Widening the Circle Ch. 09

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This is the continuation of the series “A Couple’s Voyage into Sexuality”. The main characters Robert, Vanessa, Edward and Pamela were introduced in the first story and this is the continuation of the voyage of these four people to discover new aspects of their sexuality and of themselves. New characters are introduced in this series and some of them will be developed in another story. I want to thank all comments received in the first story; they’ve been very helpful to me. I do encourage you to vote and to send your comments, both positive and negative are very encouraging and they help me to improve.


Kathy and John were standing nervously at their neighbor’s door after ringing the bell. A few minutes later Pamela opened the door and greeted them with a friendly kiss on the cheek. John was staring at her and Pamela could see a glint of lust in his eyes. She was wearing a bikini top consisting of two small triangles of cloth held together by strings which barely covered half her breasts, leaving the sides exposed. Her nipples, even though they were not hard yet were outlined by the thin fabric. John’s eyes traveled down her body and he saw that the bikini bottom she was wearing beneath a flimsy, see trough mini skirt was similarly small, the triangle of cloth clearly outlined her thick outer labia. When she turned around to lead them to the backyard he confirmed his guess that her ass cheeks were totally bare. He felt his cock growing beneath his cutoffs.

Pamela noticed John’s strong pectoral muscles beneath his tank top and his muscular arms. While all of this went on Kathy was blushing at the blatant stares her husband gave Pamela. She was also wearing cutoffs and a modest t-shirt.

As they walked out to the backyard Edward came to greet them, he was wearing a minuscule swimsuit that clearly outlined his cock and balls. He shook John’s hand and placing his hand on Kathy’s arm he gave her a peck on the cheek noticing she was blushing furiously and obviously flustered.

“Welcome, make yourselves comfortable,” he said pointing to the deck chairs, “What can I offer you to drink. I’ve just made a pitcher of banana daiquiris, is that all right or you want something else?”

“That’s just fine, Ed.” John said, “thank you for asking us over.”

“How about you Kathy?” Edward asked her.

“That’s fine.” She stammered.

After handling them their drinks Edward said, “Thank you for coming. Actually we’ve been meaning to ask you guys over for quite some time now, but you know, one thing or another… Well anyway we’re glad you’re here. But, go and sit down, Pam and I just have a couple of things to finish and we’ll be right with you.”

Pamela and Edward went in and out of the house several times. Pamela took out something to eat while Edward pulled out a couple of speakers so they could have some music.

“I really must get around to installing some fixes speakers out here,” Edward said in one of his trips, “I just never seem to have the time.”

They could see that John and Kathy followed around with their eyes, John more blatantly and Kathy in a more reserved way. Finally Pamela sat down on one of the deck chairs and lifted a foot placing it on top of the chair, grabbing her knee as she made some small talk with Kathy. She was totally aware that this gave John a first class view of her pussy, but that was exactly what she wanted. She even noticed when, trying to be unobtrusive, he adjusted the position of his chair to get a better view.

John had seen Pamela totally naked several times, but from a distance and behind his window but this was something else. He was having a hard time following the conversation and not staring too much at her crotch, her thong had crept between her thick labia leaving it completely exposed. He also noticed that her nipples were outlined more clearly beneath the thin material covering them. His cock was hardening and he adjusted his position so it would be all bent inside his cutoffs. Pamela sure was a hot woman and John was hoping she would strip naked before the day was over.

Since the first time Kathy had told him she had seen their neighbors naked in their backyard, and ‘doing things’ as she put it, he had taken every opportunity to peek out his window in the hopes of seeing her. He had succeeded and had seen Pamela naked sunning herself. And on one occasion he had seen her and Edward having lunch naked and then Pamela had gone down on him but when they moved to the grass, he lost sight of them but he could hear their grunts and moans. That night he had made love to Kathy but he had actually been thinking about Pamela.

He had tried to convince Kathy to spend sometime nude with him in their garden and make love there, but she had flatly refused. She was very shy and didn’t want to risk being seen by her neighbors or anybody else for that matter.

For her part Kathy was all flustered and bothered by the state of undress of her neighbors. True, she had seen them nude several times, halkalı eve gelen escort but it was different being close to them, and seeing their total lack of concern by exposing their bodies in this manner. She just couldn’t think of doing something similar. Nobody had ever seen her naked except for John and not until they were married. From that first night he had insisted on making love with the lights on and this made her uncomfortable. Little by little she had learned to accept it and she had to admit it was nice being nude with her husband. Not that she had anything against nudity per se, she had come to understand there was nothing wrong with it, but it was something reserved for the bedroom. She knew many people also went to nude beaches but that was OK, she guessed, if you didn’t mind other people seeing you naked. But running around the house naked was something else; that was just not something nice people did. And making love in the backyard like John had asked her. No, she would never do that. What if somebody saw them?

Her thoughts were interrupted when Edward asked her if she wanted another drink. She hadn’t seen him approaching and now he was standing very close to her, his manhood barely covered by his brief swimming suit. She nodded and handed him her glass, hoping he wouldn’t notice the slight trembling of her hand.

She had been worried about coming over, ‘What if they are naked?’ she had asked John, ‘What if they expect us to get naked too?’

He had answered that it might be fun to try that. She knew he liked seeing other women nude. He often brought home x-rated videos and he got very hot after watching them and he made love to her more passionately on those occasions. Lately he had found a Web site where all sorts of women, normal people not porn stars, posted nude pictures of them. They’d watch it together sometimes but she guessed he spent more time watching it when he was in his den. She didn’t really mind that, they were only pictures and he was more passionate after watching them. She had to admit that she had been excited watching Pamela nude in her backyard, especially when she’d seen her masturbating or making love with her husband. She had seen one such episode when they had made it on the deck chairs. And she had also seen Pamela and another woman masturbating once, and then Edward has come out and taken some pictures of them.

When Pamela had shown up at her door to ask them over, she had been surprised. They had never exchanged more than hallows and some small talk when their paths crossed. Pamela had told her to bring their swimming suits if they wanted to sun themselves. When she had told John, she could tell he was instantly excited by the prospect, the following evening he had taken her to the mall to shop for new bathing outfits. He had insisted she get a tiny biking, much like the one Pamela was wearing and even though she’d accepted she had also bought a regular one and a full body suit that only showed a little cleavage but left her back bare. John had gotten a pair of tight briefs, not as brief as Edward’s though.

She was brought back to reality when Pamela came over with the pitcher and refilled her glass. She realized she had lost all of the conversation and promised herself to pay more attention. Edward went into the kitchen to fix another pitcher of daiquiris and Pamela asked them.

“Well, aren’t you going to get out of those cutoffs and shirts? I thought I told Kathy this was a swimsuit party.” To set the example she let her short skirt fall to the floor. Not that it had hidden much. “True, we don’t have a pool yet, but we are thinking about building one or maybe getting a hot tub.”

Pamela just stood there watching them, her hands on her hips, her legs slightly parted. Kathy now saw for the first time that Pamela’s thong was between her outer labia and she marveled about how she show her inner parts in such a carefree manner. John got up and took of his cutoffs and tank top standing there in his swimwear. Kathy saw the obvious bulge of his cock beneath the suit and she noticed that Pamela had also looked down to see him. She felt a strange kind of excitement knowing her husband was getting excited by another woman.

Edward came back and poured them all another glass. The Kathy realized that she was the only one still wearing clothes and that she had to stand under the gaze of the other three as she took them off. After some prompting and kidding from the other three she finally got up and self-consciously stepped out of her shorts and t-shirt. At the last moment she had decided to wear the full body suit and she saw a hint of disappointment in her husband’s face. She was blushing again feeling Pamela and Edward’s appraising gaze traveling up and down her body. She adjusted her suit and sat back down.

‘Wow!’ Edward thought, ‘She really has a nice body.’ The few times he had seen her she’d always worn loose clothes. Kathy had nicely rounded calves halkalı grup yapan escort and thighs, perhaps a little thick but they were firm. She had a magnificently rounded ass. Her breasts were the size of grapefruits and were nicely outlined by the suit she was wearing. She did have a round belly, perhaps more than the accepted standard for a model but it seemed to be firm too.

Pamela noticed her discomfort and quickly got up to serve another round of daiquiris. She had been studying her neighbors carefully and she was certain that John would go along with anything she suggested but Kathy was something else, she wasn’t sure about her. Kathy was obviously shy and embarrassed by her body but Pamela felt a hidden sensuality in her.

The doorbell rang and Pamela said, “That must be our food, I ordered some pasta and pizza from a great place we discovered. I’m sure you’re going to love it. I’ll go get it.”

Kathy thought she would put something on to cover herself, but Pamela just strode inside as if she were not half naked. Kathy felt a little jealousy, she would like to be so self-assured herself but of course, Pamela had such a great body even though she was older than her.

Pamela returned with the food and placed it on the deck table, “Come get it before it gets cold.”

Edward opened a bottle of wine and they ate their food, chatting amiably, exchanging information, getting to know each other better, and polished a couple of bottles of California Merlot.

After lunch, Edward brought out a bottle of Grand Marnier and one of Brandy, pouring each a mixture of the two liqueurs, “The call this “Faja de Oro” in Mexico,” he said, “Hope you like it.”

They all toasted each other. Kathy was feeling mellower and not so apprehensive after the daiquiris, the wine and now this mixture. Pamela jumped to her feet saying.

“Oh, I love that song, dance with me?” She went over to John her hand extended, “Do you mind?” she added turning to Kathy.

“No, not at all,” Kathy responded.

Edward got up and stood in front of Kathy, “Shall we?” he asked her, holding her hand.

The song was ‘Whole lotta love’ by Led Zeppelin, and soon the four of them were dancing wildly. Kathy saw that one of Pamela’s bouncing breasts sprang free and she didn’t try to cover it, she just went on dancing as if nothing had happened. When the song ended and they were waiting for the next one, Pamela instead of covering her breast removed her top.

“Hope you don’t mind, after all I think you’ve seen plenty more of me, right?” She said teasingly.

Kathy blushed again and John just nodded his agreement as “Sunshine of your love” by Cream came blaring from the speakers. Pamela started gyrating in rhythm with the music and the rest soon followed. John just couldn’t keep his eyes away from Pamela’s tanned breasts bouncing as she danced, her nipples hard and sticking out from her areolas.

The following song was “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton.

“Oh I just love this classic rock,” Pamela said wrapping her arms around John’s neck and pressing her body to his, swaying with the music.

Edward put his hands on Kathy’s waist and pulled her close to him, she didn’t have any other option but to place her hands on his shoulders. As the danced she just seemed to flow closer to him, feeling his hardness pressing against her belly. She closed her eyes and buried her head on his shoulder and just let herself be swept away by the music.

Pamela could also feel John’s cock getting harder as she rubbed her belly against him. She loved the effect she was having on him. She wanted to reach down and grab his shaft but she refrained, only hoping that Kathy would get into the mood. John, she knew, was ready, since every time his back was to his wife he lowered his hands from her waist and held her ass. Pamela of course didn’t object.

After the son ended, Pamela thought it best to slow down a bit, so she headed to the kitchen saying to Edward, “Why don’t you pour us all another drink, I’m going to fix some coffee.”

John followed Pamela saying, “Can you show me to the boy’s room.”

Once inside the house Pamela led John to the hallway and pointed, “There, first door on the left.”

John turned around to make sure they were out of sight from Kathy and pulled Pamela to him and kissed her on the mouth. Pamela returned the kiss but when he cupped her breast she pushed him away.

“What would your wife say if she saw you?” She asked him.

“Well, I don’t know. I just felt you felt the same way.” He told her pulling her close to him again.

Pamela pressed her body against him, feeling her breasts mashing against his chest muscles, “And which way is that?” She teased him, turning away as he tried to kiss her again.

“You know…” John answered, cupping her breast again, tweaking her nipple.

Pamela placed her hand on his arm and pushed it down, “No, I don’t. Why don’t you tell halkalı masöz escort me what you really want.”

“Well, you know…” John stammered, “OK, if you need to hear it, here it is. I want to fuck you.”

“And I want to fuck you too.” Pamela said rubbing her belly against his hard-on. “But I won’t unless Kathy knows it and is OK with it.”

“You mean…” John was at a loss for words so Pamela went on.

“How would you feel if Ed fucked your wife?”

“You mean he has to fuck her for me to fuck you?”

“Not necessarily,” Pamela answered, “Even though I know he would love to. But he won’t if she doesn’t want him to. But she has to know you want to fuck me and be OK with it.”

“Wow! I don’t know.” John said, “I mean, I don’t know if she will go along with it.”

“Well, she’d better if you want to go any further with me.” Pamela said and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, “I hope she does… What do you say we start by all of us getting naked?”

“I’d love that,” John said, “But I doubt she would even go along with that, she hasn’t even wanted to do it at our house.”

“Well, let’s see if we can talk her into it. Now I better go back before she comes looking for us.” Pamela gave John’s cock a squeeze over his swimwear and headed for the kitchen swinging her ass a bit more than normal.

A few minutes later Pamela walked out carrying a coffee pot and was going back to get the cups when Karen said, “Can I help you?”

“Sure.” Pamela said.

Once they were out of earshot of Edward, Kathy added, “I really need to go too.”

“Well come on then,” Pamela said taking her hand and leading her inside.

John was coming out as they walked into the hallway, and as he passed by their side he gave his wife a friendly pat on her ass. Kathy protested jokingly and was about to enter the bathroom her husband had just vacated but Pamela said,

“Not there, come with me,” and led her to the master bedroom.

Kathy didn’t fail to notice a few pictures of Kathy and Edward nude that were hanging in the wall as they went into the bathroom.

Pamela stood in front of her and lowered her thong, exposing her bare pussy to Kathy’s gaze, “You don’t mind if I go first?” and she sat down on the toilet.

Kathy just stood there frozen, watching as Pamela peed. She was dreading the moment it was her turn, she would have to pull her suit down and expose all her body to her. As if reading her mind Pamela said.

“Aren’t you going to pull your suit down. Surely you don’t plan to wear it for the rest of the afternoon.”

“What do you mean?” Kathy asked, knowing what the answer would be and dreading it, but feeling herself getting excited by the prospect.

“Oh, I just thought we should turn this into a nude party.” Pamela said, drying herself and getting up, her thong around her knees. She let it fall to the ground and kicked it away, “What do you say we surprise the guys by walking out naked.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I mean… I’ve never done that.” Kathy stammered trying to postpone the inevitable but nature won, she felt she couldn’t hold it in any longer, so she pulled her suit down and sat down on the toilet quickly, she tried to cover her breasts with her arm without being to obvious but she failed miserably, so finally she just dropped her arms, “I mean, I don’t have a beautiful body like yours.”

“Oh, but Kathy, you are beautiful.” Pamela said, “You have a fantastic body and I bet John would be glad and excited if you just walked out there naked.”

“Oh, yes he would,” Kathy replied, struck by the almost surrealistic scene. Here she was, looking at a naked woman, talking to her about exposing themselves in front of their husbands and all of it while she was trying to piss, but feeling embarrassed at the same time. Finally the incongruity of the situation made her laugh and a strong stream of piss came out of her, making splashing noises as it hit the water, she blushed furiously, “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t hold it any longer.”

“Don’t be embarrassed honey, it’s perfectly natural,” Pamela said stroking her hair gently, “Don’t you like watching John when he pisses, and does he like to see you?”

“Oh, we’ve never done that.”

“Well, Ed and I love to watch each other some times,” Pamela said, “I love to hold his cock as he pisses, and this always makes him horny and hard. You should try it sometime.”

“I don’t know, maybe someday…” Kathy said, she was feeling more relaxed now.

“So what do you say?” Pamela pressed her, “Should we surprise them?”

“I’m not sure. I mean, I know my husband likes me, even if I’m not as beautiful as you, and he sure would like to see you naked. I’ve been watching the way he looks at you,” Kathy said and quickly added, “not that I mind you know… And besides I’m fat, I have a big belly I don’t think Ed would like that.”

Katy had finally found the courage to get up from the toilet and was now standing naked before Pamela. Pamela reached out and placed a hand on her belly, “You’re not fat, Kath, yes, your belly is rounder than mine but it is firm and you have such a smooth skin, and such lovely breasts, I’m positive Ed would love to see you in all your naked glory. I know you turn him on, didn’t you see his cock got hard after you danced with him, I saw the head peeking out of his swimsuit.”

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