The Videocamera , the Camping Trip Ch. 4

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The following is indented for ADULTS ONLY. If you are under 18 or are offended by stories of a sexual nature, STOP NOW.

This story takes place in a FANTASY world with no AIDS or STDs. In the REAL world AIDS and STDs can kill you. Protect yourself!!!!

* * * * *

The rest of weekend and the whole week went by fast. I unpacked on Monday, and that was just before we left for a play. The week was full-a play, dinner at friends, work obligations, etc. Despite my keen interest in sex, my dick did not cause me to stop and think with it all week long.

Thursday evening we received a call from Kathy: “Why don’t you two come over for an early barbeque on Saturday. Mark and Bill will be here.”

“Sure. What time and what can we bring?”

“Around 3pm, and bring a bottle of wine.”

We arrived at Kathy’s right on time. We had fun, sitting in the backyard. We drank some wine and played some croquet. The food and company were fine. Both Laura and I drank a little too much-we were both tipsy. As the sunset, we adjourned to the living room. After a little conversation, Lacey fired up the VCR and popped in the latest episode of “Sex in the City.” Both Laura and I had never seen the show before. It was hysterical. The sex was hot. The combination of the show and wine was making Laura and I both feel horny.

After the show was over, Mark said, “That was great. It really made me hot. That Samantha is something. So, would like to see another tape?”

“Sure,” we replied. Bill chimed in, “I think you two will like this tape a lot.” With that, they dimmed the lights a little and put the tape in.

It was obviously a homemade video. The credits started with, “MB & KL Productions present The Videocamera and the Camping Trip. Starring Chris and Laura.” Immediately, I blushed. I forgot about the tapes. How did they get them? Did they have them all? What had they done? While the credits continued to roll, Laura looked at me in shock, “Chris???…” Suddenly, hands grabbed my arms. I was too drunk to do anything about it. Lacey said, “Don’t be upset. You’ll love this tape.” Our four hosts tied both Laura and I to our respective chairs.

The opening shot was my footage of Laura masturbating in the woods. Laura yelled at me, “Chris, how could you do this???” I had no answer. It got worse; the tape picked up the other guys talking about Laura. She continued to speak at me from her chair, “I can’t believe you let those guys watch me. I am so mad.” I was beet red (so was Laura), but I was also turned on. Bill spoke up, “Wow Laura. You have an awesome pussy. Look at you go with your fingers.” After the tape showed Laura cumming, our four captors gave her a round of applause.

The next scene was me in the shower with Mark and Bill. “Who taksim escort bayan took this?” I hung my head low and muttered, “I’m sorry. They made me do this. I wasn’t cheating on you…” My voice trailed off. Laura said in a calming tone, “It’s okay. I took the footage. You had always fantasized about sucking cock, so I set this up. I just thought it would be fun to tape.” Mark said, “And boy how Chris is a fast learner. Look at you suck that cock. You are an awesome cocksucker.” I turned red.

The next scene stunned me. It showed the four guys who had camped near us. The campfire and their two lanterns were adequate light for filming. Laura was in the picture asking for the camera back. She was obviously a little tipsy. So this is where she was that night. The situation on the video degraded quickly. The guys starting making off-colored jokes. Laura laughed along with them. Finally, one of the guys spilled the beans about seeing her masturbate. She was very embarrassed, but did not leave their campsite. They asked her if sized mattered. She said it did, up to a point (or down to a point). They pressed her for details; she said really big cocks were good for fucking, fun but difficult to suck, and impossible for anal sex. I could not believe she was saying this to four complete strangers! Laura suck cock? She told me that she really didn’t like to. The conversation continued. Medium and small sized cocks are good for everything. “Even sucking?” they asked. “Yes,” she replied. “How ’bout deep-throating?”

“A girl has to be careful when she tries that, but practice can make perfect,” Laura said. I was stunned. Was this the same girl I dated?

Finally, they asked specifically about what sized cocks she could deep-throat. She grabbed on guy’s crotch and said, “This one, for sure.” The guys let out a big hoot. Soon all four of them pulled their cocks out. The videocamera got handed from guy to guy. Laura bent over and examined each one. Two were smaller than my 7 inches. One was about the same size as mine. The last was about 9 inches. I was snapped out of my trancelike state when I heard Bill and Mark cheer. I noticed my cock was rock-hard, and Laura was just as engrossed with the film as I was. The video drew me back to the screen. Soon, Laura was on her knees sucking each guy. She deep-throated the first three; each came in her mouth. At one point, she smiled at the camera and said, “Tastes so good. I want more.” The guy with the big cock eventually stepped up to her. A close-up of Laura’s face revealed it was covered with cum. She slowly ran her tongue across the cock’s head. She took some (half) of it in her mouth. Eventually, the guy shot his wad all over her face. She used her fingers ümraniye escort bayan to clean it up, and then licked her fingers clean.

The next shot was from the next morning. I knew what was coming. The video showed Laura, topless in the back of the guys’ camper. She played with her tits while they talked about last night. “You are the hottest cocksucker ever. My wife can’t compare to you. Maybe you could give her lessons.”

“Maybe,” Laura said with a giggle. “Where did you learn to suck so well?”

“A girl’s got to have her secrets, but I will say that practice makes perfect.”

“Would you like to practice some more?” Laura stated, “That is why I came back here this morning. My boyfriend thinks I am a nice, sweet girl. If he ever knew that I was cum-slut, he would leave me.” My cock was painfully hard. I was not about to leave Laura. The video showed her sucking off the first two guys, and then they blindfolded her. “Why are you doing this?”

“Just for fun.” The tape showed me entering the trailer. Upon watching the whole scene, Laura said, “I thought it was someone else. It tasted different.” I spoke up, “Honey, I am not going to leave you. I just hope you will practice on me more.” Our hosts laughed.

Once again, I appeared on the screen. This time, it was the gloryhole episode. I could not believe they had this on tape. I was embarrassed, but watching myself suck cock after cock, made me hot. I glanced at Laura, and I could tell she was in a similar predicament. Bill started giving color commentary, much to everyone’s delight: “Look at Chris go. Can he bring the guy off?” Our hosts laughed. I did find out one thing though, it was Kathy’s tit that I sucked on. The camera panned over enough to show her in the stall next to me. She had her top off and was watching through the hole. She was rubbing her tits and crotch.

The following scene was the part where I tied up Laura. Half way through it, she said to me, “Boy Chris, you really like to suck cock. Maybe as much as me.” She winked at me. Later she said, “I knew it had to be someone else fucking me, for you couldn’t have cum three times so quickly.”

The finale was what I was waiting for-Laura’s shower with Kathy and Lacey. It was awesome. They started by complimenting Laura’s body. The topic switched to sex. Kathy complained that she was so horny. “It has days since I got off. Being around all those young studs didn’t help.” She began to wash her pussy. Laura looked at her in earnest. So much so, that she did not notice Lacey giving her a shoulder rub. Lacey slowly moved her hands down to Laura’s breasts. At one point, Laura moaned. Kathy eventually sat on a bench and started to masturbate. The üsküdar escort bayan other two sat near her. Laura was now playing with Lacey’s breasts. She rubbed her tits while never taking her eyes off of Kathy. Kathy eventually came with a lot of moans. The scene switched. Kathy now had the camera in hand and was talking to Laura; “Do you like my shaved pussy?”

“Yes,” Laura hissed back. Lacey was now sucking on her tits and massaging her thighs. “Laura, would you like your pussy shaved?” Laura nodded. They lathered her up and slowly shaved Laura clean. At times they stuck a finger inside her. When they finished, Kathy took a close-up shot of Laura’s pussy-its lips full and spread apart. Lacey wiped the excess shaving cream away, she said, “Let’s see how clean you really are.” She went down on her. Laura started to shiver and shake. Eventually, Laura came hard. Her juices went flying everywhere. The two women were impressed. Mark and Bill cheered too. I stared again at the video. Lacey said, “I have yet to cum. Laura, I want you to help me.”

“Okay, but I have never done anything like this before.”

“You’ll learn quickly.” Mark chimed in, “Just like Chris learned to suck cock.” Everyone laughed. The taped showed Laura go down on Lacey and bring her off. The video faded to black.

Our four hosts were now naked. Kathy and Lacey were wearing strap-on dildos. The dildos were about 6 inches long and rather thin. Mark and Bill were sporting their big hard-ons. I had one too, but my clothes concealed it. Kathy started, “That was one of the hottest videos ever. You two had no idea each was capable of that, did you?” We shook our heads. Mark continued, “Now it is time for you to experience it close up. Tonight, you are both going to get fucked royally.” With that comment, they untied both of us.

Our clothes were stripped from us. Mark and Kathy started to play with me, while Bill and Lacey fondled Laura. The furniture was moved out of the way, leaving a huge open area in the living room. Lacey threw down a few sheets and a pillow or two. Eventually, we all made it to the floor. Kathy started sucking on my cock, while I started in on Mark’s eight inches. Laura was in a similar situation. Eventually, Kathy moved around to my backside and started fingering my asshole. She worked two, then three fingers in. I felt myself getting greased up. Slowly Kathy moved the dildo into my ass-I was a virgin no longer. In the meantime, Laura moved closer to me. Lacey was fucking her ass. Laura and I moved into 69, but were spread apart by the guys. They commanded Laura to keep sucking my cock. Mark shoved his eight inches in my mouth. Bill shoved his ten inches into Laura’s pussy. We all moved in unison. Eventually, I felt Mark shoot into my mouth. I came in Laura’s. Bill tensed up and came in Laura’s pussy.

Later, cum-covered and sore, Laura and I fell asleep in each other’s arms. The video had changed for us-changed us for the better.

I hope you enjoyed this story. Please read my other ones. As always, your comments are appreciated. Send your comments or ideas for new stories or continuations of old stories to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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