Welcome to the Resort Ch. 08

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Isabella bit her lip, watching the naked women struggle before her. Two blondes, sleekly muscled from the gym, grappled hand to hand, breast to breast. Naked except for the long leather gloves that kept their nails from tearing each other, the two had fought for nearly half an hour.

A bell rang, and the dark haired girl turned to see Amelia, the older woman whose club the two regularly fought at, call time on the tenth round. Each two minute round was followed by a minute’s recuperation, and the young Latina could see why. Her own experience in school wrestling told her what level of exertion Cynthia and Connie had engaged in, although it also told her something else. She slipped through the crowd watching the fight until she was standing by Amelia.

“May I ask?” She asked. The older woman smiled.

“Of course.”

“Is this fight choreographed?” Amelia’s smile broadened.

“You’ve done some fighting yourself?” At Isabella’s nod she continued, “yes, the fights are planned. I have twelve girls who work in my club, and I don’t want them injured, injured girls can’t work, so we choreograph the fight sequences. You’re good, Connie and Cynthia are two of the best, and most people don’t notice.” She smiled fondly at the two blondes, hitting the bell to start the next round.

The two women approached each other, exchanging punches like trained boxers. Isabella noted that their punches were directed to the body rather than face, but given their thin gloves she wasn’t surprised. A punch to the head could easily break the hand and knowing what she did, she doubted either woman would have agreed to something that would mar their beautiful features.

The women tumbled into each other, going to the floor to wrestle. The collective groan from the men and women watching told Isabella that the sight of the two Amazons writhing together was well appreciated. Turning her head to Amelia she observed drily, “I doubt any audience cares if the fight is real.” She accentuated “real” with air quotes. The other woman laughed.

“What’s your name? I recall John saying telling us, but I don’t remember.”

“Isabella, or Isabelle, depending on whether you like four syllables or three.” She shrugged. “I’m easy.” A sudden laugh, “on second thoughts I’m not sure I should advertise that around here.” Amelia hooked a hand around her neck and drew her down for a kiss.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep it to myself.” Isabella kissed her back, her tongue sliding over the other. Lost in the moment they both jumped at the clearing of a throat behind them.

“Excuse me, the round is nearly over.” The kiss broken, the Latina looked over her shoulder as Amelia returned to timing the match. The speaker was a fluffy pale blonde, her slim small breasted body as naked as any other in the gymnasium. Her voice had a decidedly English accent. The bell rang, and the two fighters broke their clinch, returning to their corners for attention from the men who had volunteered to be their seconds.

“Hi, I’m Felecia.” The blonde offered her hand to Isabella.

“Isabella.” A smile.

“I remember.” A wave of her hand brought two men forward. “This is Scott and Phillip.” Isabella smiled at them both. Phillip was a giant, four inches over six foot, Scott was about six inches shorter, but both were muscled like they spent a lot of time lifting weights. “They’re my boyfriends.” Isabella’s inquiring glance received a confirming nod. “Yes, both of them. Having two men around can be… fun.” She ran a finger down Isabella’s cheek. “But we like to play with others.”

“Well that’s obvious, given where we are.” Isabella’s answering smile was wanton.

“Ladies, please.” Amelia’s voice interrupted their conversation. “We have one more round, so either stay and watch, or go and play.” The quartet turned back to the mat as the blondes went out for the final round. Both were obviously weary, their punches lacking the speed of their earlier efforts, and when they went to the ground their wrestling moves were less athletic than they had been. They fought on until Amelia called time though, and the crowd cheered as Amelia declared Connie the winner. The two took their bows, and returned to the seconds, who wrapped them in robes and guided them from the room.

“They may not feel like sex tonight,” Amelia observed as she returned to Isabella and Felecia. The petite blonde pouted.

“Too bad, I like a nice strong woman putting me in my place.” Her blue eyes sparkled when she laughed. “Would you like to join us Amelia?” The older woman shook her head.

“No Felecia, you four run along. I’m sure I’ll get some loving before the night is over.” She picked up her clock and bell, following her girls from the room. The crowd parted to let her through, soft words of praise coming from various people as she went.

Felecia took Isabella’s hand. “Come on, let’s go get fucked.” The two girls, followed by the two boys, left the gymnasium, stepping into the cool evening air. “Our room is this way.” She set beylikdüzü otele gelen escort a quick pace, and Isabella followed along, marvelling at her own ready response to the other girl. By the time Felecia closed her door behind the foursome Isabella was floating in a lust filled euphoria. She sought the blonde’s lips with her own, their kisses sweet, sensual, deepening. She felt one of the boys behind her, saw the other, Scott, behind Felecia, sandwiching them together. She pressed back against Philip, feeling his body against hers. She felt his hardness against her back, she could tell he was big in more than one way as she pressed against him. She imagined Felecia having the same experience as her hands roamed over the other woman’s body. Her leg slid between the other’s thighs, Felecia’s pussy was dripping, but then so was her own. They pressed closer, sharing a moan at the intense sensation.

When Felecia broke the kiss Isabella groaned her reluctance, but the blonde pushed her across the room and onto the bed. She was a little startled when her knees were pushed up to her breasts and the woman’s tongue slid from the plug in her ass to her clitoris, but the sensation was delightful. “Do you really need this?” Felecia wiggled the plug as her wicked eyes met the Latina’s. Before Isabella could respond she felt the thick steel being drawn out. Her rings expanded, almost painful after their long stasis stretched around the plug stem, but the smooth bulb slid out easily once past its widest point. She whimpered at the sudden emptiness, but murmured in shock when she felt a tongue sliding into her gaping hole. She shuddered at the unfamiliar, but not unpleasant, penetration.

“You’re a dirty girl,” she hissed. Felecia merely smiled in response. “Oh God, don’t stop.”

Isabella whimpered as her orgasm took her. Felecia’s tongue alternating between her holes and caressing her clit. The dark haired girl’s face was frozen in a classic lip bite as her body throbbed under that extraordinary organ. The blonde pulled back, licking her lips. “Now boys, what were we going to do?”

Philip and Scott joined them on the bed, Isabella stretching out her arms to embrace them both. Felecia took a cock in each hand, stroking. Isabella was fascinated. Despite their height difference the two boys were well matched where she thought it mattered. Both were thick, filling Felecia’s hands nicely, and the difference in length between their circumcised members couldn’t have been more than half an inch, to Philip’s advantage. They were both well above average and the Latina quivered at the thought of them both inside her.

“See something you like?” Felecia easily followed her gaze. At Isabella’s mute nod she giggled. “Let me guess, you want one in your cunt, and one up that well used little arsehole?” At the second nod she almost gurgled with glee, winking lasciviously. “You’ll love it, I know.”

She patted the bed beside Isabella. “Lie here Phil.” The big man took the position. Guiding the Latina into position she pressed her down. The big shaft slid easily into Isabella’s glistening cunt and the breath left her lips in a luxurious groan. Felecia bent down to run her tongue about the nearly closed ring again as Scott lubricated his own thick cock.

Isabella grunted as the second cock breached her tightest entrance. With barely the head inside, the boy began to rock back and forth slowly, the minimal movement still sending shocks through the Latina’s body.

Progress was slow, although John’s cock had been thicker in her ass, the cock in her cunt made her asshole even tighter around Scott’s prick. Slow and steady though it was, eventually Isabella had both cocks sheathed to the hilt in her body. She rested her head on Philip’s shoulder, breathing deeply as her body adjusted to the extra fullness.

Felecia turned Isabella’s head, kissing her, that long tongue sliding deep. “Mmm, you take that like a pro.”

The Latina whispered back, “This, I’ve never done.”

“Never? Inconceivable.” Isabella’s responding giggle was strained.

“I don’t think that word means what you think it means.” Felecia laughed in delight.

“Alright boys, give it to her hard.” Isabella felt the men begin to move. The heat of their muscled bodies against her breasts and back was nothing compared to the raging inferno between her legs, between her buttocks. They were thick, they were hard, and their synchronization testified to this being a regular experience for the two. The woman bit her lower lip, her eyes closed, her senses overwhelmed by the feelings created by their thrusts. Primed by the day’s events she knew she would come quickly, and so it proved.

Her first wasn’t huge, the waves building softly, but the boys did not relent in their dual assault and the waves multiplied and intensified. Isabella dug her teeth into her knuckles to keep from screaming, not wanting the sensations to stop, almost afraid that they wouldn’t. beylikdüzü rus escort The two cocks continued to piston in and out of her spasming holes, relentless machines driving on and on, then everything went black.

Isabella’s eyes opened with a start. The blonde was stroking her hair, a look of concern on her pretty face. “Are you okay?” The Latina looked around, the two men were standing, likewise watching her with concerned expressions.

“Whoa,” she put a hand to her head. “That was intense.” Felecia continued her caresses. “I’m okay. I think I’m okay. That’s not happened before.” She ran her fingers down her belly, through the short cropped triangle above her clit, and winced as she came into contact with her sensitized clit. “I might not be doing that again… for a couple of hours at least.” She looked at the other women, at the two men. “Mind if I crash here tonight?” Felicia laughed merrily.

“We’d be insulted if you left.” She ran her fingers down Isabella’s cheek, then kissed her lips tenderly. “Of course I still have two horny boys to take care of.” She smirked at Philip and Scott.

“Sorry about that Chief.”

Felicia giggled, beckoned to the boys, then rolled onto all fours. They responded with alacrity, Scott kneeling before the woman, Philip behind her. Fingers entwined in her blonde hair, the former’s cock was taken into her mouth, the taller man’s hands grasping her hips as his organ was sheathed in her satin lined cunt. With ease that spoke of long practice Felicia took Scott’s shaft into her throat, enveloping every inch. Isabella watched in fascination, her own lust sated for the moment but enthralled by the harmonious way the three bodies interacted. They moved together like dancers.

Minutes passed in their horizontal dance. Scott grunted first as sweat dripping down his muscular chest. Felicia swallowed rapidly, determined to lose none of his seed. Philip’s breathing was harsh, even guttural as he too tensed, pumping his load deep inside the woman. Felicia wore a seraphic grin as she licked her lips.

Water splashed in the bathroom as the two boys cleaned up and the two girls slipped into each other’s arms. Isabella inhaled deeply, the room heavy with the aroma of sex. She pressed closer to the smaller woman. “That was… that was..”

“…Incredible?” Felicia asked. Fingers ran lightly up and down Isabella’s spine. The Latina giggled, then purred.

“Incredible? Yes. Incredible sounds right.”

“Having two boyfriends does provide more options.” A whimsical smile. “It’s nice to share though. Speaking of which…” She looked thoughtful. “If you like you can stay with us for the rest of your time here.” Isabella hesitated barely a second before nodding.

“I’d like that. You guys are pretty cool… well… hot… you know what I mean.” They kissed.

“Yes, I know what you mean.” She waved to the men as they returned from the bathroom. “Guys, we have a roomie.”

Philip inclined his head to Isabella. “That’s good.” His deep voice sent chills through the girl. “Anything on the box?” His question was directed to Scott, who was already flipping channels.

“We have some sport, football.” Scott and Philip flopped into comfortable armchairs to watch the players in brightly coloured shirts kicking the ball around the green field.

Isabella and Felicia looked at each other, then burst out laughing. “Men!” They said, almost in unison.

“Gotta love them.” Felicia added.


John Prester reclined naked on a lounger beside the pool. With the temperate nights, and the warm sea breeze he didn’t particularly feel like moving, despite the sun having fallen below the horizon. Another motivator for his immobility was his titian maned wife, curled across his legs. Her lips and tongue played a pleasurable game with his rigid manhood as he spoke. Finally she raised her head.

“So Josie is your daughter?” Her clear emerald eyes met his deep blue as she asked.

“Based on circumstantial evidence it would appear so.” John caressed her hair as he spoke, and she pressed her head against his hand with a smile. “Do you see a problem with that?” Sophia knew what he meant.

“Honey,” she shook her head. “If she were my daughter, I’d see a problem. She’s not. I’m not morally depraved enough to want to watch you fuck our girls, but I guess I’m far enough gone I have no problem with you doing Josie.”

John laughed. “Morally depraved? You?” He smiled fondly, still stroking her hair. “Not a word of it, my love. If I’d raised her, changed her diapers, sent her to school, picked her up from the school ball, if I’d been her father… I wouldn’t want to fuck her any more than I do Bernie and Lil.” Shaking his head. “As it is, the most you could say is that we might, and that’s still a might, share some genetic material. Perhaps I’m rationalizing, but I do see a difference, and I think you do too.”

“Wait,” Sophia’s eyes narrowed. “You don’t want to fuck Bernie beylikdüzü türbanlı escort and Lil? Then why do you bring it up?”

John laughed again. “The reason is simple. Every time I bring it up you go sexual energizer bunny on me. You might not want to have sex with our children, or watch me do so, but something about the thought of it turns you on.”

Sophia frowned. She wanted to, but she couldn’t deny the truth of his words. A vision of her eldest daughter’s lithe body writhing under her husband’s muscular frame caused her cheeks to flush. “Damn, I’m a wicked person.” John’s fingers tilted her chin as she tried to look away.

“No dear. Just because something turns you on doesn’t mean you want to enact it.” His free hand encompassed the Resort with a wave. “Almost any fantasy can be played out here, and more than a few turn you on… but despite the fact you could have… I don’t know… a twenty man gangbang for your birthday, you’ve never done it. Even though nobody would stop you. However…”

“However?” Sophia had a wry smile on her face. It was one of the facial expressions she had learned from him over the years.

“Josie is already experienced with both of us. We didn’t know… we still don’t know… that she’s a blood relative. We can play the fantasy without any transgression of whatever moral principles we still have.”

“Well… I did get her to call me Mommy earlier, I was role playing Maggie, but I guess there’s not much difference between her seeing me as her mother, and me seeing her as my daughter.”

“What? She was pretending you were Maggie?” John shook his head. “Can I assume she’s over her anger at Mom?”

“I don’t know if she’s over it, but she seems to redirect it.”

“Punishing her mother by licking her cunt?”

“Kind of messed up when you think about it.” Sophia’s expression was rueful. “I think I should have tried harder to keep incest out of this place.” John shrugged.

“Spilt milk. Where is Josie now?” Sophia nodded to the pool.

“She’s having a swim. I’m surprised you didn’t notice.”

“A certain cute redhead caught my eye. Someone with whom I had some unfinished business.”

“Oh? What did this unfinished business include?” Her hand delicately cupped his balls. The softening that their extended conversation had allowed reversed itself and she rested her cheek against his throbbing shaft.

“Well…” John’s gaze was lustful. “I was giving her a damn good fuck up the ass, and then two women had to go and create a scene.” Sophia’s laugh was musical. In some things she could be quite proper but a little crudity at the right time would make her drip.

“I bet she hated that.”

“I’d lay money on it.” Sophia’s eyes widened.

“Oh? How much?” She was stroking his cock now, a teasing sparkle in her green eyes. John answered her broad grin with his own.

“How about we find out.” His hand drew her up until her lips pressed against his. They held the kiss for some seconds, then broke apart. She toyed with the dense curls on his chest.

“Well…” she tried to look demure. “I have it on very good authority that she was indeed enjoying what someone described as a damn good fuck up the ass, and hated having to stop.” She met his gaze again. Lust replaced any pretence of innocence. “So how about it, stud. Care to fuck that cute redhead in the ass, or should she find someone else to serve her needs?” John’s answering smile was wolfish. “Just one thing though…”

“Oh?” She drew him in for another kiss.

“This time I want it face to face.” The redhead rose to her feet, squatting over John’s hips. She took one hand in hers, letting him keep his cock aligned as she sank downwards. White teeth dug into soft lips as she began to impale her tight ring on his oversized head. She breathed faster, more heavily, as her body accepted the intrusion and slid down his rigid shaft. “Oh God.” Her expression was strained, but she didn’t relent until every last inch was sheathed in her bowels. Sophia exhaled slowly. “Fuck.” Leaning forward she kissed him, his hand behind her head, the other grasping her hip as she slid onto her knees.

“Fuck.” He echoed softly. An adjustment allowed the couple to move, cock sliding in tight asshole, Sophia’s breath hissing. The intimacy afforded by the position outweighed any physical discomfort in her eyes. Her lips pressed against his, her hands on his shoulders.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck.” They moved in unison, but slowly, very slowly. There was a dreamy look in Sophia’s eyes, and John’s expression one of great tenderness. They were in no hurry, they had all the time in the world.

Sophia’s lips parted as she exhaled softly. John could feel the small spasms from the muscles gripping his cock. The timeless moment passed, and the two turned their heads as they heard footsteps.

Josephine, the big busted brunette, sank to her knees beside the couple. Her naked body dripped, her dark hair made darker by the water. “Hi Mommy,” she giggled, “I guess that makes you Daddy.” John raised an eyebrow.

“I guess it does.” Josie grabbed a towel, drying herself as a sudden cool breeze set her teeth to chattering.

“I think I’d prefer to be inside now.” She looked at John and Sophia. “Can I sleep with you two tonight?” John pursed his lips as his wife subtly tensed and relaxed her muscles to distract him.

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