The Talls

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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


Well, Jack and my sex lives were cruising along about normal for over forty with a kid. Our son Ben was out of school finally and we were getting out of town for a little fun. I wasn’t serious about it but I was checking out the men and their pants. I always liked to do that. It was always fun for me.

We dropped in on the South Eastern Park where we used to go when we were all younger. They have this ride we like and they recently overhauled it. It’s long, depending on how busy they are. It’s a sled type of ride where you sit in a slightly reclining seat and they fasten highly padded rails over your feet and shoulders so you don’t fly out. There’s a bar to hang on to. Two to a partition if you’re traveling together with one person behind with their legs stretched out beside yours. It’s cheaper. You could even curl your legs underneath the person in front and hang on around their waist.

It was a little windy. They usually went slower when it was windy so this was an excellent time for a longer ride. If they weren’t busy they would run you around a few times if it was ok with everybody. I got seated then Ben behind me and Jack in the compartment in back of us. He always rode in back so he could watch out for us. About a full person away, a little separating panel between, not a real other compartment. I had a short loose skirt on but wasn’t worried about the wind blowing it up. There was a rim about mid-chest high and Ben was in tight but in back of me so nobody could see.

The sled started moving. It was really bumpy, not extreme but a little jerky. I held on to the railing. We usually held our arms up high and screamed. This thing went fast sometimes and around very sharp curves and down in the ground and up and splashed through a water trough. I absolutely loved the wind blowing up my skirt. It brought back memories from years ago. Nice a cool too.

We crested and started down a steep drop and Ben put his arms around my waist and held on. Lots of screams around us. I closed my eyes until we bottomed out and started up again. Ben let go and held onto the railing. We crested again and Ben got around me again but the wind had my skirt way up my waist and he got right on the top edge of my panties. My almost thong panties. With the bumps and the sled jerking he was almost feeling me up. Once his fingers got on my tuff. I couldn’t do anything so I let him be.

We bottomed out and he said, “Sorry mom.” I nodded my head that I heard him. I was pretty sure Jack couldn’t possibly see it. My legs were open bracing myself with the bar holding me in place. The next crest the wind didn’t blow my skirt up but Ben was around my waist again with one hand down around my tuff like before. It stayed there when we bottomed out so I didn’t say or do anything.

When we started around some slow curves, left and right he left his hands in place and I felt some of his fingers moving, just a little. It felt like they were across my tuff. My skirt was thin and so were my almost thong panties so I knew he knew where he was. I had my eyes closed and was leaning back into him. We weren’t leaning back that much. Jack couldn’t see over to our front.

We went higher and the wind was blowing again. Ben pulled his hands off and seconds later put them back. My skirt had blown up again and he was up under. I pulled my skirt down over his hands and held it down with one hand and kept the other on the rail. Ben could see over my shoulder. He must be thinking what I’m thinking, did I just do that. I could feel him rubbing around with the bumping and jerking of the sled.

My almost thong was a triangle with a two inch knit band around the waist and a smaller band down my butt crack. It wasn’t tight anywhere. We were about five minutes into the ride. We got to the bottom of the drop and slowed down and I put a hand over his leg under his thigh and stuck my fingers under. I couldn’t reach that far and didn’t get to anything. Ben’s bare legs against mine really felt good.

He was getting down to my clit. I had my eyes closed and was taking some deeper breaths. I moved my hand up over to the inside of his thigh and up his shorts. I felt his balls. About that time his fingers got inside my almost thong and on my clit and started moving my hood. I just couldn’t help it. I pushed up letting him know how good it was. He was committed and so was I. My legs were open so he knew he had my vagina if he wanted it. I soft played with his sack and got some fingers up on the bottom of his dick. He was hard.

The ride was like sitting on a vibrator and I was already wound up watching men and their pants. I held off as long as I could and had an orgasm just as we crested before the second largest drop. I screamed along with everybody else and got my hand over my skirt over his hand and squeezed and moved it around as much as I could. I collapsed bahis firmaları back against him. He didn’t take his hand out then it slowly slid down over my ridges with a couple of fingers down inside to my vagina. By this time I figured he was entitled.

He dipped in then added a finger and started finger fucking me slowly. Every time we went around a curve or the sled jerked back upright his finger worked around inside. He was about at my g-spot and it was activated already but calming down. Every time he dipped in he pulled his finger against the walls and plowed until he couldn’t go in any further. He turned his hand over coming out and did the same thing. You can’t believe what I thought about how he learned all this.

I finally had his dick pulled down and to the side so I could grasp it. I was jacking it but not fast. I didn’t want to get him to an orgasm and embarrass him.

Jack hollered, “How are you two doing?”

I said, “Ok, Its better than it was but still not smooth. I think it may be a little worse but fun.” Ben never stopped. He wasn’t going fast. It felt so good and erotic.

Ben said, “This is great. I haven’t been here before. It really gets you excited.” I slapped his hand lightly. He was probably smiling his head off.

“There wasn’t anybody on the platform the last time by,” Jack said. “I think they’re going to run us through four times.”

I raised my arms in the air and screamed, “Yeeeaaasss.” About the middle of the third time through Ben moved up to my clit again and did like before. It was calmed down so I was good to go. I really wanted him to give me another orgasm. His vagina fingers started me on the upward slope and I started thrusting up into his fingers on my hood and clit again and kept on his dick and balls. He had to be eight inches and a medicine bottle around.

I had an orgasm on the last drop before the platform and hadn’t fully recovered when we stopped. Ben and Jack had to get me up and out. We got a place to sit down and got sodas. I was fine and recovered, just the effects of a long ride. We all laughed and enjoyed everything. I had some very light scented spray and sprayed Ben’s fingers. Just in case. The smile on his face when I did that was something to see.

We always got a single room with two beds. Jack and I in one and Ben in the other. I got to see both of them in their underwear a lot. About every other night I paraded around in whatever underwear or night wear I had on for a thank you. Even my almost thong, and you could see my tuff shadow and sometimes my ridge outlines. They cheered. It was great. One night, on all our outings, I always gave them bare boobs.

In the morning Jack went to have the SUV serviced and he said he would meet us in the restaurant across the street. We always had breakfast then packed, loaded, checked out, and hit the road. Ben and I both were going to shower. I looked at him for a moment and tilted my head towards the bathroom and we showered together. I got to wash his dick and balls. What a thrill. He got up and his foreskin pulled down and back making the head peek out.

He washed my boobs and butt crack and I washed my front. I had no idea what I was going to do about this. I didn’t know how Jack would react. At home we would have plenty of time to fuck while Jack was at work. Were we going to do that or should we. You can’t hide something like this for long if it continues. People get to know each other too much to miss it. One throw off comment might work but then it gets to be a pattern.

We went through a great museum we all three wanted to see and bought some new sets of glasses at a glass factory. We always saved room in the SUV for stuff we bought. Ben rode in front with Jack in the morning then he drove in the afternoon and I sat in the front so Jack could relax with the extra room in back. We found some great eating places and were never disappointed. That afternoon we got our usually room with double beds. We unpacked and ate and took in a movie. A very nice one.

Sometimes I shooed Ben over in bed with Jack so I could stretch out more and did this time. Sometimes after midnight I head Ben go to the bathroom then Jack. After he got back I sat up and said, “Jack, come keep me warm.” We always put lots of comforts on and cut the air conditioning way down. It was more like home.

“I’m driving in the morning,” he said. “I want to stay here and rest. Ben can cuddle up and keep you warm.” I was opening my mouth to say something to hold that idea off but Jack said, “Ben. Cuddle up with your mom. She likes to steal your heat so get close. Its good training. Your wife will probably be just like that. Pull the covers up too.”

My bed wasn’t right beside Jacks. It was over on another wall in the far corner. The air conditioner was right beside Jack and always on with the fan on medium for background noise. I sat there with my mouth hanging open some with big eyes watching Ben get out of bed and pad over in his boxers. He could at least have had briefs kaçak iddaa on and a top. I couldn’t ask him to change now and I couldn’t change either. It would look funny.

I had on a gown. About down to my upper thighs. Knit type lace around the bottom and around my breasts. They didn’t cover my breasts very much. If I sneezed they would pop right out. They were for support, not coverage. I got back down under the covers. I had them pulled up on either side so they were loose. They piled up across me like that. I reached down and pulled my gown down more. It seemed to be very short.

Ben climbed in and got down on his left side behind me. He didn’t say a word. He put an arm over my waist on my stomach and got comfortable. His whole body was against me and he was spooning my butt. He wasn’t up yet but it wasn’t going to be long, not with that much personal body of his against that much personal body of mine.

There wasn’t a chance either one of us were going to go to sleep, not with an eight inch dick between us. I had my knees out in front a little for spooning and had everything squeezed shut. My eyes were staring at the wall and I breathed as quietly as I could so he would go to sleep. Then I put one of my hands over his on my stomach. Damn. HIs toe moved. I felt his breath on my neck or shoulder or hair or somewhere. I would figure it out later.

Ben really was warming me up, I mean it was nice and getting more comfortable. I was tight with it being a little chilly but now I was feeling looser, not totally alert like you get in cold. I liked his breath. That was warming me up out from under the covers. Minutes later he slipped his hand from under mine and combed my hair back a little with his fingers. It must have been tickling him somewhere. They he put his hand back under mine. I lifted mine when he did so now he knows I’m still awake. Damn again.

He said, “Is that comfortable?”

“Yes, very,” I said. “Get some sleep.”

“Mmmmm,” he said.

I wanted to raise my head and look down the piled up comfort on my side of the bed to see if Jack was watching but Ben would know so I didn’t. I hadn’t heard a sound from Jack but the air conditioning was covering everything except a slightly raised voice. Ben pulled his hand up under my boobs. Not actually touching but close enough. My gown pulled up some too. I could feel the knit in the hem pulling over my tuff and a lot of my buns and hip were open.

It was still held down some under my other hip. I pulled my knees up a little one at a time and back down hiding me pulling the bottom of my gown from under me. It was up around my lower waist now. I closed my eyes, lips pressed together and put my hand over Bens and slid it down and under my gown and back up to under my breasts and pressed it into the bottom right between.

Ben is like his father. Jack is 6ft4 and Ben is 6ft2 and still growing. They’re tall men. Gentle as lambs but people casually stepped aside when they approached. They weren’t menacing, just statuesque. They had long strides and moved easily and far with each step. They were up there and that’s the world they saw and grew up with and lived with. I’m 5ft11-1/2 and live in their world with them. Probably not quite as imposing, also given gender and strength.

Jack and I provide for each other but I decided long ago to give him as much female as he could absorb without passion or relationship damage. Ben is entering that category by the day, maybe by the hour. I felt Ben move around slightly then he spooned me again. He didn’t have his boxers on. He was completely nude from top to bottom and his dick was becoming imposing up my backside. Ben was male in excess in handling a 5ft11-1/2 woman.

I probably had to have Ben sooner or later and him I. His hand slipped up on my lower breast and roamed the width and depth and height, moving several times over my nipple. I tilted backwards keeping my arm down between us. His dick pulled out from my buns and his lips started on my upper breast and nipple. He had a hand under my shoulder and could easily pull my breasts up into his face. His other hand touched my knee nearest him and started ranging up.

My leg away from him spread outward. His hand wound its way up my thighs and ran under my crotch. He spread out on both my buns and pulled me up slightly. He was testing either himself or me or gaining control. I got a hand on his dick like before but this time it was easier and more natural. I moved up and down the shaft and switched to feeling the head and pushing and pulling his foreskin up and down then around.

My arms were long like his and he was an easy reach. I could play with the shaft and head and his balls and below at the same time. My crotch was still open for him. I didn’t fold over against so he started with his long fingers from up under in my butt crack all the way back and up to my tuff. He certainly wasn’t treating me like a mom.

He was doing what Jack did, getting his sexual fill. Bringing himself up to full kaçak bahis and bringing me up to full until raw hot hard dick in wet hot vagina was imminent and only. Ben pulled my leg nearest him under him and pushed my other leg out more. He worked down my body until he was on my hood and started crossways with his mouth, sucking my clit right up into the bottom of my hood. By that time I had both my knees up and out. I had a hand in his hair feeling his head moving up and down and around.

I had to push up sometimes. He must be used to that reaction. He just kept going. He didn’t mess with my vagina. About five minutes and he came back up, staying between my thighs. He lifted his hips clear and being a gentleman he found my vagina with his fingers and his dick pushed in as he dropped back down. We tilted over with my legs above his hips and we fucked almost sideways. He was hiding us from Jack.

It was an absolutely perfectly familiar feeling that Jack always provided. The plow effect was there and a slight sucking feeling coming back out and his balls tickling me along my thighs and crotch and ass. But it was Ben. It was a sexual high that was staggering. I had one arm loosely over his neck and the other out grabbing the covers. I squeezed the whole time he was in. He went in sternly and came out that way. He was breeding with a new mate. So was I. It would be this way until we both orgasmed then we could fuck for fun.

I had a big mound. It was imposing to the outside world. In a bikini or tight shorts it stood out. When lying down on my back it stood up. It was noticeable and my hood wasn’t that long and my clit was high. I grew up with it and didn’t try to hide it so I came across as sexual. It stood out even with a smooth skirt on. When Jack and I fucked it was enough so his every thrust pushed at it. The base of his dick pushed into it and pulled it back. Every time.

An orgasm took longer for me as it did for most women so Jack got me going early. Ben just did the same damn thing. How does he know this stuff? I was getting ragged and Ben was harvest thrusting. His timing was spot on too.

Both of our systems took control and froze everything except fucking muscles and delivery muscles and we both orgasmed about the same time. I had my lips clamped shut and let my nose do the breathing to keep quiet and Ben was pressed into the pillow next to my head. He delivered and I took it all and we kept going until we couldn’t.

Ben stayed in for a long time and very slowly slid backwards. I slowly reached for some tissues and closed my legs around them. After about half an hour I went to the bathroom. Another half an hour and Ben went. We were very quiet. I got my gown back on and Ben got his stuff on before going to the bathroom.

Jack got me sitting in front of Ben on the sled ride and he got Ben in bed with me to get me warm. There were other things, little things that could be interpreted either way. I thought he might have given us the opportunity but I wasn’t sure. Eventually I would have to clear this somehow. I had to know and he had to know.


At one of Ben’s college breaks he brought home a friend. He already told us about her and sent a picture. Her name is Chelsea. She’s 6ft1 and still growing too. She plays tennis and has a few awards. She’s loose and funny and heady and easy to know. We planned on a two night outing to a music festival and Chelsea readily accepted. Great music and great food.

After dinner we shopped and eventually got back to our rooms. Chelsea was quite open and unrestrictive. She stripped to her undies and went for a shower. The guys loved that and Jack got some smiles out when she turned away. Ben watched with interest. Out of the shower she had on a small thin thong and nothing else. Sex on the hoof as we used to say. Totally ignoring herself she sat and conversed, watching tv, and having some ice tea. Her breasts were magnificent.

Jack was way excited. Chelsea checked his pants and said, “Sorry Jack. I should have worn something more.” She glanced at me smiling and I gave her the eyebrows up and smiling look. It was a ‘good for you’ thing. She climbed in bed and Ben was there shortly. I was already in bed. Jack soon followed and the lights went out and the air conditioning blew and we all covered up with the fluffy blankets.

The next day, sitting on the hill side listening to the bands, we swapped sitting with each other. We got to know one another better that way, even Ben and I. He told me stuff he didn’t before. Chelsea and I got together when the guys went off looking around and eventually got into swapping notes and impressions and expectations. She said it was wonderful looking into someone’s eyes when making out instead of their head being down around her breasts. It was a common problem for taller girls and I sympathized with her.

Back in our room we settled down and got ready for bed. Chelsea wore a small pair of almost see through panties rather than a thong. She didn’t wear a bra again. We were almost about to get in bed when she sat looking right at me, no expression on her face. I looked at her waiting. Nothing. Then I got it and smiled and nodded my head up and down. It was a great help to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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