The Tales of Two Hot Rods!

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It was a regular summer Saturday afternoon, It was not the warmest of days nor evening so I was wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt. My husband and I had a few neighbours and friends over for a BBQ outside, swimming, eating, drinking and laughing!

This was one of the first time my husbands friend came over to our house, I met him only once or twice before at his place with his girlfriend. She was a very nice girl, but she could not make it that day so he came on his own.

The afternoon came and went, people slowly leaving, my husband, his friend and I still drinking, to finally being dark outside with the bugs starting to show themselves annoyingly. The rest of the people left, and so we were three.

His friend started helping us bringing everything back in the house, then he and my husband went down to the basement where the TV is while I cleaned things up a little. But since I was pretty drunk, I did it pretty fast and decided to go down to sit on the couch with them. We had a 2 seater and a 3 seater, the big couch was facing the TV. My husband was on the 3 seater and his friend on the 2 seater. I sat next to my husband and lay my head on his shoulder.

The had not yet opened the TV, they were just chatting it up and laughing, funny thing, they did not sound as drunk as I felt! My husband finally pendik escort bayan opened the TV and after a few moments, his friend came and sat beside me on the other side to be able to see the TV better.

We started watching some cop show, I can’t remember what but it was boring so my husband started changing the channels and ended up on a channel which seemed to be of a movie, but after a few moments, we discovered it was not a regular movie, it was porn! My husband asked if I wanted him to change the channel, I said I didn’t care, I was very drunk and it really did not bother me.

After a few minutes, he started kissing me and my had stared wandering on his leg close to his crotch, not touching him because of his friend. He whispered in my ear “put your hands on his thigh”, I said “no”, he said “Common do it”, I looked at him angrily and said “NO”. Some time passed and I started feeling a hand touching my butt cheeks as I was turned a little on the side, I thought his friend was just too close, but the movements seemed calculated, I did not tell my husband anything, I did not know how to react, so I let him and kissed my husband so he would not see what was happening. Then, all of a sudden, his friends hand moved up and I felt his skin on my skin… şirinevler escort bayan he was under my shirt touching my back. He slowly touched, it felt strange but good, then, I felt his hand come around and touch my belly, he was circling my belly whole, I was still kissing my husband so he did not notice.

Then, it happened, his hand went up to my breasts, over my bra and he started touching, squeezing, that lasted for a while and then I saw, my husbands eyes were on my shirt, he now knew what was happening! At this point, he simply said nothing and kissed me.

His friends hand finally moved and went down to my jeans, he unbuttoned, unzipped and opened them up, and that’s when it all started, he pushed his hand through the jeans under my thongs and started playing on my clit. This is where, regardless of if I’m drunk or not, I can’t resist, my clit is so sensitive that if touched, I will basically be putty in your hands. As soon as he touched me, my hands went on his leg and right up to his crotch over his jeans, or so I thought… he had already taken his rod out of his pants. I felt it in my hand, hot, thick, long and so hard, it was even bigger than my husbands.

At this point, I could not resist, I got up and then down on my knees şişli escort bayan and put my mouth right around it and started licking and sucking. I could see how he liked it and he even said that I was better than his girlfriend. My husband was stunned, I think he did not expect me to do anything that drastic, but if you touch my little button, you better be prepared for anything!

After a while sucking on his hot hard rod, I extended my arm on the other side towards my husband and of course, his was also out at this point, I started masturbating him up and down, passing my nails on the head gently while still sucking the other. I then went on to suck on my husbands. His friend finally got up and ripped my jeans off took the thongs off and put his big hard rod on my pussy lips and then pushed so hard in that I screamed, it hurt and then it felt like a baseball bat just went in but it was so good, I was sucking my husband and his friend was going deep in and out of me, I was breathing heavily and as he pushed hard on my my husbands rod would go deep in my throat and I was gagging.

This went on for a while and then, they both got up and turned me around on my knees and without having to ask, I started sucking on them one after the other getting them closer together and then, putting them so close so I could suck them at the same time an then, finally they both exploded and their cum came all in my mouth and leaking on the side of my mouth, some making it’s way down my throat, it was cum heaven, I had never experienced so much at once.

Then, we all got up, got dressed, he left and my husband and I went to bed. There will be more to come, this was just a beginning!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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