The Tenants Ch. 02

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Authors Note: This is my twelfth story and it’s the second part of The Tenants saga. It’s purely fiction and I hope to have a third installment sometime in the near future.

As always, comments are always more than welcome and please take a look at my other stories!


Andrea had been living with me for about two months now. Since she moved in she’d taught me more and more about the ways one woman can please another.

She hated it when we’d go out to a bar and I’d want to bring a man home. She never disagreed, but I could see it in her eyes, the fact that she resented the men, that she just didn’t understand my need every now and then for a hard cock inside my pussy and not her tongue or fingers.

I think she was offended by it, like somehow the fact that after her and I had become lovers I still felt a need for men.

In the meantime I’d kept the ad for another tenant running. We’d had a few interviews, but no one we seemed to click with, no one we thought we’d be able to live with comfortably. Most of the women we interviewed seemed to tense up when we’d touch each other in the simplest of ways and the men seemed to leer at us and then glance in the direction of the main bedroom.

While Andrea still had her own bedroom we did spend most nights together in my room seeing as how I had a big Queen size bed and she only had her little twin bed.

Anyhow…as I’d said we would go out to the bar together now and then, after a hard day’s work for me or an exam for her.

One night we were out at the bar. Of course we’d both been hit on mercilessly by the men, none of which attracted much attention from either of us until this one man walked in. We were in a bar downtown around happy hour and most of the guys were downtown crawlers.

This guy looked like he was straight off the cover of GQ. He was tall, over 6” easily. He also looked like a man who worked out, not muscular really, but toned. You could see the potential for strength in his quiet seemingly unassuming movements, which only proved to attract me to him more. He had dark brown hair cut short and styled cleanly yet stylish. His skin was a soft olive color, making me think him part Italian or Latino somewhere in his lineage. He wore black dress pants, dress shirt and a long black trench coat.

Andrea had pointed him out to be the moment he came in, “I guess I won’t be the one in your bed tonight. It seems your Mr. Perfect has just walked in.”

I looked over to him and was in awe. He was like every woman’s wet dream come to life.

As soon as he walked in I could see the women swarm him. He slowly made his way to the bar and ordered a Rum and Coke. I sipped my wine and kept my eyes on him as Andrea put her hand on my thigh in a protective, possessive gesture.

I waited until I had caught his eyes and then I leaned into Andrea and whispered in her ear, “No worries darling,” and then kissed her cheek, making it a slow, lingering kiss.

He knew. It excited him; I could see it in the way he took us both in, her hand on my thigh, me licking my lips after having kissed her soft skin, both of our bodies.

As I knew he would, he walked over to us, “What are two decent looking women like you doing in a place like this?” He asked. His voice gave what his looks promised, a deep, very male resonance, which struck me to the depths of my pussy and made me ache to feel his flesh.

“I just got off work; we met here for some cheep drinks before going home. What about you? A man who looks like he belongs in a law firm shouldn’t be mingling with the riff raff,” I said with a strong hint of laughing flirtatiousness in my voice. As I said this I also moved my own hand to Andrea’s thigh. He noticed.

“Just like you, got off work and wanted a couple cheep drinks before going home. Although, you have a friend to go home with, I’m going home to a temperamental cat and a TV with no cable.”

“That’s too bad” Andrea said, anger clear in her voice. It would have made any red blooded male turn and run before he got in trouble, but I caught his eyes again and licked my lips seductively before taking another sip of the strong wine.

Even with Andrea shooting him dirty looks every time he made a pass at me I still found out that his name was Brian, he was a recent divorcee who was about to turn 30. The marriage had failed when his wife refused sex, and then filed for divorce when she found proof of him cheating on her.

They’d had no children together in the 4 years they’d been married. Since the divorce had been issued he’d focused on his work as a financial consultant at a local bank. He’d given her everything she’d asked for in the divorce, leaving him next to nothing, no home, no vehicle, practically no collateral for himself to rebuild his life with. He was currently living in a bachelor pad in the heart of the city’s seedy district because it was all he could afford and still have money to live zümrütevler escort bayan and was able to save over half of each of his paychecks to rebuild his future.

“Well, you know, I own my own home in the suburbs. Andrea here is a tenant of mine. It’s all a very open house, no individual living space besides the bedrooms, shared bathrooms and kitchen, but it’s a large house. I was thinking of getting a third tenant. You could come by and take a look at the house sometime if you’d like.” I said, allowing the laughing flirtatiousness to stay in my voice and leaning forward just a little to allow my deep cleavage to show a little more predominantly over the low cut shirt.

“I’d love to, but as I said, I don’t drive.” He said regretfully, trying not to look at my tits which were practically falling out of the low red blouse.

“Well, we could bring you over tonight to take a look at the place and you can let me know what you think of the offer in the morning.” I said, making the implications incredibly obvious as I moved my hand onto his inner thigh.

I saw him glance at my hand on his leg, oh so dangerously close to his cock which I could see outlined against the dark material of his pants. He was hard and definitely well endowed. From what I could see through the pants I’d guess he was about 7 inches long and I assumed he was circumcised since I could clearly see the outline of the head of his cock through the pants, that’s how hard he was. He looked at Andrea then, as if asking her approval.

She took her hands off my hips where they had moved to when I’d turned in my bar stool to face him completely and raised them saying, “Hey, I’m just a tenant.”

I saw him grin to himself slightly and then he said, “Sure, I’d love to see the house.”

The drive to the house was quiet. Andrea sat in the front with me and we held hands as I drove like we always did. I could see him squirm in his seat every time Andrea would say anything. She was trying to make small talk with me about the day’s events and I was giving her one word answers.

When we got to the house I gave him the grand tour, making sure that Andrea’s room was the first one I showed him, the other spare room was next and my room was last.

“So this is your room huh?” He asked, stepping inside the doorway and looking around.

“This is it” I said matter-of-factly.

“Looks great…just like you.” he said and I could hear the lust in his voice, as if his continuously growing cock hadn’t been sign enough.

“Thanks for the compliment, your not to shabby yourself” I said as I pressed myself up against him from behind. Feeling me behind him he let out a low moan and turned around. He looked down at me for a moment and then his hands moved to the back of my neck as he bent down to kiss me. It was intense and passionate from the moment his lips touched mine.

He tasted of rum and it made me lightheaded. I moaned into his mouth as he moved his hands to the small of my back and pulled me closer to him, pushing his hard cock into my stomach.

Then he suddenly pulled away from me. “I can’t.” He said, putting his hand in front of him as if to ward me off. “Why not? Because of the divorce?” I asked softly. “No, because of Andrea. It’s clear that the two of you are a couple. I can’t come between you, especially not if your serious about the offer to live here.”

“Well,” I said, pushing his coat off his shoulders, “we are lovers,” I started in on the buttons of his shirt, he didn’t make me stop but he didn’t help either, “and I was serious about the offer for you to live here” all the buttons were off now and I pulled the shirt out of his pants and slipped it off his chest, “but Andrea knows that as much as I love being with her” I ran my hands along his chest, rubbing the palms over his nipples sending a shiver through him.

His body gave what it promised; his muscles were firm, defined and perfectly strong without being overbearing. His chest was smooth and the feel of it under my wandering hands was intoxicating, “every now and then I just need a hard cock inside me” at that he moaned and pulled my lips to his again, kissing me deeper and more passionately then before.

As his mouth devoured mine, my hands were busy undoing his belt. I got it off no problem. I undid the button and zipped his slacks down, slipping my hands inside the waistband of his boxers and placing one hand on each of his hips, pulling his body closer to mine. I could feel his cock so hard and large against my stomach, I ached to feel it in my hands, my mouth, all over my body and deep inside my throbbing and now soaked pussy, but I also wanted him to want me as badly as I wanted him.

I slipped my hands to his ass, cupped each firm ass cheek and pulled him towards me as I backed up. I moved until I felt the bed hit the back of my knees. I pulled my mouth from his and he let out a soft growl of aydınlı escort bayan protest. I smiled seductively at him and whispered, “All in good time my dear” as I slowly began removing his pants. I made sure not to touch his cock or balls in the process, making him wait, letting the anticipation rise.

Finally when he stood before me completely naked, I took his 8-inch cock softly in my hands and ever so slowly began stroking him. He moaned softly and closed his eyes. That was my cue. I moved my head close and closer, as slowly and quietly as I could, wanting to surprise him, holding my breath I plunged my mouth down onto his cock taking it as deeply into my mouth as I could. His eyes flew open; he moaned loudly and looked down at me. With his cock inside my mouth, my tongue working it expertly I glanced up at him and when my eyes met his, I moaned. He moaned in response and threw his head back in pleasure.

I worked on his cock for a couple minutes before his hands moved to the back of my head and urged me to stop. I ever so slowly pulled my mouth off his cock and he pulled me up to him. He kissed my forehead, my chin and then ever so softly kissed my lips.

He kissed the side of my neck and began working his way lower and lower, unbuttoning my blouse as he went. Finally all the buttons were undone and he slipped the silk from my body, letting it pool around my feet.

He traced the lines of the crimson bra I was wearing, sending shivers up and down my spine. Finally as one hand traced the strap of one arm, his other hand reached behind me and unclasped the bra. I let him slowly remove it from my body and watched as his eyes took in my breasts. His hands stayed on my shoulders as his eyes tenderly probed every piece of exposed flesh.

Then slowly his hands began tracing lower and lower until the palms of his hands grazed ever so softly over my nipples, making my body shiver, my nipples harden and a low moan escape my lips. He smiled to himself, pleased with my reaction. He lovingly cupped each breast and looked at them for a moment before bending his head to teasingly lick at one nipple and then the other. His tongue flicked back and forth between them, making me moan in frustration. Finally after a couple minutes of teasing my aching nipples he took one into his mouth, sucking gently at first then growing it its intensity.

His mouth felt incredible, sucking hard on one nipple, then flicking it gently with his tongue and moving to devour the other.

He continued this for a few minutes until his hands abandoned my breasts and moved down to my ribcage. His mouth locked over one nipple, sucking hard as his hands worked on the removal of my short skirt. He unzipped it in the back and slowly eased it off my body. His hands moved back to my waist to remove my panties, and when he found nothing there his mouth pulled away from my tit and he looked down the length of my body. “No panties?” He asked with a gleam in his eyes.

“No panties” I answered him, “They get in the way when I get all riled up at work.” He looked into my face, trying to determine if I was joking or being serious, in all honesty it was a little of both I suppose. He didn’t see anything in my face except pure sexual hunger and he pressed his wonderful mouth to mine again.

As our mouths devoured each other his hands were siding down my body, past my ribcage, over the swell of my hips, and then around to the small of my back, he gently began kneading right there, easing all of the tension out of my body and making me moan into his mouth. Then he raised one of his legs and put his knee on the bed behind me and slowly moved me to lie down on the bed without breaking the kiss.

I was lying down with him above and beside me. His hand began its path again from my shoulder to my tit, stopping to tease my sensitive nipples, making me moan into his mouth as we kissed. Then it moved lower, tickling across my stomach sending shivers down my spine, and then thankfully lower to the edge of my pussy. He placed his hand over my pussy, covering it entirely and then moaned into my mouth before pulling away, “God you’re so hot!” he said before his mouth moved in and began kissing me again with more hunger and passion then before.

His hand gently caressed my pussy before he moved one finger to enter me and seek out my throbbing clit. I was so worked up from his hands and mouth on my nipples and all the anticipation I came within a couple minutes of his fingers playing across my clit. I came hard and loud and as my orgasm slowly subsided he kept his finger lightly moving ever so softly across my clit. I was moaning uncontrollably, not words, just sounds, the pleasure was incredible, I came again, and again, and again, and finally I lost count of how many times he’d made me cum with just one finger on my clit.

Finally my clit was just too sensitive and I had to beg him to stop. He ginned down at me and said, “Did you like gebze escort the ride?” I pulled his mouth to mine and though I was out of breath I kissed him with all the passion I felt. I pulled my mouth from his and kissed his shoulder blade, “I did enjoy the ride a great deal…now it’s your turn” and with that I put pressure on his shoulder, pushing him down on the bed and moved to straddle him.

I smiled down at him as his hands moved to my hips, I was hovering above him, moving my hips down to lightly brush my pussy against his cock now and then, teasing him, making him wait for it.

After a couple minutes I couldn’t stand it anymore and pushed my hips forward and down, his cock head slipping up inside me. I stayed there for a moment, just the head of his cock inside me. He tired to push deeper inside me and I moved to keep him where he was. Then I ever so slowly began pushing my body down until his cock was buried to the hilt inside my pussy, our pelvic bones crushing against each other as I ground down onto him.

We picked up a fast rhythm that went with the music that Andrea had begun playing in her room next to us. She was mad I was fucking him and not her so she’d put on some of her Rob Zombie to try to piss me off but it worked so perfectly. I was pounding my pussy down onto him hard and fast in time with the frantic beats from the music.

Both of us were so worked up it didn’t last long, but it was one of the most intense fucks I’ve ever had. Two bodies moving frantically, fucking each other raw, his cock felt so incredible pounding up inside me. I’d pull all the way up and then slam down onto him, pushing his cock as deep into my pussy as it could possibly go. Feeling his balls against my ass as I crashed down onto him.

I was going insane with the pleasure, moaning incessantly, “God yes Yes! Yes! Oh God! Oh God fuck me! Oh fuck ya! Oh! Harder! I’m gunna’ fuck you harder baby! God I love your cock! Fuck me with it! Fuck me!” I was screaming as I felt the orgasm building inside me, “God yes! Fuck me! I’m gunna’ cum! Fuck me! Fuck me till I cum!” I screamed and his pace beneath me quickened as I started grinding down on his cock. I screamed a high-pitched scream of pure pleasure as I came, shoving my pussy down onto his throbbing cock. He came a few seconds later with a loud almost animalistic growl as my pussy convulsed around his cock.

I collapsed on top of him, our chests heaving as we fought to regain our breath from the intensity of it all. I don’t know how long we lay there like that. The next thing I remember was waking up to him beneath me, his cock now small but still inside me, and his mouth planting tender kisses on my forehead.

I gave a soft moan and snuggled down against him more, causing my pussy to press down on his cock. He let out a low moan, thinking me still asleep and not wanting to wake me and whispered a quiet, “Damn it! If you get hard again you’ll wake her up” to his growing cock. I smiled to myself and ground down on him more.

He moaned again, not so quietly this time and I whispered into his chest, “It’s not such a bad way to be woken up you know” He moved my hair from my face and looked down into my eyes with an astonished look on his face, “Are you serious?”

I giggled softly and pushed down on him again, “Definitely serious dear, I don’t know if I could ever get enough of your cock”

He moaned and put his hand on the small of my back, pushing me down onto him more. He was almost completely hard again now and I loved feeling him growing harder inside me.

“Is your offer to become a tenant a legit one or was it simply a ploy to get me into your bed for the night?” he asked, grinding his hips up to mine.

I moaned and pushed my pussy down onto him harder, “It was a definite and firm offer.” I said as I bent my head, I snaked my tongue out and flicked it across his nipple. He almost yelped when I did and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Are you laughing at me?” he asked, trying to sound offended but I could hear the lust in his voice that was slowly overtaking anything and everything else.

“Yes I am,” I said, taking his nipple into my mouth this time and sucking gently on it.

This time he didn’t yelp, he moaned, “Mmmmm…God I’m going to love living here…something tells me I’m going to learn a great many things” he said as he pulled my mouth from his nipple to his mouth as he flipped us over so this time I was on the bottom.

He pulled his mouth from mine and moved it to one of my nipple, pulling it into his mouth and sucking hard, then gently nibbling it. I moaned loudly and he began slowly easing his cock in and out of me.

This time it was slower, more sensuous. Not just about cumming, but about giving and receiving pleasure. We teased, licked, sucked, nibbled, bit and toyed with each other. Seeing who could withstand the most before simply having to get down to fucking.

I caved when he brought me off for the umpteenth time with his tongue on my clit. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was flat out on my back, my pussy dripping and shuddering after an innumerable number of intense orgasms, his face soaked with my pussy juice, his cock rock hard. I needed him. “God, please, I can’t take it anymore, please, fuck me” I begged as I looked down at him, letting all the need show in my face.

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