Valentine’s Day Shopping Trip

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Alex waited impatiently as Diane put the finishing touches on her hair and make-up. She was taking a very long time just to primp for a shopping trip. He had asked her what she wanted for Valentine’s Day, and she had told him that she wanted him to take her shopping at a very exclusive lingerie boutique. Once she had gotten his approval, she made an appointment for their private showing.

“What time is our appointment?” He asked.

“Nine o’clock,” she called from the bedroom.

“Won’t the mall be closed then?” He asked.

“There’s a private entrance.” Diane answered.

She stepped into the hallway and gave a slow twirl for his appraisal. He whistled appreciatively as he took in the sight of her sexy body. His eyes drank in the sight of her soft, full lips painted with a seductive shade of red lipstick that nicely complemented her olive complexion. Her thick, black tresses hung down to shoulder length drawing his eyes down to her ample, 36D breasts that filled out the silky material of her black cocktail dress. The dress hugged the sensuous curves of her narrow waist and sexy ass leading down to her long, shapely legs and stiletto-heeled shoes.

“How do I look?” She asked with a seductive grin.

“Absolutely delicious,” he answered. “Do we have to dress so fancy for a shopping trip?”

“It’s all part of the experience,” she said, walking over and giving him a kiss. She ran her hands over his silk shirt and down across his semi-hard cock inside his wool slacks. “You look very sexy in that grey sport coat, by the way.”

Together, they walked out the door and got into his Lexus sport coupe. Gunning the engine, they headed down the drive and over to the fancy boutique mall on the more affluent side of town. The outer doors of the mall were being locked and customers filed out to their cars as the couple parked near the store known simply as Fantasy.

Getting out of the car, Alex followed Diane’s shapely figure toward the private, side door that she had been instructed to use. She opened the cover on a numeric keypad and entered the sequence from a message on her cell phone. The door clicked open and they stepped into a hallway that was dimly lit by decorative lamps that hung from the dark-paneled wall. As the door closed and locked behind them, a tall, elegant blonde woman appeared through red velvet curtains at the far end of the hall.

“Welcome,” she said, advancing gracefully towards them. As she walked, they caught a tantalizing glimpse of her shapely left thigh and lace-topped black stockings on display through the slit of her long, black gown. The front of the gown plunged in a deep v-neck exposing her ample cleavage. “I am Madame Treville. You must be Alex and Diane.”

“Thank you, Madame Treville,” Diane replied as they each shook her hand.

“Please call me Chloe,” she replied guiding them down the hallway and through the red velvet curtains into a large, circular salon.

The room was softly lit with track lighting around the top of the ceiling that gave the room a warm glow. As opposed to the dark-paneled hallway, subdued gold and silver colors decorated this room. A full-length, three-paneled mirror stood against one wall opposite a large, leather sofa. In front of the sofa, a chilled bottle of champagne sat in a silver bucket on the low table.

“Please, sit,” Chloe indicated the soft, luxurious sofa. “Champagne?”

“Yes, thank you,” Alex replied as they sat down on the sofa together.

Chloe poured each of them a glass of champagne and handed it to them. They sipped the refreshing bubbles and offered their approval.

“Excellent,” Alex said with pleasure.

“Thank you,” Chloe answered. “Tell me what kind of lingerie you are interested in viewing.”

“I’m looking for a special set to wear in the bedroom and under something formal for a night on the town.” Diane said.

“Bra and panties? Garter belt?” Chloe asked. “Or, would you be interested in a corset outfit?”

“I’m thinking bra, panties and garter belt.” Diane replied.


“Black or dark grey.”


“Silk and lace.”

“I see.” Chloe replied. “I will be right back.”

She stood up and walked though the doorway opposite the velvet curtains. She was gone for a few minutes as the couple sat on the sofa enjoying their champagne and examining the sumptuous decorations of the salon. After a short time, she returned and sat down in a chair next to them.

“I have chosen a few samples for you to view.” She said cheerfully. “One of our models, Angela, is your size and shape. She will help with the viewing.”

The doorway opened and Angela walked into the room. She was indeed the same height, size and shape as Diane with a few minor differences. One of the main differences between the two was her short red hair, which contrasted with Diane’s longer black hair. In addition, her skin was a pale, cream color typical of many redheads in contrast to Diane’s olive complexion. avcılar rus escort She wore a black, silk half bra, which supported her full breasts but left her erect nipples exposed. A matching silk and lace garter belt hugged her waist and attached to sheer, black stockings. A tiny, black silk thong panty covered her pussy, which was obviously shaved bare under the miniscule garment. She strode purposefully across the floor on stiletto-heeled shoes toward the couple seated on the sofa until she stood a few inches in front of them.

Alex shifted uncomfortably on the couch as he felt his cock become painfully erect inside his pants from the close proximity of the scantily clad model. He glanced over at Diane and saw a look of lust in her eyes even as her cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

“You can see that this outfit is very sexy, yet tasteful.” Chloe said. “It’s made of the finest imported silk and lace.”

Angela turned to face away from them. The thin strip of the thong panty split the apple cheeks of her ass putting it on tantalizing, close-up display.

“The thong leaves most of the derriere uncovered, yet is strong enough to help hold a butt plug in place.” Chloe said. She reached out and pulled the thong to the side exposing the base of a butt plug lodged firmly in Angela’s ass. She gently manipulated the base of the dildo eliciting a soft moan from Angela before sliding the thong back into place.

“This garment is ideal for a little light spanking, too.” Chloe reached out to give Angela’s ass cheeks a couple light swats with her hand. “The material covers just enough in the front to absorb any indications of arousal and hold the aroma for the enjoyment of your partner.”

Angela turned around again and stepped closer to Diane giving her a close-up view of the wet spot on the front of her thong and encouraging her to deeply inhale her feminine scent. Then, she stepped over to Alex to give him the same visual and olfactory exhibition.

“That’s very nice.” Diane panted feeling her own pussy gush at the wanton display before her. She felt confused at the sudden arousal and desire she felt as she drank in the sight of the sexy model.

“What other samples do you have for us to see?” Alex asked through dry lips seeing that Diane was having some difficulty trying to speak.

Angela turned gracefully on her heel and headed back to the dressing room. Her hips swung fluidly as she glided across the floor on her stiletto heels. After watching the seductive exit of Angela, Alex and Diane sat back on the couch to catch their breath and sip their champagne. Looking over at the flushed look on Diane’s face, he could see her stiff nipples poking through the silky material of her dress and knew that she was getting very aroused. He watched as she crossed and uncrossed her legs tightly, trying to relieve the growing discomfort in her pussy. He was sure that he caught the unmistakable aroma of her wet cunt wafting up from between her thighs as she fidgeted on the sofa. His cock was already straining against the front of his pants from the erotic display by Angela. Now, as he thought of Diane getting turned on as well, his own arousal became even more acute.

“Angela is a very sensual creature.” Chloe said idly as they waited for her to return. “She’s very responsive to the lover who knows how to get the most from her.”

Before any further comment could be made, Angela returned in a new outfit. Now, she wore a sheer, see-through lace bra and panty set. Although the material of this outfit covered her breasts more completely, everything was still easily visible through the sheer garment. Her stiff nipples pressed against the sheer, lacy material of the bra, and the full, meaty lips of her shaved pussy were clearly on display through the see-through lace along with the full cheeks of her ass. A matching garter belt and stockings completed the outfit.

“With this outfit, you can see the value of a little tease.” Chloe said with a sly grin. “Everything’s covered, but still on tempting display. The lace material is also very soft to the touch.”

Angela stood close to Alex and Diane. She reached down and took their hands guiding them over her stocking-clad thighs. Then, she moved their hands over her lacy panties and bra. They looked up and saw her eyes closed as she moaned at the soft caresses of their hands over her tits, ass and pussy.

Diane looked to the side at the sound of a second soft moan. She saw Chloe leaning back in the chair with her legs spread. She had a look of unbridled lust in her eyes as she watched them fondle Angela’s body. Her right hand had reached inside her gown to fondle her full tits and pull at her nipples. Her left hand had slipped inside the slit of her gown and was furiously rubbing her pussy.

“Chloe?” Diane said.

“Sorry, I got carried away by the erotic scene. I know how soft Angela’s skin feels. I can only imagine how your hands feel to her.” She replied avcılar türbanlı escort as she sat up and straightened her gown. She brought her left hand up to her lips and slowly licked her moist fingertips clean. “So, what do you think?”

“I like both outfits, very much.” Diane said as she tried to focus. She had continued to rub both of her hands over the lace-clad body of Angela.

“I think you like Angela, too.” Alex teased leaning back to sip his champagne and watch her fondle the other woman.

“Oh, my god!” Diane exclaimed blushing in surprise, but keeping her hands on Angela’s ass. Somehow, it felt completely natural to her to fondle the beautiful lingerie model. She could feel her own nipples stiffen and her pussy moisten as she caressed Angela’s soft skin.

“It’s ok.” Angela said. “Your hands feel great, and judging by the swelling in Alex’s pants, he’s enjoying the show.”

“Let’s get you fitted.” Chloe interrupted with a knowing smile, taking Diane by the hand and leading her to the dressing room along with Angela. Then, she turned and looked at Alex pointing at his crotch. “Leave that alone until we return.”

Alex leaned back against the couch and sipped his champagne waiting for the return of the three sexy women. So far, it had been a very informative and entertaining evening. He was surprised and aroused by the sudden change in Diane’s demeanor. He could see the ravenous look in her eyes as they had enjoyed the very personal and close up fashion show, and he wondered what she might be tempted to do next.

The door opened and Angela entered first, still wearing the see-through lace lingerie that she had been wearing most recently. Chloe followed her into the room. Her gown had been discarded and she was dressed only in sheer, black thigh-high stockings and a black, lace g-string. Her firm, full tits were uncovered and stood up proud on her chest. Diane entered last wearing the black silk bra, thong, and garter belt set that Angela had modeled initially for them.

“Her ass looks so good in this thong.” Chloe said giving Diane’s ass a playful slap. She turned her around to display Diane’s ass and the thong for Alex’s approval, before turning her back to face forward again.

“I like the way the bra makes her tits look just like big scoops of ice cream topped with bright, red cherries.” Angela said before she leaned down to suck an erect nipple into her mouth.

“I want some of that.” Chloe demanded leaning from the other side to suck on the other nipple.

Diane closed her eyes and moaned out loud holding the women’s sucking mouths against her tits. Angela reached down and rubbed Diane’s clit through the silky front of her thong while she suckled her tit. On the other side, Chloe reached down to squeeze the cheeks of Diane’s ass. The combined oral and manual stimulation of Diane’s body triggered another moan from deep in her throat.

Chloe picked up a glass butt plug from a side table and knelt behind Diane. Pulling the thong to one side, she coated the dildo with some clear lube as she licked the pink, puckered opening of Diane’s anus. Diane moaned as she gave herself over to the intense oral and manual explorations of her two sexy partners. A sudden gasp escaped her lips as she felt the lubed butt plug stretch the tight muscle of her anus. Grasping the base of the butt plug, Chloe slowly advanced it into Diane’s tight ass. Once the widest part of the dildo had opened her sphincter, it slipped smoothly into place with the base resting between the cheeks of her ass.

Chloe slipped the thong back into place and gave the cheeks of her ass a couple loud slaps turning the flesh pink and warm. At the same time, Angela began to suck harder on her stiff nipples and rub her swollen clit faster bringing Diane closer to orgasm. Diane wrapped her arms around Angela’s shoulders to support her body as she felt her climax approach. She felt her pussy begin to gush soaking the front of her thong with her juices. Alex watched as Diane screamed out her orgasm, her body shaking with her climax. Chloe and Angela supported Diane’s body as she recovered from her intense orgasm continuing to gently caress her sensitive flesh.

“Mmmm. Your pussy smells so good.” Chloe said moving around to kneel in front of her and pushing her nose into the front of Diane’s soaked crotch. She inhaled deeply before standing up from her kneeling position. The three women stood there gently holding and caressing each other with Chloe and Angela on either side of Diane.

“I think Alex is getting lonely.” Angela said turning to look at him hungrily.

The three women crossed the room and moved the table away from the couch. They helped Alex to his feet and quickly stripped his clothes off him. Once he was naked, they had him sit back down on the sofa with his thighs spread. All three women knelt between his legs eyeing his swollen cock lustfully.

“Such a nice cock.” Chloe said licking avcılar ucuz escort her moist, full lips and rubbing her hands over his right thigh. “It looks very tasty.”

“It is tasty.” Diane agreed kneeling in the middle and gently stroking the smooth shaft of his dick. “It stretches my pussy and ass just right, too.”

“Mmmmm, such nice heavy balls.” Angela added caressing them with her hands before leaning forward to plant a wet kiss on each one. “I’ll bet he fills you up with lots of thick, creamy cum.”

“He does. Alex delivers very large loads of sperm.” She answered. “It tastes wonderful, too. I love to feel his creamy spunk blast into the back of my throat or cover my face and tits in a sticky mess. I love the feel of the hot, thick jets filling my pussy or ass. Sometimes, we go out to parties and restaurants with his cum dripping out of my pussy or ass and running down the insides of my thighs.”

“I wish that I was there to lick it out of your well-fucked cunt.” Angela teased.

“You naughty slut.” Diane replied as she leaned over and gave her a soft, wet kiss. “You just might have to do that, sometime.”

Alex moaned as he listened to their dirty conversation and felt three soft pairs of hands caress and manipulate his cock, balls and thighs.

“I think he needs his cock sucked.” Chloe said watching the growing desire in Alex’s eyes.

“Be my guest.” Diane said moving to the side.

Chloe moved closer opening her mouth and swallowing his cock deep into her mouth. Her moist lips slid down over the shaft of his dick until the head of his cock rested in the back of her throat. Alex groaned as she deep throated him, her lips resting against his balls and her saliva drooling out of her stretched mouth. As her hot, wet mouth began to move up and down his stiff shaft, he felt Diane’s lips and tongue licking and teasing his balls.

Seeing that the other women had monopolized his cock and balls, Angela got up from between his legs and slid her panties off. She climbed up onto the sofa and straddled his face pressing her bare pussy into his face. Wrapping her hands in his hair, she pulled his mouth against her dripping cunt.

“Eat my pussy.” She ordered.

Alex sucked on the moist lips of her pussy as she rubbed her crotch against his mouth. His tongue dipped into the damp opening of her cunt lapping up her musky juices and flicked over her engorged clit. At the same time, Chloe and Diane continued to give his cock and balls a sloppy, tag team blowjob.

“Does she taste good?” Diane asked looking up to watch Alex tongue lash Angela’s twat. He murmured his approval of her sweet, musky flavor into the moist folds of her pussy as she continued to ride his tongue.

“He’s good at this.” Angela moaned grinding her cunt on his tongue.

“I know.” She agreed enthusiastically. “I think I’m feeling hungry, too.”

Diane slid down onto her back until she was lying underneath Chloe looking up between her thighs at the damp crotch of her panties. Pulling the small, lacy panties down over Chloe’s hips, she was now faced with the moist opening of her neatly trimmed, blond pussy hovering right over her face. Chloe was focused on sucking Alex’s cock when she felt Diane’s hands on her hips pulling her pussy down onto her open mouth. Chloe moaned around the dick in her mouth as Diane’s tongue licked and teased her cunt.

“She’s good at this, too.” Chloe groaned between sucks on Alex’s dick. “Do you have a lot of pussy eating experience, Diane?”

“No.” She said flicking her tongue over Chloe’s clit and sliding a finger into her pussy probing for her g-spot. “I’m just a talented amateur, but I know what turns me on.”

Suddenly, they heard Angela scream out her climax grinding her pussy on Alex’s tongue. Wrapping her hands in his hair, she pulled his mouth tightly against her spasming cunt coating his face with her juices. Spurred on by the loud vocalizations of Angela’s climax, Diane increased her oral and manual assault on Chloe’s twat. Chloe rotated her hips faster as she rode Diane’s probing tongue and fingers. Although she was not very experienced with other women, Diane was certainly pushing all the right buttons as far as Chloe was concerned. She tried to focus on sucking Alex’s cock, but her own orgasm was starting to rapidly build interrupting her concentration. It didn’t take too much longer before Chloe rode Diane’s tongue to a mind-shattering climax. Catching her breath, she slid down Diane’s body and kissed her full on the lips savoring the taste of her own pussy on the other woman’s tongue.

“Let me know, if you ever decide to turn in your amateur pussy eating status for pro.” She said between moist kisses.

“I think I’ll stay an amateur.” Diane responded. “I prefer to keep my pro status as far as cock sucking.”

“Mmmmm.” Chloe answered. “Here, I’m just the opposite, but I do love both cock and pussy, too.”

As Diane and Chloe lay next to each other on the floor caressing and kissing each other, Angela slid down Alex’s body lowering her wet pussy onto Alex’s stiff cock. With a satisfied moan, she sank down sheathing his cock in her moist pussy. With her legs wrapped around his waist, she started to ride up and down on his thick shaft.

“Oh, yes!” She moaned. “Stretch my pussy with your big cock.”

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