Three’s a Circle, Not a Triangle Ch. 08

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Every night Susan, William, and Liz masturbate together.

Every night for the next few weeks it was the same sexy show with Susan slowly and seductively stripping off all of her clothes with the bedroom light blazing and with her shamelessly exposing her naked body to William and to his wife, Liz. With a cast of one, it was if she was making a live porn movie in her bedroom just for her neighbors to see. She’d walk in her bedroom and undress, then once naked she’d mindlessly walk around her room while continuing her naked show from all sides. As if an actress on stage in a one woman show, never looking at the camera, she never directly looked at her audience that stood beyond her bedroom windows across the street.

She acted as if she didn’t even know that William and Liz were there watching her but of course she knew they were both there watching her from their darkened rooms. How could she not know they were hiding in the dark while watching her? With both of them excited enough by her nightly show to masturbate with her, they watched her every night. No doubt, especially after they turned on their lights, just as she now could see them naked, she knew that they could see her naked.

Slowly unbuttoning her blouse in the same way she did the first time he saw her undress, one slow button at a time and stopping for them to see what each unbuttoned buttoned revealed before continuing, she exposed her sexy bra and cleavage to William and to his wife, Liz. So womanly shapely, she had such a beautiful body, the best body he’s ever seen. As if driving a red Ferrari convertible on a curvy, mountain road, he never tired of seeing her sexy striptease. He never tired of seeing her naked.

Every day, as if she had a panty, bra, and shoe fetish, she wore different bras, panties, and high heeled shoes. With an array of every color and every style, he wondered how many bras, panties, and high heeled shoes she had. For her to wear a different one every day, she had a lot. Giving him her own version of Victoria’s Secrets Show, albeit without the angelic wings but with Devil’s horns instead, Susan gave William an Liz her Susan Secrets Show.

Typically she wore jeans or a short skirt and every day he’d watch her wiggle her shapely ass out and extricate her legs from her tight jeans. When wearing a skirt, he’d watch her unbutton, unzip and, as if her skirt was a curtain positioned over a work of art, he’d watch her drop her short skirt to expose her panties. Then, as if her stripping was just the teasing foreplay appetizer to excite him and his wife before she climbed on her bed to excite herself by masturbating, she conspicuously paraded around her room in her sexy lingerie before stripping herself naked.

A sexy, sexual fantasy sight to behold, he loved seeing Susan in her sexy bra and bikini panty. As if she was a lingerie model or a fit model instead of a porn star, as if her lingerie was molded to her curves and painted to her body, she had the body to wear the small pieces of silk, satin, and cotton that covered her good parts and pieces. Teasing them, in the way she blatantly showed her body without showing all of her body all at once, seeing her in her underwear was such a thrilling tease and an erotic prelude of what was to come next when she’d strip naked and when she’d climb on her bed to masturbate.

Obviously proud of her shapely body in the way that she strutted and sashayed around her bedroom. Sometimes, as if preoccupied in thought, she reminded him of an absentminded Victoria Secrets model but, unless they were alone in their bedroom or with their man or woman, Victoria Secrets models didn’t strip naked but Susan did. Just when he could no longer stand the teasing and he couldn’t wait to see her naked body again, she’d reach around behind herself and unhook her bra. As if she was on stage and her audience stood sat within the darkened theatre, turning to face the window but looking up at the ceiling as if she was lost in thought, she’d remove her bra one, slow, sexy bra strap and bra cup at a time. Better than any striptease show he’s ever seen, no wonder why she’s a star, albeit a porn star.

She had wonderful tits and the best breasts he’s ever seen. So big, so shapely, and so high up as if she was a teenaged virgin instead of a forty-year-old woman, the years have been kind to her. Definitely, she looked ten years younger than what was written in her biography on her Internet profile. An orphan abandoned by her prostitute mother, mired deep in sexual abuse, she started her life lost. No wonder why, instead of going to college, getting married, and having children, she turned to pornography, the darker side of life instead.

If only Liz would allow him to adopt Susan and maybe she would being that she was next door watching her from the spare bedroom in the way he was watching her from his office too. As a sixty-year-old man, if only he could open his doors and his heart to a forty-year-old woman, he’d bahis firmaları love to adopt her. Never into incest before, imagining that if she was his grown, adult, adopted daughter, he’d be into incest now. Only solely because of the sexual the reasons why he wanted to adopt her, nothing more than a tax deduction, his adoption of her may not be accepted by any reputable adoption agency.

He wondered if she had any cosmetic surgery done. Everyone in her business has had some kind of reconstructive enhancements done to their face and/or body but she looked all natural, especially her big tits. He imagined himself touching, feeling, fondling, and caressing her big, perfect breasts before fingering her hard nipples. He’d love to feel her tits and suck her nipples. He’d love to slip his cock between her tits and fuck her cleavage while she leaned down to take him in her mouth to suck him.

As if she was unwrapping something exquisitely expensive and she was, he watched her slowly peel down her panty to expose her shaved pussy that just had a small enough tuft of blonde hair to show that she was a natural blonde. Twirling circles with his finger with her blonde pubic hair, he imagined fingering her tuft of blonde pubic hair before fingering her pussy while French kissing her. He imagined pushing her back on her bed and spreading her legs wide to lick her while fucking her with his fingers. Having watched her faking orgasms on his big screen, he wondered what she sounded like in person when she had a real orgasm.

He imagined fingering and licking her pussy before fucking her pussy. After being with so very many men in her porn movies, he wondered if her pussy was still tight. Maybe because she’s had sex with so very many men, she had to have a surgical procedure done, a vaginal rejuvenation, to make her feel as if she was a virgin again. Tight or loose, without question or reservation, he’d fuck her. As far as he was concerned she was his dream woman.

As if she was Lady Godiva sitting upon her horse, he watched her sitting naked at her dressing table to brush her long, lush, blonde hair. In the way of the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale Rapunzel letting down her long, blonde hair for the Prince to scale her tower walls, he imagined himself being lost in her tresses while scaling her beautiful body. Smelling the imagined fresh fragrance of her hair, he’d love to bury his nose in her hair while feeling her tits. He’d love to put a hand behind her blonde, pretty head while she sucked his cock.

As if her hair was a Heavenly waterfall cascading down and softly falling in his pool of sweet, sexual sweat, he’d loved to feel her long hair collect on his chest while she was on top of him and humping him while he was humping her. As if her blonde hair was the icing on the cake and her unbelievable body was the most delicious pastry he could ever eat, she was his decadent dessert that stiffened his cock. Something that he thought would never happen but with her now living, stripping, and masturbating across the street from him, he longed she’d satisfy his hunger for her by having sex with him.

He watched her stand from her dressing table to open her drawer. She collected her toys, two handfuls of them, and carried them to her bed. With vibrators and dildos hidden in nearly every drawer in her home, seemingly she had as many dildos and vibrators as she had panties, bras, and high heeled shoes. With her collection of panties, bras, high heels, and toys, she could open a sex store, Susan’s Sexy Secrets. He watched her climb on her bed, get comfortable and, with her pussy aimed at her bedroom window and his office window, spread her legs in anticipation of pleasuring herself with her finger before pleasuring herself with her toys.

“Here we go! Showtime!”

As if so chosen to watch a special striptease show and now a masturbation show, standing there in the dark with their lights off, William and Liz touched themselves while watching Susan undressing and exposing herself to them. They waited for their turn to undress and expose their naked bodies to her before the three of them started masturbating together. As soon as she climbed on her bed, that was their cue to turn on their lights and strip naked in front of Susan in the way that she had stripped herself naked in front of them. It was so erotic to strip naked and masturbate in front of a strange, beautiful woman and even hotter knowing that your wife was masturbating over the same woman at the same time but from a different room too. If only the three of them could get together in one room, how hot would that be?

As far as William was concerned, it would have been weird for him to masturbate in front of Liz in the way he was eagerly excited to masturbate in front of Susan. Moreover, had Susan not been stripping herself naked and masturbating in front of him first, it would have been perversely perverted for him to strip naked and to masturbate in front of her. Normally kaçak iddaa fearing that his wife would not only catch him exposing himself to his new neighbor but also masturbating in front of his new neighbor, his behavior of exhibitionism, voyeurism, and masturbation would have been perversely perverted if Liz wasn’t part of their exhibitionism, voyeurism, and masturbation fun too but she was.

Taking her place on the bed with her legs spread wide, her bald, pink pussy exposed and clearly visible, and with a multitude of toys laid out, Susan gave William and Liz her show of her nude body while masturbating in her well lit bedroom. Returning the favor, a threesome circle of sexual self-satisfaction, William masturbated with Susan with his office light on and Liz masturbated with her with her light on from the spare bedroom. As if the three of them were the only members of a private and secret masturbation club, even when they saw one another on the street, the unspoken code was that they never spoke about their striptease and masturbation to one or the other. They’d just say hi and talk about the weather or about the neighborhood. Weirdly surreal, never did any of them mention that they saw one or the other naked while masturbating.

Even though William and Liz had seen Susan naked and watched her masturbate and even though Susan had seen them naked and watched them masturbate, they didn’t publically discuss their lewd and lascivious behavior in the way they publically viewed one another stripping naked and masturbating. Obviously, none of them wanted to ruin what they had been doing by shinning a bright light of open and honest dialogue to their secret, lurid, masturbation obsession. Leaving what they were doing unsaid, it was better that they watched the naked show than talked about their naked public display of masturbation. Nobody’s business but their own and only shared by one another, it was their dirty, secret to enjoy their public, albeit private show of masturbation in the privacy of the bedrooms of their homes.

Being that his wife was always up in the spare bedroom now with the light on and the curtains open at the same time that he and Susan were there every evening with their lights on and their windows unobstructed, knowing she knew, William didn’t even talk to Liz about their masturbation threesome. No longer having that kind of sexual relationship with her and feeling awkward discussing sex and all things sexual with his wife, what was there to say really that they haven’t already said and ignore before Susan even appeared on the scene? Just as he knew Liz was giving Susan a masturbation show, she knew that he was too. Sometimes, in the way that he wished Liz would watch him strip off his clothes and masturbate, he wished he could watch her strip off her clothes and masturbate.

Albeit watching her from different rooms that was separated by a mere wall, after 30-years of a marriage that had withered, it was a wall that was too high and thick to bridge. Nonetheless, the fact that they both watched Susan strip naked and masturbate was excitingly erotic. She was their conduit, the woman who brought them together again even though they were still so very far apart. The fact that Susan was giving them a show of her beautiful body after stripping herself naked and before masturbating while knowing full well that William and Liz were both watching her before stripping themselves naked and masturbating with her was William’s sexual fantasy come true. In all of the porn videos he’s watched of Susan in a naked, sexually action filled starring role, a sexual fantasy come true, he never thought he’d ever meet her never mind watch her strip naked and parade around her room naked before masturbating herself every night.

Such a waste, a woman so beautiful and sexy should never have to pleasure herself with masturbation. He wished he was in her bedroom with her right now. He’d be happy to masturbate her. More than just merely masturbating her, he’d give Liz a show. He wished Liz was in Susan’s bedroom right now masturbating her, both women would give him a real show. Still in love with Liz, even though he lusted over Susan, he wished Liz was there with him in Susan’s bedroom him too. He never had a threesome before but always wanted one. Definitely Susan was too hot for him to handle alone without Liz playing an active role in pleasuring her in the way that he’d love to pleasure the both of them.

He didn’t understand why a woman whose job was to have hot sex with good looking men had to masturbate. She could have any man to sexually pleasure her. Maybe she’s lesbian. Maybe her show is more for Liz than it is for him. Maybe she wants Liz and not him.


Certainly, he understood his and Liz’s need to masturbate. They weren’t having any sex but with Susan a porn star, her entire life was all about explicit sex, sexy circumstances and dialogue, and sexual situations. Once home, he’d think that instead of turning kaçak bahis that part of her life back on that she’d want to turn that part of her life off, relax with a glass of wine, and just sleep in her bed instead of masturbating in her bed.

Maybe she’s a nymphomaniac. Maybe instead of just living across the street from a porn star, he lives across the street from a nymphomaniac porn star. Maybe no matter how much sex she gets in a day, it’s never enough. Maybe she wants sex now. Maybe she wants him and Liz now.


No matter if she’s a lesbian or a nymphomaniac or not, why does she not only feel the need to masturbate nightly but also to masturbate in front of them? As if trying to initiate them into her luridly sexual lifestyle, is it just to give them a show of her naked body or is it more than that? Maybe there’s something wrong with her. Maybe she has a screw loose that he’d love to tighten. Maybe she’s mentally deranged. Just because she’s beautiful doesn’t mean she can’t be totally nuts. As if she’s a sexually offending man in a woman’s body, how could someone so beautiful and sexy be so depravedly, sexually crazy to strip off her clothes and masturbate in front of them?

“Sex, sex, sex, her entire life is about sex,” he said for no one to hear.

What’s her real agenda in feeling the need to sexually excite a mature, nearly elderly couple by stripping off her clothes and masturbating in front of them? He only wished something like this happened to him twenty or thirty years ago when he was able to do more about it than to just watch while masturbating. If he was a younger and unmarried man, he’d marched across the street and ring her doorbell. He’d be taking her in his arms and kissing her before carrying her to her bedroom and giving her the deep, hard fucking she needs to satisfy her eternal horniness and his eternal, lustful desire for her.

Surely her showing them her naked body is not to entice them to strip naked and masturbate. Why would someone who looks like her and who works with beautiful men and women want to see them naked and masturbating? Being that she definitely must be an exhibitionist, perhaps even a voyeur, to make porn movies that are distributed all over the world, maybe her thing is exposing herself to them. Maybe, just as simple as that, she enjoys being watched. Maybe, just as simple as that, she enjoys watching too. The perfect neighbors, maybe she had been searching for a couple who’d play her sexy game of mutual masturbation and self-abusive pleasure.

Yet, what happened to her to have made her so perversely twisted? Surely for her to do what she does during the day and night too, she’s not normal. Whether young or old, obese or thin, not many woman, especially one so beautiful and sexy, one who could have any man, would strip off their clothes and masturbate, especially while knowing that someone was watching. Why does she do that? Curious why someone like her does the things that she does, he’s just glad that she lives across the street from him.

He watched her using vibrators of various sizes and colors. He watched her using dildos of various shapes and sizes. Switching from one to the other, seemingly not having a favorite toy and going from one toy to the next toy, it appeared that the collection of toys as a whole were her favorite.

He watched her pleasuring her pussy with a vibrator before switching to a different vibrator. Using one vibrator for her pussy and another for her nipples, teasing them as much as she was teasing herself, he watched her exciting herself while masturbating herself. Then, done temporarily with the vibrators, it was time for the dildos.

Never did she take a dildo anally. Perhaps had she had a partner to lubricate her ass and to guide the dildo inside without hurting herself, she would. Still, in the way she switched from vibrators to vibrator, he watched her switch from dildo to dildo. Taking them in her pussy before taking them in her mouth, she seemed fond of sucking and licking her own pussy juices in the way that he wished he could suck and lick her pussy juices too.

Just as he’d love to lick her, he’d love to watch Liz lick her. After sucking him, he’d love to watch Susan lick Liz. Imagining both women on either side of him, he’d love to watch them taking turns with his cock while sucking him and while he played with their tits. How hot would that be? A sexual fantasy come true, watching Susan’s sexy striptease and masturbation show is way better than taking a golfing trip to Bermuda.

Every night Susan always had a new toy and William was envious that she had so very many wonderful masturbation toys. In the way she played with so very many vibrators and dildos, he wondered if sex toys, along with panties, bras, and high heeled shoes were her sexual fetishes. Other than all the women he’s watched on porn videos, having never watched a woman masturbate live and in person before, had he not witnessed this sexy show of masturbation, he never would have known that masturbation could be so creatively erotic. As if he was the joker and she was Batman, envious of all of her sexual toys, he watched her playing with toy after toy.

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