Two Of Them

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*flash back to the weeks prior to this wonderful encounter*

I’m the lawn man. Or boy as some people put it. I don’t make lots of money…the work is hard and very physical and most of my clients are old retired people who don’t know how to tip or say thanks or even acknowledge me. Most of them do things like leave the money in the mailbox or write me post dated cheques so they don’t have to be bothered by me. Some of them are great. They’ll leave out some juice or a sandwich.

I’ve got one house

27 with these incredible girls that I can try to not stare at because they are so hot I don’t even know what to do when I look at them. The two of them are from playboy or something I swear. Some of my brother’s friends say that they know them but I don’t believe that ladies like these would hang around with some skiddy biker. But that’s what he says.

I met a girl last summer her name is Tiffany and she comes with me on my runs. I’m glad for the company and also because she’s a very good-looking girl. She’s young. I’m only 23 but she is just 18 with this nice thick brown hair. She’s better to look at than these old bastards let me tell you that. But when we get to 227 I pray that she’ll go home or jump in the truck and read or something. She never does and my hands sweat the whole time I’m there. I work so hard just so I don’t stare at them. So last week while I was over I saw the one who hires me I think her name is Allison or Natashia or something like that, (all I really know is she gives the cheques out) talking to Tiffany. I thought that this was a good thing because I needed to at least talk to them so it would be a good in. They look like they are late twenties so they aren’t so far out that they couldn’t have some interest in me I hope.

So when we got back to Tiff’s place so I could drop her off I asked her if she liked those two. Well she said that she did but that the one girl seemed to be always looking at me when I was there and the other tried to get her to stay home next time. I joked it off saying that she probably just took it the wrong way and told her I pick her up tomorrow night to go out. Well I got home and ran to my bedroom after the non-stop fantasy parade I just had in my mind. I couldn’t help but to be totally turned on for some reason. My dick was already hard and I just stood in front of the mirror stroking it, smiling at how much I wanted to be some stud that they drooled over. I imagined taking them one at a time on the side of the pool. The other one just watching and talking in my ear while the other kept telling me to fuck her harder.

Making them beg me for my cock as I pleasured them to the point that they couldn’t even take my dick in them anymore. When I finally came I stayed standing and watched it shoot out of my dick and across the room. Every time I fantasize about them the same thing happens. When I’m thinking of just people it sometimes just comes out but whenever I fantasize about fucking them it shoots out hard. Almost can hear it sometimes it’s so tight down by my balls. So the week went by slowly. I’m finished college for now so my days are totally open and free. I found myself driving past their house on a few occasions with a huge hard on in my pants. I don’t know why guess I was just dreaming that maybe they’d be out on their lawn and wave me in for a drink or a dip in the pool. I love so much to look at their huge tits stuffed into their bikinis. If I were to reach down my pants right now I’d have pre-cum on the tip I’m sure.

So Saturday morning rolls around and I phone Tiff to see if she’s ready. She tells me she’s not coming today as it’s supposed to get into the 100 range in the shade. So I said that sucked but I understood. It caught me so off guard actually that I didn’t even think of 227 and being there without her. So I spent the day working and sweating. I figure I make as much in a day as someone does at an 8$ an hour full time job for the week so it’s not to bad for being 23. Lawn after lawn and bags and bags of grass fill the truck by the time I make my second last stop at 227.

**Present day**

I enter the yard and take a look around. I don’t see the two of them so I take a look at my pit stained shirt that I’m wearing and decide to take it off. I look nice but it’s still just skinny boy physique. As I unload the mower and grab my bag of trimming tools I look over and see the two of them standing there by the pool holding some lemonade for me. I smile and motion to the bag of tools I have in my hand and tell them I’ll be right back. After I drop my gear on the far corner of the lawn I am cooking hot and can only think of how good a cool drink would feel. Looking over I don’t see them by the pool so I head on over with confidence and grab a glass of it.

As I get close to the pool I see that the two of them are in the water and very close to each other. The one with the big tits is getting her back rubbed up by some lotion and the other one pulls on her bikini string so there is nothing but skin for her to rub. Well bahis firmaları a million things are rushing through my mind and one of them is…run! LOL! Once the rub is done the one with the big tits turns around…Now don’t get me wrong they both have great big tits way bigger than I’ve ever had before but the one has bigger ones and since I don’t know names that’s how I distinguish them…and takes the others breast in her hand. Oh the look of those fingernails on skin, well I wanted to run but I am shocked into position. Then out of the corner of her eye the one who has no top on looks at me and smiles.

Well I want to die right here right now… that smile is so sexy! I want to seem a little older than I am so I stupidly say the thing that shouldn’t have some out “Damn, are you two lesbo’s or something?” Well I want to slap my forehead right there! What a fucking question to ask these girls. I’m expecting the one who looked at them to tell me to fuck off and get the hell out of here. Instead to the surprise of my brain she moves to the edge of the pool and stands up out of the water…

*Shock ensues*

**I sit behind glass walls as my life unfolds before my very eyes. Of all the things I could have said or done I have done the most of the wall thing I thought I could My body is frozen in place no nerves sending any sensations to my brain. My brain is recoiling at it’s own retardation struggling to figure out where the neuro-transmitters failed to send off the emergency signal to stop my mouth from opening.**

So as my vision blurs and every muscle in my body tells me to run the one who has no top on stands out of the water and walks towards me. It’s like everything happens in slow motion like I’m watching a real playboy video. Her hair lays back slick with water. Her tanned body comes to the edge of the pool and in slow motion she smiles at me her breast jutting out as she steps up the pool ladder. I can see water dripping from her nipples as she stands fully out of the pool. My mind races and I think of all the things that could happen.

^ She’s stand in front of me. I’m 5’8 and stand just a little taller than her. Our smiles meet and at once we lock lips. She is under my command as her friend helplessly watches from the pool tied to the railing. She calls me master and… ^

Suddenly my daydream comes to a halt as she opens my pants and puts her wet hand down them and grabs my balls through my underwear. “Does he have anything we can use?” the one in the pool calls out. I cannot even move right now my heart has just exploded. “Oh yah!” she cries as she tugs my pants down to my ankles. Well I am now glory open and still scared stiff. She takes my hands and places them on her chest. It is incredible how firm they are. Tiff’s tits are soft and small with these gorgeous nipples that poke out perfectly for sucking. But this girl has about five times the breasts that Tiff has. Her nipples fit perfectly between my ring and middle finger. My hands stay on her breasts but fail to move. Just glued there. Smiling like a little vixen that is posted on my wall she seductively pushes her bikini bottoms to the ground. I think I just came a million times over my dick will not move. I’m trying to breathe…I remember being in a doctors office and someone yelling at someone to breathe…the room is cloudy and there are people around all staring and smiling…

I’m being born…again. I can’t see what the other one is doing I just know that I cannot breathe no matter how much I tell myself to. I feel like a doll as she steps on my jeans and for some reason my one leg comes out then the other. Now I am nude…I mean NUDE…and so is she. I am scared and my cock has become detached from my brain. So many fantasies that I am experiencing life even before I’ve had a chance to grow into it. I manage a smile and she laughs a little sexy giggle and pulls me close pressing a soft luscious kiss on my lips. Her lips are warm and so inviting, her breasts press against my hands which press against my chest as she pulls me in close. Long tongue passes into my mouth and she tastes great. Suddenly I feel the others breath against my neck “Don’t worry we don’t want to hurt you,” you say giggling, “we just want you to fuck us Tommy!”

Her nails find there way up my back leaving long red lines in my skin as her she takes my one hand away from the breast/chest sandwich it is involved in. She guides it to her bikini tie at the base of her neck and while I wish my motor skills would operate to pull that string she ends up pulling it with one of her hands and mine as well. I love the way that the one is kissing me. So experienced..asking for my tongue with a little suction power and a slight moan. As the string pulls and the top drops I am confronted by breasts that I never thought I would see. Lovely brownish/pink nipples stare me in the face as I manage to pull away from the kiss for a spilt second. Both nipples are pierced and I am drawn to them like a magnet to metal. I find myself holding her close and sucking feverishly kaçak iddaa on her nipple of her right breasts. “Hmmmmm good idea!” says the other one as she places her face right beside mine and tickles the ring with her tongue.

Without missing a beat she reaches down and grabs my still limp dick. The one having her breasts sucked on is moaning as she runs a hand through our hair and pulls us close. While I suck slowly then quickly watching the others technique. Tickling the ring with my tongue then taking it deep inside my mouth and sucking firmly on the nipple. I can feel my loins twitch as the other begins to kiss her down her belly, which is closer to my dick than I ever, thought she would be. I feel her hair on my stomach as she gets in between the other one and me. I can see her licking and biting on her pussy right through her bikini bottoms and my loins are now filling rapidly. (I’ve had sex but not oral sex before)

As I’m in the middle of trading boobs she laughs from down below “Well well now aren’t we a bigboy!”

I say nothing hoping she isn’t talking to me. The one who’s getting the treatment moans a little and asks who’s big. I stand up and with it I take the one who was licking bikini bottom with me as my dick has first grown into her hair and then with me standing up has tangled in it. I laugh and so do they. I am so relieved that I didn’t shoot my load into her head. They both go to work untangling her hair from my dick and when it is out you take a step back. “My my we knew you had more than a body and youth!” Looking at my dick standing straight out from me. I look down and swear that even when I was jerking off to the thought of you two it never looked liked this. It looked like…well like a mans dick. I have sweat running down my temples as it was fucking hot out and I was nervous as hell. I stop the advance for a bit and regain enough composure to ask, “Ummm…what are your names?” They both laugh and say that I can call them Kristine and Natashia. I shrug as it makes no real difference just that I didn’t know what their names were. Natashia reaches out and takes my thick cock in her hand and smiles at Kristine.

“You know we were just getting somewhere over there…why don’t we make him wait for a bit so he can catch his breath.” I get a crazy smile from Natashia. The kind that eats you alive and makes you tingle from head to toe.

I relax my stand a little as Kristine motions for Natashia to sit herself up on the patio table. She kisses her softly and takes her breasts in her hands. I can tell that these two have been here before and really enjoy each other. I reach down and take my cock in my hand ready for this mind-blowing show I am about to see. Suddenly out of nowhere Kristine reaches back with her foot and kicks me in the gut knocking me into the pool. She laughs as Natashia does as well and says, “I told you to cool off hotshot!”

I can’t help but to smile as the cold water takes away some of the heat from my raging erection. So soaking in the pool I am treated to a spectacular show. Kristine pulls the bikini bottoms to the side and moves her mouth down to the small strip of pubic hair that Natashia has cropped nicely down there. Instantly I can see Natashia’s breathing pick up and her chest puffs out a little. I can only see from an angle how expertly Kristine’s tongue dances over the soft skin of Natashias pussy. Her long fingernails on her tanned thighs helping her open her legs just a little more. Natashia’s nipple rings are glinting in the sun as she takes quick breaths and closes her hand around Kristine’s and holds it on her thigh. I cannot believe how hot this is. I for one moment actually lose myself and think, “I need some sun screen!” Just as my common sense was about to kick in I hear a “Tommy…Tommy come here baby!” from one of them. I jump out of the pool like superman and present myself to them.

“Let me in coach!” I say jokingly. We all laugh as Natashia climbs off of the table and turns to bend over it. Her ass is so firm I reach out and squeeze her cheeks in my hands. “That a boy. Why don’t you reach down and put your fingers in that pussy.” Kristine tells me. Well I gulp for some air as Kristine takes my fingers one at a time into her mouth and leaves them nice and moist. Then like a gun I hold my fingers out and slowly press them into her soft pussy. She is so creamy I don’t think she can even feel them. I start with a nice slow rhythm and move my fingers in just past the knuckles.

Kristine is softly kissing her back and squeezing her nipples as they sway above the table. Natashia lets go a big moan and tells me that “Ohhhhhhh you’re are on the right track!” I pick the tempo up of my fingers and press them into her pussy right to the base of my hand. I can smell her sex and she just keeps getting wetter and wetter. Kristine keeps urging me on to fuck her till she comes and moves her head down licking the small of her back and much to my surprise spanks that ass hard.

Well that is the best thing I think I have ever seen. kaçak bahis That tanned ass looks so good with a little red shine to it that I join in. Thrusting my hand into her as fast as it will go I spank her ass once…then after hearing the sounds of Natashia I spank it over and over again. Kristine’s got her by her hair at this point “You like that little man boy fucking your pussy with his fingers. You want his dick don’t you…” pulling her hair harder, “Don’t you! I want you to tell Tommy that you want him to fuck you!”

Well, Natahsia let’s go a huge sex groan as I spank her ass again. It’s so red now that I think it may hurt her if I do it anymore. I reach forward and grab a glass of cool water filled with ice. As she starts to say something I pour the glass of water slowly all over her ass. “Tommmmmmm…aaahhhhhh…ahhhh…oh shit…oh…oh …Oh god I’m going to cum…yes…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

I can’t believe that a pair of hips can move like this. I think my fingers are going to break off as I start to corkscrew turn the inside of her. She cums hard and not only can I smell it I can see it pouring out of her pussy. The cold water must have felt great as even Kristine squealed when I poured it.

As Natashia slowly lower herself onto the table to support herself I see her butt shaking visibly. I smile as Kristine looks down and says “Hmmm must have some magic in those hands! My turn…” She assume a sitting position on the side of the pool and motions for me to do some magic as she called it. Natashia is now standing and takes me very tightly from behind pressing her breast into my back. I am still in awe of them and their size and beauty.

“Was this everything that you thought it would be?” she asks softly in my ear.

“This is…the happiest day of my life!” I say mimicking Beavis and butthead.

She laughs and steps away spanking my ass “Go get her boy!”

Well I don’t delay for a minute and jump in a with a cannonball. Both girls scream as the water splashes out onto them. Natashia takes a seat on the pool beside Kristine and by the time I’ve swam the length of the pool she is already rubbing her pussy in little circles while they kiss. I pretend I’m in a Hollywood movie and swim up to the edge of the pool underwater…emerging just inches from a fabulous girls sex. I move right in and lick the length of her pussy with a fat soft tongue. I take my time and try not to touch her clit as I work on warming up her lips and sliding my tongue into her hot sex. She tastes great and I can’t help but to moan myself as she responds to me by moving her hips forward a little.

“Hmmm don’t lick it to good Tommy! We don’t want this little fox cumming too soon now do we!” Natashia says as she runs her hands into my hair and pulls my face harder into Kristine’s pussy.

I thought that it couldn’t get any wetter than Natashia’s pussy but I was wrong. My whole mouth from ear to ear is shiny with ambrosia as I move from thighs to pussy to thighs. The hand holding my hair feels great. I’ve always wanted to be physically fucked and told what to do a girl. Never did I think it would be like this though. As my tongue tickles her clit and I suck it into my mouth moving it around first soft and slow then hard and fast. The pressure on my head becomes greater as another hand pulls me in. I want to look up so I can see the vision of sex that is front of me but the hands hold me tight against that pussy. So I keep licking and sucking hoping that I’m doing a good job of it. “Hmmmm yes take it in your mouth Tommy! Ahhhhhh just like that,” as I pull her clit into my mouth as far as I can, “Ohhhh that feels great…ohhhh make me cummm…please…please…Ahhhhh shit…yes…more…”

My head is now in pain as both of the girls pull me in. Kristine starts to fuck my face as Natahsia I’m sure is squeezing on her tits. Suddenly Krisitne stiffens up her thigh grasping my head and threatening to rip it off.

“Yess yess that’s it!” She holds my head tight and I can’t breathe with my nose sucking in her clit and my tongue pressing in to lick the wall of her pussy. She holds me there for what seems like an eternity as I think I’m going to be bald with the grip they have on my hair. I feel one hand let go and Natashia slips into he water. I don’t hear her surface instead I feel her mouth under water take my cock into it.

Well this really is like a movie now and as Kristine relaxes I pull my head out of her thighs. She sits up and places the hottest kiss I may have ever felt on my lips with sex swimming around in her eyes. Natashia surfaces again and pulls Kristine into the water. The three of us embrace as our hands fondle every which way we can. They push me up against the pool wall and start to dirty talk me while they take turns stroking my dick. ” Hmmmm…nice dick but can you use it as well as you use your tongue…or your fingers. You think you’d last a minute in this pussy…don’t cum before we tell you to.” These sayings are being whispered into my ear with hot panting breaths. Hands move over my ass and I close my eyes never having felt so sexually alive. I lift myself up on the pool wall and sit there. My cock is staring both of them in the face and they started to take me to happyville.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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