Unlikely Chance

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I met this girl once upon a time. Completely hit it off with her on what pretty much amounted to chance. I mean, who could have predicted the situation through which we initially met. That situation led to one thing and then another and now I can barely keep up with her as she jumps through all of these hoops on her own dragging me with her. Some of them have even left me a little bit burnt. I guess it would be wise to start at the beginning before you get any more confused.


The family decided to take a trip out to a major city. We lived in a fairly rural area and did not often have the chance to experience all the lights and action that goes on in any metropolis. So my parents took off work and we left on a trip. I had just graduated from high school and this amounted to, not only a vacation, but also a graduation trip as well considering I didn’t have the chance to go with my class out of country when they went. I had been busy finishing off all my projects in the laboratories at the school. One of them specifically had to be monitored diligently if I expected to pass that class.

I had gotten involved in all the various experiments I could and was even allowed to set up a few of my own. The specific one that forced my hand was actually in the chemistry laboratory. I was attempting to run a natural decomposition of various articles of trash that one might find around the area. The litter wasn’t a problem, but I was curious about the affects it might have on the soil considering all the other chemicals that could leach into it from the air and surrounding environment.

In any case, the experiment required minor adjustments that might have ruined the results had I left it untended or attended by a less experienced person. That would have forced the school to hold me back for my senior year. That was how significant the project was. Thankfully, it was successfully completed and I graduated at the top of my grade. I also managed to obtain some conclusive data from that experiment that warranted further research and awarded me a few scholarships to well ranked schools.

My parents planned a trip that was on par, if not better, than the trip my class went on without me. They took me up to the Big Apple. New York City. We went all over the place and saw all sorts of things. Saw a few shows on Broadway. Sat through a few operas in languages I hadn’t learned in high school. Ate at a few high class restaurants. I even humored my parents through a Yankees game. Overall, the trip was proving to be phenomenal and relaxing. Sure there were a few boring things, like the Yankees game and one of the musicals on Broadway. The bad was encompassed by the good though.

At least that is what I thought until our eight day there. We had just left one of the larger malls and were walking past an alleyway when I saw something strange. It looked like a few guys hustling another back into a darker part of the alley. One that wasn’t well lit in the evening light. I couldn’t be sure and I felt the strong urge to check it out.

“Hey dad,” I called out to him as I stopped in front of the alley. They had proceeded on a little bit further and had to stop and turn around before he could answer.

“What is it?”

“I’ll meet y’all back at the hotel. I saw something for my next experiment that I want to check out.”

My family knew that I wasn’t going to be stopped in the face of something interesting. Especially not something that could be turned into an experiment even if it was boring to normal people.

“Are you sure you don’t want any help?” he asked.

“Nope, I’ll be quick about it. See you back at the hotel.”

He shrugged and then turned to lead the family back to the hotel. I waited fifteen seconds for them to get lost in the crowd before I turned back to the alley. I couldn’t see the group anymore. That wasn’t a good thing. I sprinted in looking left and right for any sign of them. I passed by empty alcoves and a couple dumpsters acting as windbreaks for the homeless. Then I caught sight of another alley. I stopped and peered in looking for more signs. I saw a cell phone light up as someone answered a call towards the darker section in the alley.

“You bitch!” shouted a stumbling shadow.

“Leave me alone you bastards!” screamed a woman’s voice.

“Now I want her even more,” growled the shadow. It started to move back towards the wall and I knew I had to act.

“Excuse me,” I called out. “Can one of y’all tell me how I can get to the police station? I kind of lost my way. First time being here and I get lost. Imagine that.”

“Fuck,” someone whispered, “too fucking loud you idiot.”

“Just scare the guy so we can get back to busi – Ouch! Bitch!”

“Help me,” the woman shouted, “they’re trying to assault me.”

A different shadow trudged towards me. I heard a click as a knife came out and locked into place.

“You had better move along bub before someone gets hurt.”

I know I’m not in the best of shape. In fact, the athletic guys in my classes were always teasing me about it. 170 antalya escort pounds of flesh and bone on a six foot three person is surprising in the least. I look like a walking toothpick. I managed to put on fifteen pounds of muscle since then, but I’m still fairly thin. The bad part is that I have no confidence in actually being able to take this guy. Especially since he has a knife.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that,” I said in my best ass-kicking hero voice. “Women shouldn’t be left alone to the likes of you.”

His steps sped up and then I heard the telltale slip of him leaning into to take a slice out of me and dodged left up against the wall. Considering the chances of him being right handed were high, this side presented less chance of him cutting me in a horizontal slash than the other side. He stumbled forward when he missed and tripped over something forcing him to the ground. I heard the knife squelch into something and kept my back to the wall.

“Hey Tommy, did you get rid of him?” asked the other guy from further down the alley.

“Hey Tommy, didn’t ya hear me?”

I saw a shadow break away from the wall and start inching towards us. I heard another knife click out and into place as the guy continued forward. He grew closer and closer until he was almost in front of me. I swung my fist out and connected with his jaw. It hurt as if hell was bursting forth in torrents. How hard a jaw did this guy have?

“Bastard,” he spat. Then I felt cold steel puncture the left side of my torso. It grazed through a tenth of an inch of my muscle as it careened hastily into the wall. I broke right and heard a thump followed by more cursing. I shifted back left and aimed three inches higher than I had last time. This time, it connected with a softer spot on the side of his head. I heard him collapse and immediately went over to the woman.

I could barely make out where she had slumped against the wall.

“Ma’am,” I said as I tapped her shoulder. “Ma’am. Are you still with me?”

I tapped and talked at her for thirty more seconds before I concluded that she was unconscious. I didn’t want to move her because she could destabilize. The first guy that went down was using a cell phone earlier. Seeing as I don’t have one, maybe I should use his.

I slowly treaded back towards the opening of the alley and avoided the second guy slumped up against the wall. The first was lying in the center still. His pockets turned out a few coins, a box of cigarettes, and his phone. I quickly dialed 9-1-1.

“Hello,” a voice answered, “What is your emergency?”

“Hi,” I answered, “I have three people down in front of me. Two men that I caught assaulting a woman and the woman herself. The two men both have knives and I know for certain that one I knocked out. The other hasn’t moved in awhile, so I’m not sure. The woman is unconscious and I don’t want to move her if it can be helped.”

“Where are you sir?” the voice asked.

“I don’t know. I’m a tourist.”

“Hold on a minute sir. I’m finding your address now… There you are. I’m sending the police and some ambulances. Please stay on the line until they arrive.”

“Of course,” I said. I waited for a few minutes before hearing alarms sounding. They gradually got closer until they stopped moving altogether.

“I’m hanging up now. They have arrived.”

“Thank you sir and have a good night.”

I ended the call and waited as feet stormed up to my position. Soon blazing beams of light flashed across my eyes.

“Hands up!” someone shouted. I promptly raised my hands as the light continued to blind me.

“What’s your name kid?” he asked.

“Mark Blaine,” I answered.

“Are you the one who called?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” I responded.

“Where’s the woman?”

I pointed behind me and heard a couple people shuffle past me.

“Found her,” one of them said. “She’s fine. Just unconscious.”

A couple more guys bustled in and checked the men around me. One stirred the second guy and dragged him out of the alley. The other started accruing men. The guy with the light finally stopped blinding me and moved me out towards the cars. I was asked a few questions to ascertain what had happened before being sent to one of the EMS guys to be patched up on the side. Everything went quickly and then I was released. I wandered back to the hotel and crashed into sleep once I sat on my bed.

I was called back in a few days later to give an official testimony and released back to my parents. They were amazed to find out what had happened and treated me to ice cream. My dad even joked about me finally getting a war wound worthy of a man. We continued with our vacation with little else to hinder us before returning home. I was called back a couple months later to testify and did my part. The first man had died from falling on his knife. He also had large amounts of drugs in him that supposedly prevented him from staying alive long enough for emergency help. The other guy was found guilty and sentenced to prison. Apart from that and talking with a kepez escort couple lawyers, I was free to go back to my home.

Life continued normally after that. Got into college and started in the science programs with a double major. My counselor thought I might as well triple major at the rate I was moving through some of my classes. I had managed to test out of all the entry-level requirements during enrollment. After that, I CLEPped out of a few of the normal classes and took all the labs and science classes I could. Ended up enrolled for eighteen credit hours with over half of them being labs.

This is the point when life got a little bit stranger. It was a normal day on campus. I was even enjoying my normal extra circular time in the chemistry laboratory after hours. I had appealed to the dean of the department as well as the laboratory manager for some extra time after hours to run my own research. They approved the request without any trouble considering my past commendations from my high school professors.

I was testing the reaction of some of the major poisons seeing if I could counteract it with basic household ingredients. Turns out I was proving successful on that front when I noticed a set of eyes watching me from across the counter. A pair of large blue eyes resting right above two sets of slender fingers.

“Can I help you?” I asked curiously.

“Are you Mark Blaine?” a feminine voice sounded from the other side of the counter.


The eyes bounced up into a full figured female. A first rate smile of pearly white teeth gleamed at me from the opposite side of the counter. Her brown hair bounced as she moved. Then she darted out the door before I could say anything else. I approached the door and checked outside to find an empty hall. Whoever she was, she was like a ghost.

I went back to my experimenting feeling rather confused. I ended up spending another hour finishing the processes so they could run over night. Then I packed everything else up and locked up the laboratory. The campus was dark during my walk back to my apartment complex. I found my apartment manager walking down the stairs with a knowing look on his face. He winked at me right before I managed to get past him. Feeling even more confused, I made it to my apartment only to find it unlocked with the lights on and the smell of something cooking.

I set my stuff right inside the door and as quietly as possible to prevent alerting whoever was there. Someone had to be managing the cooking. I sneaked around to the kitchen part to find that woman from earlier. She was humming happily while wearing an apron in front of the stove.

“Hello,” I said. She whipped around to look at me. In the process, she flipped hot oil all over me. I even spied a few filets of fish. Her hand went to her mouth and then she hurriedly turned everything off before running back to me and pulling my shirt off. My pants went next and I was no longer burning to death by oil.

“I’m going to go take a shower and then you can explain what’s going on after.”

I turned and left for the shower. I flipped on the cold water to cool my skin down before gradually heating it back up. Soon it was at my normal shower temperature and I leaned my head against the wall. Then the water stopped raining down on me before I felt two soft points explode on my back and two arms encircle my chest. I tried to turn around and look, but she stayed with me. Her smooth legs touching the back of mine. Her slightly chubby waistline leaning up against the back of my waist. Her breasts poking into back. I could gradually start to feel her nipples getting firmer on my back. Even I was starting to get excited as blood began to rush towards my lower half.

“What’s going on?”

In response, her right hand slid down to trace the scarring left from knife a few months earlier.

“Do you remember how you got this?” she asked.

“You were the woman from back then?”

“Yes, that was me.”

By then, I was excited enough that my dick had erected fully. Her arm tapped up against the tip eliciting a twitch. Her right hand moved out from my waist and clasped onto my erection. Her hand was soft and a little moist from the shower. I watched as she stroked slowly up and down. Her movements were unfamiliar as if this were a new thing for her.

“So why are you doing this?”

“You don’t like it?” she asked surprised. “I thought I was doing a good job.”

A slight hitch had snuck into her voice at that last part and she stopped stroking my now red erection.

“No. I mean Yes. Yes, I like it. It’s great.”

Her hand started moving again and she asked without trouble, “Then what are you talking about?”

“Why me? Why did you come find me?”

“Because you saved me at risk for yourself. You even protected me despite your lack of physical prowess. Though you seem to make up for that in certain parts of your body.”

She chuckled and then it hit me. How had she found me? I Struggled around and finally was able to look manavgat escort at her. Her hand was still on my cock and she was still giving me a hand job.

“How do you know so much about me?” I prodded her verbally. She put a finger to my lips and looked up at me with those clear blue eyes. She smiled and then pushed towards the wall. My back pressed up against it as she pressed up against me. Her hand started moving faster over my cock and the pleasure was growing. Her free hand clamped on the backside of my neck and pulled my head down to hers.

Her moist lips pressed up against mine. They etched themselves across mine and then parted to grab hold. Her tongue snuck in and immediately coiled around mine. Sound began to drown in the midst of the pleasure. Her tongue dancing around my mouth and her hand pumping away at my cock. Then it was too much and I felt my balls tighten in anticipation.

“I’m cumming,” I managed to get out right before my semen coated the bottom of her breasts. She licked her lips tasting what was left of me on her from our kiss. Her free hand snuck down and wiped up some of the semen for her to taste as her other hand continued to work away at my dick keeping it fully erect.

The shock of seeing her taste me slid me right down the shower wall. My legs splitting on either side of her to accommodate her coming down with my cock still in hand. She released it and grabbed my head for another kiss. I felt her tongue immediately go for my mouth feeling the bliss of the entire moment. Then one hand migrated back down and held me still as she prepared herself for our connection. I could feel a viscous liquid dripping down my shaft right before she lowered herself down.

It was incredibly tight and I only managed to get an inch or two in before it got even tighter. However, the softness of her pussy was more than enough to get me to cum under normal circumstances. If I hadn’t just done so, I probably would have filled her with semen.

She noticed the halt and lifted up a little bit before crashing back down my shaft. Her head flicked back and her body grimaced at the action. I peered down between us and noticed some blood leaking out from between us. It certainly wasn’t mine.

“You were a virgin?” I asked. Her head nodded in reply.

I gulped and said, “Is it really alright for me to be your first?”

She brought her head back around and said, “I intend to make you my first, last, and everything in between.”

With that, her lips found mine again. She tried to lift up and grimaced again. So I began playing with her breasts. I massaged first the right and then the left. Then both of them at the same time. They weren’t small by any standard. If I had to guess, she was bordering on a D in cup size. Each breast filled my hand completely and was incredibly soft. I squeezed them and felt my fingers sink in.

I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed earlier considering how large they are. The sweater she had been wearing hid them extremely well. Her figure was incredible which is probably why those guys had been chasing her back then.

Her body loosened up and collapsed against me. I pushed my cock up into her and felt her body tremble. I reached down and grabbed either side of her waist lifting her up as I slid out. We got to where the tip was the only thing left before I dropped her back down. She moaned into my mouth as her body collapsed against me. I lifted her up again and then slammed her back down. She could no longer maintain our kiss and could barely hold onto me.

I laid her back onto the tile and began to slide in and out of her wet pussy. Each motion elicited a sound. I started varying the depth and intensity as her moans started to grow. Her pussy got tighter as well until I could barely move. Then I noticed I couldn’t hang on anymore and tried to pull out.

“I’m going to cum,” I told her as I neared the entrance to her wet pussy.

“No… Do it… Inside…” she groaned out.

I continued and said, “But you would get pregnant…”

My cock was getting ready to burst. I had to move quicker. As I was almost at her entrance, her legs came up and wrapped around my waist before pulling me right up into her. I felt my cock slide all the way in and then I couldn’t hold on. I burst right into her womb. Spurt after spurt shot further into her until I was finally out. I didn’t feel like I could go any further and collapsed on top of her. We laid there as she continued to climax for another two minutes.

Then I gained enough strength to roll off her. My dick was starting to go flaccid and popped out. Then we laid there gasping from the activity. She curled up against me entwining out legs and placing her head on my shoulder. I felt her aroused nipples poking me in the side and I was almost turned on again except for the fact that I was exhausted.

Then the shower water chilled as the hot water ran out. We sobered up immediately, showered and got out. I prepared us some sandwiches and tossed my oily clothes in a bag to take tomorrow. I knew of some stuff to take it right out. Then we got down to business. Her name was Ammie and it turns out she was the daughter of the mayor both felt indebted to me for having saved her. They looked me up thoroughly and ran all types of checks. Turns out they even knew when my last medical checkups had been.

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