The Threeway Lesson Pt. 01

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Double Penetration

If this story pleases you, send me an encouraging email and I will continue the storyline. This is a work of original fiction. Do not copy it or use it without the express written permission of the author. Enjoy. – moreau


Student Olivia recounts her massage homework

“So Olivia, did Jeffrey rub you in all the right places?”

A month earlier, my former student, a luscious Filipina named Olivia De La Cruz, had visited asking me about massage tips. Well, that’s not completely honest. I had manipulated her into confiding details of her sex life with Jeffrey, her boyfriend. Under the pretense of offering her sex advice, I had given her a massage lesson [read “The Massage Lesson”] leading me to a mind-shattering orgasm all over her tight, dimpled butt. Olivia had returned to discuss the results of her massage with Jeffrey.

“Jeffrey was very happy, you can say that,” Olivia answered.

“So tell me how it began,” I asked, marveling at Olivia’s glowing skin and wonderful strawberry-scented hair. She was wearing these tight, baby-blue sweatpants that rode too far down on her slender hips, the type that plainly showed the contours of her firm butt, and the top strings of a black thong peaking out. I kept thinking how easily it would be to slide those sweats off.

“Well, I don’t know, it just did,” she answered, smiling now, dimples in both cheeks showing. Her face was dimpled, her ass was dimpled, she was too, too much.

“Were you on his bed or on the floor?”

“The bed. Right across from the mirrored wardrobe doors.”

“So what started it off?”

“Well, okay, oh yes, now I remember. I was on his bed and just sort of slowly waving my feet around the air.”

“Just like a told you to,” I said, already excited that the details would now start spilling out of those pouty fuck-flap lips of hers.

“I was propped up on my elbows and my hair was pulled over my left ear.” Olivia tossed her long mane of brown hair, as if tossing her head now would help her relive the story she was relating.

“Oh yes, that exposed your neck to Jeffrey.”

“Exactly. So I could just sort of feel him watching my legs go up and down and waving around.”

“Were you wearing socks?”

“Some white socks to keep my feet warm.”

I imagined how adorable she looked with her tanned skin set off against those cute white socks, hypnotizing Jeffrey with her scissoring legs. I flashed back to the 16 year-old schoolgirl I remembered as my English student 10 years earlier. In class she was always so quiet and demure with her legs tucked and crossed neatly under her desk. Now she was waving those innocent legs around to seduce her boyfriend.

“All of a sudden, he came over and leaned on me, just like you did, Peter.”

“Just leaned on you?”

“Well, he started kissing my neck.”

“How did it make you feel?”

“Like, he just did it without me having to ask him to, so I got excited right away. I knew I was becoming damp between my legs, so I pulled off my top so he could kiss my neck some more.”

I felt myself becoming aroused. I imagined Jeffrey looking down at her beautiful back tapering to her narrow waist, inhaling her fragrant hair, kissing her neck, nibbling her ear, sticking his tongue in her ear, just as I had done. I had to know if he did it better than I did.

“Did he play with your ear like I did?” I asked.

“He didn’t get that far. He got up and got some massage oil and just basically squirted it right on my back. Lots of it. I sort jumped when he did that.”

“Was it warmed up when he squirted it?”

“No, it wasn’t hot like, well, never mind…” she stopped in mid-thought.

“No, tell me,” I begged Olivia. I knew that Olivia wanted to tell me this detail, and I craved dirty talk coming from the mind and mouth of this Asian hottie.

“It wasn’t hot like your semen when it landed on my back,” Olivia admitted.

“Olivia,” I said, taking on my teacher tone, “let’s say ‘cum’ instead of ‘semen.’ I always think of the cartoon ‘Popeye’ when I heard the word ‘semen.'”

“Oh, Peter,” Olivia said, laughing and giving my shoulder a playful slap as was her custom. I knew my humor would loosen things up.

“Yes, the oil wasn’t as good as your cum, your hot cum, when it landed on me,” Olivia said, smiling at me conspiratorially.

“You liked that didn’t you,” I asked, knowing that her confession would pull the trigger on her erotic sensibilities.

“Yes, I did, with you behind me…”

“Doggystyle,” I added, “holding your arms behind you.”

Olivia involuntarily licked her lips when I said that and shifted on the couch. I didn’t need to have x-ray vision to know that her panties were getting damper by the second.

“And when Jeffrey started massaging you, did he see any thong sticking up from your hip huggers?”

“I made sure of that,” Olivia confessed.

“Was it your black thong?” I asked.

“No. The leopard one, the same one I wore when I came here.”

“And did you tell him how to run avrupa yakası escort his hands over your back and neck and thighs?” I asked.

“Well, we did something a little different.”

I paused and didn’t ask the obvious question, knowing that Olivia could not stop herself from telling me.

“Jeffrey pulled off his shirt and pants right away, and I unsnapped my jeans and pulled them down below my butt. Just like you did, Jeffrey pulled my pants the rest of the way off.”

That sounded familiar.

Olivia continued. “Jeffrey was rubbing my back and sitting on my butt, and I could feel, well, he was hard. I told him that you had actually started my massage by standing in front of me and sort of molding your hands to my back, rubbing down towards my butt, and then pulling up my sides.”

“That’s right.”

“So Jeffrey got off me and was in front of me rubbing my back. I was lying down, but then I was like, so horny all of a sudden. I lifted my head and looked up, and Jeffrey’s boxers were, like, right in my face almost. And there was a big tent in the front.”

I looked at Olivia and she was grinning mischievously. She wanted me to ask.

“What did you do, Olivia?”

“I reached forward fast and pulled his boxers down, and his thing – I mean – cock waved up and down and then settled pointing almost straight up, just above my forehead. So I lifted myself a little more and looked up at Jeffrey, and he, like, looked down at me and put his hands in my hair.”

I could see what was about to happen, but the way Olivia was describing the scene was too hot for me to interrupt.

“His cock was pointed right at my face. So I opened my mouth,” she said this slowly, “and he slipped it in. It was like a warm finger in my mouth, a big warm finger, but it was throbbing.”

“How much was in your mouth?” I asked.

“Oh, just a little, but then Jeffrey started rocking back and forth with his hips. I looked up at him, and he was checking me out in the mirror. Then he started pulling all the way out of my mouth and then he’d shove it right back in. I gagged a little so he slowed down, I mean, he got into this rhythm of going in and out of my mouth. His cock was all the way hitting my throat, but as more saliva got on it, it went further back in.” Olivia pointed to her throat to illustrate her point.

“What were you doing with your hands?” I asked.

“Gosh, I was so horny then, I reached down and felt myself and my thong was so-o-o-o wet. But then I did something really bad…I shouldn’t even say.”

“Oh no, you can’t start that way and stop.”

“Oh well, okay, what I did was I started thinking about when you were behind me, Peter, and I started wiggling my hips. Jeffrey’s cock was swelling up in my mouth when I wiggled, so I kept doing it, but he didn’t know I was thinking about you. Jeffrey had his hand on his cock and directing it in my mouth while I played with myself, and then I felt this wave building in me and it was very hot and I was moaning and I had an orgasm.”

“What did Jeffrey do when you came?”

“He just stood back and kept playing with himself in front of me. My saliva was covering his cock and it was making this slipping-slapping kind of noise, but I just stopped sucking him when I came.”

“I’ll bet it turned you on even more to see him jerking off just inches from your mouth,” I said, not wanting Olivia to lose the momentum of our dirty talk.

“I told him, ‘Jeffrey, I’ll do it, just put it in my mouth, just fuck my mouth and I’ll do it.’ So he stepped up and I loved it when he shoved his cock in my mouth, and I sucked the end and rubbed the shaft while he just held my head in his hands…”

Olivia’s description was interrupted by the ring of her cell phone. Damn! Her storytelling was driving me to the brink and now the rhythm was broken. She got up from the couch and fished her cell from her backpack.

“Okay, yes, I’ll see you in about 15 minutes, bye.”

Oh great, I thought, there goes my storyteller and I didn’t even get to hear about her facial. This was almost as bad as me suddenly stopping Olivia’s massage when I wanted to drive her a little crazy.

“So you have to leave?” I asked

“Oh no, Jeffrey will be coming here, I didn’t think you’d mind my inviting him over. After all, he wants to thank you himself.”


Jeffrey Meets Peter and Olivia Learns How to Make a Sandwich

Jeffrey’s surprise visit actually increased my excitement. How shall I put this…I just heard how he, Olivia’s boyfriend no less, was pounding her delicious mouth with his raging hard-on, and now he was coming over to my place to thank me for teaching her how to use her mouth as his cum receptacle. Olivia had never given me a reason to dislike Jeffrey. In fact, I wanted to meet him, especially since it was Olivia who had sprung the surprise.

When Jeffrey rang the bell, it was Olivia who jumped up to answer. Jeffrey walked in and Olivia gave him a fairly polite kiss and no hug. He bağcılar escort stood about 5′ 9″, my height, with wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. Judging from his tanned skin and trim build, I’d say he was into soccer or tennis. He was carrying a padded case that he set down in the living room. In a strange way, we vaguely resembled each other, his looks closely resembling my own from about 10 years earlier. H-mmmmmm, I thought, Olivia’s boyfriend looks conspicuously similar to the way I looked when I was her high school English teacher.

I opened a bottle of red wine and we chatted like old friends. He was an avid bicyclist, accounting for his lean and toned looks. I liked him, and Olivia became even more animated when she sensed that Jeffrey and I were getting along.

“So what’s in the bag?” I asked, “It looks like a camera bag.”

“It is,” Jeffrey admitted, “and there’s a small favor we want to ask you.”

“Shoot,” I said, already agreeing to whatever it was.

“Well, Olivia has enjoyed her lessons so much, and really, so have I, that she wanted to have a video of herself and me.”

“Okay,” I said, “and so you want to videotape yourselves.”

“With you videotaping us,” Jeffrey added, with just a slight hesitation in his request.

“I’m very flattered,” I started, “but I have a tripod you could borrow and do this at your own place.”

“Oh, Peter, there you go again,” Olivia jumped in, “we all know what a great photographer you are. I know you’d make us both look great. Besides, you could coach us or direct us, and we’d have to do what you say.” Now her little fuck-me slide-off sweatpants outfit was making sense.

I stood up. “I’m going to get that tripod and lend it to you. I’m not sure about being a director for a homemade movie.” I walked to my study closet to retrieve the tripod. The door closed behind me and Olivia was standing there, a plaintive look in her eyes.

“C’mon Peter,” she started to whine, “you should do this.”

I walked towards Olivia with the tripod in my hand, but she blocked my exit, sensing that I needed more selling on the project.

“Okay Peter, I didn’t want to do this, but you’ve given me no choice,” she started, “I want you to videotape me and Jeffrey in bed, and I want you to tell us what to do.”

Olivia’s words slammed me like the roaring start to a sexual Daytona 500: “Gentlemen, start your engines.” With Jeffrey I had now a second student for an erotic lesson, and I would make sure our lesson had just as much kink in it as the previous two.

I walked up close to Olivia and said to her, “Well, you asked for it. If our lesson gets out of control, you’re in for the whole ride.” Olivia answered mockingly, “Oooooo-oooooooo, that sounds like a threat, Peter.” And in her eyes I plainly read the message, “I hope you and Jeffrey use me for the fuck bag that I am!”

I set up the tripod and the camera in the living room facing the couch. I pulled the coffee table away and we ended up with a nice little set. Jeffrey and Olivia were each sipping on their third glasses of wine, giggling in anticipation of the unknown.

“Okay kids,” I announced, “here’s who you are. Olivia, you’re an 18 year-old high school student, and Jeffrey, you’re her college sophomore boyfriend. Olivia, this guy really turns you on, but you are reluctant to have sex, so it’s up to Jeffrey to kinda force in that direction. Once you get started Olivia, you become a real sex maniac. Jeffrey, it isn’t just wrestling off her clothes, it’s the dirty talk that makes Olivia go crazy.”

“But what are we doing now?” Jeffrey asked.

Oh no, a Method actor, I thought. “Okay, Jeffrey just put a porno movie in the VCR by mistake, but you, Olivia, insist on watching it a little. Then you start making out. Here we go, ACTION!” I called.

“Oh Jeffrey, what is this you put in for me?”

“Oops, that’s my friend’s tape. Give me the remote and I’ll stop it.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. Let me look at it a little longer.”

Jeffrey and Olivia were sitting close, pretending to watch TV with Olivia’s legs curled up on the couch. She was leaning against Jeffrey, her left hand drawing circles on Jeffrey’s right knee. I pointed to my pursed lips then pointed at my actors, and Jeffrey and Olivia started to kiss. I tried the zoom on the camera and resisted going in too close on the shot. As I pulled back on the shot, I noticed Jeffrey’s hand gently cupping Olivia’s breast, and Olivia’s circling hand had dropped to Jeffrey’s inner thigh. I picked up the camera on the tripod to move closer so the mic could pick up all the sounds.

“I want you Olivia…” Jeffrey began.

“But your parents may come home any second,” Olivia answered, “I should be leaving.”

As Olivia tried to stand, Jeffrey increased his grip on her breast.

“Jeffrey, you are going too far,” Olivia complained, now pushing him away.

Jeffrey answered by pressing Olivia down on the couch.

“Get offa me!” Olivia bahçelievler escort whined, as Jeffrey grabbed either side of her tight t-shirt and started pulling it over her head. Olivia brought her arms up protectively.

Jeffrey was pretty much lying between Olivia’s legs, and as she thrashed underneath him, I’m sure her gyrations were doing everything not to discourage him from stripping off her clothes. Jeffrey pulled off Olivia’s t-shirt exposing her pert breasts. That just left the low-riding sweatpants. He hooked his fingers inside the waistband on either hip.

“No!” Olivia cried, as Jeffrey started pulling the sweats down. Jeffrey lifted up some and Olivia flipped over, stomach-down now on the couch. Olivia grabbed the waistband of her sweats in a tug-of-war with Jeffrey. I left the camera running and ran over to outside the shot, and mimed the words to Jeffrey “SAY SOMETHING!”

“You’re the biggest cock tease in the senior class. Tell me you don’t want me now, ya bitch!” he finally blurted out.

“You are a bad boy to call me such a bad name,” Olivia said, as Jeffrey was wriggling her sweats down to below her butt. “Please don’t tear my sweatpants, please.”

Jeffrey stopped tugging, and the sight of a now exposed black thong made my dick surge in my jeans. Jeffrey reached between her legs and began massaging Olivia’s pussy through her thong. Olivia protested by arching her back and turning to plead with him.

“That’s so bad. You are such a bad boy to touch me there. Just don’t pull my sweats off any more and don’t rip them. I’ll do whatever you say.”

With her sweatpants now half off, Jeffrey seemed encouraged by her words. “Yeah, I’m bad but you’re a very wet little Filipina girl. Do you know how many fingers I have in your pussy now?

“U-mmmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhh,” Olivia moaned in response.

Jeffrey brought his middle finger up to his mouth and licked her pussy juices off. He now was going to put two fingers into her velvety-lined Asian twat, and all I got to do was watch through the viewfinder.

“No, stop Jeffrey, if you continue, I’ll lose control of myself,” Olivia complained lamely. I was looking forward to seeing that. “Please tell me what you want me to do and stop playing with my pussy,” Olivia begged.

I pressed the pause on the video camera to direct the transition to the next scene.

“Cut! Okay, okay, very nice, very good,” I broke in, Olivia giving me a very disappointed look. “Now Jeffrey, get in front of Olivia now and start stripping when I resume. Olivia, you must beg Jeffrey to give you back your house keys and let you go home and help your mother make some lumpia. Got it?”

Olivia laughed.

“And Jeffrey, you are going to make Olivia blow you on the couch as a bribe for giving back her house keys. You got that?”

Jeffrey gave me a thumbs-up.


Olivia, topless and laying stomach-down on the couch with her sweats half-off, began, “I must go home now. My mom counts on me to help her make the lumpia for the Philippine festival at school.”

“Not so fast my Asian cocktease,” Jeffrey said. “First thing is you are going to such my cock, then we’ll talk about keys and clothes.”

“Suck your cock? Oh no, that is what bad girls at school do.”

“Then you are going to be a bad girl for me, or else no lumpia for the festival.”

Jeffrey began to strip. He was well-proportioned and did a lot of sit-ups. Lots, as in eight-pack lots. Olivia rested her feet on the arms of the couch, further accentuating her helpless position and dimpled ass. Jeffrey finally stood with his tenting Tommy Hilfiger boxers in front of her.

“I want you to pull these down,” Jeffrey ordered Olivia.

Olivia slid his boxers down and Jeffrey stepped out. It was an amazing sight. Jeffrey had shaved off most of his pubic hair and all of his hair on his legs. Then I remembered the bicycling. I knew that competitive bicyclists would shave for performance reasons, but I was unprepared to see this. With his toned hairless legs and zero body-fat butt, he and Olivia could have been twins except for the anatomical difference in the middle. The difference was a smooth, cut cock about 6″ long, not too thick. Except for my cock being much thicker, I’d say even our dicks looked alike.

Jeffrey knelt on the couch in front of Olivia who flicked out her tongue. I zoomed in and Olivia paused with Jeffrey’s cockhead just resting on her tongue, now out of her mouth. Olivia began to bring her tongue back in her mouth, and Jeffrey’s cock followed. I pulled back on the shot and Jeffrey pushed into her mouth, stopping with his dick touched the back of her throat. He pulled out again, his hand wrapped around his own cock. It was beautiful.

“You’re going to swallow when I cum in your mouth,” Jeffrey announced.

“Oh no, I’ll suck it but don’t cum in my mouth, too,” Olivia pleaded.

“After I lick your pussy, bitch, you won’t complain so much, bitch.”

Jeffrey got into a rocking motion, with Olivia’s hands wrapped around his cock. His dick would disappear into her mouth through her hands, then reappear, in again and out. It was like a magic trick. At one point he pulled out so that just the cock head was in her mouth, and Olivia did a rapid fire-starting massage with both hands against his shaft. Jeffrey looked up at the ceiling in ecstasy.

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