The Toy Ch. 2

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Chapter II: Tina’s Slutty Ride Home

Tina was still flooded with a warm glow as she eased her BMW out of Cindy’s driveway. After they put the Toy away, they’d continued to fuck and suck each other all night. Donny has personally deposited two loads of cum in her pussy and she finally had a chance to taste Brad’s jism when he sprayed her cheeks with his hot white goo. Tina hadn’t even bothered to clean up afterward. Cum still dripped from her chin onto her skimpy halter top and her pussy and thighs were literally soaked with juices from her own pussy, the other girls, and the copious loads of cum that Donny and Brad had showered on her.

She brushed her fingers over her chin, catching a gob of Brad’s man juice on them and sucking it into her mouth as she turned her car onto the quiet residential road. The lights at both the neighbour’s houses were on, and she was sure they must have heard the horny sex session that went on in the backyard between them. She herself was screaming at the top of her lungs for Donny to pump her cunt harder as she watched Cindy and Laura do a double job on Brad’s thick piece of meat. And Cindy had demanded to have her asshole filled with Brad’s tool so loudly that people in the next state must have heard her desire to be fucked up the ass.

Just thinking about the evening was enough to make her horny again. Less than ten minutes ago, she had been kneeling over Cindy, with her face buried in Cindy’s delicious, cum-filled pussy, as Donny filled her own pussy repeatedly with his stiff cock. Yet, her pussy was still tingling with excitement, demanding to be licked and sucked and filled. She leaned forward in the car seat as she turned onto the freeway that would take her to the downtown apartment she shared with her best friend in the whole world, Beth, and removed her halter. She suddenly realised that it was the first time in the whole evening that her gorgeous little mounds were free. She’d had cock’s and tongues in every hole she had in the last few hours, but had never bothered take her top off.

She opened her car window and let the cool summer breeze blow in on her bare tits. The wind tweaked her nipples like no fingers ever could, making them stand up like a soldier in formation. It was a quiet Friday night – at 11:30, everyone had already gone out for the evening, but it was far to early to be thinking about going home, so the freeway had a short lull of activity. Still, there were a few cars driving with Tina, and whenever she passed them, they gaped at her bare breasts as she drove by, smiling.

One guy seemed especially interested, as he sped up after she passed him and pulled along side her as she drove. She smiled sweetly at him as her left hand came off the steering wheel and began caressing her tit. As she twisted her rock-hard nipples between her fingers and licked her lips at the stranger in the other car, she noticed a strange expression on his face. When she peered closer, she noticed that there was some motion in his lap, and saw long blond hair bobbing up and down.

“Ahhh,” she thought with an evil grin. “He’s getting a blowjob while he watches me tweak my nipples. How wonderfully horny.” She scooped some more of Brad’s cum from her chin and sucked it back into her mouth, letting the man see everything she did. As she sucked the party’s left over cock juice from her fingers, the guy arched his back, and screamed so loud she heard him through his closed car window. Obviously, he’d emptied a gigantic load of hot sperm into his girlfriends mouth.

After a few seconds, the lady in the passenger seat sat up. Her pretty face was as covered with cum as Tina’s now, with bits of white goo dripping onto her cashmere sweater. Her full lips were spread into a broad smile as she rolled down her window. “Thanks,” she screamed to Tina. “He hasn’t cum that hard for ages.” She scooped a bit of the stranger’s sum from her chin and extended her hand toward Tina’s car. Extending her own hand, Tina was able to scoop some of the sperm from her fingers and plunge it into her mouth.

She moaned as she sucked the strange cum from her fingers. “No, thank you,” she called back. “Your boyfriend has great tasting cum. I’ll bet you just love to have him shower your mouth and face with it every chance you can.”

“Do I ever,” she called, smiling and waving as they dropped back. Tina was raring to go now. Her cunt was a sliver of fire between her legs, and the velour of her car seats was soaked through as the juices spewed out of her. Steering with her right hand, she plunged her left hand deep into her cock slit, letting out a loud scream as she did. Then, slowly, methodically, she pounded two fingers in and out of her pussy. She could barely concentrate on the road as the orgasm welled up through her body. As the fire was spreading through her groin, she noticed the red and blue lights flashing in her rear-view mirror.

“Fuck,” she muttered, as she removed her foot from the gas, letting the car slow down naturally. She eased the sedan over to the side of the highway as the Police car pulled in behind her. Slowing to bakırköy escort a stop, she glanced at her side mirrors to see two cops getting out of the cruiser. Both were young, in their mid-twenties, and good-looking. The guy on the passenger side had sandy blond hair and blue eyes to die for, while the driver had black hair cut military short and dark brown eye’s. Both of their uniforms were perfectly fitted, showing off their muscular chests and their well packed crotches.

Tina leaned out the window and gazed back at the driver, a drop of cum falling from her chin to the pavement. “Sorry Officers, I guess I was going a bit fast.”

“Yes you were,” replied the driver gruffly. Tina rolled down the passenger window as the other cop arrived at the side of her car. Both leaned down on the window sill, gazing into the car. Faint smiles played across their faces as they saw Tina’s pert little breasts, bare with the nipples hard as rocks, and her denim skirt up over her waist. She still had her fingers buried in her cunt, and traces of Donny’s cum oozed out around them.

“It’s just, you know, I was a little pre-occupied,” Tina said with a sly smile. “I’ve just come back from a party.” She raised her fingers to her lips sucking hers and Donny’s cum into her mouth as she gazed into the blond cops eye’s. He smiled back at her.

“Could you get out of the car please, Ma’am?” The blond cop spoke for the first time. his smile was wide, and she could see over the edge of the car window that her horny little show was having the desired effect. His club strained against the black cotton of his uniform pants.

“Sure can, honey,” she purred. The driver stepped back to let her out, and she stepped slowly from the car, giving him a full show of her beautiful body. She sauntered toward the front of the car and bent over the driver’s corner, pressing her naked tits into the cool dark blue metal. The blond cop was already on his way over. She gazed hornily back at the driver and licked her lips, her fingers dipping in and out of her dripping cunt. “I think you’d better give me a cavity search.”

“I’ve got a special tool just for that,” he said gruffly as he started toward her, freeing his massive tool from his uniform. She looked forward to see another huge cock pointing out at her face. She sucked it deep into her mouth, plunging down on his rod so that her teeth brushed his wiry blond pubic hair. His partner came up behind her and started rubbing his cock-head on her cunt lips, spreading the juices around. With a quick thrust, he buried himself to the hilt in her sweet honeypot, sending shivers through her body. There was nothing she liked more than to be fucked in the mouth and doggy style at the same time. Being filled with man meat in such a cock sandwich was her dream. To be doing it on the side of the freeway with two cops she’d never seen before was just blowing her mind. Cars sped past, occasionally honking their encouragement to the trio.

After a few minutes of glorious fucking and sucking, she took control again. Grasping the blond cop’s cock, she looked back at the driver. “Fuck my ass,” she said, a slutty grin on her face. “I want to fell your cum shooting onto my butt and back.” Looking back at the blond cop, she continued. “You stay right there. The cum on my face is almost dry, and I need some fresh stuff to replace it.” With that, she devoured his pole again, sucking as hard as she could, and bouncing her head up and down it’s glistening length. The driver repositioned himself and eased his cock head against her asshole. Slowly, he pushed into her. She moaned, louder and louder, as her shit hole was filled to the limit with his eight inch cock. Finally, when he was all the way in, be began pumping her fast and hard, sending shivers through her, making her scream out around the blond cops cock.

She reached down and began fingering her pussy. When she dipped her fingers into her hole, she could feel the cop’s long rod sliding in and out of her ass. It felt so good. As her fingers found her clit, she began the quick climb to the peak of her orgasmic mountain. Just as she crested the top, she heard a grunt from the blond and felt the first spurt of his jism against the back of her throat. She pulled back, releasing his cock from her mouth, feeling the hot spurts of cock juice pummel her lips and cheeks.

Seeing his friend deposit his load on her face was enough to send the other cop over the edge. With a giant scream, he plunged into her ass one last time. She screamed as she felt his cock swell to an incredible size inside her, and then the warm current of his cum splattering the walls of her ass.

She stood up again and smoothed out her skirt. “Now, was there a reason you guys stopped me?” she asked innocently.

They looked at each other and smiled. “No, I don’t think so,” replied the blond one. “I just liked your tits when you drove by us, and I wanted a closer look.” He tipped his hat to her as they walked back to their car.

Tina slid back into the driver’s seat, a warm after glow başakşehir escort emanating out in waves from her cunt. She scooped some cop cum off her cheek and massaged it gently into her left boob as she powered up the BMW and sped off onto the freeway.

“God, what a night,” she thought. She was normally a horny girl, but tonight had been extreme even by her standards. She couldn’t wait to get home to tell Beth about it. She and Beth had shared more horniness than she could remember. She’d met Beth seven years ago, when they were both 12 going into junior high school, and they’d been best of friends ever since. They’d both had their first sexual experiences with each other.

It was when they were 14 that they first discovered the pleasures of their bodies. Tina had discovered her parents porno collection a few years earlier and she loved to lay back on the couch, spread her legs, and frig herself till she screamed while watching her parents movies, or leafing through their magazines. Also, having a 16 year old brother meant there was lots of slutty action to peep at when Steve brought his girls home. One night, she’d even caught her parents in it. She peeked through the door of their bedroom and watched as her mother finger-fucked herself while she sucked Tina’s dad’s long cock as they watched a porno on their bedroom TV. She had frigged herself in the hallway, biting her lip not to scream when she came as her father shot his sperm on her mother’s eager face.

But, she had never been with another person. On her 14th birthday, she decided that the time was right. She wasn’t quite ready for a boy yet – still too much to learn. But she’d seen women with each other in her parent’s video collection, and she found it very exciting. Her parents were going out for dinner that night – they’d asked if she wanted to go out for a birthday dinner, but she told them she’d rather spend the night at home with Beth and a few movies. They agreed and left her with the house to herself.

She went upstairs to her parents room and opened the closet. Her mother’s clothes spread out before her. She and her mother were the same size now, and fortunately Mom’s taste in clothes was just as slutty as hers. She saw several leather miniskirts, some so short that they wouldn’t even cover her pussy when she was standing; she saw jeans with a zipper all the way around the crotch, giving her cunt easy and quick access to cock; she saw a black jump-suit, with holes cut out for her tits and pussy and ass. She’d seen her mother go out in this actually, but she was always wearing a long coat over top. Now Tina knew why. She smiled as she imagined her mother, bent over a picnic table in the park, her coat thrown up over her shoulders, exposing her cunt and ass for Tina’s father’s hard cock.

She finally settled on a short black skirt, with no underwear of course, and a tight yellow halter top. The small cups in the halter formed beautifully over her pert, young breasts. Her stomach was exquisitely bare, showing off her belly button. The skirt was just barely long enough to cover the V where her legs met. She walked over to the full length mirror in the corner and twirled once to look at herself.

“Wow, you’re one hot little sex-pot,” she said to her reflection as she ran her hands over her tits. Her nipples responded at once, and the thin material of the halter was no resistance to them. They jutted out proudly against the cotton. She turned around and, looking over her shoulder, bent forward. As the bottom of the short skirt crawled up her ass cheeks, her gorgeous twat came into view. The crack was long and dark, surrounded by a light sprinkling of blond hair. Her pussy lips seemed to pout as she got more and more turned on with her reflection. “Oh baby, that cunt is so beautiful. I wish I could lick it myself!” She reached between her legs and ran her fingers up and down her slit. She watched in the mirror as her index finger sunk into her hole, shuddering and moaning. She pulled out her finger and brought it to her mouth, sucking her own sweet juice from it.

Turning around, she smoothed out her skirt. “That should do it,” she muttered to herself as she walked over to the TV cabinet. “Now, for the entertainment.” She pulled open the second drawer to reveal her parents porno collection. There were at least a hundred movies in it, with practically every taste you could think of represented somewhere. She scanned the titles – “Betty’s Butthole Bonanza,” “The Secret Lives of Tiffany Fawn,” “Cum Into My Office” – and she found the one she was looking for. She pulled “Kristin Snow’s Cumming Out Party” out of the drawer. Pushing it closed, she walked to her brother’s room to collect his bag of toys. Tina had seen him use these toys many times with some of the horny sluts he brought home. One time, she remembered seeing one of his girls getting fucked from behind by another woman with a strap-on dildo, while she sucked Steve’s steel rod into her throat. When she screamed with her cum, Steve pulled out of his mouth and emptied his fire hose on beşiktaş escort her face with a loud grunt. Some of these toys might come in handy tonight.

She scanned the movie box as she walked down the stairs. The front of box contained a picture of a beautiful girl with blond pigtails, wearing a short pink skirt and sweater, staring seductively out of the box. She flipped it over to see the scene shots on the back. It looked as though Kristin tried just about everything possible in this movie. There were pictures of her with her face buried in another woman’s pussy, her own cunt getting rammed from behind with a giant cock; in another, she sat on one guy’s giant rod, jamming it into her pussy while she sucked another guy off, and jerked off one more with each hand; and another showed her pussy getting showered with cum from yet another giant cock.

Tina’s own cunt was soaked by the time she reached the bottom of the stairs. She walked over to the living room VCR and dropped the tape on top of it. Walking to the window, she closed the curtains just as the doorbell rang.

She nearly ran to the door. She was so horny, she couldn’t wait for Beth to get here so they could start they’re evening. She flung open the door. Beth smiled brightly as Tina gasped when she saw her. Unwittingly, Beth had chosen almost exactly the same outfit as Kristin Snow wore on the box of her movie. At 5’8, Beth was one of the tallest girls in ninth grade, and she had exquisitely long legs which formed into a dark V just under the bottom of her short pink pleated skirt. Her pink loose knit sweater clung to her chest, showing off her young, firm tits beautifully. Clearly visible through the loose woven cloth was Beth’s black half-bra and small dark nipples. Her blue eye’s sparkled at Tina as her dark pig-tails cascaded down her shoulders.

“Wow, you look hot Beth,” Tina whispered hoarsely. Her cunt was flowing juice now, and she licked her lips with anticipation as she stared at those cute little nipples. “Come in and make yourself comfortable.” She stared as Beth walked past her, wiggling her butt as she walked away. She bent forward slightly as she walked, her skirt creeping up her tiny ass cheeks, giving Tina a tantalising glimpse of her pink frilly panties.

Tina followed her into the living room. “Would you like a drink’ My parents said we could have one to celebrate my birthday.”

Beth nodded as she slumped to the sofa. “Rum and Coke, please,” she replied. “And since we can only have one, make mine a double.”

“No problem Babe,” Tina giggled as she walked to the kitchen. She closed the door behind her and slumped against the door, her hand coming to her chest. “Oh my God,” she panted. Beth looked so good. She’d almost cum on the spot when she opened the door. But now she wasn’t sure if she had the nerve to go through with it.

What if Beth didn’t want to? She hadn’t thought of that. She’d figured Beth would just melt into her arms and beg to have her cunt probed with Tina’s tongue, just like in the movies. She’d feel kind of silly if she made her move and Beth thought the idea was gross or something.

“But my pussy is so wet,” she whispered, closing her eyes. Her hand reached down under her skirt and lightly fluttering against her clit. She moaned as the pleasure waves rolled over her. She’d been so excited all day, imagining how the evening would go, she came almost immediately. With a small cry, she pressed hard against her clit and forced the waves up and through her body.

Regaining her composure, she made the drinks, triple rum and cokes for both of them. When she pushed open the door to the living room, drinks in hand, she saw Beth standing at the VCR, the tape in her hands, a weird expression on her face. “Oh God,” thought Tina, “she’s going to walk right out the door.”

“Here’s your drink,” Tina said, a little louder than necessary. Startled, Beth looked up and dropped the movie. It clattered noisily to the floor.

“Th-thank you,” she stammered, bending down to pick up the tape as Tina walked over and set the drinks down on the coffee table and flopped down on the couch. Beth was still standing in front of the TV, holding the tape, kind of staring at it.

“It’s one of my parent’s movie’s,” Tina ventured cautiously. “You remember, I told you about them.”

“Yeah, I remember.” Beth had regained her composure now, and stared straight back at Tina. “Can I put it in now'”

Now it was Tina’s turn to be shocked. She had expected to be the aggressor this evening. She’d discussed sex with Beth before, described some of the movies she’d watched, and the way her brother’s girls gobbled his cock down and screamed when he fucked them from behind. Beth had always been receptive to her stories, but she had never even expressed an interest in watching any of the movies. Once, when Beth had been over after school, Tina heard telltale noises from her brother’s room. When they crept down the hall and peered through the open door, they saw that Steve had brought three of his girls home. Two were 69’ing on one side of the bed, their tongues teasing each other’s pussies as they moaned in pleasure. The other was on her back and Steve was drilling her hole with his cock. With every thrust he buried his heavy tool in her soaking pussy, and she screamed in pleasure as he pounded her clit. They watched the horny action until the girls came in screaming fits, jamming!

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