White Trash Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Peggy’s Turn

I originally submitted this under a different name but it was lonely and asked to be with the rest of my material. Voting indicated it was fairly well received, though people either loved or hated it. So reader be forewarned: this is a rude, crude, raw and gritty stroker!

Yeah, I fucked her. The cunt living in the double-wide next door, the one with the deck facing mine. Fuck I care she was married. I fucked her skank friend too. They both wanted it. Didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

I got sent home from the plant early Thursday because that bastard foreman has it in for me. Ever since his skeezy wife flirted with me at the goddamn company picnic. I mean, shit, she’s a drunk and if he can’t keep her sober or satisfied, well, not my fucking problem. I still laugh my ass off when I think about seeing her kiss him as soon as we got back to the table. I bet he got a whiff of her cockbreath. I’m fucked if she told him she sucked my dick though. Dickhead son of a bitch. Fucker sat me out Friday too.

When I rolled up to my single-wide my skanky neighbor bitch was sitting on her deck drinking beer with her whore friend.

“Hey shithead, what’re you doing home so early. Get your sorry ass fired again for sticking your dick where it doesn’t belong?”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you, Pegs? You’d love to have me around here more so you could spend some quality time with my cock.”

“You wish asshole. You think you’re God’s gift, but you’re really just a big dick,” she said, looked at Tina and they both burst out laughing.

“Yeah, yeah. Shit. She tell you, Tina? She begged me to fuck her after she’d had a few beers. She creamed all over my dick. Shit slut, you couldn’t get enough.”

“Yeah, she told me all about it. Said you had a nice dick for such an asshole.”

“I did not!” Peggy shrieked and laughed and slapped Tina on the arm, knocking the cigarette out of her dirty hand.

“Well, how about it? You want some, Tina?” I smiled at her and grabbed my package. “I got plenty for you both,” I said cheerily.

Tina rolled her eyes and said, “Fuck you.”

“You mean, fuck me, don’t you? Ha! See you cunts in a while. I’m gonna get a shower and something to eat,” I said over my shoulder as I walked into my mobile. I looked around at the fucking mess and figured I’d clean it up later. Maybe. Shit. It hadn’t been cleaned since I kicked my whore wife out six weeks ago, the bitch. Fucking my friends behind my back. Fuck. She took the kids with her and I hadn’t heard from them in over a month. Don’t even know how to get in touch with them. Shit, the way she was fucking around I got to wonder if they’re even mine. Fucking cunt.

I heated some baked beans and ate them out of the can. Smoked a small bowl. Drank a couple of beers. I felt a little better. I took a shower to get the stink of work off me. Except it never completely comes off. Shit. I thought about applying to be a guard at the minimum security prison camp down the road. I figured that even if I was a dumb ass prison guard at least I wouldn’t smell like blood and guts and shit all the time. Fucking hog house.

I grabbed a six-pack of Schlitz and a bottle of Jack and headed over to see how long it would take before I got my knob polished. I knew those skanks weren’t shy, they just needed the right motivation.

“Hey sluts, I see you’re still waiting for my big dick.”

“That’s right shithead, and I just won the fucking lottery,” Peggy bitched out sarcastically, and she and Tina doubled over in laughter. I spotted about 12 or 14 empties scattered around and figured they were about half fucked.

I plopped down in a tattered and wobbly aluminum folding chair, gave Tina x-ray eyes up and down then gave Peggy her turn and said, “Damn Peggy, that halter top makes your tits look so fucking ripe and juicy I just want to pluck ’em and take a bite.”

“You can bite my ass, fuckface,” she said and howled beşiktaş escort with more drunken laughter.

“Ha! That’s my girl. And look at you Tina. Mmm mm mmm. I love the way those shorts ride up your pussy crack. Makes me want to lick you dry, girl.”

“Jesus! How can a hot looking guy like you be such an asshole.”

“Yeah, yeah, like I haven’t heard that before. Here Tina, have some love,” I said, took a swig and handed her the bottle of Jack. She looked me in the eye as if to say “fuck you too” as she pulled hard on it.

“Hey Pegs, where’s that dipshit husband of yours? He go on another business trip with his boyfriend?” I teased.

“Fuck you, asshole, you don’t know shit about us,” Peggy said with heat behind her words, slammed her beer down and crossed her arms, her freckled tits mashed together and threatening to spill over her skimpy halter top.”

That was a dead end so I changed the subject. “So why aren’t you two gashes working?” I asked as I handed Peggy the bottle. She looked at me, ran her fingers through the top of her long jet black hair, drawing it back and away from her pretty face that hinted at distant Asian ancestors, and licked the rim before taking a swig.

“Barry went out of town tonight on business so we decided to take off early and party a little,” Peggy said more calmly as she handed me the bottle, her eyes tearing a little, from the scorch of the liquor on her throat was my guess. Then quietly, to nobody, “He’s really good to me. He’s really, really sweet.”

“Yeah, so am I,” I laughed and thought about how I was gonna fuck this whore’s eyes out.

“What about your sorry ass boyfriend. He still as big a shit as he was in high school?” I directed to Tina.

Staring at her beer Tina said, “He’s fucking around on me again. I don’t know what his problem is. He’s always been more of a limp dick than anything else. For me anyway, the son of a bitch.” “Asshole,” she said softly to herself as she wiped something out of an eye and looked off in the distance across the trailer park.

We all took another hit of Jack, let the warmth spread a bit. I pulled out a blunt, lit it and we passed it around.

“Hey asshole, you hear anything from that crazy slut you married?” Peggy asked, killing another beer.

“Fuck no. Don’t know where that bitch is. And her fucked up family sure as hell won’t tell me,” I said and hit the Jack again.

We all sat in silence for a few minutes, our thoughts clawing back from where they didn’t need to be.

Finally, with a grin, “Hey Tina, you know I seen Peg’s sweet pussy up close and real personal. And I got to tell you, she’s got the prettiest little cunt I’ve ever seen. But then, I haven’t seen yours yet, have I?” I said and noticed a small one-sided smile from Peggy.

“How about you spreading those skinny little legs and show me that cooze of yours,” I smirked and handed her the bottle of Jack.

“Is this what you want to see, you twisted fuck?” she said as she took a slug, spread her grimy legs some and scootched down in the chair so her thin, grubby white shorts pulled tight against her crotch, spreading her cunt lips.

I got out of my chair and went over to the tiny skank. “Shit, she needs a shower,” I thought but didn’t say. Tina looked up at me through several strands of her shoulder length, dirty blonde hair. I leaned down, palmed the slut’s cunt and massaged it while I mashed my mouth to hers. I jammed my tongue past her slightly crooked teeth and gave her a good scrubbing. My other hand pinched her little nipples.

I gave her cunt a final squeeze, pinched her nipple one last time, pulled away and said, “You are one fine piece of tail, Tina. I’m gonna love tappin’ that tiny little ass of yours.”

Tina was breathing hard, her hazel eyes blazed, making her pretty face even more beautiful in the fading twilight. Her mosquito bite titties pressed as hard as they could against beşyol escort her dingy gauze blouse. She had the top three buttons open, the next one buttoned and the tails tied together above her flat stomach. Some fag would say she looked two years out of date. I say she looked highly fuckable. Shit, even the long dark roots of her dyed hair looked hot.

As she fumbled to light a Virginia Slims Tina said, “You’re gonna have to do a whole lot better than just grope me if you want a shot at getting in my panties, you asshole.”

“Slut like you don’t wear panties. Slows you down. Besides, you know you got the cunt drip for me,” I said and winked at her. Tina rolled her eyes and took another hit of Jack. I passed the bottle to Peggy and she took another long pull.

“But ol’ Pegs over here. Pegs loves those sexy thongs, don’t you skank?” I said as I leaned down and stuck my tongue in her mouth. I tasted tobacco, beer and whiskey as I gave her mouth a good probing. I pulled her halter down below her saggy tits and gave them a good squeeze and worked her huge brown nipples between my fingers until she moaned into my mouth.

After about 20 long seconds she pushed me away and said, “Leave me alone, asshole. You can’t do that shit out here.”

Taking that as an invitation I threw the skinny bitch over my shoulder, kicked open her door, ignored the tired, sad living area and went straight back to her tawdry bedroom. I threw her on the bed and yanked off her shorts while she stripped off her halter top. She wore some kind of fake satin thong in a flowery pattern. Damn, I loved her killer body.

“Jesus, what thrift shop you get that in, slut?” I said as I tore off the frayed, faded thong, pried her legs open and dove in.

I wasn’t down on Peggy’s cunt long before the whore started breathing hard and making snorting noises. Then, “Yeah, lick my pussy you fuck, fucking eat my cunt,” she snarled and used my ponytail to work my mouth around her pink gash.

I pulled back from her sweaty pussy and yelled, “Hey Tina, get your tight ass back here so I can fuck it.”

Tina appeared in the doorway with some beer and the Jack.

“What are you waiting for skeeze? Get your fucking clothes off and get your ass over here.”

Tina took another drag on the jack and fumbled out of her clothes. She fell down and laughed as she finished undressing.

She finally crawled over and I told her to get on the bed next to Peggy. “Play with your cunt,” I mumbled at her.

I ate Peggy’s sweet pussy until she laced her hands behind my head and pulled my face into her hard and cried out. I wiped my mouth on my sleeve, stood up and took off my faded black vintage ‘Harley’s the Best, Fuck the Rest’ t-shirt. I looked Tina in the eye and dropped my jeans. Her eyes grew wider as I worked my dick stiff.

“You like that skank? You think you can take it all the way in your tiny little body? Don’t worry, you’ll get your ride. Keep on playing with your stinky pussy and watch me beat off in this slut. Then I’m gonna fuck you blind,” I said.

I kneeled on the bed and Peggy threw her arms and legs up at me like the easy lay she is. With a slutty hiss she drew my thick dick into her cooze. She pulled my head down and whispered so only I could hear, “Fuck me good, will you? Please hurt me good again. You don’t know. I need it so bad, baby, whatever you want,” then jammed her tongue in my mouth while I pumped her.

She was breathing hard when she finally pushed me away and grunted, “Oh god. Fuck me hard you fuck, fuck me.” A couple minutes later she shouted, “I said FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME GODDAMMIT!” and punched my chest in sync with her words for emphasis.

I grabbed her ankles, pushed them back and pinned them against the bed above her head, thought again, “Shit, that’s hot,” and fucked her hard. She was moaning and wailing and panting and screeching so much that I kissed her ashtray mouth again just beykent escort to shut the skank up.

After awhile I flipped her over and put her on her knees. She was close to the edge of the double bed and her head was over Tina’s. I stood on the floor, squirted some lube on my dick and on her hole, eased my cock just inside her ass and settled there for a bit. When I felt her start moving on me I gathered her long, silky black hair in both hands and yanked her back on my dick while I shot my hips forward. I ignored her screams and did it again and again and again. It only took a few more times before I heard a rasping, “Yes, yes, yes,” each time I pulled her hair hard and drove balls deep into her steamy ass.

I finally pushed her head down toward Tina’s. “Swap spit, cunts,” I panted and kept fucking her awesome ass. I loved looking down at the tribal tattoo across her lower back and the big one between her shoulder blades; the red and blue Grateful Dead skull her violent and abusive ex-husband made her get. Shit it was hot.

“Finger fuck her,” I said and stuck one of Peggy’s hands on Tina’s dripping cunt.

Peggy dug into her pussy as they tongue kissed. Tina moaned and held Peggy’s head with one hand while her other small hand was practically fisting Peggy’s pussy.

I wanted to see them French so I stayed in Peggy’s ass while I threw her on her back and pushed her head to the side and cleared away her hair. With one hand between her legs Tina rolled over and stuck her tongue in Peggy’s mouth. Shit that was hot. I loved seeing Peggy’s tits flopping back and forth with my thrusts. My dick got even harder in her tight ass.

I kept fucking her ass at a steady pace, grabbed Tina’s greasy hair and pulled, said, “Get up here slut, get your cunt over this bitch’s mouth.”

Peggy’s eyes widened but she didn’t say anything as Tina swung a skinny leg over her head and sat on her face. Drunk bitch was unsteady and needed some help, though.

“Suck her pussy, cunt,” I said and looked at Tina’s small, boyish rear. I wet a finger in her mouth and snaked it up her ass. Her hands were propped against the wall and she was moaning and groaning and grinding on Peggy’s face while Peggy made soft muffled sounds.

I kept fucking Peggy’s sweet ass. I pulled Tina back against me so I could feel her flat chest and pinch her tiny nipples and look over her shoulder at Peggy licking her hairless cunt. Peggy looked up at me and Tina, worked her tongue over Tina’s clit and French kissed her pussy. Shit that was hot. I thought about making them sixty-nine, but figured I’d save something for later.

Peggy was blubbering when she came on my cock and her ass clamped down on me over and over. At the edge of my come I knocked Tina off and plugged Peggy’s squeal with my dick. It was a tight fit but she managed to keep her teeth off of me while I fucked her face a few strokes. I pulled back leaving just my head in her mouth. Peggy jacked my dick a couple of times and with a shout I’m sure the neighbors heard I cut loose with a huge load of cum. Some of it ran down the side of her chin so I pulled Tina over by her hair to lap it up like the thirsty cunt she is. Like all good sluts she led with her tongue.

“Goddamn girl! You are one fine fuck.” Peggy was limp on the bed. She wore a smug smile.

“What about me? You said you’d fuck me. I wanna get fucked,” the petite slut slurred out a whine.

“Oh I got plenty left, slag. You’re spending the night with me and I’m gonna tear your ass up!”

She gave me a drunken, lopsided smile. I helped the greasy haired cunt up and the skinny bitch grabbed the bottle of Jack as she stumbled out the door. I figured she was gonna flop on her back with her legs spread and wait for me. I just hoped she made it to my trailer. Shit, I was gonna have to get her in the shower before I fucked her, though. Phew.

I stuck my tongue in Peggy’s mouth and she gave me a lazy slurp. I gave her sloppy cunt a gentle squeeze, smiled and said tenderly, “I’ll be back for more of your fine pussy, slut,” and left to teach Tina how to fuck. As I walked out I heard Peggy say softly, “Anytime, asshole. Anytime.”

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