Three’s Not a Crowd

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Big Tits

At my request, Jade leads you upstairs to get you ready…although for what exactly wasn’t mentioned. Once the bedroom door closes she leans in close to you and gently kisses your lips. The kiss lingers as first she, then you sigh as you lose yourselves in each other.

Jade pulls away, slowly breaking the kiss as she reaches for the buttons of your blouse. After the first is opened, she leans in to kiss you again, reassuring you while she opens the next. When the third is opened she parts the fabric, exposing the edge of your bra, and drops her head to kiss the hollow above your breasts. She smiles as she hears your breath catch and then feels you shudder with pleasure at the intimate gesture. You can hear her murmuring softly as she continues to unbutton your top.

Once completely opened, Jade stands back up and once more kisses your soft lips. She slowly circles behind you and you feel her hot breath on your neck as she gently pushes the fabric off of your shoulders. As it falls to the ground Jade starts to kiss your neck and shoulders while slowly running her fingers up and down your arms, across your bra covered breasts and down your stomach.

Jade’s kisses become light nips as she focuses on your neck, her hands busy unbuttoning your pants. You feel the waist give way, yielding to her fingers as they slip over the elastic band of your panties. She drifts to the back of your neck, trailing hot breath upon your flesh as she slowly kneels. You feel it moving down your spine as she works the pants down over your hips, leaving your underwear in place for the moment. Her fingers lightly scratch as she drags them along your flesh when she stands back up behind you. They work all the way up across your fabric covered ass and converge along your spine….

Then all of your attention is centered on her mouth again as she kisses your neck, the feel of your skin being pulled taught as she sucks upon the tender flesh. You’re certain she has left a mark.

You must have swooned a bit at the sudden attack, because when your senses return Jade is standing before you, leaning in to kiss you yet again.

She also must have unclasped your bra, for while you’re kissing you feel her push it off your shoulders and it falls between you. Not missing a beat, Jade’s kiss falls from your lips to your chin and trails down your throat. She again finds the hollow between your breasts and lingers there for a moment before attending to first one then the other nipple. In turn she licks, sucks and nips them with enough pressure to be ankara escort certain that each action is noticed.

After worshiping your breasts, Jade begins to trail further down, across your tummy and to the top of your panties. She reaches around you and gently cups your ass, pulling you slowly towards her. Her open mouth covers your thinly covered lips and exhales upon them with hot, moist breath. Once again you shudder…or perhaps you never stopped as your arousal certainly hasn’t lessened.

You notice that one of her hands has bunched the fabric of your underwear behind you and when she removes her mouth from your mound she does the same in the front. The bunched up panties are now nestled between your lips and, with a knowing smile, she starts to saw the fabric back and forth. It slides across your clit to and fro, all the while playing across your moist hole.

Hearing your moans and sighs begin to rise, Jade reaches between your lips, hooking the fabric of your panties and pulling them out. She uses her other hand to help work them over your hips and down your legs.

She rises again before you, taking you in her arms and engaging you in the most passionate kiss of the encounter yet.

When the kiss between you and Jade breaks, she has slowly negotiated the two of you across the room to the edge of the bed. She settles herself on the side and beckons you to join her. As you reach the middle of the bed she begins the kiss anew. It’s a warm, wet kiss full of promise as she explores your body. Every touch and caress is stirring your fires. She leans into you, slowly pressing you down onto the bed. You feel her settle upon you, all the while continuing that passionate kiss, her tongue parting your lips and seeking yours out. Together they start a dance within your mouths.

Eventually, the kiss needs to be broken and the two of you gaze at one another while you catch your breath. She shifts and you assume she is making herself more comfortable, but you feel her wrap something around your wrist.

Confused, you look at your wrist when she shifts to your other side. You find it in a nylon cuff that seems to be fastened to the frame of the bed. It isn’t until after the other wrist is similarly secured that what has happened truly registers in your mind.

Jade smiles down at you, trying to soothe away the look of alarm on your face. She bends down and kisses you again, softly. She parts from your kiss and slowly moves down your body, kissing it as she goes. She moves between your legs and starts to escort ankara trace your lips with her tongue. Up one side..up the other…then she flattens her tongue and swipes it right up the middle, flicking it quickly across your clit. Your body arches and you pull against the cuffs as Jade does this routine several more times, each round raising your arousal until you feel you’re at the verge of release. Sensing how close you are, she backs off. You whimper at the sudden stop, already missing the attention. Jade leans over you one more time and kisses you, the taste of your juices still on her lips. She smiles and rises from the bed, leaving the room.

Naked, highly aroused and bound to the bed, it seems like an hour before the door to the bedroom reopens. Jade and I both enter the room and are completely naked as well.

I stand near your head and lean down from behind you to offer you a kiss. You look concerned, but relax a bit as my lips touch yours. The kiss is hard and quickly rekindles the heat in your groin. You hardly notice that Jade is securing your ankles in the same fashion as your wrists. I step back away from you but she is standing right beside me now and leans down to kiss you as well. Though her lips are softer, the kiss is equal in passion and edges you further along.

You feel the bed shift as she climbs up on it. She is kneeling upon it now, behind your head and starts to slowly kiss her way down your body, her breasts swaying above you while her lips press against your nipples, drawing them back to stiffness. You crane your neck a bit, trying to catch one of them with your mouth. She pauses after you latch onto one of the nipples, letting you nip and suck upon it briefly before she moves further down your body.

When she stops, you can feel her breath on your shaved pussy. She kisses it gently, sucking ever so lightly on your clit, soliciting a moan from you. You look up and see her own aroused pussy above you, beyond your reach.

I lean down, along the side of your head and whisper in to your ear, “I want you to watch, Dear Anita, very closely… and know that yours will be coming soon….but for now, you wait.” You nearly cry out in frustration.

I stand and you feel the bed shift again as I kneel above you now. You can see my erect cock, glistening with precum as I poise it at the opening of Jade’s hole. Her mouth is still pressed against your wet pussy when I slowly slide into her. You can hear as well as feel the moan she emits as I penetrate her, the vibrations dancing across ankara escort bayan your clit along with the hotness of her breath.

I start a slow but steady rhythm as we rock above you. You can see every thrust, smell her arousal, nearly taste the sweat forming upon our bodies. All the while, Jade’s moans and cries are causing the slightest sensation to play across your pussy. Teasing it. Her heavy breasts are swaying against you with each thrust I make.

You close your eyes and try to focus on the subtle pressures being exerted on your excited clit, attempting to bring yourself closer to release. You tilt your pelvis slightly, allowing Jade’s lips to touch your throbbing bud almost directly…and the thrusting stops. You open your eyes in time to see my swollen head descend towards your mouth and you take it hungrily.

The taste of my cock is nearly lost in the sweetness of Jade’s juices. It is the first taste of her that you’ve had, though certain not to be the last. You savor them only briefly before starting to suck on my shaft. I hold myself steady, allowing you to take as little then as much as you’d like. You make several quick passes around the ridge with your tongue then raise your head to take me back into your hot mouth. You do this twice, but when you draw your mouth back the third time I move along with you. As your head reaches the bed again I continue to thrust forward, forcing my full length into your throat.

I can feel the contracting of your throat as you try adjust to the intrusion, fighting your natural reflexes to gag. I hold myself there for a moment, a reminder of who is in control.

Just as suddenly as I entered it, I pull back out of your mouth and thrust myself into Jade again. She screams as she finds herself filled so suddenly. It is a long, loud scream heralding her orgasm and with her mouth pressed tightly to your mound Jade takes you along for the ride!

I begin to thrust hard as the two of you spiral out of control, your screams spurring me on. Within moments I’ve reached my own limits and begin to shudder with my own release. You can see my balls tighten above you as I hold myself deep inside of Jade and empty my load.

After a few seconds, I withdraw and Jade collapses on top of you for a moment. She rolls off to the side with a contented sigh and curls up along side of you. She gently strokes your hair and your cheek while smiling at you. I move from one limb to the next, removing your restraints and gently kissing the spots each had covered. Once finished, I climb back onto the bed and curl up along your other side.

You lie there on the bed, between us, the warmth of the afterglow making it completely unnecessary to cover ourselves. We all sigh contentedly and start to drift asleep. Together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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