Tuition Doesn’t Pay Itself Ch. 01

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I drew my jacket tighter around me, shivering from the cold. I felt the few hundreds in one pocket, and my keys in the other. Whenever a car drove by, I’d grimace and open the jacket to reveal my too tight shirt and too short skirt. I knew I screamed prostitute, but that was kind of the point. Once the car passed, I’d cover myself back up.

I shifted my weight, the five-inch heels begging me to sit down as another car passed. I checked my watch, 4:00 am; if I head home soon, I may be able to get five hours of sleep before class. I contemplated leaving when a car pulled up and idled at the corner.

I knew it was waiting, expecting me to walk up. A quick inspection calmed my nerves about its passenger not being an undercover cop. I drew my back up straight, pulled back my shoulders, and stuck my chest out while strutting to the car as though I owned the street. The window rolled down as I got closer, revealing the driver. He was relatively young, maybe in his early 40s. His hair was dark brown, nearly black, with streaks of silver. He appeared to be in good shape for his age and was unusually handsome, he was different than most of my other clients.

I leaned over the window, allowing him to have an unblocked view down my shirt. “What’re your rates?” he asked. I leaned deeper, curving my back so the top of my ass would be visible from where he sat.

“Depends on what you want,” I replied. He jerked his head to the right, indicating I should get in. I stood up straight and pranced around the front of his car, adding an extra jump in my step so my boobs would bounce with each step. I opened the door and extended one leg in first, slowly taking my time to enter. As I sat down and my skirt rose higher; a few centimeters more and my black, lacy thong would show. I snuck a glance to his trousers that were straining against the bulge. “So, what do you want me to do?” He glanced my way but turned back to the road and sped off.

“Take your jacket off,” he ordered. He had the heat on high so it wasn’t too cold when I shrugged out of it. He stayed silent as he continued driving so I relaxed back in the seat. I kept sneaking glances as he drove, impressed at the niceness of his interior. Based off his car, clothes, and looks I could only assume he had money.

It took about casino şirketleri five more minutes before he pulled off into a parking lot that was empty except for a few other empty cars. I began feeling nervous, most of my clients took me to a hotel to fuck, not a nearly abandoned lot. He put the car in park and moved his seat back before unzipping his pants. He pulled them to his knees and hesitated a few moments before pulling his boxer briefs down as well. His cock was large, nearly eight inches long and thicker than most. I was unsure how much I would fit in my mouth but I leaned forward anyways, assuming what he wanted was a blow job.

I reached out to wrap my hand around the base of his shaft when he grabbed my wrist, “I don’t want your filthy whore hands on my dick,” he spat. I leaned back, offended and unsure of what I was doing there. “I just want something to look at, I just want your pussy,” he said as he slowly began rubbing his shaft. I moved the seat back and rotated my hips so I was facing him. I reached down and pulled my thong off, leaving it hanging off an ankle. I pulled my skirt up to my waist so my smooth vagina was easily seen. I leaned against the door and spread my legs, resting one on the dashboard and let the other droop over the armrest. I leaned my head against the cool glass of the window, still unsure of what he wanted from me. I gasped as I felt his hand reach out and trace along my thigh, before reaching my wet slit. He inserted a few fingers as deep as he could and slowly drew them back. He repeated this a few times, making me jerk every time, before his touch was gone. I opened my eyes and to find his cock glistening with my juices and his spit. I slid down a few inches so I was closer to his hand should he want more.

His hand moved slowly but his eyes were closed, enjoying each stroke. If he ever opened them, he’d gaze only at my dripping slit and never meet my eyes. I closed my eyes and leaned back, appreciating the easiness of the job. I could get at least an extra fifty for this, more if he’s feeling generous, and for a light fingering, that’s not too bad. I gasped when I felt his fingers enter me again, this time staying longer than last. I let out a soft moan, and slowly moved my hips to match his thrusting fingers. Like before, casino firmaları he used multiple fingers then stopped to return to stroke his cock, which was now covered in pre-cum, my juices, and spit. He continued to stare at my vagina while his strokes increased. A moan escaped his lips and more pre-cum oozed from his tip. “Finger yourself,” he commanded. I shrugged and moved one hand down the front of my body. I leaned back and closed my eyes, excited that I was going to be paid for something I do for free at my house nearly every night.

I trailed my hand down, tracing the familiar curves of my vulva before reaching the entrance of my vagina. I covered the tip of my finger with my wetness and spread it around my lips, focusing on my clit. I repeated this a few times until my whole vagina was as wet as his dick. I lightly circled my clitoris, pulling on the hood, teasing it. I got my finger wet then began rubbing my clit, slowly at first until I felt a tingle deep within me. It was a familiar tingle; usually I’d pull out one of my dildos by now, but I’d have to make do with my fingers tonight. A light sweat broke over my body as I continued rubbing my clit, bringing myself close to orgasm. I used my other hand and drove two fingers deep into my vagina, moaning with pleasure. I paused my assault to my clit and focused on fingering myself. I curved my fingers and drove them deeper, looking for my sweet spot. A shutter passed through me when I hit it, and I heard the mystery man next to me deeply moan. I continued ramming my g-spot bringing me to the brink of orgasm. I opened my eyes, trying to get a sense of how close my client was to cumming. His eyes were tightly shut, his hand moving faster than it was before, with pre-cum covering his dick. I knew he was close and I knew if I wanted an orgasm it had to be soon.

I closed my eyes and continued tickling my g-spot, another shutter passed through me and my left leg wouldn’t stop twitching. A deep moan escaped my lips as I returned to rubbing my clit, desperate to cum. I heard a moan deeper than mine and felt the first wave of his cum hit the back of my hand. I rubbed my clit faster, and hit my g-spot harder, knowing I was running out of time. My left leg started shaking and my breathing grew ragged, cum continued to hit my güvenilir casino hand as my first orgasm wave hit me. I drew in a deep breath and eased up on my clit, but continued fingering myself. Moan after moan escaped my lips as shutter after shutter passed through me. I felt my vagina clamp around my fingers with each tremor, trapping my fingers against my g-spot. I could hear his deep breathing next to me and I couldn’t feel any more cum hit my hand, but I was still coming down. A few more shudders passed through me before my vagina unclenched, allowing me to withdraw my hand.

I slumped down further in my seat, my breathing heavy. I reached down to clean myself up, but, once again, he grabbed my wrist. I let my hand fall limply to the side as he bent his head down and began to lick my entrance clean. I squirmed when his tongue reached my clit, which was still sensitive from my last orgasm. It didn’t take him long to lick me dry and when he was done he wiped his mouth with his sleeve. He reached over me to grab a napkin from the glove compartment which he used to clean up his now limp dick. I drew my strength and sat up, noticing the trail of juices I left on his seat. I went to grab a napkin but he shook his head. “Leave it,” he said. I dropped the napkin and moved to the far edge of the seat, trying not to wipe any up accidentally with my body. I pulled my thong back up and pulled my skirt down as he tucked his dick back into his pants.

We sat in silence as he drove me back to my corner. He handed me a few hundreds and I stepped out of the car. He leaned over to lick up my remaining juices as I closed the door. I turned and walked further away from the car, satisfied with the how the night went. I shoved the hundreds in my pocket and fished out my keys. I shook my head the whole way back to my apartment, amazed that I made two hundred by masturbating.

My roommate was still awake when I arrived home. “Hey, Nikki. How’d your night go?” I pulled out the cash I made and smiled.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” I said with a wink as I turned back to my bedroom. I pulled the box down from my closet and added the cash to the pile I had. I almost had enough for next month’s tuition payment. I stripped off my clothes and threw them in the hamper then climbed naked into bed. I glanced at the clock, 4:30. I had four and a half hours of sleep before I had to wake up for chemistry. I closed my eyes as my head hit the pillow, wondering if I’d see Liam in class or if he was planning on skipping again.

I hoped I would.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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