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I just got back to the states from a one-year remote tour in Korea. My wife and I are overjoyed to see each other again, after a long year apart. We have sex in every which way imaginable for the first couple of days, then go out and enjoy the rest of our time left in Los Angeles. The week before leaving for Colorado, our next assignment, we have a going away party. I have invited my running partner from Korea. Her name is Michelle. She is a 5’3″ brunette with a 34-24-35 hard body and has a carefree attitude towards life. Michelle has mid-back length curly brunette hair, which she sometimes straightens and ties in a ponytail.

Michelle and I hung out the day before the party by riding my Harley Davidson around the South Bay. We cruised through Malibu and the Palos Verdes peninsula, as well as all the beach cities in between. At one point we stopped on a cliff over looking the Pacific Ocean and I shut the Harley off. It vibrates like crazy on idle and that usually drives women wild. It was no different this time. After I put the kickstand down, Michelle wrapped her legs around my waist and slid in front of me. Her ass was now sitting on the gas tank and all she had on were jeans and a tank top under her denim jacket. She started to kiss me and tell me how she fantasized about making love on a Harley, who was I to say no to her fantasy. I took her jacket off as we played tongue twister in each other’s mouths. I laid her jacket on the gas tank and started to massage her nipples through her tank top.

She kissed me even more passionately as I started to unbutton her Levi’s. She told me to get up and strip, so I stepped off the Harley and removed my boots and jeans. I climbed back on the Harley and pushed Michelle back on to the gas tank. Then I pulled Michelle’s Levi’s down to her ankles. Next I lifted her legs over my head and shoulders trapping myself between her legs and trapping her legs around my waist using her jeans as an ankle tie. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, so I had immediate access to the cutest shaved pussy ever. I pulled Michelle back up towards me as I started to massage her pussy and inserted my fingers into her already soaking cunt. Michelle reached into my boxers and pulled my cock and balls out. My cock was as hard as a rock and my balls were aching to fill Michelle with a load of come. Michelle ankara escort trapped the elastic band of my boxers behind my balls, so they were easy access for her fingers and hand.

Michelle pulled my fingers out of her cunt and lifted herself up. She grabbed my cock and impaled her pussy with it in one swift move. She let out a moan and pushed my back onto the passenger seat. She started to ride my cock up and down like a pogo stick hanging onto my shoulders as she did. Her ass was hitting my balls on the down stroke and within moments I was filling her pussy with a load of come I thought wouldn’t stop. As I was finishing up Michelle started to come and collapsed on top of me hugging me tight. She was extremely satisfied with her fantasy being fulfilled and I can’t say I had any reason to complain either. I pulled my now limp cock out of her as I laid her back towards the gas tank. I then pulled her legs over me again and freed ourselves from each other. We got dressed again and continued on our afternoon motorcycle ride.

We pulled back into the driveway to Nathalie’s and my LA house. Nathalie had just gotten home from work and was there to greet us. Nathalie walked over and opened the garage door for me and as I pulled into the garage gave me a big hug and kiss. Michelle hadn’t even gotten off the Harley yet, so when Nathalie hugged me her arm grazed Michelle’s breasts. She put her hand on Nathalie’s lower back and I heard Nathalie let out a soft moan. We all took turns taking a quick shower, so we could go out for dinner. The girls looked extraordinarily HOT! Nathalie is a 5’3″ brunette with butt length hair and has a 35-24-36 figure. She was wearing a nice fitting white sundress and short brown leather jacket. Her hair was down and curly, and the dress accented her perfectly shaped breasts nicely. Michelle was wearing a white midriff tank top with tight fitting black leather pants and a matching short leather jacket. Her hair was pulled back straight into a tight ponytail. Her stomach was taut and showed the payoffs of many hours in the gym. I wanted to grab her right then and repeat this afternoon’s sexual escapades. They both looked incredibly sexy!

We all piled into Nathalie’s truck and drove to a real nice restaurant in Redondo Beach. We sat outside by the marina and had a wonderful dinner. We all escort ankara shared some cheesecake afterwards and fed each other with our forks, so we could all get a taste, of the variety, of cheesecake at the table. We had gone through 4 bottles of extremely good wine at the dinner table that night and we were feeling fine. The girls went off to the restroom together as I paid the bill. After they came back we went outside and had the truck brought up to us. I opened the doors for the ladies and got a nice kiss from each of them as we piled in. Nathalie gave me a hug and Michelle reached down and massaged my dick as she got in, Nathalie’s back was turned. As we are pulling out of the parking lot, I casually mention, “The only thing to end this perfect evening with is a threesome at home”. Nathalie says, “That would be great to have Michelle”. Michelle says, “I’m game”.

We arrive home to the house and leave the dog outside. I open the front door and as soon as I enter, Michelle is grabbing my ass from behind. I walk through the door and turn to hug and kiss Michelle. She jumps up and wraps her legs around my waist as I hold her up by her ass from underneath. Nathalie comes up behind us and massages Michelle’s breasts from behind. Nathalie removes Michelle’s jacket and hers, and then returns to reach around and unsnap and unzip Michelle’s leather pants. I put Michelle back on the floor now and she spins around to face Nathalie. She and Nathalie start to kiss each other and Michelle is massaging Nathalie’s breasts at the same time Nathalie is massaging Michelle’s. I strip off my clothes as the girls kiss each other and work their hands over each other’s bodies.

I reach down and pull Michelle’s pants down to her ankles. She steps out of them and is now only wearing high heels, a thong and her white midriff top. Michelle reaches down and massages Nathalie’s pussy through her panties. I go up to Michelle’s ass from behind and start to massage her breasts. As I do this my rock hard cock is resting between her extra firm ass cheeks. Michelle reaches down and pulls Nathalie’s sundress over the top of her head. Michelle then starts to suck on Nathalie’s nipples and moves her hand inside Nathalie’s bikini panties to finger her clit. As Michelle bends over to suck on Nathalie’s nipples, her ass pushes back into my cock. She ankara escort bayan lets out a moan as she continues to suck on Nathalie’s tits and finger her pussy. I pull Michelle’s thong down and insert my dick into her pussy lips. Her pussy engulfs my cock and she feels so tight, warm, and wet.

I continue to stroke Michelle hard and fast driving into her from behind with as much force as I can. My cock is stroking her G spot every time I slam into her, which sends her over the edge into an orgasm. She grabs Nathalie’s shoulders for support as I fill her orgasmic cunt with my load of come. As she stands up I pull her midriff top off and throw it aside. Michelle steps out of her panties and lies down on the floor pulling Nathalie’s panties off and exposing her pussy to Michelle’s mouth. Nathalie is now straddling Michelle’s face and being eaten like there is no tomorrow. Nathalie reaches over and starts to suck on my dick bringing it back to life in no time. Nathalie is now on the brink of her own orgasm and starts to flood Michelle’s mouth with her juices. Michelle is lapping up Nathalie’s juices as fast as she can and enjoying it. Then Nathalie crawls off of Michelle and lies down on her back on the floor. I join the girls on the floor and enter Nathalie’s pussy slowly, teasing her as slow as I can. Michelle straddles Nathalie’s face as my come spills out of Michelle’s pussy into Nathalie’s mouth.

As Michelle starts to orgasm onto Nathalie’s face, she collapses onto the floor and rolls off of Nathalie. Nathalie pushes me off and onto my back, then straddles my cock and rides my like a bucking bronco. As Michelle recovers she plants her pussy on top of my face and starts to kiss and massage Nathalie’s breasts again. I am licking Michelle’s clit and she soon starts to orgasm again, at the same time I blow my load into Nathalie’s cunt and Nathalie collapses into Michelle as her orgasm starts. We all collapse onto the floor and talk with our body’s intermingled and intermittent physical teasing going on. After about an hour we all start again and continue to have a wonderful sexual threesome all night long and early into the next morning. We sleep the rest of the morning away then shower and get stuff for our party ready. The party turned out to be a lot of fun and Michelle, Nathalie and I would sneak off into a room for a minute or two and tease each other. Then we would run back to the party and laugh. After all the guests left the party we started again. Making love and having sex in every way imaginable for a second night of a tantalizing threesome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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