The Velvet House

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There were two naked girls contentedly drifting into slumber on my bed, arms and legs entwined gently as their last embrace melted into sleep. I thought to myself that orgasms should be marketed as sleeping aids, the two of them were almost gone and despite the amazing surprise of the night I had just had, I was barely able to keep my eyes open. But I staggered to my feet in my desire to relive the wonderful night the three of us had passed in this three-room apartment.

I walked out of the bedroom to the front door. There on the coffee table in the dark were the sticky remnants of a whiskey sour and two Cosmopolitans, the last drinks we had tossed back that evening. Moonlight illuminated two bras hung over the edges of the table, leading my eyes to the empty pair of dark blue jeans, green halter top, and tiny pink underwear which lay where they had been dropped next to my black slacks, chambray shirt, and striped boxers. Next to them were my wife’s clothes, and I relished, one by one, the lace-edged blouse, the short black skirt, and the cute little blue panties. All three of us had been naked by the time we reached the bedroom. I walked back to that door, half thinking the girls would be gone, my fantasy faded in the night, but they were still there, their creamy skin bathed in light from the streetlamp outside the window, rich red and deep brown hair spread across the pillows, luscious curves casting beautiful shadows on the sheets. I shook my head as I viewed the final evidence of the threesome. Bedclothes strewn about and tossed aside. A blue rabbit vibrator lying on the foot of the bed. And as the girls shifted in their new sleep, light glinted off the wetness remaining between their beautiful legs. I lay down behind my young wife, running my fingers through her hair and that of our recent lover, caressed her lovely breast, and let my thoughts drift back to the start of the evening.

It was ten o’clock the night of my wife’s birthday, and the two of us were getting ready for an evening out at a club. I had dressed quickly, finishing off the look with a shiny aviator’s watch. True to form, Callie was still choosing her outfit when I was done, but it was her birthday. I couldn’t fault her for that on her birthday. Especially because I got to watch her dress. I leaned against the doorway of our bedroom, appreciating my luck in marrying such an intelligent, caring, and gorgeous piece of ass. She was absolutely voluptuous, with deep red hair falling past her shoulders and down her back, leading the eye down her luxurious hourglass shape. As she reached for different clothes in her closet and laid them out on the bed, her body stretched and relaxed, giving me a wonderful show of her full, soft breasts, her sweetly curved ass, her sensuous hips, and my favorite, her cute little pussy. I ran my tongue over my lips and asked,

“What’s the name of this place again?”

Laying out a short red dress, she replied,

“It’s called the Velvet House.”

“Where is it?”

As she bent over to pick out shoes, she said,

“It’s on Jackson, right down from the Sound Exchange.”

“Whaddaya gonna drink tonight?”

She looked at me with a flash of her green eyes and said,

“A glass of acid.”

“On the rocks?”

She stood up from her underwear drawer, panties in her hand, stared me down and asked,

“Are you just asking me questions so you can watch me dress?”

“What’s the capital of Alexandria?” I said, moving toward her and returning her gaze. She bit her lip as a little smile grew, which I took as an endorsement of my behavior. I held her right shoulder, turned her away from me, and wrapped my arms around her to press her back and cute ass against me. I moved my left hand down from her shoulder to cup her right breast, caressing the soft, smooth skin and gently firm texture, feeling her nipple grow hard against my palm. I trailed my right hand down her stomach, running my fingers past her navel, past her hips, and resting them against the smooth skin of her precious pussy. I felt my cock growing hard against the sensual contour of her ass and pulled her to me again to make sure she felt it too. She let out a quick, hungry moan as I bit the side of her neck and whispered huskily in her ear,

“What do you want for your birthday, honey?”

She placed her hands over mine and whispered back,

“I want to get drunk, I want to dance, and I want you to fuck me.”

“We can skip right to the third step if you want,” I said, sliding my fingertips down the smooth skin of her vagina, finding a tiny bit of moisture deep between her legs.

“You always want to skip to the last step,” she said, twisting away from my embrace with a teasing little grin. “But it’s my birthday, and you have to treat me nice.” I pulled her back into my arms, facing me this time, as an excuse to feel her firm little butt.

“Hmm, treat you nice. The whole time? So does that mean no handcuffs? No biting? No holding you down while I fuck you?”

“Oh, we’re gonna do all maltepe escort those things. But you have to treat me nice until then.” I breathed,

“Yes, ma’am,” as I kissed her deeply, feeling her tongue caress mine before her pretty teeth bit down on my bottom lip, bringing a sweet little flash of pain that made her naked body all the more sweet. She then looked me in the eye and said,

“Now you get out of here, I have to get dressed,” while pushing me out the door. I closed the door behind me and savored the thought of what awaited at the end of the night, then snapped my fingers and let out a celebratory “Woo!”

She came out shortly after, looking like a treat sent to make me thankful for being a man. A tight black skirt hugged her hips like I wanted to, stopping at mid-thigh, leaving her voluptuous legs free to be ogled. My eyes traveled upward and took in a deep red shirt cut low, showcasing her lovely cleavage. She looked like sex, like titillation, seduction, and satisfaction.

“Honey,” I said, “you look like my birthday present.” She blushed for a moment, a quick flash that let me know how much my compliments meant to her.

“Thanks. We’re taking a cab?”

“Yeah. It should be here any minute.” I offered her my elbow. “Shall we head down to meet it, milady?”

“Why, certainly, sir.” She took my arm, smiling, and we walked out the front door.

The cab dropped us off outside the club. There was a good-sized line outside, which was a temporary hassle but meant there would be a hell of a party inside. The pounding music began to put me in the right mood. The bass boomed out like a beacon, finding people looking for a good time and drawing them in. I felt proud to be in line with Callie, confident, smooth. Her hips swayed when she took each step, and her hair swished back and forth in imitation.

“Ah, Callie, you look so sexy. You know that?”

“No I don’t,” she said, teasingly.

“Yeah you do, you bad girl. Don’t tell me lies.”

“I’ll tell you lies if I wanna tell you lies.”

“Maybe I’ll just find some other girl who’s not a liar.”

“Only if she’s hot. And I get to make out with her too.”

“Oh, so it’s like that, huh?” I said, laughing. “You’ve been pulling that tease since before we were dating, I think you need to put up or shut up.”

“I think you need to put up the cover charge.” We had reached the front of the line, and the wide-necked bouncer was ready to pat me down and collect the fee. I handed over the cash, tolerated the customary search, and then took Callie’s waist again as we went inside.

Brilliant lights shone from the dance floor, flashing in time with the beat. They illuminated a surging crowd of people, turning shadows and silhouettes into small mysteries. We made our way to the bar to start the night off right. Callie ordered a Cosmopolitan, I got my usual rum and soda, and we headed for a booth with a good view of the dancing mob. One drink turned into two, two became three, three became four, and four became the dance floor. Everything became soft and inviting, most of all my lovely companion.

“This is a good night,” I said, over-enunciating to be heard above the music.

“Yeah, they’re playing the good stuff. You know, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with you ever since we left the house.”

“You’re going to tease me like that all night, aren’t you?” Callie nodded, staring into my eyes.

“Uh-huh. You think about that, I’ll be right back.”

“Sure will. Meet me at our table.” Callie excused herself to find the ladies’ room. I watched her cute ass as she walked away into the crowd, feeling manly and confident. With a little swagger, I returned to our booth and closed my eyes, imagining what games we might play when we got back to our apartment.

“Richard?” My eyes popped open in surprise as I looked about to find the source of my name. They were quickly distracted, however, by a sexy little brunette standing to the side of my table. She had a riot of dark, wavy hair which spilled down over bare shoulders in a rich green halter top, a sweet flash of cleavage, and legs which were just meant to be wrapped around someone’s waist. I continued staring at her inviting shape when she opened her mouth and said my name again. Struggling to place her face, I said,

“Yes?” As the word escaped my mouth recognition burst in my head, and I remembered the skinny girl who used to chase me on the elementary school playground. “Selina? Hey! Hi!” I stood up to greet her and she skipped forward to give me a hug. I relished the swell of her firm breasts against my chest while a quick and dirty fantasy ran through my head. She asked,

“I haven’t seen you since, what, seventh grade?”

“Yeah, you went to Sunburst, I stayed at Mountain View.”

“You got cute, you know that?”

“I, uh, thanks! So did you, seriously.” She stepped back and did a catwalk spin, clearly enjoying the attention and clearly on the prowl.

“I mecidiyeköy escort know it. I look good.”

“Still full of yourself,” I said, taking a sip of my drink.

“What’s wrong with that?” she said, teasingly. “Should I be full of someone else?”

“Hey, it’s a party. Do what you want.”

“C’mere,” she said, reaching for my hand. “Let’s go dance and we can talk about it. We’ll… catch up.”

“Selina, I would love to. Believe me,” I said, getting an eyeful of her tight little body. “But-” I pointed to my precious Callie, who was walking back towards me.

“Who’s that, your wife or something?”

“Yeah, she is.” My bride arrived, looking this alluring stranger up and down. I jumped to my feet to hug her, emoting like a stage actor.

“Callie, my darling, I missed you so. This is Madame Selina. We went to middle school together.”

“Richard, you’ve got good taste in women!” exclaimed Selina. “Look at you, girl.”

“Hello,” replied Callie, somewhat bewildered. “Thanks.” She leaned closer to me and whispered, “She’s hot.”

“Mmm-hmm,” I replied, under my breath. “You’re drunk.”

“You guys out on a date?” asked Selina.

“It’s Callie’s birthday, actually. She just hit the big 2-5,” I responded.

“It’s your birthday? Well c’mon, girl, lets dance!” The little spitfire grabbed Callie’s hand and pulled her out to the dance floor nearest to our table. She threw herself into the beat, grinding against my girl’s curvy hips, dancing with abandon. Callie looked back at me, laughing with surprise at Selina’s erotically charged moves. As I laughed back, she placed her hands on Selina’s hips, and the two of them began dancing like lovers. I just stared at this spectacle, feminine hands caressing feminine curves, two delicious bodies swaying to the thumping bass and soaring horns. Callie caught my attention again, and I drank in life from her green eyes. Her soft hair swirled, resting in my memory as slow-motion movement in the dark, pulsing crowd of dancers. She danced a mating dance for me, seducing with her hands and her waist, teasing by touching and caressing Selina. I felt my breath quicken and I shifted my weight on the plush seat. It was affecting me deeply, I couldn’t stay in this club much longer. Even as I made my decision to take Callie home, Selina turned to face her. She slid her arms around Callie’s waist and they kissed, deeply and wetly, to the obvious approval of the nearby crowd. My eyes nearly fell out of my head. That was it, I needed Callie, I needed her naked and I needed her now.

Unable to move my eyes from her lush, curvy body, I got to my feet and strode across the hardwood floor, intent on carrying her out if necessary. The two of them had moved further into the crowd, and I had to push and shove through a mass of rocking and swaying bodies to get to my prize. I slipped up behind Callie and wrapped my arms around her, unintentionally copping an enjoyable feel of Selina’s breasts. The pounding music made anything below a shout inaudible, but I didn’t care who heard my intentions.

“Callie, I need to take you home right now.”

“You’re taking me home, loverman? But I’m dancing right now.”

“I’m very aware of that, I’ve been watching, you little vixen. And I’m about to explode, I need you now.” Selina looked at the two of us, grinning. Callie suggested,

“Why don’t we, uh, take this whole party back with us?” My heart, already thumping with need, began racing.

“You want her to, uh, hang out too?” Upon hearing this, Selina bit her lower lip, the corners of her mouth curving further upward.

“We’ve talked about it – and it’s my birthday. I want the both of you.” With a feeling of unreality, I looked over Callie’s shoulder at Selina and asked,

“So, you, ah, wanna come back to our apartment?” She ran her eyes up and down us and responded,

“Sure. Let’s go.” Callie let out a laugh and said,

“Let’s get a cab then.” I took her hand to lead her out of the crush, and she took Selina’s. I saw that our exchange had been noticed. Faces kept finding us, sharing looks of disbelief and approval. I personally could hardly believe what I was doing. I had dreamed of this ever since sex became a part of me, of breaking the strictures of normal morality to share the gift of physical pleasure among several people. Here I was, with the love of my life, taking a sultry, fun girl to our apartment purely for sex. We were going to give our animal sides free rein and not worry about channeling our desires, we were going to kiss and bite and scratch and grab and twist and hold and thrust and suck and fuck until we were completely drained. Or so I hoped. I fought to remind myself that I didn’t know what would happen, even though Callie suggested it, even though Selina said yes.

The club passed me like a dream as I led this little train of people towards the exit, dark leather seats, the smell of liquor, strange arms and faces and bodies all blurring together compared pendik escort to the world-encompassing feel of Callie’s hand in mine. I kept staring ahead, fearing that if I looked back, Selina would have vanished, then turning quickly and being amazed that she was still there. When we made it through the door, the familiarity of Jackson Avenue stunned me for a moment. There were the parking meters, same as always, the concrete sidewalk, the Boutique de Colette across the street and the cheap pizza place on the corner, but then there was a woman holding my wife’s hand, a beautiful woman who wanted to come back to our apartment and play in our bed. I waved at a passing yellow taxi, unable to do anything but concentrate on the next step required to get the three of us home.

We piled out of the cab and I handed what I hoped was an appropriate amount of money to the driver. He was apparently satisfied, but all I could think about was the swaying hips of the two beautiful girls walking towards our apartment. I followed their asses like juicy peaches dangled before me on sticks, unable to focus on anything else. They were laughing about something I didn’t catch when Selina tripped on a crack in the sidewalk. Callie quickly grabbed her around the waist to keep her from falling, and the two supported each other for a second, laughing drunkenly. The predator in me thought,

“Oh, man, this is going to be easy tonight,” before running a few steps to catch up with them. I asked, “Hey, Selina, you okay?”.

“Yeah, I just fell over.” Callie hugged her closer and affected an Austin Powers voice, replying,

“Oh, you fell ova, you fell ova again.” Selina looked her in the eye, smiled, and said,

“That’s not until we get inside.” Callie responded,

“Oh, really?”, as Selina laughed, pushed Callie’s hands away, and ran the last few steps to our front door. Following her, I chuckled at the small thrill I got from inserting my key into the lock, my hands trembling with desire. Once we stepped over the doorjamb any self-control I had vanished. I grabbed Callie’s ass and pulled her to me, kissing her soft mouth with absolute abandon, feeling the warmth and wetness and life of her lips and tongue playing with mine, and I drank her in like some lustful cocktail. I pressed her supple hips into me, grinding my stiffening dick against her, letting her know how hard she was making me, that I was going to fuck her whether she wanted it or not, that I had been able to think about nothing but her naked body bucking in pleasure as I thrust my cock into her all night. Then I remembered the person watching our animal passion. I kissed Callie once more, and stepped back without a word. A new desire grew in me: I wanted to watch Callie become flooded by lust, wanted to watch her transform like a werewolf and fuck the nearest person she saw without regard for rules. Selina stepped forward, buried her hands in Callie’s hair and kissed her passionately. Their soft lips caressed one another, their beautiful tongues touched and explored, drinking in femininity and sexual desire. Their full breasts were pressed together and their undulating hips met, begging for satisfaction. I poured out our usual drinks in a daze, watching my sex kitten of a wife making out with a horny girl she hadn’t known three hours earlier. As I dropped ice cubes into my glass, I watched her slide her hands up from Selina’s luscious ass to the back of her neck, a move that I had done to her many times before. Her hands worked quickly, untying the straps of Selina’s halter top, then letting them fall, exposing breasts as juicy and pert as a slice of fresh cantaloupe. Selina’s nipples were erect, aching for Callie’s touch. Selina quickly responded, pulling Callie’s shirt over her head and unclasping her bra. I grinned, noting that my wife’s breasts were bigger, creating a wonderful contrast. Selina seemed to agree as she pushed Callie down to the couch and trailed kisses down her neck before taking her right nipple in her mouth, kissing and licking it. I heard her softly moan,

“Your skin’s so soft,” before knowing I couldn’t wait another moment. I left the drinks on the counter and moved to the couch, grabbing the back of Callie’s neck and kissing her hungrily, pulling her mouth into mine like the possession it was. I slid my right hand down the front of her body, briefly caressing her left breast, and found the hem of her skirt. I pulled it up and moved my hand between her legs only to find Selina’s slim fingers already rubbing Callie’s pussy through the baby blue cotton of her panties. This little slut was getting my wife wet! I bit Callie’s lower lip to show her I was in control, and figured I should lend Selina a hand, pulling the crotch of those panties to the side. Both girls moaned as Selina’s manicured fingertip met the smooth skin of Callie’s shaved pussy, already wet and ready to fuck. Selina moistened her fingertip in Callie’s juices and began rubbing her clit, prompting Callie to begin gently thrusting her hips against this girl’s fingers. Feeling Callie getting serviced filled me with an absolute need. Grabbing the back of her neck, I told her,

“Listen. This girl is going to fuck you with her fingers, and you are going to like it.” She began to squirm in anticipation of the power play, and squeaked out a helpless “No”. I kissed her wet little mouth and said,

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