The Summer Mom Made Me a Man

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Author’s Note: Well it’s time for Literotica’s annual Summer Lovin contest! Been awhile since I entered a contest-first one since I placed in Winter with Ashley’s Special gift- So hopefully my long time readers and any new readers gracious enough to read my story like this one just as much! As always a note for any new readers; I believe a slow build up in an erotic story is the equivalent to foreplay so I do take my time before I get to the taboo encounter we all read these stories for. I like to think I deliver, but for those who prefer quicker more stroke oriented tales, this one may not be for you. Now on with the story! Lovecraft68


Life was good.

Those words had crossed my mind several times while sitting on the beach staring into the large bonfire, with my arm around Courtney. Her soft bare shoulder was warm from lying in the sun with me all day and her tanned skin was glowing in the firelight. Courtney snuggled into me and was acutely aware of the sensation of her breast pressing into my chest.

Turning my head I kissed the top of hers and whispering, “Happy anniversary, baby,” slipped her the small box I had run back to the beach house to get after we were done swimming for the day. Courtney took the box and remaining curled into me, lifted the lid to expose the silver chain with the small emerald pendent that had cost me all of last week’s paycheck from my summer construction job.

“Oh my God, it’s beautiful!”

Lifting her head, she gave me a long kiss that caused my cock to stir before turning her back to me and lifting her long blonde hair.

“Put it on me?”

I reached around her and putting the chain around her clasped it then kissed her neck.

“Hmm, that’s nice.” She purred leaning back into me.

My arms encircled her waist, my hand just under her tits which were clad only in her black bikini top. I had the urge to cup them, but the words, “Hey guys get a room!” from the other side of the fire reminded me that we weren’t alone.

The other four couples sitting around the fire all laughed and my buddy Jack raised one of the beers he had removed from the cooler he had stolen from his father, “Congrats Brian! One year with a very pretty girl!” he paused then with a sigh added, “And to Courtney who hasn’t figured out she can do better yet.”

I raised my beer to him and as I drank the words life is good filtered back through my mind, but this time were followed by the thought that tomorrow night it would get even better.

As if reading my mind, Courtney leaned her head back on my shoulder and placing her lips near my ear said softly, “We’ll have our room tomorrow night, won’t we Brian?” she followed that remark with a sigh. The feeling of her hot breath on my neck and her warm soft body beneath my touch had my cock standing at full attention. I wished to hell I could convince her to make tomorrow happen tonight, but what was one more night after a year?

We remained sitting like that, staring into the fire and laughing and talking with the other couples, a couple of whom we had just met today at the beach. It was one of those magical moments I wished could last forever, but eventually her cell rang and sitting up to answer it, she said, “Oh, okay, I lost track of time I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.”

Ending the call, Courtney stood up, “Sorry guys; its after eleven I have to go.”

After taking a moment to savor Courtney’s cute little denim clad ass less than a foot in front of my face, I stood up and took her hand, “I’ll walk you back.”

I endured an “awww…” from the guys and with a wave; we headed down the beach towards the cabin her parents had rented for the week.

My parents and I had come here for the last five years, but this was Courtney’s first time and I had mom to thank for it. She had not only talked Courtney’s parents into coming here, but for the same week we did, claiming it would be “great for the kids” The best thing was Mom knew exactly how great it would be because she knew what our one year anniversary meant.

We walked in a comfortable silence until we reached her beach house. Turning, she put her arms around me, “Thank you for the pendent, it’s beautiful”

“Just like you.” I told her, “You look amazing in the fire light.”

“You always make me feel amazing.” She smiled and gave me a quick kiss, “Sorry I didn’t give you anything tonight, but I figure I’m giving you something special tomorrow.”

“And it will be the best gift ever.” I told her and I wasn’t kidding.

“Let’s go Courtney!” her father called from the deck, “You’ll see Romeo tomorrow!”

I kissed her cheek and after giving her father a wave that he returned half heartedly, I started the walk down the other end of the beach to where we were staying. I knew her dad liked me, but also knew she was his little girl and figured I was doing all kinds of dirty things to her. I suppose it would make him feel good to know Courtney was a good girl and we hadn’t done much in bahis firmaları the way of dirty things and what we had done, had only been recently.

Heading down to the edge of the water, I walked slowly along the beach, enjoying the warm summer air and feel of the cool mud beneath my bare feet. I could feel my excitement building. My heart was beating faster and my cock was twitching in my shorts, by this time tomorrow I would no longer be a virgin! Tomorrow was the night being a good guy was going to pay off. Finally after a year of dating, Courtney was going to put out!

I’d been so horny all day staring at her scantily clad tight little body, I was going to have to go home and spank it. One thing was for sure, I wouldn’t have to do that tomorrow! Well, on the other hand, I thought with a grin, being my first time I wouldn’t be able to hold off too long, so maybe blowing a load a couple of hours before Courtney came over would help. I jumped at the sound of my name being called and waved at Tammy and Gina, two girls I had met at a party earlier this week.

Gina waved and with a smile at Tammy, kept walking. Tammy however, stopped alongside me, “Its early Brian, don’t tell me you’re heading back to your folks?”

“Yeah, gotta get back.” I stared at her impressive tits that seemed ready to spill out of her skimpy top and my eyes wandered down to her long well shaped legs.

Forcing my gaze to her face, I saw her giving me an inviting smile, tossing her long red hair she said, “You know, my folks went down to the inn for the night to have some fun.” Winking she added, “You wanna have some fun?”

“Um, sorry Tammy, but I’m with Courtney.”

“No, right now you’re alone.” She pointed out. “You can be with her all day tomorrow, how about tonight with me?”

I couldn’t believe how forward she was and I paused and looked her up and down. I had to admit she was hotter than Courtney and a lot more experienced. Bet she would give a hell of a blow job. My aching cock was telling me to go for it, but seeing Courtney in my mind I hesitated. It wouldn’t be right to do that to her. As I considered it, I heard mom’s voice in my head telling me to always be good to the women I cared about and to do the right thing. Nodding as if mom could see me, I said, “I can’t do that, Courtney’s all I need.”

“How sweet.” She rolled her eyes, “But tell you what, when you get bored with that little prude you give me a call so I can show you how a real woman fucks.”

With that she walked away leaving me to replay her words in my head. Man, what would it be like to be with a girl who wanted it that bad? Shaking it off, I continued walking, but this time faster, the urge to blow a load suddenly increasing. It dawned on me that I must be a good guy. Tammy might have been the most forward, but she hadn’t been my only chance over the last few months. I was a decent looking kid and not shy. I had gotten plenty of attention from girls and could have had sex by now, but had been dating Courtney and swore I would stay loyal to her. My mom hadn’t raised a dog.

Purposely pushing Tammy out of my head, I smiled at the thought of seeing Courtney’s naked body laying in my bed. So far the most I’d seen of her was the last time we had gotten really hot and heavy she’d let me see and play with her tits. They weren’t that big, but were nice and round with pretty pink nipples. Course being the only tits I’d ever seen in person I didn’t have much to compare them to. No, that wasn’t true, I thought, I’d seen my mom’s tits a couple of times.

Both instances had been accidents. The first had been the typical mishap of her not knowing I was home and had come running out of the shower half covered to try to get the phone. The second time had been at the beach house last year. I’d walked out on the deck when she was tanning with her top off and had just sat up. I had to say mother or not, she had some amazing tits! They were bigger than Courtney’s and her nipples were larger and darker. Then again, my cougar of a mom had an amazing everything. For a woman in her early forties she had a body to die for! Long legs, those big tits and a nice round ass that looked damn good in her bikini.

I shook my head as I neared the house. Right now wasn’t the time to revisit the twisted maternal fantasies that had plagued my dreams and occasionally my waking thoughts for the last few years. I suppose it was wrong to have jerked off to your mother, but when I did I just saw her as a smoking hot milf. The fact she was my milf was something I tried not to dwell on. Besides, I’d also chalked that up to the fact I was an eighteen year old virgin who had been frustrated for a long time. But not after tomorrow night! Nope tonight marked our one year anniversary and it was time for her to deliver on her promise.

When we’d first started dating, Courtney had told me she’d made two promises to herself. One that she would stay a virgin until eighteen and the other was the guy she would give her cherry to would have kaçak iddaa to be with her at least a year so she knew he loved her for more than sex. In all honestly I wasn’t sure I was totally in love with her. Sure I did care about her, enough to have turned down other girls, but I also knew at eighteen I was still kind of young to be talking true love. At least that’s what my father kept telling me.

What I also knew however, was that Courtney was sweet and loyal and pretty damn sexy with her long blonde hair and wide blue eyes. She might not be as flat out hot as Tammy, but as a cheerleader she had some nice legs of her own that I couldn’t wait to spread and get my first look at what she had teasingly told me was a pretty little shaved pussy. That first look would lead to my first taste and my first time inside of a woman. Speaking of tastes, I was very much looking forward to finally finding out what it was like to feel my cock in a nice pretty mouth.

So far the only thing I’d gotten from her was her stroking me through my underwear until I came in them and her allowing me to do the same. I’d slipped my hand up her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her panties until she went off. Her little squeal had made me hard again and I’d done the best I could to talk her into sex, but she said it was only another month to go. Well that month was up and damn we were going to have some fun tonight! Not only fun, but thanks to my amazing mom it would be nice and cozy in the beach house instead of screwing around in a car or some sleazy motel.

Unlike my father who I’d lied to and told him I’d already had sex because he’d made fun of me when I told him I was waiting, mom knew the truth. We’d always been close and even though she was my mother gave advice more like a friend than a parent. She applauded me for waiting, saying I was a true sweetheart and it would make the first time even more special. I’d told her of Courtney’s deal and last month she came to me and asked where we would be getting together.

I hadn’t thought of that and figured I would try to scrape up some money and get a decent hotel room. Mom said that sounded nice, but it would be expensive and not as intimate. She claimed it would be better if we were somewhere comfortable. That was when Mom had gotten the idea to talk Courtney’s folks into coming here for vacation, to give me a chance to make it special. Mom had been hounding my father to take her somewhere romantic and had succeeded in getting him to agree to take her to the inn across the water from where we were staying. It was a cuddles and bubbles type of place that several of the couples went to during their stay.

All Dad ever wanted to do the last few months was hang around or go out drinking with his buddies and she was getting tired of it. In addition to the inn she had talked into dinner and dancing at the club nearby and they would be leaving early and for the night. Leaving me the place for myself.

With a wink, mom pointed out this way Courtney could spend the night and we could wake up together and really enjoy our first time. Causing me to blush she had suggested I take Courtney in the shower saying it would be both hot and romantic. Kind of an odd remark to say to your son I suppose, but mom seemed very excited for me because I had done the right thing and waited. Lately I had also figured out she may be living vicariously through me as I’d overheard her and dad arguing over sex more than once. She promised she would keep dad out until at least noon the next day and would call me before they left. I’d thanked her and told her how much I loved her.

After telling me how much that meant to her, she had started to look upset and when I asked what was wrong she confided her and my father were having issues. Approaching the house I frowned as my attention shifted from me to my parents. They had been fighting the last few months. Not just a lot, but some pretty nasty ones and Dad kept storming out and staying at my uncles. Concerned, I had asked dad who’s only reply was “Women aren’t happy unless they’re not happy” his only other remark was a nasty one, saying mom was having a midlife and upset because she wasn’t hot anymore, which, to me was a pretty dumb line. Mom was pretty damn attractive.

That was how things had always been though. My father had a low opinion of women in general. His “talk” with me had simply been to make sure I wrap it up and to not settle for on girl when there were so many I could fuck. My father wasn’t really the best to talk to about anything I suppose, always rolling his eyes when I asked him for advice and saying “A man figures it out for himself.” Even as a kid I realized that was a cop out to cover the fact he didn’t want to be bothered, which had led to my closeness with my mother who would always discuss anything with me. So as usual I went to her and asked if everything was okay.

That got me a case of careful what you wish for. I sat there feeling more than a little uncomfortable, as she told me the problems kaçak bahis were in the bedroom. Mom said dad didn’t seem interested anymore and she was getting frustrated. She said this vacation, especially the night out was a big deal because they needed it to rekindle the spark. I made a lame attempt at telling her it would be okay, dad would come around. When I left and went back to my room I’d sat and wondered what the hell was up with my old man. The woman was fucking hot as hell.

I reached the stairs that went up to the deck and quietly let myself in. I moved cautiously through the house. I had planned on being out later and didn’t want to catch them in the middle of anything. I had no worries of that as entering the living room; I saw dad fully dressed sleeping on the couch. Not a good sign things were getting any better.

I tried to make it past him, but as I went by the floor creaked. Opening his eyes, dad slowly sat up, “Hey kid, haven’t seen you all day, you have fun?”

“Yeah, me and Courtney hung out with Brian and Becca then we met some kids our age and played volleyball went swimming, chilled out by the fire.”

“Good deal.” Dad nodded while running his fingers through his dirty blond hair.

I on the other hand, had mom’s thick black hair, but did get his blue eyes. That combination along with the fact both my parents were attractive had left me I pretty good shape with the girls. The fact I’d built myself up fairly well working construction this summer and had a good tan going at the moment didn’t hurt either. Even though Courtney was my girl, I had to admit attention from others didn’t bother me.

“So what you guys do today?”

“Nothing much, lay out on the deck for awhile, but you know your mother, that wasn’t good enough so we went for lunch then down to the beach.

“That’s not so bad.”

“It is when you have to spend two hours watching her try to strut her stuff for boys half her age because she can’t act hers.”

“I’m sure she was strutting her stuff for you.” I said, thinking mom had plenty to strut and again wondering why he didn’t seem to think so anymore.

“We’ve been married twenty years, I know what she has and she shouldn’t be trying to play Mrs. Robinson on the beach.” He grunted, “Like she could anyway, no guy your age wants to see that.”

“C’mon dad, mom still looks good.”

“What do you do, check your mother out?” he asked, his eyes finding mine.

“No!” I exclaimed, hoping I sounded convincing.

“You sure? The two of you are awfully close.”

“Dad, what’s…” I trailed off when he reached down to the floor and lifted the bottle of Johnny Walker from the floor.

“Oh, calm down.” He waved his hand at me, “I’m just screwing with you.” He laughed, “You are a mama’s boy though, always have been. Still think mommy’s the prettiest woman in the world do you?”

“Mom’s a beautiful woman.” I said evenly relived he hadn’t really been suggesting anything, “You used to think so.”

“Things change.” He muttered, then asked, “So get any pussy today?”

“That’s crude dad.”

“Why, there a woman around?” he made a show of staring at me, “Or did I raise a daughter?”

“No, I just…I don’t know, try not to say it like that.”

“Cause mommy taught you not to.” He sighed, “Raised herself a good boy, a real sweetheart.” He laughed, “Good thing you have that pretty little girlfriend or I’d think you were gay.”


“So, you get any?”

“No.” I said and wanted to smack myself. Should of just said yes.

“Why not? Shit, Brian, days like this you should be getting all you can! Plenty of places to slip off and screw around. Hell you could have come here while we were out, I don’t care.”

“Well,” backing my lie about been getting some, I shrugged, “Courtney’s parents were around all day and you know.”

“Why does it have to be her? That hot redhead was all over you yesterday at the big cookout.”

“Because I’m dating Courtney and…”

“Stop.” He put his hand up, “You say you love her I’ll puke. Kid we’ve been over this, you’re eighteen! Have some fun! That beach should be a goddamn buffet for a good looking guy like you!”

“Dad, we’ve talked about this before, Courtney makes me happy.”

“Any of them could at least for a couple of hours!” he laughed, “You know that expression young dumb and full of cum? They say it like it’s a bad thing, but let me tell you those were my best days! The girls blurred together and I had a damn good time!”

“That’s you.”

“And it should be you! Look Brian, Courtney’s a pretty little thing, but at your age she’s a dime a dozen!”

“Whatever.” I said, giving up on any type of real conversation. “Where’s mom?”

“Where she always wants to be these days; in bed. I’d knock first or at least listen at the door for humming sounds.”

He laughed as if he had said something hilarious and I bit back the remark that if he were half the man he thought he was, mom wouldn’t need batteries. Not to mention the fact he was full of shit. I’d seen the guys her age and the ones mine staring at her when she went out in her bathing suit. Course I had too, but he didn’t need to know that.

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