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I’d worked my ass off to get where I was. Since high school, I’d worked a job or two at a time. I’d put myself through college, getting first a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s.

Despite what some people thought, I’d climbed the proverbial corporate ladder by merit, not by sleeping my way to the top. Some folks just couldn’t deal with a woman who knew how to work and how to lead.

And now I’d fulfilled one of my childhood dreams. I owned a boat.

Well, co-owned. One of the partners in my firm had wanted a boat, but he traveled out of state frequently. He didn’t want to pay full price for something he would only be able to use once or twice a month, so he’d put out a memo asking if anyone wanted to split the cost of the boat in exchange for splitting the time.

I’d jumped on the opportunity, and now I shared a beautiful red forty-foot boat with Sterling McCarthy and his trophy wife Violet.

Violet was one of those little blonde women who try to make themselves taller by wearing heels they could barely walk in. She spoke in a high voice that made her sound about six, and from the little bit of interaction I’d had with her, she didn’t act much older than that sometimes. The first time I’d met her, at the dealership when we signed the papers on the boat, Violet had no-shit pouted when she realized she would have to share the boat with me.

She was sexy as fuck, though. Perfect tits, legs that looked surprisingly long considering she was a good six inches shorter than me even in her heels, and that blonde hair of hers looked like silk.

Sterling wasn’t so bad himself. He stayed in shape, making use of the gym in our office building. I could see why he and Violet had married, though I suspected one of the reasons Sterling didn’t object to business trips was so he’d have a chance to get away from Violet’s annoying voice.

I’d had a fair few fantasies about them since the whole boat thing had started. There was no way in hell I would ever admit it, of course. Aside from the “don’t shit where you eat” rule at our advertising firm, there was the whole thing where no one at work knew I was bisexual, and I preferred keeping it that way. Some of them probably suspected I was a lesbian, but no one had asked. People’s sex lives weren’t the sort of thing we talked about in my office.

So I’d set my mind on keeping my interests purely on a private fantasy level, and when I was around Sterling, I kept our interactions purely professional, even when it came to discussing the boat. I didn’t have to talk to Violet, which was probably a good thing.

Most of the time when I used the boat, I was alone. The last time I’d had anything resembling a serious relationship was high school, and I didn’t have many friends now either. I’d spent my spare time working, trying to get ahead. My career was more important than my personal life. But I did keep in touch with my family, so when one of my cousins told me she would be in town, I offered to take her for a boat ride.

Stupidly, I issued the invitation without checking my calendar. It wasn’t until the following day that I realized she would be in town on a weekend when Sterling and Violet had the boat. I hadn’t seen my cousin in a few years, and not only did I want to show her a good time while she was in town, but I wanted to show off how far I’d come.

As I understood it, half the time when Sterling and Violet were scheduled to use the boat, they didn’t actually use it. They reserved the option, but Sterling tended to work on weekends or go golfing with his buddies. He’d bought the boat mainly because Violet wanted it, but she refused to use it alone, so if Sterling wasn’t around, the thing stayed tied up at the dock. I hoped that meant they wouldn’t mind swapping weekends with me.

I waited until the end of the work day to approach Sterling, who was still sitting at his desk going through paperwork. “Do you have a minute?”

“Yeah.” He closed the folder he was leafing through and looked up at me.

I closed the door. “I was wondering if you’d mind letting me use the boat the weekend after next. My cousin’s coming up from Kentucky.”

He frowned. “I thought we had the schedule pretty well sorted out.”

“We do.” I frowned back. I wasn’t about to be intimidated by him. “This is a special case. I didn’t know she’d be here until yesterday.”

He folded his hands on his desk. “I certainly understand why you want to use the boat, but I don’t know what Violet and I have planned for that weekend. I’ll have to talk to her. Why don’t you join us for a boat ride this Saturday, and we’ll talk more about it?”

I was about to turn that down flat. Spending even a couple hours with Violet would probably give me a migraine. But I didn’t exactly have anything better to do, and if it meant being able to take my cousin on a trip around the harbor, it would be worth it.

“Thanks,” I said. “What time?”

“Say around one.” He opened the folder again. “See you then.”

He would see me the following day in the office, too, bahis firmaları but I didn’t bother pointing that out to him. Half the time, he barely noticed me when I was directly in front of him, despite the fact that our positions were at about the same level in the company. I didn’t take it personally. From what I’d seen, he was like that with everyone.


Between then and Saturday, it occurred to me that I would be alone with Sterling and Violet on the boat. Even though I wasn’t sure I’d be able to tolerate Violet’s voice or personality for long, I would be able to look at her. Possibly in a bikini. She definitely seemed the type to wear a bikini on the boat, even though she wouldn’t be going in the water. Our harbor wasn’t conducive to swimming.

Saturday morning, I stood in front of my closet mirror trying to choose my sexiest outfit while laughing my ass off at myself for thinking that way. Sterling had pretty much blackmailed me into going for the boat ride by implying he and Violet wouldn’t give me an answer about using the boat otherwise. They weren’t taking me out on the water to take me, as appealing as that thought was. The idea had certainly kept me awake the night before while I got myself off a few times.

I didn’t own a bikini. For that matter, I didn’t have any type of swimsuit. My usual boating outfit was a lightweight T-shirt and cut-off shorts, which seemed much too casual for the situation. I wanted to make a good impression. Sterling had never seen me in anything except my usual businesswear, which I’d also been wearing the one time I’d encountered Violet. Obviously dress pants and a blazer wouldn’t be appropriate for a day on the water, but I wanted something equally classy, while also drawing their attention.

“Right. They’re going to fuck you on the boat.” I rolled my eyes at my reflection. I was being a complete idiot about this.

I ended up choosing a pair of linen shorts, a bit longer than I would have preferred but better than my cut-offs, along with a sleeveless blouse. Dressy without being overdressed, I hoped. Without giving myself time to second-guess, I headed for the marina.

I arrived at the boat at the same time as Sterling and Violet. Sterling wore denim shorts and a tight T-shirt that showed off abs I hadn’t realized the man had. Violet, as I’d predicted, wore a bikini, with a wide dress scarf tied around her waist as an excuse for a cover-up, along with a pair of spike-heeled sandals that didn’t make a damn bit of sense for boating. Somehow, though, I doubted she was trying to make sense.

Sterling and I shook hands. “Thanks for inviting me out with you,” I said.

“Thanks for coming along.” He turned to help Violet step from the dock onto the boat. “Apparently we have a few things to discuss.”

“I suppose.” The only thing I knew of was my use of the boat during my cousin’s visit. Not something that required a day out on the water as far as I was concerned, and certainly not “a few things.” But I didn’t question Sterling’s statement, just followed him onto the boat.

He took the controls, so I cast off the lines. The one good thing about boating with someone else was having help getting off the slip, though I’d learned quickly to manage it by myself. I suspected Sterling had as well. Violet didn’t seem inclined to help. She simply planted herself in one of the two plastic deck chairs and started slathering sunblock onto her tan belly.

The eye candy would be worth the trip, if nothing else. As I coiled the ropes, I couldn’t help sneaking glances at her. Sterling was doing the same, though he had to have seen Violet like this before.

I just hoped Sterling wouldn’t realize I was lusting after his wife. That would cause some very uncomfortable questions. I had to hold myself together until we returned from our hopefully short trip, and then I’d be able to find somewhere to relieve the ache in my pussy before I drove home. But it wasn’t something I’d be able to deal with around the two of them.

One we were out of the marina, Sterling motioned at the chair beside Violet. “Have a seat, Cheryl. You’re making me nervous.”

“Sorry.” I sat down so quickly the chair almost moved out from under me.

“So you want to use the boat the weekend after next.” Sterling glanced at me. “Your cousin’s visiting, you said?”


“How do you know we didn’t have plans?” Violet asked in her squeaky voice.

It wasn’t as annoying as it had been at the boat dealership. Maybe the bikini helped.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I brought the subject up to Sterling the other day, and he told me to come out with the two of you today to talk about it.”

“I know,” she said impatiently. “He and I’ve talked about it, and we’ve decided you can use the boat on one condition.”

I didn’t like the sound of that. Conditions were not usually good things in situations like this. But since my options were limited, I didn’t argue. “What’s the condition?”

“You fuck us.”

She said it so matter-of-factly, in kaçak iddaa that little voice, that for several seconds her words didn’t register. I had to have heard her wrong. There was no way in hell my coworker’s wife had just propositioned me.

I looked over at Sterling, who was facing the water. I couldn’t read a damn thing from his expression. I wasn’t sure he’d even heard Violet.

“I what?” My voice cracked.

“You fuck us,” Sterling said. “Violet and I agreed that would be our offer. You want to share the boat; we want to share you. Of course, whether you say yes or no, this will have to stay among the three of us. It isn’t something I’d want getting around at work.”

“Of course.” My mouth was dry, and I swallowed hard to try to get some moisture.

All the times I’d fingered or fucked myself while imagining being with one or both of them, and I’d never once considered anything like this.

Violet laughed, an oddly deep sound given her speaking voice. “I told you she wouldn’t know what to say.”

“I didn’t doubt for a second that we would confuse her.” Sterling grinned at me. “You haven’t jumped overboard yet, so I take it you’re considering it?”

“Um.” I couldn’t think of a single response. Of course I was considering it. I’d been considering it for weeks. But I wasn’t about to tell them that.

“Honey, drive out to that spot where you fucked me last time,” Violet said. “That’ll give Cheryl some time to think, and a good place to do it if she goes along with it. Or maybe you can fuck me while she watches if she isn’t interested in participating.”

My lower body tightened, and I knew damn well how wet I was just from listening to her. I wanted to get started right then and there. Kiss her, play with her tits, put my hand down her teeny bikini bottoms. Or suck Sterling’s cock while he played with Violet. I didn’t care which.

There was no frigging chance of waiting until we were back on shore to get myself off, and no doubt in my mind I’d be going along with them. Maybe fucking in exchange for a day on the boat made me a whore, but I was okay with that. I hadn’t gotten laid in a little too long, and with the objects of my most prominent fantasies making the offer, I would have been an idiot to turn it down.

I took a deep breath, yanked my typical confidence out of hiding, and said, “How long does it take to get there?”

As it turned out, it didn’t take long at all. While Sterling steered the boat, Violet gave me a wine cooler from the chest beside her, which I sipped slowly even though I wanted to gulp it down and ask for another. I wanted to have a nice buzz going, but just a mild one.

“I hope you’re into women,” Violet said. “If we both just fuck Sterling, it won’t be nearly as much fun.”

I almost choked on my mouthful of wine cooler. “Um, yeah. I’m bi.”

“Perfect!” She actually clapped her hands. “I told Sterling you must be, and he thought I was crazy. I can usually tell.”

“I didn’t think you were crazy,” Sterling said. “I’m just used to uptight Cheryl from the office.”

“I’m not uptight,” I said.

He laughed. “Sure you are. We all are at that goddamn place. That’s why I like to have some playtime when we aren’t there. That’s how I met Violet, playing at a club. We fucked, I watched her with another woman, fucked her again, and brought her home.”

That was more information than I actually wanted, but it turned me right the fuck on anyway. Thinking about the two of them naked together, Sterling pounding into Violet’s cunt, was even hotter than the mental images I’d created before. And when I added in another naked woman writhing under Violet’s tongue at the same time, it was so intense I would have come on the spot if either of them had touched me.

From the heated way Violet was looking at me, she knew exactly what was going through my mind. And the little smile playing at the corners of her mouth said she liked it.

It took far too long to get out to the harbor islands, though in reality it was less than fifteen minutes. Sterling steered to the far side of one of the islands, well away from the ferry dock and the floats where visitors could tie up their private boats, and cut the engines.

“There’s some risk here.” He turned from the controls. “You never know who might be sailing past. But for us, that’s part of the fun. I hope it will be for you, too, Cheryl.”

“Sure.” Looking around, I didn’t see any other boats in sight.

Sterling dropped the anchor and sauntered over to the chairs where Violet and I were sitting. Without a word, he stripped off his shirt, revealing perfect abs and one of the most defined male chests it had ever been my pleasure to see close up.

“Very nice,” Violet purred. “What do you think, Cheryl?”

“I agree with you.” I licked my lips. If I was going to do this, I might as well be enthusiastic about it. “So do we get to see anything else, Sterling?”

“Eventually.” He stepped behind Violet and slid his hands over her shoulders and down into her bikini kaçak bahis top. She made a pleased little noise, and Sterling looked at me. “I’m going to get her nice and turned on, and then she’s going to play with you a bit. Assuming you don’t object to that. I’m in the mood to watch.”

“I don’t object a bit.” I leaned over, but stopped before I kissed Violet. “Should I just be watching right now?”

“Do whatever you feel like doing.” Violet reached behind her and stroked the front of Sterling’s shorts. “He only gets some say in what happens, even if he thinks he’s in charge.”

“Mmm.” Sterling moved in front of Violet, which put the bulge in his shorts right at my eye level and hers. “I know who’s in control here, no worries. I have two gorgeous ladies who could lead me anywhere by my dick if they wanted. If you want to kiss her, Cheryl, go right ahead, but don’t occupy her mouth for too long. I have something else I want to put there.”

Violet just smiled at me, so I closed the gap between her mouth and mine. Her lips were soft and tasted like the wine coolers, and she pushed her tongue into my mouth before I had a chance to invade hers.

The kiss grew rougher, and someone’s hand squeezed my tit hard enough to make me gasp. I was pretty sure it was Sterling’s, but the hand was gone before I could open my eyes and find out for sure.

A cool touch on my belly made me jump. Violet pulled back enough to murmur, “Let me touch you, Cheryl. Sterling’s finger fucking me right now, and I want to do the same to you.”

I had no argument with that. I slid down in my chair to give her better access, and she slipped her hand into my shorts and pressed a finger against my swollen clit.

We were still kissing. My eyes were still closed. But the mental image of Sterling rubbing Violet’s clit combined with the way she was touching mine sent me skyrocketing straight to climax within seconds. I bucked, and Violet broke the kiss again and cried out. She yanked her hand out of my shorts, but not before I felt her trembling through her own orgasm.

The pleasure coursing through me was better than anything I’d felt in a long time. I barely made a sound, but a smaller shock rocked me right on the heels of the first, and I couldn’t even think. Violet cried out again, a sound that was abruptly cut off, and I opened my eyes to see Sterling thrusting his hard, thick cock into her mouth. She closed her eyes and fondled his balls while he fucked her face.

I wanted a taste of that cock myself, but I was too turned on by watching Violet suck him to ask if I could share. Without really thinking about it, I started fingering myself while I watched. I’d hadn’t come nearly enough yet.

“Take off your clothes, Cheryl,” Sterling said hoarsely. “Let me see what you’re doing to yourself while Violet sucks me off, and then we’ll see what she can do with you.”

For about three seconds, I froze. He couldn’t seriously want me naked out there where anyone could see!

But of course he was serious, and even though I was reluctant, part of me wanted to show him exactly what I’d been hiding under my business clothes all this time. I stood and, keeping my gaze on him so I could make sure he was still watching me, I took off everything.

The hunger in his eyes once I was nude made it completely worth it.

“Fucking hell,” he said. “I thought you’d be sexy, but this is better than I expected. Take a look, Violet.”

Violet opened her eyes and gave me a sideways glance, since it was impossible for her to turn to look at me while Sterling was still moving his cock in and out of her mouth. She made a sound I took as approval and closed her eyes again.

Sterling held out his hand to me. Bemused, I took it, and he yanked me against his side. Before I could react, his mouth was on mine, his free hand on my tit, and I headed right up toward coming again.

I needed someone to touch my clit. Both of them had their hands occupied, so I started fingering myself again, making sure by my movements and the sounds I made against Sterling’s mouth that they would both know exactly what I was doing.

“Dirty slut,” Sterling murmured against my mouth.

I didn’t answer, because the harsh word that I usually hated was what pushed me over the edge. I came again, hard enough that my knees buckled, and I would have screamed if Sterling hadn’t still been kissing me.

I shook, and he grabbed me around the waist and broke the kiss. “Got yourself off, huh?”


He let go of me and stepped back. Violet looked disappointed. “You didn’t come, honey.”

“I didn’t want to. Not yet.” He pulled her to her feet and motioned for me to take her chair, which I did. I spread my legs, and Sterling smiled and turned Violet to face me. “Look. Cheryl’s pussy is so wet I’m surprised she isn’t dripping. You need to get out of that bikini and eat her cunt while I fuck you.”

“Ooh.” Beaming, Violet stripped and knelt between my legs.

I didn’t even try to do anything as she leaned in and touched her tongue to my still-sensitive clit. She thrust a finger inside me and started fucking me with it while she licked and lightly nibbled, and the sensations were so intense I was ready to come again almost instantly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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