose first though, jettisoning his thick load neatly into Leanne’s open mouth.

“Ah, fuckity fuck, fuck,” he chortled, as his orgasm flew through him.

I shuffled over towards her and as soon as she saw me coming she bubbled his cum up over her lips.

“Damn, damn, damn,” Steve moaned, as I took Marcus’s cum from her tongue. “Dirty fucking sluts, we love you.”

He grabbed my hips and slammed in hard, his cock exploding against my cervix, coating it with his luscious cream.

I trembled gently as my body welcomed the thick load. Steve slid his cock out as Marcus crawled back into the spa.

Steve offered me his cock and I slurped both our juices off it. Leanne joined in as well and we both shared the mixed flavours of cum and cunt juice. güvenilir bahis siteleri

Leanne began to finger my quim as we kissed and was smearing the oozing cum around my open pussy lips.

Once Steve had hopped off the bed and joined Marcus in the spa, so did Leanne and I.
We chatted some more and washed all the flavourful juices off our bodies.

Afterwards we simply threw on a dressing gown and went back down to the kitchen to have dinner. Unusually Steve was on his phone a lot during the meal and he said that he was just organising a few workmen for a job he had coming up.

I soon discovered just what that job was.

After dinner and a few champagnes, Marcus, Steve and I sat out on the deck and sucked down a few joints. Steve passed Marcus a Viagra, not that he needs it, and he scoffed it happily down.

Steve was still occasionally glancing at his phone and in the hooch glow I was getting very, very horny again and was not concerned at all about Leanne’s sudden absence. I figured she was inside knocking up a dessert. I opened my gown to give the boys a show and it seemed to do the trick.

Steve hardened very quickly as he sat back watching me rub my pussy. I dipped a few fingers into my quim and licked them clean. Steve took one more look at the latest message on his phone and stood up, his cock proudly sticking out at full mast. He came over to me and I instantly reached out to suck it, but he took my hand instead.

“Have you seen my man cave?” he asked.

When I stood up the hooch hit me hard. With a wobble and glow I fell into his arms with Marcus suddenly behind me, helping me straighten up.

“Let’s go check it out,” I said.

We walked back through the kitchen and I looked around for Leanne, still thinking that she was knocking up dessert.

Just before we got to the man cave Marcus stopped me and spun me gently around. We kissed heavily as he dropped my gown down off my shoulder, leaving me totally naked. My breath shortened as I realised that something was up. They had something planned for us.

Steve opened the door and when I turned around I saw Leanne sitting on the lounge between two very burly naked men. Leanne was wearing some of her favourite kinky gear. A lover of leather, Leanne had on her little leather skirt and leather cupless bra. Around her neck was a collar and a chain hung down between her breasts.

Unlike Leanne, I like being totally naked when I’m being fucked, I love the feeling of a man’s hands stroking me, the sensual sensation of naked skin on skin action.

Whereas Leanne loves anal and being DP’d I enjoy two in my pussy. Some guys don’t enjoy that much, not at first anyway, but they soon get used to it.

I like using oil when I fuck groups of guys, it takes it to another level altogether.
She had the cock of each of them in her hand and she stroked them gently as she smiled and said, “Welcome.”

That was not all though because over near the pool table was another tall, well built young man with tattoos covering his arms and chest.

“And this is my man cave,” Steve said, snapping me out of my stunned mindset.

“Nice work,” Marcus said. “It’s been a long time coming.”

“Well,” Steve said, “My new gym and work mates here have been helping me out, for a reduced rate of course.”

“You,” said the lad near the pool table, “are fit. I’m Tim by the way.”

“Pleased to meet you,” I said to his cock.

“Brad,” said the one to Leanne’s left, “Jack,” said the one to her right.

“I’m Sharon,” I said as I sauntered over towards Leanne. “You kept this secret.”

“It was a hard secret to keep,” she giggled, “Very hard.”

I reached down and grabbed each cock in a hand, and leaning forward I kissed Leanne.
I felt a hand rubbing my arse and when I heard Steve and Marcus over near the bar I knew that it was Tim who was now sliding a finger into my pussy.

“Man, she’s so fucking wet,” he said to his friends who were now mauling my heaving breasts. “With a body like a twenty year old.”

I moved from kissing Leanne to kissing Brad and Jack before standing up straight and taking Leanne by the hands.

On the floor was a large square of foam, purposely placed there by Steve for fucking on.
We embraced and ran our hands all over each other as the lads all muttered in appreciation. I grabbed Tim’s fat hard cock and led him to the centre of the room and Leanne followed with her two beaus.

I squatted down and without any teasing sucked Tim’s cock into my slutty mouth.
“Fuck yeah, fuck,” he groaned.

Leanne came in right behind me so that we were back to back and surrounded by at first three, and then five cocks as Marcus and Steve joined in the face fucking extravaganza that was before them.

I fingered my pussy as the guys took turns filling my mouth with their rock hard cocks. Tim was right, I was sopping wet and ready to feel a nice hard cock deep in my cunt.
I looked up at Tim and with his cock resting on my bottom lip I said, “Fuck me.”

I crawled onto all fours and Tim, with an enthusiastic groan, mounted me from behind, his cock slamming into my cervix as he pushed home in one easy thrust. Brad then began slapping his cock across my face and I came hard as I was spitroasted by two men I’d only met moments earlier. My cunt flooded with juices and Tim’s cock made an almost comic splash as my body surged onwards with the dopamine rush of orgasm.

Brad’s cock oozed the tang of precum as he enjoyed my tongue action as he fucked my face. Soon Steve was next to him, taking turns with my mouth. My boobs hung low and Tim reached forward and began kneading them as he continued his assault on my sloppy cunt.

I glanced back towards Leanne who was now riding Jack’s thick cock as Marcus, who was watching me, held her head and fucked her mouth. Seeing the intent in his eyes rolled me into another orgasm forcing me to hang my head down and scream in delight as I felt Tim’s cock inside me.

I crawled away from Tim who grabbed his glistening cock and pumped it a few times as he considered his options. Brad took control of my prostrate position and flipped me over onto my back. I spread my legs and watched his face as he ploughed into my horny minge. His delight sent a shiver through me, as did the sight of Tim over next to Marcus, both of them fucking Leanne’s face.

With a wink Marcus spat down on his cock and maneuvered behind Leanne. As she slowed to a stop, he slid his cock into her arse, rendering her officially air-tight. Through a cock muffled mouth Leanne groaned in utter delight at the feeling of having three cocks penetrating her leather clad torso.

As Steve fucked my mouth I could see the lust writ plain across his face and with his knowledge of my love of double vaginal, he nudged Brad and said, “Let’s both fuck this bitch.”

“Ah right,” Brad said, “The two in one hole girl.”

“This is her,” Steve said, “No time to be coy now. Lie down and let her mount you.”

Brad did as directed and I quickly threw a leg over and slid his cock into my hole. Steve wandered to the bar and grabbed some lube and drew a length along his cock, but I didn’t need it, I was gushing.

Steve knelt behind me and after resting his cock against Brad’s, slid it in slowly, filling and stretching me just as I like it. Tim now had two mouths to fuck and he made a point of coming over and sliding his cock into my filthy mouth.

Leanne began crying out in delight now that she was unencumbered by a cock gag and was now spouting profanities and urging on the two pistoning into her.

“Fuck it, fuck my cunt, fuck my arse you fuckers,” she bellowed out repeatedly. All I could do was cum, and groan into the cock in my mouth.

Tim was enjoying flitting back and forth from Leanne to me and back again, and every time he came back to me a little orgasm would roll through my body. Cock-loving wife?

Fuck yeah!

Steve and Brad took it in turns to piston into me. One would stop as the other pumped a few times but after a while Steve climbed off and it seemed that Tim wasn’t interested in touching his mate Brad’s cock, so I hopped off Brad and sucked his cock for a while.
Tim began fingering my twat so I shuffled around and presented him with my wet snatch, an offering he was quick to take up by sliding his cock into my wet hole. Leanne was grunting hard as Jack and Marcus continued their assault on her rear end.

“You want to fuck her arse?” Marcus asked Jack, who nodded fervently.

Rather than just swap positions though, Marcus helped Leanne up and took her to the lounge and sat down, Leanne eagerly sat on his lap, Marcus sliding his cock into her well-fucked pussy.

Her arse was perfectly presented for Jack who for the first time in his life, slid his cock into an arsehole.

“Fuck yeah,” he called out, “Now I know why everyone loves it.”

“Fuck my arse, fuck it hard, come on fuck it, yeahhhhh,” cried Leanne as no doubt another orgasm shook through her.

Steve was standing between us watching us both being fucked as he stroked his cock, seemingly undecided as to who to join. Casually he sauntered over to the bar and grabbed a small bottle that I immediately recognised as one of my favourite items, a bottle of massage oil.

Steve smiled at me as he moved towards Leanne who was bellowing wildly as Jack held her by the leather skirt and fucked her arse nice and hard. Steve hopped up on the lounge and as Leanne reached for his cock, he squirted a stream of oil down her back.
“Fucking hell,” Jack said, as the oil lubricated his cock, “This is getting too much.”

Steve continued to jet oil across and over Leanne as she sucked on his thick cock.

“Fuck her nice and hard man,” he said to Jack, “Cum in her arse and then I’ll fuck her when you’re done.”

“Ahh mate,” Jack tried hard to hold back, “I’ve really got to cum, fuck this.”

Jack buried himself deep into Leanne’s arse and threw his head back in delight as he emptied his nut sack inside her.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” both he and Leanne cried out as his hot cum caused another orgasm to pulse through her body.

Subsequently Leanne’s contractions sent Marcus off too and his balls tightened and emptied as he moaned softly.

“Fuck yeah,” Steve said, as he pumped his cock, “Let me at those holes.”

Jack pulled his cock out and rolled onto the lounge, the look on his face was one of pure delight. His thick wet cock slapped against his body and he pulled on its oily length as he perused the scene around him.

Marcus’s cock slipped out of Leanne’s snatch as Steve took his position at Leanne’s rear end.

Watching Marcus’s cock ooze out a bit of cum as Steve slid his cock into her arse sent me off once more and Tim quickened the pace as I did, further encouraging more juices to flow.

“Fuck her harder,” Marcus called out to me, “Suck that cock, babe, make those boys cum.”

Jack grabbed the massage oil and began to dribble it over my pussy as Tim, who was now very close, rubbed my clit.

Brad’s cock was nice and hard and I really wanted to have two inside me, but Marcus was now at the makeshift bar pouring a drink, Jack was with him and Tim wasn’t keen on dick-on-dick contact, so I had to make do.

I just knew that Tim was close, you can tell after a while, and I was right.

As soon as I looked him in the eye and moaned ‘cum in my cunt, come on, cum inside my hot cunt,’ he did just that.

“Ah Jesus,” he called out, “Fuckity fuck, fuck.”

Halfway through he pulled his cock out and shot a missile of semen halfway up my torso, followed by a few more blasts after that.

Steve was hammering into Leanne’s arse as she lay there floppy and weak from exertion and exhaustion. I was still wanking and sucking Brad, but now that Tim was finished and laying on the ground, huffing and puffing, Brad decided it was his turn for some pussy action.

Taking me by the hand, Brad pulled me up and led me to the pool table.

“Ready slut?” He asked, as he lay me down on the corner of the table. “Time to fuck you up good and proper.”

“That’s it mate,” Marcus called out from the bar, “fuck her nice and hard.”

Brad pumped his cock as he stood there watching me rubbing my pussy and suddenly the lights came on behind his eyes.

“Guys, come over her and grab a leg each, will you.”

“Go on, lads,” Marcus said to Tim and Jack, “she’s all yours.”

I lifted my legs up and I have to say, having them there holding my legs apart made Brad’s subsequent pounding even more enjoyable.

“Fucking hell,” I cried out as Brad’s cock slammed into my cervix, “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

His heavy balls were slapping against my arse as he concentrated on not cumming, but with the edge of the pool table causing me some discomfort, I knew that all I needed to do to make him come, was to make him pay attention to me.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth, on my face or in my cunt,” I taunted him, “Which one guys, which one.”

“Across her face,” Tim urged him, “Cover her with fucking jizz.”

“Yeah, fucking oath, glaze her,” Jack said just as I could see that he was really close, but Brad surprised us all when after a quick glance over towards Leanne, he pulled out, and with his hand clamped around the end of his cock, quickly ran over to her.

I lifted myself up to see what was going on and I saw Steve cumming over her face and Brad right next to him, also erupting across her sticky dial.

“Bastards!” I laughed out.


There is something crazily erotic about the post group fuck moment. The seven of us standing around in the nude, no secrets, no inhibitions, just pure lust and a freedom unequalled. Arses had been fucked, cum had been shot, dicks had been touched by other dicks and balls had slapped other balls. It’s so liberating and enjoyable, its no wonder it’s looked down upon by some. If everyone was doing it, society would collapse.

With all cocks now partially drained, we all hung about nude in the shed, drinking a few more beverages and grabbing whatever appendages we desired.

“So, are you three staying for the night or do you have to disappear back to your loved ones?” I asked.

“I have to go,” Tim said with a forlorn tone.

“He’s just got engaged,” Brad said, explaining Tim’s somewhat sad manner.

“How long ago?” Steve asked.

“Last weekend,” Tim downed his beer after somewhat anxiously revealing his misdemeanour. “But to be fair,” he continued, “I was told about this before we were engaged.”

“Is she hot?” I asked Brad.

“Fuck yeah,” Steve answered for him, a response that copped a concerned look from Tim.

“Don’t worry mate,” Steve laughed, “I won’t go there, not unless you want me to, of course.”

We all had a chuckle as Tim squirmed uncomfortably.

“What about you two,” I nodded to Brad and Jack. “What’s your story?”

“Separated,” Brad held his hand up.

“Unlucky in love,” Jack said with a smirk.

“Aww,” I said to Jack as I stroked his chest, “Good thing you’re lucky in the sack.”

“I’ve had no complaints,” he smugly replied.

“I’ll be complaining if you can’t get this youwin hard again,” I stroked his cock as I spoke.

“You darling,” he took my left tit in hand and licked my nipple, “Will only be complaining once I’ve gone.”

Slapping him away I retorted with all I could think of, “You can fuck off right now then.”

Spirits were certainly high, as were we, as we joked and cajoled with each other.

Eventually we moved as one back into the house where the lads all showered, Leanne and I lay in the spa, and more joints were smoked.

Leanne restarted the proceedings by taking Tim by the hand and beginning a tortuously slow dance to some appalling jazz tracks.

Leanne is recognised as being red hot in bed, but on the dance floor she was an awkward b**st. This didn’t worry Tim though whose cock began a rapid firming as she dipped and danced in front of him.

“What do you think boys,” Steve asked, “Do we let Tim have a farewell fuck with Lee or should he go home to his beloved fiance?”

“Fiance for sure,” I called out. “Surely she’s been suffering at home by herself for long enough.”

“Ha,” Brad cackled, “Maybe Timmo will introduce her to our little group here.”

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” I winked at Tim who managed a curt smile.

“I really don’t think so,” Tim managed to say before he felt Lee’s mouth around his cock.

“Wouldn’t you like to see….” I began, “What’s her name anyway?”

“Kim,” Jack answered for him.

“Kim and Tim!” I said, “Cute.”

I continued. “Could you imagine Kim here stroking Jack’s cock like this? Her legs spread wide, waiting for another cock to fuck her tight cunt?”

Tim was rock-hard as I teased him and Lee fellated him.

Jack began rubbing my pussy as I quickened the pace on his prick. “You fucking Lee and me as Brad, Steve, Jack and Marcus take turns fucking her holes, filling her with their cum.

“As you fuck Leanne’s cunt I lick along your cock, then suck your balls as they tighten, ready to explode inside her. Kim’s screaming in delight as they fill her wanton, slutty holes with their cocks. She’s begging for more cum as they pound into her, her hair is wet with sweat and a big grin is spread across her face.”

“Right,” Tim said with authority, “Time for some Tim in your arse. Why don’t you get over here then and suck my balls.”

My taunting had turned him into an a****l.

Leanne willingly turned onto all fours and Jack took up his position at her face, feeding his hard cock into her willing mouth. As Tim slid his cock slowly into Leanne’s arse I hopped down and started to massage his balls as I kissed the lower part of his abdomen and Leanne’s back.

I felt fingers on my pussy as I did so and after looking back over my shoulder I saw Brad pulling on his cock. Tim whipped his cock out of Leanne’s arse and plugged her cunt with it, making a dirty sloppy sound as her wet cunt oozed pussy juice.

Brad rubbed his cock against my labia and with a smooth motion he slid his hard length deep inside me.

“Go lads,” Steve called out from the dining table where he and Marcus were sitting. “Fuck them hard.”

Brad took him at his word and holding me firmly by the hips he pounded me hard and rhythmically until I exploded in orgasmic delight around his fat prick.

I was going to scream out but Tim whipped his cock out of Leanne’s cunt and shoved his exploding member in my mouth, filling my mouth with his second load for the night. I held it in and as soon as he withdrew I spat it down over her arsehole and puffy pussy lips.

“Nice,” Tim moaned before sliding his softening cock first back into my mouth, then her pussy again. “You guys are unreal.”

Tim hopped up and was immediately replaced by Jack, who repeated the arse, pussy, mouth combo pack.

Steve and Marcus were still out of action, letting the youngsters take their pretty time fucking us both. They got Leanne and I to face each other and we kissed as they took us doggy style and swapped sides.

After about ten minutes I rolled onto my back, as did Leanne and we continued for several minutes before Tim, now showered and dressed, bid farewell to us both, gave each of us a kiss and a tit squeeze, and then disappeared.

These boys were nowhere near ready to cum so I decided that it would need to happen soon because, believe it or not, I was getting fatigued by this point, and a little stoned.

I looked up at Jack, who was fucking Leanne’s arse, and I said, “Ever seen two girl’s snowball?”

“No,” he moaned, “But I think I might be about to.”

I just smiled and Leanne and I spun quickly onto the floor and began a fervent sucking of the lad’s long cocks.

Jack was the first to cum as he wanked furiously into my mouth. With his load nestled on my tongue I slid his mess slowly into Leanne’s mouth.

“Fucking hell,” Brad chimed happily as he took long strokes on his cock, “I reckon you need a top up.” With that said he immediately shot his second load for the night into Leanne’s gob before she then transferred the unctuous fluid back to me.

“Holy hell,” Brad said as she sucked his cock once more before I swapped the load back again. “You girls are unreal.”

By now the stream was getting thin and Leanne, with a closing flourish, swallowed the semen slurry down her throat.

“Steve, mate,” Brad said. “This has been fucking unreal.”

“I told you they’re hot.”

Brad sat down on the floor and rubbed my shoulders in a nice touch of appreciation.

“Thanks so much Sharon for being such a sport.”

I just laughed and kissed him with my cummy lips. “I love it, especially with nice guys like you.”

“Three cheers to nice guys,” Marcus called out. “Hip, hip, hooray!”

From that time, as the clock rolled on we all chatted and consumed a tonne of water before showering and heading to bed.

I collapsed next to Marcus and Brad and Jack crashed out on various cushions and the fold out sofa in the lounge room.


When I awoke and discovered that Marcus was missing I fully expected to find all of them downstairs fucking Leanne.

I stretched out and checked out the time. When I saw that it was past 10 in the morning I was certain that they had tried to wake me for an early morning fuck, but decided to work on Leanne instead. The sound of water running and the splash of a shower though led me to believe that I was wrong.

I stumbled along into the bathroom and relieved myself as I watched the blurred naked form of who I initially thought was Marcus behind the steamed glass.

On closer observation though the man in the shower wasn’t Marcus or Steve, it was Brad.

“Hi babe,” he said when he finally saw me standing there. “Care for a communal shower?”

“Sure,” I said, “I need waking up.”

The water certainly did its job as I felt its invigorating burn as did Brad’s instantly wandering hands.

“That was a great night last night,” he said as he massaged his balls and cleansed his cock. “I’ve never experienced anything like that before.”

I chuckled and took his cock in my hand, “So, have you continued with Leanne this morning?”

“Not at all,” he said. “They’re downstairs getting ready for some walk we’re all going on.”

The idea appalled me.

“Another fucking walk!” I expressed my displeasure, but quickened the pace on his soapy and rapidly hardening cock.

“Somelookout somewhere that’s all very secret.”

I had no idea what he was talking about and was now transfixed on his splendid rod and just how hard it had become.

“I like secrets,” I said, “Especially the dirty fuck kind.”

With that I squatted down and slid his cock into my mouth.

“Ahh damn,” he moaned and took his cock into his hand and wiped it across my face, “You’re a dirty little slut aren’t you? Always looking for a nice cock to fuck.”

As the water cascaded down around us I was momentarily blinded, and noticing my sight distress, Brad flipped the water off and opened the door.

“Come on babe,” he said, “Hop up here and I’ll lick that delightful little cunt of yours.”

Happily I lifted my arse up onto the towel that he placed on the bench top and spread my legs. His tongue and lips had the golden touch as they went to work on my wet cunt. His tongue firmly pushed down onto my clit as he slid three fingers deep inside me.

“Fuck yeah,” I moaned, “That’s good baby, keep licking my pussy, suck those juices up.”

I could see that he was wanking his cock as he licked me and it would be nice and hard when he needed to slide it in.

With a few long strokes up onto my swollen clit he finished off his delightful tonguing and as I expected, he was as hard as a hammer.

With a somewhat unnecessary spit down onto his cock he slid his prick into me in one expert and inspired movement.

We both groaned as he smashed into my cervix and his balls hit the cold marble benchtop that wasn’t covered by the towel.

“Fucking hell,” he groaned as he pulled his cock out and slammed it back in again, “So fucking good.”

He reached down and rubbed my clit with one hand and squeezed my nipples with the other, I, in return, reached down and squeezed his balls gently. I could feel them tighten as he fucked deeply into me.
His clit play, the juiciness of my cunt and his excellent thrusting suddenly sent a small but intense climax pulsing through my body, one that brought Brad closer and closer to his inevitable close.

“Going to cum, baby,” I said to him, “Going to cum in my cunt or in my mouth, on my face?”

“Jaysus,” he groaned, “Settle down, I’m not finished with you just yet.”

With that he buried himself all the way inside me and lifted me off the vanity.

Resting with his cock as a lock in my pussy felt fantastic and as he carried me into the bedroom. The feeling of his cock moving inside me elicited a squeal of delight as we passed the top of the stairs.

“Shoosh,” he said as he tossed me onto the bed. “Suck this cock some more, lick your juice off it and keep quiet. I want this fuck to be just you and me.”

Normally I have no problem with a nice hard cock and a horny young man to fuck, but when I know there are more just down the stairs, I can’t help but be a bit greedy.

Considering the lack of noise downstairs I figured that either Marcus or Jack would have heard my squeal, but as it turned out, it seemed they hadn’t.

I nevertheless grabbed onto Brad’s cock and gave him a sucking worthy of a gold medal. Long licks along the length matched with eye-contact and a gentle squeeze of his balls kept his cock rigid and oozing delicious drips of pre-cum.

He took me by the back of the head and began thrusting into my mouth as I dropped my tongue and let his member face fuck me with a gusto. I could hear my own guttural moans as his cock slipped about in my mouth.

“Fuck yeah baby,” he groaned “You’re the best cock-sucking whore I’ve ever met.”

Normally I don’t like being called names, but in this instance I decided to play along with it, and even ramped it up a bit.

“You like fucking dirty sluts, do you?” I teased him.”Fucking their cunts with your big cock and having your balls sucked?”

He slapped his cock against my face and moaned, “Fucking dirty slut, suck my cock some more you whore.”
“Gunna fuck my pussy,” I said as I rubbed it, “I’m so wet and horny I need your big cock inside me, I need your cum too babe.”

“Fucking cumslut,” he groaned and with no warning at all he grabbed his cock in his hand and spurted a massive spray of jizz up over my face and into my surprised mouth.

“Oh fucking hell,” he groaned with a shaky timbre to his voice, “Fuck that snuck up on me.”

We both began to giggle as he pumped a few more jets onto my face before slowly wiping it around my smiling visage. I took it back into my mouth and drained him completely, and as a sign it was over, slurped it down my throat.

“That one-on-one will have to wait,” I said to him as I climbed off the bed, and he fell down onto it.

“I can share,” he smiled and rubbed his cock, “Plenty more lead in this pencil.”

“I’m showering again, alone this time,” I said to him.

“No worries,” he said and rolled over onto his side. “Might have a nap.”

“Men!” I laughed, “Unbelievable.”

When I finished in the shower Brad had honoured his intention of having a snooze and was soundly asleep where I’d left him. His cock was rest on the sheet and a pool of jizz had leaked out onto the sheet, leaving a wet spot on the linen.

Quietly I reached over and very gently lifted a strand of cum away from his cock and wrapped it around my finger. Trying not to laugh too loudly I lifted my finger above his mouth and let it drip back down across his lips.

Immediately he roused and I turned and bolted as silently as I could down the stairs. When I was halfway down I looked back towards him and I could see his feet moving at the end of the bed.

Chuckling I kept on going down to the other four downstairs.

“What are you smirking at?” Leanne asked.

“Let’s just say,” I kissed Marcus in between phrases, “that Brad may be looking for some mouthwash soon.”

“Did you?” Leanne scooped her finger up and acted out exactly what I did. It was her that told me about doing it to a few former fuck buddies.

“No way,” Steve said with a smile.

Marcus just nodded and went back to his phone, but Jack was none the wiser.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

At that point we heard Brad’s footsteps on the stairs and he came strutting naked into the lounge room, wiping his mouth and looking straight at me.

“Was that you?” he said to me. “What the hell was that?”

I sauntered up to him, grabbed his cock and gave it a gentle squeeze, coaxing out yet another dribble of cum. Looking into his eyes I took the glob and balanced it on my tongue and slipped it into my mouth.

“After a while you get used to it,” Leanne said for me.

“Ahh for fuck’s sake,” he laughed, “Really, that was my cum?”

With everyone laughing he had no words and throwing his hands in the air in despair he just took a swig of Orange juice and went back upstairs.

“I better behave then,” Jack said.

“Just don’t go cumming in a woman’s mouth and then falling asleep,” I said. “Especially when you go promising them a good solid shagging.”

“Take that as a warning,” Leanne said, pointing at Jack.


“So, are you guys ready for a trip to the lookout?” Steve piped up.

“Is this another of your five k walks through bushland?” I asked.

“I thinks it’s only about 250 metres,” he said. “It’s been closed for years now because of the road diversion, but we can get there with our utes and a bit of leg work.”

Brad came bouncing back down the stairs and he smelt strongly of toothpaste.

“We’ll need to take two cars though,” Steve continued, “Three in each.”

We all grabbed whatever bags and Eskys that Steve directed us to and we all piled into a ute. I left Leanne with Jack and Brad as I’d already had my morning fling. I noticed though that the two lads got in the front and Leanne was alone in the back, just like I was.

“How far is it?” I asked.

“By the look youwin giriş of the traffic,” Steve said, “About an hour.”

With no further ado I relaxed back into my seat and caught about 45 minutes of gorgeous sleep.

“Oi,” Marcus said as he shook my thigh, “we’re here.”

I looked out onto what was a standard National Park carpark that had six other cars parked in it.

We gathered all the gear and took off towards the lookout. A large steel barrier cut the road off from drivers and strands of red and yellow tape hung from the trees on either side of the weedy and overgrown path.

“Is this even legal?” I asked.

Steve just laughed and winked at Marcus. A wink that I noticed.

“Why the wink?” I asked.

“Well, if you hadn’t fallen asleep, you would have found out what this is all about,” Steve said.

I turned to Leanne and she just smiled, as did Jack and Brad.

There was nothing to suggest that what we were walking into was even a possibility in the mountains. As we came towards the end of what was admittedly a deeply weathered and uneven road, we came into an old picnic area with some old bluestone shelters and a great view down a valley.

“Wow,” I said taking in the view. “I’m so glad they closed that road, this is gorgeous.”

“The bypass has made it too dangerous to get to if you’re coming from the west, so those of us in the know are now coming here to enjoy the views,”

I was so amazed by the view that I somehow missed the other fine things on display, a group of nudists had made this little piece of mountains real estate their own, and here we were fully clothed and in amongst them all.

There were three guys standing chatting near one table, two couples over in one shelter and about six other single men just milling about on chairs and towels on the grass.

“Now do you get it?” Leanne said with a big smile.

“It’s perfect.”

“Shall we disrobe?”

I unbuttoned my skirt and let it drop to the ground, “Of course I am.”

The lads all joined me and within a minute all six of us were naked and being welcomed into the lookout group.

The three guys came over and introduced themselves and we wandered over to say hi to the two couples who were both in their late 30’s, early 40’s and gorgeous, especially one of the men who had a nice thick cock on display.

As we talked Steve, Marcus and the three guys set up the picnic lunch as Jack and Brad stayed with Leanne and I. It’s always refreshing to meet like-minded folk and these couples were certainly of like minds.

Mary had short cropped dark hair and a petite fine figure whereas Mandy had a short blonde bob and was the epitome of the upper class stay at home mum, complete with the stretch marks of her offspring.

“So,” Mary said, “I take it that those two setting up are your husbands over there?”

I nodded.

“And these are your friends?” She nodded at the lads.

I smiled, and nodded again. “Are these your husbands?” I asked, once again transfixed by the big cock.

“Ha,” Mandy sniggered, “They think we’re out playing golf, of all things.”

“Plenty of hole-in-one jokes, when we get home, hey Aaron,” Mary said to the cock.

“Nice,” Leanne said, as she sauntered up to Mandy. I don’t know how Leanne does it, but she sure knows how to pick her targets. I think it was because they both looked remarkably similar that when they embraced it all seemed very natural.

“Hot, hot, hot,” the cock said as he began to stroke it.

“So it’s open slather here then?” I asked.

“Well,” Mary chuckled, “Usually we like to spend some time getting to know each other, but these two clearly have a connection.”

It was when Steve came over that the mystery was unveiled.

“Hi Mandy,” he called out as he approached. My quizzical look garnered a response.

“She’s our local pharmacist,” he said. “We met when she asked Leanne about my Viagra script.”

“We call this spot Viagra Falls,” Mandy said as she broke away from Leanne’s embrace. “We kind of insist that you all take one.”

“Really!” Jake said with a touch of offense in his tone.

Leanne turned to him and said, “Do you not remember what happens to lads that don’t do as they’re told?” She nodded to Brad who immediately held his hand out for the blue pill.

The use of every woman’s favourite medication for men explained Aaron’s fairly turgid member.

I glanced over at the six men all separately sunbaking in the far corners of the reserve and wondered who they were.

“What’s the go with these blokes over there,” I asked. “Are they part of Viagra Falls?”

“We call them ‘the jerkers’,” Mary said. “They like to watch when things heat up and just jerk off.”

“That’s such a waste.”

“I know, right.”

“Do they ever get involved other than that?”
Mandy answered. “I had one cum on my face once, but that was all”

“I remember that,” Mary said. “Quite a big load too, from memory. That’s him there with the curly black hair.”

I looked over at the handsome young man who seemed to sense my glance and looked over and smiled.

I imagined him fucking me with his long cock. His big heavy balls slapping into my arse as he pumped his load deep into me.

The other men were all fairly ordinary, a bit older and chubby. The usual suspects at a nude beach, in for a quiet perve.

I decided that I’d give them all a tease, plus try to entice curly to come over and join us. As Leanne was deep in conversation with Aaron and the other bloke Andy, I topped up my champagne and wandered over to them. Curly immediately turned away and I decided that he just may be one of the shy perverted types who has spent too long watching porn, and not enough time talking to women and scoring a proper fuck.

“Hi guys’” I said to them all as they eyed me up and down, “How’s things?”

“Nice,” one said, “Pleased to meet you. I haven’t seen you here before?”

“No,” I shook his hand as if I was at a business meeting. “We’re just passing through and we heard about this little spot so we decided to pop down.”

“The view is most agreeable,” another said as he stared at my pussy.

“Thank you,” I said.

What followed was a few minutes of polite chat about the weather, nudism, the environment and other topics before I turned my attention to Curly who had moved even further away.

“Who is he?” I asked.

“Dunno,” one of them said, “He’s a bit of a newbie. This is his second time here I think.”

“I might go introduce myself.”

“Righto. Take care.”
As I came closer to him I could tell he was either becoming increasingly aroused or nervous, or both.

“Hi there,” I said to him softly, “I’m Sharon.”

“Hey, umm, I’m Karl,” he said with a thick German accent.

“Hi Karl,” I shook his hand too, but held onto it a bit longer than normal. “You’re from Europe somewhere?”

“Yes, Germany. For work and holiday.”

“Okay, do you do this in Germany? Nudism?”

“Yes, it’s very popular there. Different to here.”

“Is it?” I asked as I watched his cock. “In what way?”

“More people in Germany in a place like this, probably fifty or sixty.”

“Really? That would be so nice. Lots of naked men around.”

He smiled at that and seemed to begin to relax.

“Lots of naked women too.” He eyed me up and down as he spoke. “Not many here in Australia.”

I took that as an opportunity. “Would you like to come over and meet some then?” Knowing full well he’d already cum over Mandy’s face, but I imagine that he didn’t know that I knew.

“Yes,” he answered quickly, “ I hope my English is okay enough.”

“It’s fine,” I said as I took him in my arm. “Maybe you won’t need to speak too much.”

Our group all turned at once as we sauntered up with handfuls of Karl’s clothes.

“Everyone, this is Karl. He’s from Germany so don’t speak too fast.”

“Hello again,” Mandy said with a smile that he recognised.

“Guten tag,” he said.

Everyone introduced themselves which is when I discovered that the other guy was called Max.

Mary explained to Karl the Viagra rule and he was quite happy to pop one down, despite his youth. In response he pulled a bag of weed out of a bag and handed around a few joints that were wicked strong. Now I don’t need help when it comes to my libido, but when that THC kicked in, I was as horny as a goat.

It was also impacting Mary and Mandy who were now kissing and fingering each other as we all watched. I took Karl’s cock in one hand and Aaron’s in the other and slowly stroked them to hardness as we watched. They were two of the nicest cocks I’d ever held and were about eight inches long and nice and thick.

As soon as I saw Leanne squat down in front of Max and begin sucking him off as she jerked off Jack, I knew that the party had really started.

Hands suddenly covered my body, feeling my breasts, squeezing my nipples, fingering my wet cunt. A tongue wrapped around my left ear as the feeling of a hard cock pressed against the small of my back. Brad was there also and now I had three cocks at my disposal.

I kissed them all on the lips before also dropping into a squat and taking Aaron’s long and firm cock deep into my mouth.

“Oh fuck yes,” he moaned, “Suck that cock baby, that’s nice, suck it hard.”

I reached up and grabbed a hold of Karl’s and Brad’s pricks and tugged them as Aaron begun a slow face fuck.

“Yeah babe,” he hoarsely groaned, “Take these cocks down your throat.” He pulled back and turned my head towards Karl who was only too willing to slide his German dick into my gob.

“Ja, gut,” he said in his native tongue, “Sehr gut, du bist eine Schlampe.”

Little did Karl know but I have a rudimentary knowledge of German, especially terms such as Schlampe, or slut, which are often spoken in German porn, a favourite of Marcus and I.

“Schlampe!” I said cursely and pushed his cock away, “Ich bin keine Hure.” Hure is another word for slut, along with Flittchen, Nutte, Luder and many more.

“Ahh,” he said in surprise, “Entschuldigen. Du sprichst Deutsch?”

“Etwas,” I replied, explaining that I spoke a little German.
He apologised once more but by now I was sucking Brad’s and I could feel Karl pull away and there was no way I was going to let that glorious cock go, so I quickly pulled him over and had three cocks right near my mouth.

The groans coming from Leanne distracted me for a moment and I glanced over to see Mandy up to her wrist in Leanne’s stretched cunt as Marcus fucked her arse. This was getting extreme.

The test of a man is whether they flinch if they brush against another cock, and I was pleased to discover as the three of them took turns fucking my face, that neither of them even twitched the slightest bit.

All that face fucking of course makes your jaw saw after a while and my pussy was aching to be filled so I stood up and took both Aaron and Karl, leaving Brad behind, over to a table where I told Karl that he was first to fuck me.

“Du kannst gehen,” I said “Ficken meine Fotze.”

“Yes,” he replied with a deep guttural tone.

I noticed that someone had generously laid out a blanket on the concrete table so I lay along the edge and spread my legs wide. Karl wasted no time in fingering my pussy before diving down and sliding his tongue along my wet slit.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I moaned as he sucked on my clit, however my ability to speak was soon stopped by Aaron who offered me his perfectly formed cock to suck once more.

I could see from where I was that Mary was now being skewered by Brad and Max, Mandy by Jack and Steve and Marcus was still enjoying the delights of Leanne’s arse.

Karl nearly had me cumming with his oral finesse, but when he slammed his rock-hard young cock into my wet cunt and Aaron tweaked my nipples I came hard and fast. There was no gradual lead up, no long crawl to the summit, this was just one big volcano of cunt juice and tremors that gripped Karl’s massive cock and somehow made it harder.

At one point he pulled all the way out and the spasming in my cunt was so strong, he could barely get it back in again.

“Fucking hell,” he moaned as he finally pushed into my cunt once more, “So tight and wet. Aaron, you have to have this, now.”

The two studs swapped spaces and I relished the taste of my juices and Karl’s precum as Aaron slid into my sopping pussy.

“Oh fuck, yes,” Aaron cried out, “Baby you are so wet. It’s like soup in here.”

“Hmmm,” Karl groaned. “Cunt soup is good. Taste it.”

Aaron did as asked and he sent little shocks up inside me as he sucked on my clit.

The two of them resumed fucking me in turn and whoever was getting sucked off would hold my left leg up as they enjoyed my oral skills.

I soon felt another set of hands on me and I was interested to see Mary running one hand along my belly and the other cupping Karl’s balls as he plowed into me.

Aaron even swapped his cock from mine to her’s as she played with my clit and massaged Karl’s balls.

Max had followed Mary over and when Aaron was taking too long in Mary’s mouth he held his delightful prick against my lips and I subsequently sucked him into my mouth.

Mary was hard at work on my clit as Aaron face fucked her and as soon as Max tilted my head sideways and began sliding further into my mouth I felt another climax, this one much slower than the last, swell up and I surrendered to it, allowing the rich pleasure to wash over me.

This was all too much for Karl who whipped his cock out, took one step to the side and blew his load all over Mary’s face and onto Aaron’s cock as well. His body was shaking hard as he wanked his cock over Mary who had received the majority of it in her eyes.

“Stinging,” she said, and tried to blink it away. “Shit, this isn’t good.”

Aaron reached over and grabbed someone’s shirt and handed it to her to clean up. I have no idea whose it was.

I felt Max was speeding up as the smell of Karl’s load of cum wafted around the fucking zone.
So I popped his cock and told him to fuck me, as hard as he could. He didn’t disappoint.

With no one else to consider he slammed his cock straight in and I winced slightly as he slid into the hilt.

I could see that there were plenty of ladies now getting covered in jizz as the men all began to lose control.

That included Max who shot his load all over my belly, even strings of it hit my shoulder.

Marcus was cumming all over Mandy’s face, Leanne was licking someone’s cum off her hand and Mary was sitting, spread-legged on the ground, as Steve came on her face.

The vibe slowly returned from its frenetic high to what could only be called relative normality, considering what had just happened.

We all were handed drinks and the jerkers all wandered away, satisfied.

I noticed after a while that it was becoming prematurely dark, and when Marcus took a look to the south he confirmed my suspicions.

We were in for a storm, and judging by the charcoal grey colour of the clouds, it was going to be a good one.

Disappointingly we made the decision to decamp, and a sudden gust of wind confirmed our choice.

As we wandered back to the cars Leanne and I took Karl aside and asked him for his number which he texted to us.

We later found out that he was travelling around the country with two other friends looking for farm work so they could extend their visa.

When I told him we had a farm, he was very interested indeed.

But that’s another story.

The end.

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