What Happened Next?

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On our way to drop Amy off at her house, she continued to nap in the seat next to me. I was both amazed and confused by what I had witnessed earlier that evening. The young woman I loved with all my heart had just had sex with five of my coworkers. I shook uncontrollably as I drove and I wondered what Amy was feeling.

After about 20 minutes, Amy awakened and turned toward me. She reached over to hold my hand and asked “Are you okay?”

I responded by saying “I don’t know are you?”

She said “I’m okay, a bit sore and very sticky, but okay. Are you mad?”

“No, I’m not mad,” I said. “Are you mad at me?”

She responded by saying “No, not at all.”

I then said to her that I was surprised she said okay when Carlos asked her to go back to the van.

Amy then said “I’ve got a confession to make.”

On the rest of her ride home and then some, she told me about what had been going on.

Amy reminded me of the summer before when I had gone to basic training and I had asked her to pick up my last pay stub at the warehouse. While she was there she ended up bumping into Carlos who claimed to be a close friend of mine. She said she had just come from the beach, so she was dressed in a skimpy halter top and short short jeans. Carlos asked her if she had beşiktaş escort heard anything from me and where she was headed. Amy said she was hungry, so Carlos was able to convince her to go with him to get something to eat. She followed him to a nearby 99 and Amy said that during dinner they spoke mainly of me.

When they were leaving the 99, Carlos was able to convince Amy to get into his van in order to check out his sound system. Carlos offered Amy a beer which she refused. Carlos then asked Amy if she could get him a beer out of the refrigerator in the back, as he searched for one of her favorite songs. Amy stepped toward the back of the van and Carlos quickly followed, pushing her forcefully to the bed. He then laid on her heavily and said to her “What you need is a cold comfortable screw off the wall!” Amy said that she tried to fight back, but Carlos was too strong. When she tried to scream he covered her mouth. She said that I had always been so gentle with her, but Carlos was being so rough. Amy admitted that she was getting turned on with the aggressiveness displayed by Carlos. He then took his pants off and forced her to suck his cock. Carlos then yanked her shorts and panties down and fucked her hard. Amy said at first it hurt, but soon it beşyol escort felt so good she didn’t want him to stop. She came several times before Carlos did.

Amy said she was very angry with Carlos when she and Carlos parted company that evening. She was very angry with herself also because she couldn’t believe she had fallen for Carlos’ ploy to get her into his van. Amy knew now that Carlos wasn’t a good friend of mine. She wasn’t sure what she should do and she thought about going to the police, but after several days she decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

Two weeks later, Amy said Carlos showed up at her workplace in his custom van. He waited outside until closing time and he approached her as she walked to her car. Amy said she told him to get away from her and leave her alone, but then he said “Okay, I’ll tell Nige you fucked me then!” She said that comment made her stop in her tracks.

She turned and said to him “You wouldn’t!”

He replied “Oh yes I would!”

She told me that the last thing that she wanted was for me to find out what had happened, so she tried to bargain with Carlos. Amy ended up in Carlos’ van again and this time she sucked his cock until he came in her mouth and he forced her to swallow for the first time. beykent escort He then fucked her pussy hard, making her cum several times and then he fucked her up the ass for the first time, making her cum again. He eventually came for the second time deep in her ass.

Several days later, Carlos took Amy with him to a cabin on a lake where she was introduced to Carlos’ four black coworkers. Amy said that for the entire weekend she was used by all five guys. It was her first time seeing a black cock and she said she couldn’t believe how big they were. She said that it was on this weekend she learned how to do all the things I had watched her do earlier that evening in Carlos’ van. She said the remainder of the time I was away she would meet Carlos and sometimes his friends and have sex. Amy said that she had been to that drive in many times with Carlos and his friends. Even since I had been home, she said she had been there when I was away on drill weekends.

Amy said that when she realized that I was taking her to the drive in frequented by Carlos and his friends she got scared. She knew that Carlos and his friends might show up there. She then thought that if they were there she might be able to end the charade, finally! The reason she had said okay when Carlos asked her to come back to the van was because she didn’t want there to be a fight between us and the five of them. By going back to the van she figured that Carlos would no longer have anything to hang over her head in order to control her. She also felt that I should see, first hand, what a slut she had become.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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