The Team’s Cum Bucket

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Cum On

The crime, the misdemeanour that warranted your punishment is unimportant. You had transgressed and now you are to get your comeuppance – and the guys in the team will get their reward for playing well.

The treatment table in the dressing room is the altar on which you are you to be ‘sacrificed’. Using the tape and bandages provided for strapping injuries I have secured you cross ways on the padded vinyl of the table. Your legs are splayed painfully wide open and taped to the supports. Bent over the table in a bow shape your wrists are tightly secured to the other two legs. Totally naked, your arse and cunt face the entrance to the dressing room, through which the team will shortly enter.

Once you are secure I start to unbuckle my belt. You can’t see what I am doing but you recognise the sounds and I can see you begin to tremble. Without a word I trail the thick tongue of my belt across your arse. I notice the muscles in your buttocks ripple and tense at this first deceptively gentle kiss of leather on skin. I hear the hiss of your indrawn breath as the belt is drawn back..

I freeze, belt raised, ratcheting up the tension till it is almost palpable in the cold air of the dressing room.

Then I bring it down – fast and brutal. No sound gives away the strap’s approach. The belt impacts on your arse with a loud and satisfying thwack, quickly followed by your equally satisfying screams and cries, the sounds echoing off the hard concrete walls.

After 10 hard lashes your screams have subsided to whimpers and moans, your arse is a bruised, red mess. I stop when the first of my players walk in the room, muddy and sweaty from the game. Despite being tired from the game I see his eyes pendik escort bayan light up when he spots you, a carnal leer spreads across his face. A few of the team back up behind him and take in the scene.

I tell them. “Well played lads. The team whore is your first reward – use her. She’s your cum bucket today, I want you to fill her”.

Then I move round to where I can watch you as the first player drops his shorts and moves between your legs.

You look up at me, eyes pleading.

“No, please! I’m not….not..ready Sir, please don’ let them!”

I stare down at you,

“You don’t tell ME ‘no’, or argue my little slut you just obey!”

The guy behind you stops and grabs his discarded jock-strap from the floor and throws it to me

“Gag the bitch with this boss”, he suggest, with a laugh.

Seeing the merit in his suggestion I push the sweaty material into your mouth, cutting off your complaints – and most of your air. I watch as he then grasps his already hard shaft and presses it against your helplessly exposed cunt. I watch your eyes bug out as he thrusts his length into your unready hole and begins to fuck you. His hips smack against your stinging buttocks as he builds up a rhythm, taking his pleasure from you, without regard for your own.

He takes a while to cum but when he does he screws his cock hard inside you, making sure his spunk goes deep. The second guy takes his place the instant the space behind you is vacated. His prick slides in easy as your cunt is lubricated with one load of sperm and is starting to stretch.

He humps you fast,encouraged by his team-mates who are forming şirinevler escort bayan a queue, urging him to finish quickly. This is close knit team and they are used to sharing. Now they are sharing you, spoils of victory, the team whore.

When he dumps his load in you he pulls out, watching some cum drip from your hole and splash on the floor. He pushes an empty water bucket under the table, to catch the remaining drips before relinquishing his place to the next eager member of the queue.

I watch them take you, one after the other. The sixth guy fucks your arse, pausing only to wipe his cock head on your leaking cunt before forcing it past your tight pucker. I watch you nearly manage to spit out the gag whilst trying to scream. as he tears into you.

After that they alternate between your cunt and arse – some trying a little of each. The air is full of the sounds of their grunts and the squelching of cocks in your ravaged, gaping, spunk filled holes. The bucket underneath fills with the jism that flows from you in rivulets

When my team are done, and on their way to the showers, I see wide eyed faces looking in the open door. The opposition have been attracted by the sounds from the ‘home’ dressing room. With a cruel smile I beckon them in.

“You guys played well. Come and have as well.”

Soon a new queue is forming and the relentless abuse continues. You cunt and arse must be so stretched that the guys with smaller cocks must barely be touching the side now. But they all seem to be enjoying themselves – and they all cum in you.

By now, some of my guys are coming back from the showers. Being fit şişli escort bayan and young a few of them are sporting boners, returned to hardness by the obscene sight you present. A few can’t be bothered to join the queue and just stroke as the watch the last of the opposition team finish with you, making sure to spray their second loads across your face, or in your hair.

I’ve lost count of how many guys have fucked you, how many loads of cum you’ve taken. I am sure you have no idea either. All I know is that there is a load of sperm in the bucket. When the last guy is done (and even the referee has had a go) I take the bucket and (very) carefully empty it into a squeezy water bottle. I grab your chin and twist your face towards me.

Your eyes are sort of glazed when you look at me, I can’t read your expression or emotions as I pull the jock strap from your mouth. Has my punishment been too harsh? Have I finally given my slut one challenge too many? Time to find out.

“Are you thirsty my dirty whore?” In answer I see you nod.

I put the nozzle of the drink bottle between your lips and squeeze – hard. Instantly the best part of 30 loads of sperm flood your mouth.

I wait for the reaction and I am amazed to watch you sucking like a hungry baby on a bottle of milk. I pull the nozzle free of your mouth only for you to immediately begin whimpering, moving your mouth, seeking the nozzle of the bottle

“More, more, give me more! Give me it all” you beg. I ram the bottle back between your lips and crush it to make sure I give you every last drop. I see your body start to shake and tremble and I am awed to realise you that you are cumming, orgasming as you drink what must be a pint or two of sperm.

When your climax is passed I undo your bindings and stretch you out on the table, tenderly covering you in a blanket. You are unconscious, asleep; somewhere else.

I leave you to enjoy that after glow and go to join the guys in the bar, beer is waiting.

On my way up the stairs I begin to wonder how we will celebrate if we win the league.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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