The Therapist

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Jenny had been having trouble. For some time now, she had been unable to enjoy sex with her boy friends. She was able to give and receive oral, but she could only feel her self loosen up when she had a cock in her mouth.

Fearful that this may be a long standing problem, she made an appointment to see a sex specialist, a chap called Dr Harden. Whether it was his real name, Jenny did not know, nor did she care, she just wanted to be able to enjoy penetrative sex again (and again and again she thought wryly to herself).

Despite her depressing predicament, she still retained her sense of humour. She had a wonderful personality, was very attractive, albeit petite, lovely shapely legs and adequate curves. She had a 36C bust which she believed was adequate. Anything more than a mouthful is a waste, she would sometimes joke.

Jenny reached the private clinic and was shown into a comfy waiting room with up to date magazines on the coffee table. She poured herself a glass of fresh orange juice and sat on a couch, reaching for a magazine. Amongst the usual women’s mags were a selection of soft porn publications. It was a sex therapist and they were needed, she assumed. If a couple needed to produce a semen sample for artificial insemination, she guessed a bit of porn might help. She mused on how interesting that sort of job could be and if the nurses were allowed to assist. If so, then this is what they might call a hands-on job! Yes, her sense of humour was in full swing. Just as well s she was feeling very nervous.

A few moments later, a young lad was shown in to the waiting room by the receptionist and he saw Jenny. He immediately blushed, obviously embarrassed by the fact she must know he had a sexual problem. He smiled and nodded to her shyly and Jenny smiled back, recognising his nervousness.

“Hi” she said, “I’m Jenny”, extending her arm to shake his hand.

He reached over tentatively and shook her hand. “Hi Jenny” he rasped, his throat starting to give up on him. “My name’s Tom” he said, more authoritively this time. He sat opposite Jenny and noticed her lovely legs, her short skirt which finished half way up the thigh revealing her shapely, tanned and toned legs and, at certain angles, just a hint of her panties. Tom felt himself getting hard beneath his jeans and he leaned forward for a magazine to place on his lap to disguise his embarrassment. Tom thought he would use the magazine as a distraction but he noticed he’d picked up a porno magazine and it was full of naked women. As he flicked through the magazine, he noticed it was a European magazine as many of the photos were quite explicit and involved multiple participants in lewd acts. His erection remained.

Tom looked over at Jenny and, in his mind’s eye, he saw her naked, with cum dribbling out from her pussy like she’d been freshly fucked. He blinked and looked again, this time he saw her how she really was, fully clothed and reading her magazine. Tom rubbed his eyes and looked again. The image of Jenny naked with cum oozing from her love hole was overwhelming. He gulped and the noise caused Jenny to look up.

“Are you OK?” she enquired with genuine concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine” he lied, “just a bit nervous, that’s all”. Jenny smiled. She was also apprehensive but she was able to relax.

“I’m here because I can’t enjoy sex with my boy friend” she said, trying to put Tom at ease. “I hear Dr Harden is the best therapist of his kind in this country” she added in the way of small talk. Tom just nodded.

“I can only get my pussy relaxed if I have my boyfriend’s cock in my mouth” she continued, “but the moment he tries to fuck me, my pussy clams up like a roller blind!” This made Tom smile a little.

“So, why are you coming to see Dr Harden” she asked. Tom blushed again. His problem was every bit as personal but he felt awkward telling a total stranger, especially a woman, a good looking horny woman, his problem.

“Oh, you know” he started. Jenny leaned forward, showing interest.

“Tell me” she asked politely. Jenny smiled her prettiest smile and Tom’s heart melted.

“I can’t satisfy my girl friend” he whispered, his eyes darting around the room, embarrassed to make eye contact with her. God, she was horny, he kept thinking to himself.

“In what way” Jenny probed. Tom remained silent for a moment.

“I can’t get an erection” he said eventually.

“Is your girlfriend attractive?” Jenny persevered. Tom nodded vigorously.

“Yeah, she’s a stunner” he said with much enthusiasm, “She could have any one she wanted but I feel inferior and I just can’t get it up” he said, suddenly aware of the bulge in his jeans and moving his magazine covertly over his dignity. This did not go unnoticed to Jenny.

“Do the magazines help?” she asked, assuming it was the porn which had caused his predicament. Tom, realising she had guessed he had an erection, nodded. He knew the mags did not help but her charms had caused him his first erection in months. mutlukent escort Further more, he had months worth of semen sloshing around in his scrotum eager for release and, despite his overwhelming desire for his girlfriend, right now all he wanted was Jenny. He noticed how her chest heaved seductively as she breathed, imaging her legs wrapped around him as he lay on top of her, fucking her. The image of her naked with fresh semen seeping out from her shaved pussy re-emerged in his mind. He really wanted her and he wanted her now.

Tom’s thoughts were interrupted.

“Dr Harden will see you now, Tom” the receptionist said. “Consultation room 2”. The receptionist lead Tom down the corridor and showed him into the consulting room.

“If you’d like to undress behind the screen and put on a gown, Dr Harden will be with you shortly” she said, her smile friendly and calming. Tom stripped and placed on a big towelling robe, tying the robe around his waist. He tried desperately to contain his erection and even considered finding the men’s toilets and getting rid of it. He realised that Dr Harden could come in at any moment and he may loose his consultation and, anyway, it could be important in the diagnosis and cure.

Meanwhile, the receptionist had returned to the waiting room.

“Jenny, could you go to consultation room 1 please” she said and showed Jenny the way. She was given the same instructions as Tom. Jenny kicked off her heels then took off her tight top and short skirt. She unclipped her bra and placed these all on a hook before removing her matching panties. They were bone dry. She sighed. She so desperately wanted to be normal again, to feel all lubricated and horny when she was with her boy friend. She reached for a fluffy gown and covered her modesty and went and laid on the consultation couch.

The two consultation rooms were connected by a door and Dr Harden entered Jenny’s room first. He introduced himself and confirmed her basic details. He was an Australian, judging by the accent, and a good looking one at that, Jenny thought. He was probably mid 30’s or so, well tanned and was the type that probably had a surf board on his roof rack, she mused. He wore no wedding ring but had tattoo’s on his forearms. He was dressed in a shirt and tie, loosely knotted, with his sleeves rolled up, and smelt of fresh shower gel.

“So what’s is the problem” he asked.

“I can only get lubricated when I have my boyfriend’s cock in my mouth” she said. “Any time he goes near my pussy, it gets all dry and he can’t get it in”.

“Have you tried lubricant’s, my dear?”

“Lubricants, vibrators, porno DVD’s the lot” she said, the desperation evident in her voice.

“I see” he said in a typical medical fashion, rubbing his pencil against his chin.

“Would you take off your gown and lie on the couch please” he instructed and she dutifully obliged. Here she was, naked in front of a good looking bloke and talking to him about her personal sexual problems. He was, however, a doctor and a specialist at that, she said to herself as a way of reassurance. He looked her all over, doing things like checking blood flow to the extremities by testing for pulse and capillary refill.

Jenny was starting to relax when Dr Harden suddenly put his hand on her bush.

“I’m just going to finger you now” he said, quite clinically. “Tell me what you feel” he said. His fingers began probing at her pussy, starting with the outer labia and making his way towards her clit. His hands moved expertly but it was having no effect at all. He stood at her feet and leaned across, removing his tie first, and began licking her pussy, licking the outer lobes, trying to press his tongue inside her, his warm breath against her belly and thighs, his chin which could have done with a shave, gently grazing her soft supple skin. Jenny knew she should have been close to an orgasm by now. This guy had moves that should have had her in seventh heaven but, for now, it was just boring. He stood up and scratched his slightly stubbly chin.

“Put your head back a bit, sweetheart” he ordered and she did as she was told as he walked up to her head. The couch was lowered and she watched as he stood at behind her head, undoing his trousers and removing his cock. It was semi hard and, she guessed, when it was fully erect, it was a bit of a monster.

“Open wide” he said and, for a split second, she thought she might have got the wrong surgery. The dentist was two doors down. She obeyed and he placed his now almost totally stiff cock into her mouth. She assumed he wanted her to suck it, so she began giving him a good blow job, her tongue darting over the head of his dick, her slow soft sucking movements on his shaft. Jenny lifted her hands behind her head and began tickling his balls with one hand, masturbating him with the other. Professional or not, Dr Harden was enjoying himself and, in fairness, Jenny was an expert gobbler and he sighed deeply tuzla escort as she sucked on his hard cock.

Jenny released her hold on his balls and began to finger her own clit, her passion beginning to build. Dr Harden allowed her a few moments of pleasure, waiting for her pussy to be wet and ready. He removed himself from her mouth and marched to the foot end of the couch, kneeling on the couch between her legs and attempted to enter her. Much to his surprise, despite the moistness, her channel would not permit him entry and although he got the tip of his cock into her, there was too much resistance and she squealed in pain.

He climbed off and scratched his chin again, deep in thought. He repossessed his strides and dressed himself.

“Give me a couple of minutes, Jenny” he said as he left to go into the second consultation room. This case was puzzling to him.

“Hi Tom” the Dr said and went through the same ritual of introductions and background information as had with Jenny. Tom had explained his problem that he couldn’t get an erection but upon examination, the Doctor found a hot throbbing knob covered in pre cum.

“How did this happen?” the Doctor asked inquisitively.

“There was this horny woman in your waiting room. Jenny, she said her name was. Wow, she’s hot” Tom said, absent mindedly reaching down and pleasuring himself. “I haven’t had an erection for almost a year until this morning” he added. Dr Harden thought for a moment.

“You say Jenny gave you this erection?” he confirmed.

“Not many” came the excited reply.

“Would you like to fuck her, then?” the Doctor clarified.

“Wouldn’t you? Did you check out those legs?” Tom continued, all excited. The Doctor had, as well as her tits and pussy. He’d even had his cock in her mouth and part of it in her pussy.

“Tom,” he said in a serious voice,” when the clock on that wall is at 11.25, I want you to go through that door over there” he said, pointing to the interconnecting door. “What ever you see, don’t be alarmed. If you feel the need to do anything or join in, then do so. I think this may help you with your problem and should put you on the road to recovery” he said. Tom looked concerned and the Doctor patted him on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry, mate” he said, his Ozzie accent becoming more pronounced, “She’ll be right” and we wandered off through the door leaving Tom somewhat confused.

The Doctor clapped his hands and rubbed them together.

“Right, Jenny. I have arranged some therapy for you. Whatever happens in the next hour should help you come to terms with your problem and, if I am right, cure you. The treatment may be a little unorthodox but are you OK with that?”

Jenny nodded. Her problem was unorthodox so she half expected the treatment to be similar.

“Don’t worry. Lie back, relax and enjoy” he said. He leaned forward and fondled her tits and she closed her eyes. Oh boy, he was experienced and she enjoyed the attention her ample sized tits were receiving. He worked her tits expertly, leaning forward to kiss them, before beginning his oral manipulation (sucking to me and you!) of her nipples. Jenny squirmed in pleasure, her moans becoming more pronounced. She reached out an arm and found his crotch, and she undid his zip with one hand, delving in and fondling his cock. Man, this was a big one. She smirked to herself about this Australian being popular in his own country, especially as he was big down under. Even during sex, her humour never left her.

The Doctor moved his way round to her head and he removed his clothing, letting it fall on the floor by the consultation couch. Immediately, Jenny reached for his erection and guided it towards her open waiting mouth, her tongue guiding it in, darting over the top, around the inside of the foreskin. The Doctor sighed deeply. This was the best part of the job. Worth doing 5 years at medical school, he’d always said that.

He noticed the clock and knew he had a minute to go before Tom joined them. Jenny felt his body move as he reached forward to grab her tits again and she writhed in pleasure as he tantalised her nipples. Once again, her hand moved from his balls to her own clit as she frigged herself, happy with a cock in her mouth and her nipples being played with.

Right on cue, the door opened and Tom walked in. He must have looked like a cartoon to the Doctor as his eyes opened so wide, they looked like they were popping out of his head. The Doctor noticed his gown fall open and the stirrings of an erection appear. So far, so good for the Doctor. The first part of his plan was working.

Jenny was oblivious to the observer in the corner and she gobbled greedily on the Doctor’s throbbing member. The Doctor gesticulated to Tom to approach the couch and Tom obeyed, his eyes transfixed on the sight before him. This horny bitch was now totally naked and, just like his earlier vision, he was not disappointed. He even noticed that her anadolu yakası escort pussy hair had been shaved (or sculpted) into the shape of a love heart.

Tom approached and he saw her tits bouncing around as the Doctor started to fuck Jenny’s mouth, the motion causing her body to move with some vigour. Unable to contain himself, Tom shrugged off his gown and approached the couch at Jenny’s feet. Her legs were spread and he could see the moistness from her pussy. His mind’s eye imagined himself buried deep inside her, pounding her pussy, coming inside her.

Then his vision went and all he could see was Jenny giving head. Tom knelt on the couch between her legs and he moved his face nearer, smelling her sex. He was now fully erect. No Viagra needed today for Tom. He extended his tongue and tasted Jenny for the first time. She tasted so sweet. Jenny became vaguely aware of Tom’s presence and she moved her hand back to the Doctor’s balls, allowing Tom full access to her pussy lips. Dutifully, he licked her clit and he probed at her pussy with his fingers.

Jenny squirmed with delight and the Doctor received untold pleasure as she wriggled and moaned, her sudden sharp intakes of breath as strong as her normal sucking motions. She was approaching an orgasm and the Doctor might not be too far behind her. The Doctor motioned for Tom to replace his finders with his cock. He understood immediately and positioned himself between her legs, leaning forward and lowering himself on to her, his face now right in front of her tits. He couldn’t help himself, he leaned forward and nibbled a nipple. She groaned until he gently bit on it, she screamed with pain and pleasure.

The scream made Tom jump and the action caused his cock to enter Jenny and, this time, there was no resistance. He pushed his erection in to, deeper and deeper it slid, gently and smoothly. Jenny released the cock from her mouth and gasped for air, the sensation filling her totally. The Doctor stood back to allow Tom to complete their joint therapy. Jenny’s mouth swished around looking for something to suck on like a baby rooting for the mothers nipple. Tom leaned forward and offered her his tongue and she greedily accepted, their tongues entwined as they simultaneously cured each other.

“Do you know what you’re doing, Jenny?” the Doctor asked her gently. She grunted a sound of negativity. It’s rude to talk with your mouth full, she thought.

“You’re making love” he said to her gently. “Tom, the guy you met in the waiting room is making love to you without the need for you to have a cock in your mouth” he affirmed. Jenny disengaged from the kiss and saw the young lad pounding her pussy with his rock hard cock, thrusting into her without any pain. In fact, he thrust into her with an immense amount of pleasure. The realisation dawned in her.

“Tom, you’re fucking me” she said. He nodded.

“And you’ve got an erection” she added. He nodded again. He wasn’t up for small talk and distractions. He just wanted relief from the feeling in his balls. He wanted to fuck and he wanted to cum.

“Fuck me” she encouraged. “Fuck me with your massive big cock” she said and Tom found the dirty talk accentuate his experience.

“You’re so horny” he said to her, leaning forward to kiss her full on the mouth. Jenny moaned in pleasure, their tongues meeting again.

“Fuck me” she said again as the kiss ended and she saw the look on Toms face. 12 months of frustration and a gallon of spunk were about to be released. Before she could react, Tom was there.

“Fuck, I’m cumming” he said, thrusting his cock as deep as he could into Jenny, releasing his sperm into her waiting body. His ejaculation seemed to go on forever as his body expelled as much of his seed as it could and Tom’s body shuddered at the intensity of his orgasm. He leaned forward and kissed her again.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for curing me” he said. He leaned back and withdrew, noticing the trail of semen leaking from her pussy, just like he’d imagined back in the waiting room earlier.

Jenny looked disappointed. Sure, she could fuck but she was still in need of an orgasm herself.

“I need to cum” she complained. “Tom, fuck me again” she said. Tom was totally spent and he was trying to catch his breath.

“Give me a while” he panted.

“No. I need to fuck now” Jenny yelled. Dr Harden stepped up to the plate.

“Maybe I could be of assistance” he suggested, still naked and sporting a full erection. Jenny did not argue, she laid back on the couch.

“Make me cum, Doctor” she pleaded. He just smiled.

“Never had an unsatisfied customer yet” he said and he entered her, his cock gliding easily into her unlike his earlier attempt.

“Comfy?” he asked.

“Deeper” Jenny commanded. Dr Harden knew she needed dirty talk to get off so he joined in the fun.

“I’m fucking your pussy. You’ve not had your pussy fucked for ages and now Tom and I have cured you” he said, his breathing starting to become laboured.

“Fuck me, you Ozzie bastard” she said, not meaning to be offensive but desperately in need of an orgasm.

“I’m fucking you, Jenny, you little slut” he said. “Do you like being a slut?”

“Only when I’m being fucked by lots of different men” she said.

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