To the Days of Auld Lang Syne

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Double Penetration

It had been a very difficult year for many. The economy was flat and threats of war were on the horizon. The UN employment rate was rising. The Governor of the state was crying about a large state deficit. Threatening high taxes, cut backs in state funded programs, and lay offs of state workers. A fool could see that it was an attempt to break the back of the state worker’s union. Was the book 1984 a prophecy of things to come? Is big brother here now?

New Years Eve was coming up and John was in a festive mood. Christmas had been boring; he was unable to visit with his daughter due to her busy schedule. God only knows were the hell his son was. Guess it wasn’t time for him to make a personal his appearance this year.

The local bars in his town were going to be closed New Years Eve due to the crack down by big brother over the years. He had not heard of any interesting house parties to attend. John was still determined to find fun that evening. He was not going to spend the night home watching Dick Clark in Rockefeller Center as the ball dropped.

John talked to some of the guys he knew about getting together and hitting one of the local topless bars in the neighboring city. Beside himself, both Mike and Jim showed interest. Another friend Carl showed interest in going, however he was a married friend. John didn’t really believe Carl’s wife Jackie was going to let him out to play with the guys that night. But if it was OK with her, none of the guys seemed to care. Carl was going to have to catch the crap if he was a bad boy that night, not them.

Carl had confided in John that he wouldn’t be able to go unless Jackie went also. Carl told John that it would be a lot of fun and that Jackie was a wild child when it came to partying. John was very cautious to say yes. He told Carl that he would first have to check with Mike and Jim. He would have to get back to him with the group’s decision.

As promised John asked the other guys if they minded if Carl’s wife tagged along. The main concern was not to throw a wet towel on the party atmosphere. Every one liked Carl as a friend and agreed to let him and his wife come along. None of the guys could fathom why Carl’s wife would even want to come along.

It was agreed that everyone would meet at John’s place. John drew short straw to be the designated driver. No one wanted big brother on their ass on New Years Eve. John offered to cook up a meal of Buffalo wings before going out that night; a little something in the stomach before everyone started hammering down brewskis. John was a light drinker so it didn’t bother him much to be the designated driver. But he was not going out hungry to boot.

The agreed meeting time was to be seven that evening. Departure time for the topless bar was to be eight. John had prepared a large platter of spicy wings and plenty of his homemade German potato salad. The first to show was Mike bearing a twelve pack of Bud as a gift. Next to appear were Carl and Jackie. They were still waiting for Jim to show up.

Everyone was sitting around eating the Buffalo wings, corn, and potato salad. Washing it down with a cold beer as John sat there drinking a diet Pepsi. Jackie was a attractive woman with a better than average body. She had long light brown hair and blue eyes. John thought to himself she could have done better than Carl and in fact better than him too. It was if Jackie didn’t really need a reason to get bahis firmaları rowdy. She seemed to be very likeable person.

Eight o’ clock came and Jim was a no show. Every one agreed that if he didn’t bother to call he wasn’t going to show. Jim knew were to find them’ if in fact he was running late. They all loaded into John’s Safari conversion van. Mike rode shotgun. Carl and Jackie sat in the second row of buckets seats. It was off to the bright lights of the big city.

The van made its way into the parking lots of Mr. Happy’s. The parking lot only had a few cars, which seemed to surprise every one. The small but interesting group entered the establishment. They made their way to the runway to the familiar heavy pounding beat of the music. As they sat down the bar maid approached them to get their drink order. It was a round of beers and one diet Pepsi.

There was only one gal working the dance floor when there is usually two or three. The dancer on stage was nothing to leave home for. The bar maid returned with the drinks and John asked her why the place was so empty. She replied that it was New Years Eve and that most people sit at home and watche the ball drop in Rockefeller Center. John could sense this was going to be a long evening.

The group was hammering beer after beer in conjunction with Jack Daniel shots. Being the designated drive was beginning to suck the big one. Dancer after dancer took the runway. There was only one really cute gal and John did manage to get her in his lap for a short period of time. If the situation had been different he would have taken a shot at getting her to leave with him that night. But even that seemed a little crazy to him that night.

The group was getting a bit too rowdy. Jackie was on her way to being drunk on her ass and everyone else was following closely. Every one was starting to get loud and a bit out of control. Jackie was standing up and flashing the strippers. Jackie was showing off her very fine pair of round full tits. The owner approached them asking them to leave. John could sense that they had in fact worn out their welcome. So gathering the drunken group they returned to the van. Mike reclaimed the shotgun seat. Carl and Jackie jumped into the rear seat.

Everyone was laughing about the series of events that took place inside. The group was in fact drunk on their ass. Then van pulled out of the parking lot on its way back to John’s place. As the van was driving down the well lit city streets Jackie pulled Carl’s cock out of his pants and began sucking him off. It did not seem to make any difference that there were other people in the van. Mike kept shouting back to Jackie ‘suck his cock baby make him cum.’ Jackie’s head kept bouncing up and down in Carl’s lap. But Carl was too drunk to reach a climax.

The van pulled into the driveway at about eleven o’clock. Carl stuffed his cock back into his pants and they all went back inside John’s place. John suggested that he reheat the Buffalo wings and get out the potato salad. But there was no response to his offer. Reaching into the refrigerator he grabbed an ice cold beer. Coming up quietly behind him Jackie reached down between his jeans and grabbed his balls. Startled John stood up straight. Jackie stood there laughing and told him to be a good host and grab everyone else a cold beer. So John did as Jackie’s hand worked its way to his cock.

Carl stood there laughing. John kaçak iddaa could hear Carl say to Jackie why don’t you show John how much we appreciate him letting us tag along tonight. Jackie knelt down on the kitchen floor and unzipped John’s fly. Reaching into his pants and pulling out John’s already firm cock. Her tongue slowly licked the circumference of the swollen head of his cock. Raising it with her hand she ran her tongue along the under portion of his dick causing him to get harder and longer. Jackie’s hand stroked the shaft of his cock as she moved downward tonguing and sucking John’s full balls.

In the background John could hear Carl telling Jackie to show him what she’s got. Jackie stood up and kicked her sneakers off. She pulled off her t-shirt and undid her bra throwing them on the kitchen table. Her beautiful full tits wobbled back and forth. She had large and already hard nipples. She removed her jeans and under pants throwing them with the rest of her clothes. Kneeling back down in front of John she pulled off his loafers and undid his jeans, pulling his pants down and making him steep out of them. John was left wearing his sock and a t-shirt.

Jackie reached up taking John’s hard cock and plunged it into her warm wet mouth. Her mouth moved up and down the long thick shaft with expert skills. Jackie stopped periodically to run her tongues over his full balls making him harder. Mike was just standing there taking it all in. Jackie’s hand reached up between his jeans and grabbed his cock. Mike did not require an invitation to get out of his pants and moved next to John. Jackie’s mouth moved from one cock to the other. Carl actually seemed to enjoy watching his wife sucking and licking the cocks of both men.

Jackie stood up turning her back to John bending over and took Mike’s cock in her mouth. As if she was giving an order she momentarily turned her head toward John and told him to stuff his cock inside of her. John placed the thick shaft between the cleavage of the beautiful round ass cheeks sliding it back and forth increasing his excitement. He then moved it between her legs and rubbed it between her shaven pussy lips. John guided the veined surface of his cock repeatedly over Jackie’s erect clit. Jackie started moaning and rocking her pussy on his cock. John moved the thick head to her tiny opening and in one slow even movement pushed his cock deep inside her.

Jackie dropped Mike’s cock from her mouth and let out a deep moan. Her hand held on tightly to Mike’s hips as her pussy adjusted to the cock deep inside her. John could sense the muscles of her pussy relaxing around his cock as he slowly drew back. Then increasing the tempo he pushed back deep inside her again. Jackie’s breathing was labored as John continued to ream her warm tight wet hole.

Jackie’s mouth returned to Mike’s cock. Her lips moved up and down his cock, like an animal devouring it’s prey. Carl removed his clothes and joined the group. His hand moved under Jackie and was fondling her heavy breasts. This caused Jackie to become more excited. Reaching over, Jackie took Carl’s cock in her hand and started stroking it.

Carl pulled back and moved over to the round kitchen table. He removed the clothing from the table and took them into the bedroom. He returned to the kitchen and requested Jackie to get up on the table. Jackie obeyed lying on the table on her back. Carl grasped her legs and placed them against kaçak bahis his chest. He then raised the head of his cock between her swollen pussy lips rubbing it back and forth over her clit. Placing the head of his cock at her opening he penetrated her.

Jackie’s fingers moved down to massage her hard clit as Carl slid his cock in and out of her. Mike and John moved their attention to Jackie’s breasts. Jackie’s nipples were rock hard. They massaged the soft full globes while gently pinching and tugging on her nipples. They took turns running their tongues over them, causing Jackie to moan deeply. Carl was fucking her hard and fast. Carl straightened up and slammed himself deep inside Jackie; letting out a loud moan as he dumped his hot load of cum deep inside Jackie.

John moved behind Carl and waited as Carl pulled his cock out of Jackie. Carl moved up to Jackie’s face and kissed her. Mike watched as John positioned himself between Jackie’s open legs. Raising her legs to rest on his chest, as he positioned his cock at her opening. Pushing his cock forward the head entered her wet pussy with ease. Jackie let out a small yelp and adjusted her hips to take as much of John’s cock inside her as she could. All the while John continued to push forward to get deep inside her. At last he could feel the head of his cock resting at the back wall of Jackie’s vagina. John wanted to deep fuck Jackie so she could experience her pussy full of cock. John rode her hard and rode her deep.

Jackie was moaning loudly. Mike managed to position himself to get the head of his cock back into Jackie’s mouth. Jackie’s fingers played with her hard clit as Carl and Mike caressed her breasts. John could feel Jackie’s body starting to tremble and become rigid. Jackie pushed Mike away and cried out ‘I’m cumming.’ John’s hands grabbed Jackie’s hips and pulled her down on his cock holding her there as he increased his tempo. He could feel her pussy tightening around his cock trying to draw him deep and push him out at the same time.

John would not let Jackie stop cumming. He took her to the edge and held her there. He could feel cum leaking out of Jackie and coating his balls. With his cock deep inside Jackie he could feel the pain of the knot in his lower abdomen and could no longer hold back his own climax. John’s body tightened as he exploded inside Jackie filling her pussy with his gift to her. John shouted to Mike to get over here. As John slid his cock out of Jackie he could see cum flowing from her hole and running between the cheeks of her ass on to the table. It was Mike’s turn to fuck Jackie and he slapped his cock inside her.

Mike continued to keep Jackie climaxing. Continuing the path that John had started. John moved up to Jackie’s mouth and pushed his still wet cock into her waiting mouth. Jackie could taste herself on John’s shaft. Mike continued to ride Jackie, until he filled her pussy with more hot cum.

They moved the group activities to the living room. Jackie’s talented mouth continued to lick and suck these guys hard again and again. Each time they would take turns riding Jackie’s soaking wet pussy. Somewhere along the line they lost count of the number of times Jackie’s pussy got filled. They took turns fucking this little nymph until their balls ached and everyone was completely drained and had nothing left.

Exhausted they all feel asleep where ever they were. Perhaps the New Year was going to be better or at least more interesting. It definitely sealed new friendships. They all agreed to get together again in the near future. Smiling boldly Jackie requested more guys and more cock…………………


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