Toy Store-ies 1: Nailed!

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Adventures in adult toy sales.

The characters, situations and actions in this story are merely figments of an unusual imagination. So unusual, in fact, that the author doesn’t actually exist.

NC<18 -- No characters under the age of 18 are depicted in this story. This is a copyrighted original work of erotic fiction. All rights reserved. * “Old guy alert,” Cindy said. Cindy and I have been working the Friday afternoon/evening shift at the adult toy store for a couple of months now and have become pretty good friends in that time. We’re both in our early 20s. She’s the blond, I’m the brunette. She was referring to an older guy who had been in every couple of weeks for a while. He looked to be about 40, with a little gray on the sides of his brownish hair. He had that look that said “military” but, from the length of his hair, he’d been out for a while. This time, though, he wasn’t alone. Normally he came in, didn’t say much, and wandered around the store looking at our stock. A couple of times we had asked if he was looking for anything specific and he always just said, “No, just looking.” Nice voice, but nothing special. A couple of times he had made a purchase if something caught his eye. This time, though, he was with a woman. She was cute, with short auburn hair. It had been cold lately, so it was no surprise they were both wearing coats. It looked like he was sticking to his routine, just with two of them instead of by himself. Wandered around the store for a while, occasionally stopping and looking at this or that and talked quietly between themselves, holding hands like kids. After a bit, they came up to the counter with a tiny four-inch dildo that might have been three-fourths of an inch across and had a suction cup for a base. I asked if they wanted anything else and he just shook his head. I rang it up and he asked if we gave military discounts. I told him we did, but I’d have to see an ID. He pulled out what I recognized as a retired ID card (recognized it ‘cuz my dad is retired too). I handed it back, then did a mental double-take. Wait, had that said what I thought it had? “Excuse me, sir,” I said, “I just need to see your ID again.” He handed it back and I checked for what I thought I had seen. Yep, that was the rank I thought I had seen. I flipped the card over and checked his date of birth and just about dropped it. I’d been off by my estimate of his age – by about a decade. He was actually just over 50. I was more impressed with how good of shape he was in to have made me think he was 40. I gave his ID card back, rang up the discount and told him how much. As I ran the credit card, I checked out the woman he was with out of the corner of my eyes. She looked like she might be in her late 30s, maybe 40, but she could also have been nearer to 50, too. As I finished ringing up the transaction, it suddenly occurred to me to think about what they had bought. It seemed a little small for a woman. Then, as I was putting it in a bag, the phrase “Perfect for pegging” with a graphic jumped out at me. All right! I thought. Old guy’s gonna get his freak on!! He thanked me and they turned and started to walk out, still holding hands. Thinking to give him some encouragement I said, “You’ll really like that one. It has one of the stronger suction bases we have.” They took a few more steps and then he stopped, pulled lightly on her hand to get her to turn around, and they started back to the counter. Oh crap! I thought. I just embarrassed him and now he’s changed his mind. I mentally started reviewing our policy about no returns or refunds. But I was also wondering whether I could get away with it since, since he hadn’t actually left the store, I KNEW it hadn’t been used – especially since it had been my ill-advised comment that seemed to have made him change his mind. They came back up to the counter and as I took a breath to apologize, he set the bag down, put his hands on the counter and leaned toward me a little bit. I thought he was going to try to intimidate me the way my dad had occasionally tried to do. To my surprise, he flashed a sly little grin and said, “Ooh, little girl. I’m afraid you’ve gotten the wrong idea of what I have planned for that little thing.” Where had THAT voice come from? That was not the voice I had heard just a minute ago. This voice was deep and low, soft like silk casino şirketleri but kind of rumbly like the purr of a big cat.

“See, it’s kind of hard to tell with that coat on, but my wife is a definite MILF. And when you’ve been married as long as we have, we’ve tried a few things to keep the marriage — or at least the sex part of it — fresh.”

“I’ve got some very specific plans for that particular toy,” he said. “See, I’ve got this card table I inherited from a relative a while back. But it’s not the folding kind that you see nowadays. This one is square. Solid wood. Felt top. The legs are a little inset from the corners, and at each corner is a space below the tabletop where the players could put their drinks to keep them off the top.

“When we get home, I’m going send my sexy little MILF off to get undressed and clean up while I get some things together.

“When she comes back in the room she’ll be naked. I’ll pat one of my thighs and she’ll lift her knee and put her foot on my thigh. I’m going to reach up and run my hand up her calf and back down, then lift her foot and slip a terrycloth wristband over her foot and onto her ankle. Then I’m going to buckle a small dog collar around the wristband.

“Once that one is done, I’m going to repeat that with her other foot. When she has wristbands and dog collars on her ankles, I’m going to reach out and gently take one of her hands in mine and repeat the same thing, first with one wrist, then the other.”

I realized I was standing there, frozen, but not in fear (definitely not in fear) but in suspense to see what he was going to say next. That voice had almost mesmerized me and I think my eyes may have come a little unfocused as I had started imagining the scene he was setting with his words.

Somewhere along the line, Cindy had slowly drifted over to join me behind the corner. I glanced at her and realized she was staring at his wife. Her face had gone a deep shade of red and I thought, Holy crap! While what he’s saying is sexy as hell, it must be more than a little embarrassing for him to be saying this right in front of her! I mean, come on… I sell sex toys, and of course I use them, and it stands to reason that people buy them to be used but I’ve never had someone tell me what they were going to do with them — especially not like this!!

“Once I have her wrists and ankles prepared,” he continued, “I’m going to leave her standing there for a few minutes while I get the rest of the things together. I’ve got a real scratchy towel that I’m going to spread from the middle of the table to one corner. Then I’ve got a softer towel that I’m going to fold up so it’s an inch or so wide and maybe a half-inch thick. I’m going to put it on the opposite corner of the table from the first one.

“When I’ve finished that, I’m going to run a small piece of rope through the loops on both the collars on her wrists and then separate ones through the collars through the loops on each of her ankles.

“I’m going to lead her over to the table and put her hands on one edge of it, then walk behind her and pull her hips back into mine until her torso is almost level with the table.

“Then I’ll tell her to close her eyes so she won’t see what’s happening next. From one of the spaces under the table I’m going to pull out an elastic strap that has Velcro on each end. I’m going to stretch it out between her breasts, then pull it tight around the base of one and fasten the Velcro on the outside of her breast. Then I’ll move to the other side and do the same thing there.”

I was conscious that my breathing had sped up quite a bit and my nipples were hard as rocks and tingling as he talked — almost like his voice was caressing them as he spoke.

“At first, her breasts are going to feel a little numb, but then they are going to begin to throb and become more sensitive. I’m going to grab the ropes from her wrists and walk around to the far corner of the table. I’m going to slowly reel in that rope until she’s pressing herself against the corner of the table.

“I’m going to keep reeling in that rope until she is bent over the table and has to rock her hips and thighs to climb up onto the corner. The towel on that corner will now be pressing against her in a most intimate way, but she’ll be able to hold herself up off it a little by standing on tiptoes.

“That won’t last long, though, because I’m going to come back around the table, pull the rope from casino firmaları her left ankle forward and over toward the far left table leg and tie it off. I’m going to stand up and walk behind and let my left hand drift slowly across her ass. Then I’m going to pull her right leg as far to the right and forward as possible and tie that rope off as well. Finally, I’m going to walk to the far corner of the table again and make sure that her arms are pulled just far enough forward so her nipples are just grazing the towel and tie that rope off as well.

“While she’s been bent over the table, she’ll have become aware that I have left a rubber mallet on it just to the side of her head and a little in front of it, so she can’t miss it and make her wonder what it’s for. I’m going to bend over the table, whisper ‘I love you’ in her ear and kiss her, deeply and passionately for a bit. Then I’m going to slowly reach over and run my hand down the handle of the mallet, pick up it up and walk out of her line of vision. See, because that toy is so long and thin and the suction base is so big, it looks a little like a nail. And while we’ve had anal sex before, it occurred to me that she’s never been NAILED in the ass before.”

At that, I looked over at his wife and realized she had her hands in her coat pockets and had begun to hunch her shoulders over. How embarrassing!! I thought I should stop this to save her further embarrassment, but felt powerless — probably because I was almost completely enraptured by his story and wondering what was going to happen next.

“I’m going to walk behind her and place the tip of that dildo at the entrance to her cunt.”

His wife twitched a little at that and let out a sob. I realized that was the first time he had used a word that I hated, but he used it in such a way that it felt like a term of endearment. I really felt bad for her, but either couldn’t or didn’t want to stop him at this point.

“I’m going to take that mallet and lightly tap the base of that dildo, the way you tap a nail to set the tip before you begin pounding it in. I’m going to tap it a little at a time to get it set in, making sure to stop, ‘straighten it out’ and make sure it’s going in straight before driving it right up her cunt, one light tap at a time. With each tap, her sensitive nipples are going to slide across that rough towel and her clit is going to be forced back and forth on that folded up towel between her legs.

“Once it’s been driven home, I’ll give it a few more taps to ‘make sure it’s seated properly’. This dildo is narrow and short enough that it shouldn’t reach anything delicate, and the base is big enough that it’ll spread the force of any taps all around the edges of her pussy lips. Then I’ll kneel behind her to inspect my work. She’ll be able to feel my breath on her ass cheeks as I spread them both wide, then pull just one to the side, then the other, before saying, ‘Damn!! That’s not where that’s supposed to be!'”

I can now hear Cindy breathing hard right beside me and a quick glance at this man’s wife shows she is even more hunched over and red in the face. Her eyes are shut tight like she’s trying to make this all go away. As he’s been speaking, the man has occasionally shifted his eyes from looking me squarely in the eyes to looking Cindy squarely in the eyes, slowly, back and forth, drawing us into his vision and his words.

“I’ll stand back up and move to one side of her and say ‘That’s going to have to come out of there,’. I’ll reach down and slide one finger on either side of that dildo between her wet pussy lips and the base like a claw hammer. I’ll put the back of my hand up against her asshole and then begin to ‘pry’ that dildo out of her cunt, slowly, but surely, with plenty of breaks to re-seat the claw. I don’t really think it’ll be that hard to pull it out, but then again it might be if she’s clenched her tight little pussy down on it.”

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw his wife twitch again. How embarrassing, to be talked about like she wasn’t even here!

“Once I’ve got it pulled out, I’ll ‘realize’ that I must have hit something inside because I’m pretty sure she’ll be ‘leaking’ by this time. I’ll mutter something about this, pat her on the ass and tell her I’ll be right back, I need to find something to ‘plug that hole’. I’ll stand back and rummage around some things, then pick up one of the dildos that she likes to have used on her.

“It’s about six inches long güvenilir casino and about an inch and a half across. It’s got balls and a suction base on it, too. I’m willing to bet that as I stand there for a minute or two, she’ll be rocking her hard little clit on that towel as best she can.

“I’ll let her do this for a minute or so, then say something to the effect of ‘this’ll have to do’ and place the tip of that bigger dildo right at the opening of her cunt. I’ll start driving that one up her cunt the same way as I did the little one. Light taps first, then stronger taps. I’ll hold it in my fist so it only goes in a little at a time, resting the edge of my hand up against her asshole, and gradually removing one finger at a time from it until I’ve driven it completely home and the balls are slammed home right against the top of her pussy.”

Speaking of pussies, mine was soaked! Not sure if Cindy’s was, and I didn’t care. I noticed there was the definite smell of female sexual arousal in the air and hoped no one noticed. But then, Who CARES!! Keep talking!!!

“Her nipples will have been scraping back and forth over the rough towel and her clit will have been grinding back and forth on the folded up one some more now, making them throb and even more sensitive. Once I’ve got that dildo slammed home into her, I’ll say ‘OK, now, where was I? Oh yeah.’ I’ll kneel behind her again and say something about ‘making sure I have the right spot this time’. I’ll reach out and brush some non-existent debris off her cute little asshole, then lean in and blow on it to make sure it’s clean and easy to see.

“I’ll pick up that little dildo, put a dollop of lube on the tip and set it at the entrance to her asshole. I know that because she’s horribly excited by now that her asshole will have relaxed a bit.”

Sob from wife.

“Between that and the lube on that little prick, I know it’ll probably slide right up her tight little ass, but that’s not how she’s going to get nailed. Just like I drove both dildos up her cunt before, I’ll set the tip right there and tap it lightly. I’ll hold it firmly with the side of my fingers against her ‘taint’ and tap the base of the dildo lightly. I’ll let it be driven in a little at a time, making sure to straighten it out and wiggle it around to make sure it’s going in straight. I’ll slowly drive it all the way up her ass. Once it’s in, I’m just going to keep tapping it with that rubber mallet so her nipples graze the rough towel and her clit rocks on the other one.”

Groan from wife.

“Then I think I’ll just stand there beside her and tap it rhythmically, letting the weight of the mallet slam into that dildo up her ass. Every once in a while I’ll probably have to tap the base of the bigger one in her cunt to make sure it doesn’t slip out. When I’m pretty sure she’s close to cumming, I’m going to reach forward and under her and pinch one of her nipples HARD and tell her to come for me.”

At that his wife shot her hands out of her pockets to grab the edge of the counter and began to buck and jerk. Fuck!! I thought, That wasn’t her being embarrassed! She fucking CAME just from him describing what he was going to do to her!

Then it occurred to me that I wasn’t too far off from that myself.

“Well, ladies, you have a great weekend. We’ll be off now,” he said as he picked up the bag, put his arm around his wife, and led her shaking form out the door.

Cindy and I both stared after him for several seconds. Then, almost as if we had planned it, we looked into each other’s eyes. Seeing the same thing in hers that I know she could see in mine, we looked at the door again.

We were probably both pretty sure no one had come in while he was talking, but how the fuck would we have known? We were both so involved in his story and his voice a herd of elephants could have in and we wouldn’t have known it.

I started scanning across the room to the right just as I was sure Cindy was scanning to the left to see if there were any other customers in the store.

Not seeing anyone on my side of the store, I was turning my head back to tell Cindy I was going to take my break.

Just as I took a breath to say that, I felt her hand on my shoulder, almost like she was caressing me. Then she shoved me hard enough to make me lose my balance.

As I tried to regain my footing I heard her shout, “TAG, you’re it!!”

All I could do was stand there with my fists clenched and my eyes screwed tightly shut as I heard what I thought I was going to hear — the fitting room door slam shut, the deadbolt *snick* home, her shoes hitting the inside of the door and her belt buckle jangling as she shimmied out of her clothes.

I HATE that bitch!!

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