True story of something that happened roughly 10 y

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True story of something that happened roughly 10 y
This is a true story, with speculation about what happened at the end. Whilst there is a strong implication towards a banned topic, there is no proof that this is the case.

I recently shared a couple of true stories in a secrets thread on a well known website, and found out how cathartic it was, so thought I’d post here and what people think of them. I’ll make two posts, one for the first event, and then another for the second part which happened several months after. The second part is probably going to make some people dislike me, but this was a long time ago, and I have not done anything like it since, but that will be in the second part.

This happened probably 10 or so years ago, so at the time my then girlfriend (now ex) would have been about 20. I still remember almost every detail, so will be as thorough as I can. At the end, I will give my idea of what I imagine happened, but I welcome comments from anyone to hear what they think happened as well, so feel free to be creative.

To give background, my ex was really pretty, short (just over 5 feet tall) and petite. She had a good body, since she had danced from a young age, but was always embarrassed by her small boobs (bigger than an A cup, smaller than a B cup if that makes sense). Because of this, she would wear very padded bras, and use “cleavage enhancers” to give the impression her boobs were bigger than they really were. Since we had been together, she had always been totally smooth shaved, however I had managed to convince her to grow a landing strip, and she looked damn sexy with it, but looking at her you wouldn’t imagine her being anything but smooth down there. She was always getting male attention, and guys would regularly try to hit on her even if I was right next to her, but she always told them no. I was the fifth person she had had sex with, and got together with her current boyfriend not long after we split up, so I would guess she has told him he is the sixth (this will become obvious what I mean later) Anyway, the story goes –

Girlfriend had arranged to go out on Saturday night with a friend she hadn’t seen for a while, as the friend had been at university. The friend was known to be a bit of a loose cannon and not afraid to sleep around, but they just used to go out, get drunk, and dance all night, so I wasn’t worried. Saturday comes and I’m in her bedroom whilst she’s getting ready, looking sexy with her freshly maintained landing strip, and after doing her hair/make up, she starts to get dressed. She’s already picked out the black dress she would wear, stretchy fabric, bunched at one side, that went to just above her knee, güvenilir bahis and showed off sufficient of her “padded and enhanced” cleavage to be sexy without being slutty. More or less all of the thongs she had were fairly see through, but since she would be wearing a pair of tights over the top, this wasn’t really a worry. The only problem was, when she went to put the tights on, there was a big rip in them, and that was the last pair, which meant she would need to wear “thigh highs” (like stockings, but with rubber around the top to stop them falling down). After a mini melt down about this, she is finally ready, and I take her, picking up her friend on the way, out to town for their night out .

Pretty early the following morning, I get a drunken phone call from her, asking if I will pick her up, but she doesn’t know where she is. After finally working out where she is, I go and get her, finding her in a strange way – still really drunk, almost in a state of shock but not fully, and a bit upset, but again, not upset. When she got in the car, I asked her what was the matter, and she started drunkenly rambling about her friend before telling me (and showing me for some of it) how she woke up, which explained a lot about how she was acting. Her version of the nights’ events was –
They went out, danced a lot, and got pretty drunk. Her friend met a guy, was intending to sleep with him, and he invited them both round to his house (probably hoping for a threesome) for more drinks when the night club closed. They went, and drank more (according to the ex, he made them really strong), and after a couple, she was absolutely hammered so when her friend went upstairs with the guy, she went and passed out on the sofa. (She has always been a really heavy sleeper, especially when drunk).

In her (drunken) words, when she woke up, her dress had been pushed up from the bottom and was bunched around her waist, her thong was around one ankle and her other leg was out of it completely (meaning that all she was wearing from the waist down was the “thigh highs”). She was now slouched down on the sofa so that her now pussy/ass were at the edge of it, her legs were spread wide open, and there was a cushion on the floor between her feet. Finally, there was now two guys she hadn’t seen before in the room (neither being the guy who they went with), one “asleep” in a chair directly opposite her with his face looking in her direction, and the other “asleep” next to her with one of his hands on her pussy, a finger between her pussy lips but not actually inside her. According to her, she chucked his hand off, pulled her dress back down, put her leg into the thong and türkçe bahis pulled it up, threw the cushion on the sofa, grabbed her bag, and ran out. Still drunk and not knowing where she was, she had turned into several new roads before finding a main road, which was when she phoned me.

Hearing this, at the time, I was fuming, and wanted to know where the house was so I could kick the shit out of the guys since it was obvious they had done something to her whilst she was asleep, but she didn’t know what road it was in, let alone which house it was. Seconds later, she had passed out again, this time in the car, so I pulled over and text her friend, asking what had happened the previous night. She said that they went to the guys house after the club closed, and had a few more drinks, before she went upstairs and slept with the guy. When they had finished, she received a text from her sister that she had had a big argument with her boyfriend, so went to her. Before leaving, she tried to wake my ex to get her to leave with her, but “she was absolutely steaming and wouldn’t wake up, and she (the friend) had to go so she left her asleep on the sofa”. She then sent another message saying that there was only her (ex) and the guy there, so she figured she would be alright. I took ex back to her house, carried her in and up to bed, and left her to sleep it off for the day. Later when I went round to see her, I asked her again what had happened the night before, and she said she couldn’t remember anything from just before they left the club, including not remembering how she got home. When I said I had picked her up, she didn’t remember this either, but said her friend had been all over a guy when they were out so they must have gone to his, but she didn’t remember it at all. Several times after this I subtly mentioned that night to see if her story ever changed, but it never did, so in my mind, anything that happened, happened whilst she was passed out.

What I think happened (I have thought about this many times and could be wrong, but in my head, it went something like this) –
I doubt she was spiked, simply because she was always extremely careful with her drink to give an opportunity for it to happen, but she never knew when to stop drinking, and would get into a really bad state and pass out the second she sat down. Normally, I would be there so it didn’t matter, as I would make sure she got home ok, but this time, she should have just got a taxi home when the club shut and let her friend go with the guy, rather than thinking “more drinks”.
I think that when her friend left to meet her sister, the guy who had just slept with the friend was trying to güvenilir bahis siteleri get my ex to wake up to kick her out, but when the friend left, he saw an opportunity because of how she wouldn’t wake up. Once the friend had gone it meant he was now alone in the house with a gorgeous, sexy girl that was completely out of it, so first he went upstairs to fetch a condom and to give her a little more time so that she would be back in a deep sleep again, and then went back to her. He would have seen she was in thigh highs when they tried to wake her, so decided to firstly take a look at her pussy, probably even get a picture on his phone, and pushed her dress up to reveal it. I can only imagine his surprise to find that she was not only wearing an almost see through thong, but that there was a visible landing strip showing through the material. Following this, I think he slid her down the sofa until she was at the edge, and then pulled the thong down and let it fall to the floor, leaving her naked from the waist down.

Again, I do not know for sure that this happened, but this is what I speculate went on – Next he would have opened her legs, put his cock against her, and slowly pushed in, most likely not bothering with the condom he had brought down, since he could experience her raw and she wouldn’t (couldn’t) refuse. After fucking her for a little bit, I imagine this is where the cushion came into play, as he takes one leg out of her thong to allow her legs to open easier, puts the cushion down to make it a bit more comfortable, and resumes. I guess he only put the condom on to finish, as if she had found cum inside her, she would have known she had been fucked and that could have had serious consequences..
Once he was done, I think he then took a picture of her and sent a message to his friends/house mates, telling them to get back asap. When they did, he probably said something like “make sure you wear a condom if you’re going to cum inside her, and re-dress her when you’re finished so she doesn’t know”, and then I think he went to bed, leaving them to do as they wish. Whilst I cannot say for certain that they did anything to her, other than one of them touching her up a little bit, I would bet everything I own that they both also had sex with her, but fell asleep having forgotten to redress her.

I frequently find myself remembering this story, and (as bad as it is to admit), it always turns me on, imagining what they did to her. In my head, they have done everything, from “one in her mouth, one in her pussy”, to them doing anything with her ass (she wasn’t into anal and would never let me do anything with her ass, not even finger it), so the thought of one of them holding her legs open whilst the other slipped into her ass, even momentarily, is huge.

Anyway, that is the first part of the story. Feel free to leave your thoughts on what you think happened, and I’ll post the next part soon.

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