Vacation Adventures Ch. 01

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Day 1

Laura was excited when she got off the boat. She hadn’t seen Emily in three years and didn’t expect they’d be meeting on an island off the coast of Thailand. Emily was on an extended vacation with a boyfriend, now going on two months, and she invited Laura over for the week.

They had met while teaching English in Taiwan, and Laura was still there, though she always said she was leaving soon, she never found a reason to quit a good job. Emily had found a reason, an Israeli guy. Handsome, somewhat techie, but cultured nevertheless. He worked in Tel Aviv on a start-up, and though Laura never really got to know him well when he was in Taiwan, Emily fell for him enough that she took up his offer to move to Israel with him.

Emily was always a bit crazy, but that’s why Laura loved her. She was American, a recovering Christian, which British Laura had little experience with. She took to boys, drinking and clubbing like she was trying to prove a point, which she explained in one of their more open (read: drunk) moments was rather natural for someone with her upbringing, but it didn’t change the fact that she just really really liked men, drinking and clubbing.

Taiwan was a horrible place to meet men, and though Laura wasn’t as boy crazy has Emily, she was hoping to get laid this week. Emily practically guaranteed it. Neither of them spoke very good Chinese, which even putting aside the cultural issues made most people in Taiwan off limits, and since men didn’t seem to care about language or culture, just how skinny a girl was, even the expat dating pool was worthless. The two of them used to go to trips to Hong Kong whenever a big event was likely to draw a bunch of foreigners to the area. People were surprised they liked soccer so much . . . little did they know.

There was Emily waiting for her as she got off the boat. Laura was always surprised how good looking she was. The same Texas smile was on her face, she was wearing tan pants and a bikini top over her medium sized breasts. She was still skinny as a rail. Her almost platinum blonde hair was up for maximum effectiveness. Laura remembered that it even took her breath away when Emily’s hair was down.

They hugged, and it was as though Emily had never left. As Emily led Laura through the streets of the town towards where they were staying they quickly found out about Emily’s life in Tel Aviv, her boyfriend’s business, ataşehir escort Laura’s continuing problems with men, and various job prospects that could send her back to the more dating friendly United Kingdom.

The tourist beaches were along a small waterfront that held on one of the off streets both the hostel that Laura was staying at, and the hotel that Emily was staying at with her boyfriend. It was getting late though, so they dropped Laura’s stuff off quickly at the hostel, barely even giving her enough time to check in before Emily dragged her down to the beach where a group of about 20 people, including Emily’s boyfriend, were standing around a fire chatting and drinking.

Emily first said hi to her boyfriend, and let them get reintroduced. Then walked her around, introducing her to all the other people she knew. The last person Laura was introduced to was a good-looking guy named Michael. They started up a conversation about where they’d traveled to, and almost two words into it Emily excused herself to go back to her boyfriend. Laura got the point.

Michael was really good looking. Tall, dark hair, perhaps a few years older than her, with a smile that looked like a suit model. He was smart too, perhaps not smart like Emily’s boyfriend, he didn’t seem to actually “do” much. But he had traveled all over the world, and was surprisingly witty. She drifted away from him to get drinks and talk to other people now and again, but she always found herself back talking to him for longer and longer periods. As she was starting her third drink she began imagining him grabbing her breasts. She always found that a male body suggested something to do with it, and Michael definitely should be grabbing her breasts. She wasn’t quite sure why.

As the party wound down Emily walked over to the two of them with her boyfriend, ready to call it a night.

“I think we’re going to head back,” she said. “But we wanted to offer, if you guys need more room than the hostel has to offer you can come back to our place with us.”

It had been clear for the past hour that Michael was taking Laura to bed, but they weren’t exactly sure how they’d do that, both staying in a room with five other people. “Do you guys really have that much room?” asked Laura.

“Oh yea, sure, its fine.” Laura was surprised that Emily and her man had two rooms, but she’d avcılar anal yapan escort go with anything at this point. Michael had is left arm around her, resting his hand on the curve of her side. It was most of what she was thinking about at that time.

Emily was staying in a large room with a King sized bed. It was beautifully lit at night, with plants in the room and a canopy over the bed. But the second room Laura thought she was going to was conspicuously missing. Emily didn’t seem to think anything of it. She let down her hair in that oh so stunning way, undid her top and jumped into the bed, taking off her pants while lying down and waiting for her boyfriend to take off his clothes in his much more deliberate manner.

Laura starred in shock, or awe, she couldn’t be quite sure which. She had never seen Emily topless, and she didn’t know what to do now that her and her boyfriend were quite clearly about to have sex in front of them.

“This isn’t what I was expecting,” she quietly said to Michael. Emily smiled at Laura when she had her pants off and her boyfriend was about to grab her.

“Neither was I,” he said, with a bit of a nervous smile.

They both watched for a few moments, unsure of what to do. Then she noticed Michael touching her breasts, she turned towards him and he pressed harder, using his other arm to bring her in towards him for a kiss.

She let her self get carried away with it. He kissed her lips, her face, her neck, as he got her top off and moved her towards the bed. She loved kisses on her neck, and Michael did them perfectly. He moved her slowly as he removed her blouse and bra, pushing on her finally released breasts and touching that perfect place on her hip. She had barely thought to get his shirt off.

When she was down on the bed he did it himself while she undid his pants. She always thought it a thrill the first time she unbuckled a man’s belt. The way his cock has been obviously straining for more space, and she finally gave it to him. Michael’s cock was just what she wanted, though she obviously wasn’t thinking straight at that point. It was just the size where she could imagine it making her full. She sucked him while she pulled his pants down, but she couldn’t wait to get it inside her.

On the bed he kissed her neck some more, with one hand on her cunt. Her breathing quickened avcılar bdsm escort once again, as he rubbed at her clitoris and slowly positioned him self above her. A woman’s hand touched her on the shoulder. Emily was already going at it hard.

“Quick,” she whispered.

He slid into her. He felt perfect.

Michael was slower than Emily’s boyfriend. Though Emily didn’t seem to mind the fucking she was getting, Michael took his time getting her built up. The first time he pulled back and pushed back in she moaned in a way that was almost a gasp. She had always been loud during sex. As he sped up she groan with every thrust, pushing the feeling through her body. She quickly orgasmed, letting out a louder shout as she did.

As she came down from her orgasm, Michael was still working her in a way that was making her dizzy. She looked over at Emily, who was looking at her almost in curiosity as her boyfriend was fucking her. When their eyes met Emily smiled at her, that same cute smile, then put her attention back to getting fucked.

“I want to get on top,” she said to Michael. He kissed her, and pulled out. Taking her place on the bed. His body looked lovely on the bed, and she couldn’t help but admire it for a moment. She smiled at him again, grabbed his dick, bent down to lick it a few times, and then got on him.

She worked herself up to a slower orgasm this time. Her clitoris was getting everything it need, but she had more control over the situation. And she could pay more attention to him. She found the exact right spot, and worked herself while he played with her breasts and she kissed his face and neck between moans.

She lost track of what else was going on on the bed. All she noticed was this beautiful man with his hard cock working her. All the stress from the past few months was just melting away. She came again, and it was as though she was half conscious when he positioned her on her knees, and started fucking her the way Emily had been fucked all night. It was like every two strokes she was building up a ladder, and as she came, shouting again, she felt his dick expand and start to pulse as she was being filled with his semen.

They collapsed on the bed in a ball of heavy breathing, and she was only taken out of her reverie by Emily and her boyfriend applauding them.

“Yay!” said Emily.

“Shut up you guys,” Laura said, embarrassed. She noticed how nice Emily’s breasts were again though.

Both couples fell asleep spooning, the guys on the outside the two girls in the middle. The guys fell asleep quickly, as guys do after sex. The girls tried to sleep, but kept finding themselves catching each others eye, and laughing together at how ridiculous it all was.

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