Uses of Paper Towels

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I met you at the local community college about two years ago. You had left your boyfriend after a drag down, knock out fight. You had your cats, wet clothes, and needed a place to stay. You looked so pathetic in the rain. It was then that I noticed your perky little nipples sticking out in your shirt. I thought hey, this can be only be so bad. The pros- she has a great ass, perfect eyes, and she has a great rack. Cons-she insists on sleeping on the couch instead in my bed. I will have to work on that. So, I let you stay at my humble abode. (AKA Palace of Lust)

July 4th, I just got home from seeing the fireworks. It sucked since it was warm and the air was very humid. 87 degrees my ass, it seemed like 100. I had stayed up drinking the night before and most of the day. After all, I just wanted to celebrate one of our founding fathers philosophies “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” (Ben Franklin). After of celebrating our courtiers independence and thanking God for such a great way to be happ[, all I wanted was to catch up on some shut eye..

I was in a deep sleep when I hear you come in. I look at the alarm clock. casino şirketleri 2AM I lie in bed trying to get back to sleep when I hear you rip the paper towel off its rack.

I could not believe how long it took me to figure out what you used the paper towels for. I kept picking them up in the morning after you went to work. I thought it was for wiping your face when you were hot, or for the cats. It was not till I examined the yellow stain that I realized that it was your masturbation toy. Who would have ever thunk paper towels had so many uses. I wonder if females are right about their unflattering assessment of mankind. Why did we have to wait till 1907 for Author Scott to invent such an erotic tool? I know it is blasphemy, but if it took us so many centuries to figure out something so basic in regards to sex, what else have we been so slow to figure out such things about the female body. I sometimes wonder why God made man first.

I know what is on your mind. I have heard this before. I am awake now. The voyeur in me is on pins and middles — wide awake. I have heard that familiar noise at night s in the past and know this is going casino firmaları to be no different. I know it will be only a few minutes before the phone call. My cock is starting to get hard with aspiration, Inadvertently, I start feeling myself.

4 minutes later, I hear what I have been waiting for. I can hear only make out words here and there but I know it is your weekly booty call. I can just start feel the walls vibrate. I loud sigh here, a moan there. This is so much better than porn.

I am so jealous of you. When I ever have phone sex, it is never that way. I can lucky if I can get off, more times than not, I end up faxing it. I wonder if my girlfriends ever catch on that I am louder on the phone than in real life. And they thought they had the market on faking. I truly think it is a miracle to hold a cell phone on your ear and masturbate and talk all at the same time. Maybe it is the ability to multitask that makes phone sex so much more fun for females than for guys.

I hear the TV go on. I am not sure why you think this is going to cover the noise of your activates. I can hear you slowly rub the paper towel over your güvenilir casino clit.

If only I could be a fly on the wall. I would give up drinking beer for life to live out such a fantasy.

Slowly at first, but the vibrations start get stronger. I can almost see you take off the blanket, as you really get into it. Faster and Faster the floor creaks

I have only seen you nude once, but that was an accident. I remember like it was yesterday, shortly after you moved in, the alarm clock woke me up. Half asleep, I walk in in the room to turn it off, and there I see you getting out of bed to turn it off – completely naked. My belief in a higher power was never as strong as it was at that moment. We stare at each other for what seem like eternity, but it was only for a fraction of a second. I do not think you ever slept nude again, but I can always see you in my mind’s for that split second. Seeing you naked was not a good as sex, but did put a smile on my face for most of the morning while I replayed the events.

I am starting to stroke my cock really hard now. I know you are trying to muff your cries as you moan into the couch but it is of little avail. My member is at its full thickness now. I can feel my breathing increasing, and I am biting my upper lip to stay quiet. I can hear your rhythm increase and know it will be any second now. I am so on the edge when I hear a low tap on the door…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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