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Big Tits

One Saturday morning, Barbara and I went to the local Mall to do a little shopping. This is about a once a month event. We normally split up when we get there and go our separate ways for a while. We always decide to meet at a particular place and time (I usually opt for Friendlys’ or the Coffee and pastry shop). Today was no different; we were to meet at the coffee shop at about twelve thirty.

I spent most of my free time just walking around looking at the women. I really like the summer – especially at the mall. All the women dress for the season and there is no need for coats, sweaters or anything else that covers them up. It’s particularly rewarding on very hot days when the air conditioning makes those nipples come to attention. Man, I really like to see a well-endowed lady with her headlights on.

I strolled around and made a few minor purchases. You know, the usual stuff, a pack of socks in the Men’s store, a new ink cartridge for my computer printer, some blank video tapes which were on sale for a good price at the five and dime store, and some pistachios at the “nut-house”. All-in-all I roamed around for two solid hours and generally enjoyed myself.

Promptly at twelve thirty, I went into the coffee shop. Barbara was already there sitting at one of the small booth-tables against the front window. I sat down opposite her and put my packages on the seat next to me. “What did you get,” I started.

“Oh, just a few things.” She replied. “I got some new placemats for the kitchen table and a couple of new novels from the book store.”

“Any thing else? ” I asked, eyeing the bags that were obviously larger than a few placemats and a couple of books.

“Yeah, I got some new towels and a little rack to hold the TV remote.” She volunteered.

“I got some new socks and some blank video tapes.” I admitted.

“And some pistachios, too” she said, knowingly.

“Why, yes I did,” I said, as I looked down and noticed the red stains on my fingers.

The waitress came by and we ordered coffees. I asked for a Napoleon and Barbara had a croissant. We continued to chat as we enjoyed the snack. There were a couple of places left at the mall that we needed to go to together. When the bill came, I asked Barb if she would mind paying it while I went to the men’s’ room. She agreed, so I put some cash with the bill, picked up my bags and went into the men’s room.

It didn’t take me long to do what I had to do in there. When I came out, Barbara was still standing in the line to pay the tab. I guess we timed our departure just when everyone else did and the line at the register was about three deep when I got there. I slid up behind Barbara and stood real close. I wasn’t sure if she knew I was there so I casually rubbed by hand across her butt to see what she would do.

She took a half step back and pressed against me saying. “Mister, you had better stop that, my husband will be back from the men’s room any minute now.”

“Ha ha, very funny,” I said. “how did you know it was me?” I asked.

“Just a lucky guess,” she replied. “Lets go into the video store and see if there is anything new.”

“Let’s go into Victoria’s Secret next door, and find something new” I suggested.

“You are impossible,” she quipped, completely avoiding the subject.

We went into the video store. There wasn’t much new. Summer doesn’t produce many new videos. We found two new tapes and decided on one of them. After the video store, we went to the pool place and got some shock tablets. The last stop was the bakery where we got some fresh bread for dinner. We headed back for our car.

It was absolutely stifling outside. We had been in the air conditioning for about four hours and the heat and humidity of the day hit us as we walked out the mall door. I couldn’t find the car fast enough. We had parked a couple of hundred yards from the entrance and the walk was definitely uncomfortable. By the time we got to the car we were both sweating through our shirts. I quickly opened the trunk and stuffed our purchases in while Barbara took the keys and got in on her side. She started the car and put the air on ‘Max’. It hadn’t made a dent when I got in and sat next to her. Man, it was hot.

I backed out of the parking place and started toward the mall exit. The air was just beginning to feel cool. I adjusted the vents on my side so that it blew on my face and chest. I guess Barbara did the same. We were about a half mile from the mall when I looked over and noticed that Barb had her headlights on just like the babes in the mall. I stopped for a red light and while I was waiting, I reached over and touched her nipple with my finger. “Yo! Watch it buddy, I don’t do that on the first date.” She said.

“Is the air on too high or are you just glad to see me?” I asked.

“Don’t touch the air!” she said. “And, keep your hands on the wheel please.”

“But they look so inviting,” I pleaded.

“The lights going to change, anyway.” She bahis firmaları noted.

“There’s always time for Jell-O,” I said, as I rubbed the back of my hand across her chest.

“That’s nice, but get us home please.”

“What’s the hurry?” I asked.

“Well, I may not be feeling too well.” She responded.

“What’s wrong, babe?”

“Oh, nothing major.” She continued. “I was thinking that I might need my temperature taken. “

With a flash I remembered what she had said the last time I had ‘taken her temperature’. About three months ago, Barbara had recreated a very erotic event for me. When we were trying to get her pregnant, we had to track her ‘basal’ temperature and time our sex to coincide with her ‘most fertile’ times. We did this by my taking her temperature each morning (rectally) and plotting it on a chart that the doctor had given us. When the graph went up or down, I can’t remember which, it was the best time to “fill her up” as we used to say.

Barbara always laid flat on her stomach while I took her temperature. A couple of times, I had reached my hand under her crotch and rubbed her clit until she had an orgasm. I told her that it was a pleasant way for her to pass the time while waiting for the thermometer to register. She apparently enjoyed the orgasms but didn’t make the connection between the anal stimulation of the thermometer and the sex.

Well, three months ago, barb comes out to the family room and lies across my lap and invites me to take her temperature again. I did and while doing so, I gave her one of my famous ‘reach unders’ and got her off again. We ended that session with a rousing doggie style fuck right there on the family room couch. After it was over, she says to me: “The next time I think that I may be a little feverish, you can check my temperature with your special thermometer.”

I had been waiting. Waiting for a long time. To be honest, I had sort of forgotten that statement until just right then when she reminded me of it with this latest offer.

“Whatever you want,” I stammered. My mind was racing now.

“Well. Not right away, but maybe tonight, OK?” She suggested.

“Like I said, whatever, whenever and wherever,” I promised.

We rode home in relative silence. I know we were both enjoying the air conditioning. But I couldn’t think of anything to say. My brain couldn’t shake the memories of our one and only anal sex adventure in Atlantic City. I replayed that night two or three times in my mind during the ride home. I didn’t know what Barbara was thinking about, but she just leaned back in her seat, closed her eyes and sat there with her nipples sticking out. What a sight!

We eventually got home. I pulled into the garage and barb got out and went into the house. I retrieved the packages from the trunk and closed the garage door as I went into the house. Our son, Tom was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper and eating a big bowel of ice cream. I guess his mother hurried on past him so that he wouldn’t notice her headlights. Anyway, Tom and I talked for a minute as I unpacked our purchases.

“Nothing for me?” he kidded.

“Get a job.” I replied

“I have a job.” He responded.

“Well, get a second one.” I kept it going. “There’s a hundred sixty eight hours in a week and you’re only working forty of them.”

“Give me a break, Pop.” He used the word ‘Pop’ knowing that it would get to me.

“Pop? I’ll give you a pop if you’re not careful.” I said as I feigned anger.

We both started to laugh. “Can I borrow your car tonight?” he asked.

“What’s wrong with yours, no gas?” I replied.

“No, it has gas. What it doesn’t have is air conditioning. I’m taking Nancy to a concert tonight and I’d like to have some air for the ride there and back.” He continued.

“OK by me, I don’t think that your mother and I are planning to go out tonight.” I said. “You had better check with her, though. There may be something that I forgot.”

Tom nodded and walked toward the back of the house. I rummaged in the fridge for a cold one and took it into the family room. Tom came into the family room and said: “It’s odd, Mom seemed almost happy that I asked to borrow the car.”

Things were looking up! I knew that Barbara was aware that Tom would be out of the house tonight and not likely to be home until very late. This was a good sign.

The rest of the afternoon went fine. Slow but fine. I puttered around the house, cleaned the pool and did the chemicals. Barbara occupied herself with the new towels and the things that she had bought for the kitchen. I went back into the kitchen for another cool one and Barb was sitting at the table reading the paper that Tom had left there.

“How are you feeling?” I asked.

“About the same,” she said with a little smile. This indicated that she knew exactly what that question and answer had meant. Wow, things are really looking up tonight.

Tom is my son and I love him kaçak iddaa dearly. But I couldn’t wait for him to get the hell out tonight. He seemed to be dragging his feet. After dinner, he laid down on the couch in the family room and I was afraid that he would fall asleep and miss the concert. Finally at about six o’clock I said: “Hadn’t you better get started if you’re going to that concert tonight?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” he responded, and headed toward his room.

About a half hour later, Tom left for the concert and Barbara and I sat in the family room watching the early evening news. I didn’t want to start anything that would turn her off to the festivities tonight. So I just sat there like a good boy. But, this good boy already had half a stiffy going and was starting to get a little anxious.

It was still light out at about eight o’clock. Barbara suggested that we take a swim in the pool. I thought that to be an excellent idea and jumped up to go get my trunks on. Barbara just sat there watching the news. I went into the bedroom and got my trunks out of my dresser. I stripped down and put them on. While I was in there, I took the opportunity to check in the drawer of the night table on my side of the bed. Yep, the tube of Astroglide was still there. It was about a quarter empty but I was sure that there was still plenty left. This was the same tube that we had used in Atlantic City. I put the tube on top of the other stuff right in the center of the drawer. I closed the drawer, but not all the way. I left it about a half inch open – just so that I could get it open quickly, when the time came.

I went back out to the family room and Barb stood up as I walked in. She was wearing a short wrap around skirt and a loose pullover blouse. She started to pull up the blouse and I really started to get excited until I could see that she was wearing her bathing suit under it. She pulled off the skirt and said: “Shall we?” and started towards the door to the deck. We went out on the deck and picked up a couple of towels. We went out to the pool and the water looked great.

It was still very hot out and the pool felt good. I eased myself in and Barbara just jumped right in. Women can do that. We bobbed around for a few minutes and let the water cool us down. We talked for a while about the pool and the weather. Damn, it was really hot these past few days and the weather man promised a few more just like these. We kept a respectable distance from each other in the pool knowing that the neighbors on all sides could see us if they wanted to. I’m sure that they wanted to because I took every opportunity to ogle their wives and daughters when they were in their own pools. All except the really fat woman who lived next door. Her daughter isn’t bad but the mother is really fat. Thigh burn fat. Can’t see your feet – fat. Stomach supports tits – fat. Fingers look like sausage – fat.

Well, Barbara and I floated, swam, splashed and talked for over an hour. Finally, we noticed that it was starting to get dark. I asked her if she would like a drink. When she said yes, I got out of the pool and went inside to get some drinks. I took the opportunity to defeat the pool lights timer so that the pool lights would not come on at nine o’clock. Pretty smart, huh?

I came back with a glass of wine for barb and a beer for me. I put them on the side of the pool and eased myself back into the water. Man, when I went into the house all wet – I really noticed how well the air conditioning was doing. I told Barbara that we had better dry off really well before we go back in. I think my dick shrank two sizes while I was in there.

We sipped our drinks and passed the time until it started to get dark. As it got darker we moved closer and closer together. Finally, we were wrapped together with barbs legs around my waist and me sort of squatting in the shallow end of the pool. We kissed and squeezed each other but I kept my hands off her ass until I was invited. I did manage to put my face down on her tits a few times and noticed that I could still feel her erect nipples through her bathing suit top.

I noticed that the moon was coming up. (I was already up). It was a half-moon tonight. I cleverly said: “Look at the moon behind you”.

Barb turned around and I snuggled right up behind her. Her butt was now right against my cock and I’m sure she could feel my boner poking into her cheeks. I put my hands around her and cupped her breasts. Barb took a look at the houses around us and was apparently satisfied that nobody was looking. She lifted the top of her bathing suit up and gave me free access to her tits. And marvelous tits they are. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and gently tugged on them. “I really like that,” she said.

“I know,” I replied. “I like it too.”

We continued to bob around the pool and I was dry humping her butt while I played with her tits. (Hard to imagine dry humping in the water?). Eventually, Barbara reached back and put her kaçak bahis hand between us. She rubbed my cock and balls through my swimsuit and then she put her hand down the front of my suit and took my cock into her hand.

“Is the water cold or are you just glad to see me?” she said, reminding me of our conversation in the car this afternoon.

“I’m always glad to see you.” I replied.

Barbara turned back towards me and we started kissing and holding each other very close.

“I’m starting to feel a little chill,” she whispered. “Let’s go inside.”

Barb pulled the top of her suit back over her tits and went up the ladder. I followed close behind her. Speaking of behind her, I’ve always liked the way women look when they are climbing up out of the pool, especially from below. Too bad it was so dark, I would have had a better view. And speaking of wood, it was a good thing that it was so dark, my woody was sticking straight out now, making my swim trunks into a tent. I was glad the neighbors couldn’t see me.

We picked up our towels and walked up to the deck. I took her towel and started to dry her off. This felt good. I dried her shoulders and back. Then I did her front pausing over her tits and then doing her belly. I dried her hips and pulled her against me as I dried her butt. While I was drying her legs, Barbara removed her bathing suit top and let it fall onto the deck with a damp plop. I knelt down to dry her legs and feet. I took her taking her top off as a cue. So, while I was kneeling down, I reached up and slid her bathing suit bottom down to her ankles. There she was in all her beauty.

I dried her legs and butt again. I could sense her pussy right there in front of me. I pulled her closer and nuzzled my face into her crotch. She responded and opened her legs a little allowing me a better access. I took my hands and parted her pussy lips a little and plunged my tongue right in seeking her clit. Barbara put her hands on my head and pulled me into her. She turned her feet outwards and opened her legs a little more. I put my hands on her butt cheeks and continued exploring her clit with my tongue.

Barbara began to moan a little so I took her now erect clit in between my lips and began to gently suck on it. Her hips began a slow rhythmic rocking against my face. I kept going and so did she. The rocking soon became a grinding and the grinding became more and more insistent. All of a sudden, she took a long deep breath and I could feel her begin to come. I licked and sucked her clit as well as I could and held on as her body shook with orgasm. As she slowed down, I continued to lick and suck, but eventually she pulled my head away and whispered “Thank you.”

I kissed her on the pussy hair and somehow found the towel on the floor. I started to dry her feet but she tugged at my shoulders inviting me to stand up. I stood and she said: “You’re still wet, let me return the favor a little.”

With that, Barb started to dry my chest and neck. She pressed herself against me while she reached around me to dry my back. She put the towel over her shoulder and slid my bathing trunks down my legs. My cock was sticking straight out and she took it in one hand and brought the towel down on it with the other. She toweled my cock and balls then the front of my legs. She let go of my cock and steadied herself on my hips as she knelt down. She continued to dry my legs down to my ankles. My throbbing cock was right in front of her face and I could feel her breath on it. I could feel my cock twitch every time she breathed on it.

Barb put the towel down and rubbed her hands up the front of my legs from my calves to my hips. She brought her hands together on my cock and kissed it very lightly on the tip. She started to use her tongue around the head. I was dizzy with the excitement. Barbara slowly took the head of my cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She started to suck ever so lightly. She moved her hands around me and sort of cupped my ass cheeks while she took more and more of me into her mouth. I put my hands on her head and stroked her hair as she slowly drew the length of me into her mouth and out again.

I guess that she could sense somehow that I was getting ready to come. I didn’t want to come in her mouth. I had never done that in all the years that we have been married. But something tonight was different with her. She tightened her grip on my butt cheeks and pulled me into her mouth. I started to push her back away from me but she shook her head ‘NO’ and continued to suck me. I couldn’t stand it any longer and I let go. It was glorious. I came in her mouth and the waves of orgasm went through me like a lightening bolt. I honestly lost track of time and where I was.

When I came to my senses, Barbara was standing up in front of me. I took her by the shoulders and started kissing her on the mouth. I wanted to show her that I really appreciated what she had done. I parted her lips with my tongue and pushed it into her mouth. It was empty. Either she had swallowed the load or somehow spit it out without my knowing. In either case, I was ecstatic and I wanted her to know it. A weak “Thank you, too.” Was all I could muster.

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