The Student Nephew

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Whilst young, the main character and all others featured in this erotic tale of many topics, are over eighteen years of age.

Chapter 1

As the final waves of the self-induced orgasm washed over the stunningly attractive blonde she clicked the mouse button and her PC screen went blank.

Other than removing her finger from the mouse she didn’t move. She remained exactly as she had been as she’d climaxed. Laid back in the leather office chair in front of the glass topped desk, a hand was still cupping one of her small breasts the other was between her legs. She also didn’t adjust her clothing. The blouse remained undone, she wasn’t wearing a bra. The combat pants, with the elasticated waist, were left around her ankles and the pretty, pale blue, lacy panties stayed half way down her shapely thighs.

As she lay there, so the feelings and emotions that were becoming quite familiar to her filled her mind. The thrill of “talking” to an almost total stranger in a chat room. The arousal as he became more and more intimate and the excitement as she felt herself responding. The doubts, of course, but also the intensity of a man saying such stirring things to her. The release she gained when her hands roamed her body and the satisfaction when she brought on her climax. But after there was always the guilt and the remorse, the feeling that she’d demeaned herself. Demeaned herself with the man but more so to herself. And they were particularly strong today for the man she’d cybered with was still in his teens. True, his late ones for he was over eighteen, but still young enough to be her son who was just two years younger.

But as Sara at last moved from the chair and rearranged her clothing so the reconciliation and justification began. It was her enormous sexual frustration that caused this, or so she figured. The frustration brought about by the lack of sex between her and Liam her corporate lawyer husband. The frustration caused by him seemingly having lost his sex drive. He blamed that on the murderous hours and demanding traveling that the job required. He was rarely at home before eight or nine in the evenings, often had papers to read when he got home and one week in four was spent at the firm’s New York office. As a result sex between them seem to happen pretty much only when they went away for the occasional weekend or when they had holidays which, nowadays, as Liam fought hard for his partnership, were few and far between.

When she thought back to the early days of her marriage she realised, that compared to many, they were not that active and were certainly far from adventurous even then. But Liam was a very conventional man and Sara came from a solid middle class English background. Such things were just not talked about. And she admitted freely that other than in the bedroom their marriage was fine. He was an excellent provider, a caring father to their two children and really a good friend to Sara. He was generous, not that she needed that for she had money in her own right, generally very caring and considerate and never questioned what Sara did with her time or what she spent on clothes or the house in Highgate, a very fashionable part of inner North London.

All in all it was a good marriage. Certainly from the outside looking in. They were rich, had a lovely house, a boy of sixteen and a girl of fourteen both of whom had gained entry to good public schools where they boarded. They attended grand functions through Liam’s work, ate at the very best London restaurants and when they traveled it was first class and in the top hotels. They generally got on well, rarely rowed and certainly in public gave the appearance of being the perfect couple.

But the lack of sexual action was becoming wearing to Sara. To be truthful it had been wearing at her for almost five years now and it was beginning to tell. She was almost permanently frustrated. Frustrated to the point that some days she walked around just like a dog in heat and often found herself masturbating two or three times. Hence the chat rooms. Finding those a couple of years ago had been a godsend to her. A new way of giving vent to her sexual needs without recourse to having an affair. But as time went on she wasn’t at all sure that she wouldn’t succumb to having another one. The sexual pressure on her was becoming so strong that she was afraid that if the right man came along, as they had just on four years ago when she’d had two affairs, she’d start another relationship. But they were so messy. The lies and excuses, the pretence and the subterfuge so messed up her mind that the pleasure she’d gained wasn’t probably worth it. That’s why she was at present so fighting against giving in again.

The chat rooms, though, had influenced her in other ways for they’d opened her mind up a lot. Given her a different perspective on sex. Introduced her to the erotic. Shown her that there were so many people out there with fetishes and a really deep interest in an amazingly wide range of bahis firmaları variations on the common theme of sex.

It wasn’t just chat rooms, but they certainly played a part, in her also finding a determination a year or so ago to do more with her life. She’d taken up tennis again and had started having golf lessons. She’d toyed with salsa or ballroom dancing but steered away from them in fear of what her reactions might be when in a man’s arms being held close to him.

She’d taken a big plunge though by going into business. She’d started a food shop and posh café in the Docklands area of London and although it never really made much money it was a great outlet for her. Organising and managing and using her mind to overcome problems had been a great stimulus to her and had given her a very strong feeling of independence. It was there that she met Amanda with whom she became such good friends. So good that Amanda would pop in most days for a coffee. So good that now and then they’d have a drink or dinner together. So good that Amanda, a very good golfer, gave her a few lessons. And so good that slowly Amanda seduced her.

They both knew it couldn’t last. But they both enjoyed it. Amanda, though by no means very experienced, was by her own admission, “probably bisexual” but Sara hade never been with another woman. She was, though, a willing seducee and during the affair an avid participant. They still saw each other from time to time and both knew that one day they’d probably end up in bed again although they’d brought a halt to the frequent sex that had charaterised the first few weeks following the seduction

The affair, apart from opening up her sexuality, also seemed to give Sara more confidence. She felt more empowered and liberated and her views on self gender sex and erotic matters in general widened very significantly. So that, together with her chat room activity really had changed her to the point that sometimes she felt she was living just for sex.

“The fucking trouble is,” she often muttered to herself, “is that I don’t get any.”

Pulling her combat pants and panties up she went into her bedroom and showered. As she ran the soap over her slim, but nicely rounded body, she thought about the eighteen year old boy with whom she’d just masturbated. On his cam she’d seen his lean, muscular body and had visualised herself crushed against it. She’d seen him cum and then watched in amazement how within fifteen minutes he was hard again. Hard enough for them to play out a scenario in which they pretended they had sex. Well really they did have sex though of the very modern electronic kind, she smiled.

She’d been using chat rooms as a masturbation tool for a while now. She was beginning to lose count of the number of times and the number of men that she’d “cybered” with and was starting to worry that she was losing control. But did it really matter she pondered as she walked into her large bedroom naked? “So what if I fuck half of London via a screen?” She reasoned, “I’m not hurting anyone and quite frankly I enjoy and more importantly need it.”

“Hello S.”

“Phil, how are you?” she asked down the phone to her sister. Phillipa, who lived in Canada.

They chatted away bringing each other up to speed with family gossip until her sister said.

“I’ve got a favour to ask S?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Well Glenn’s coming to London for one semester as part of his degree course and I wondered if he could stay with you. It’s only for six weeks or so?”

“Of course he can, he’ll be most welcome but you know that the kids are both away at school so it’ll be pretty boring for him.”

“He’s there to work hon not have fun,” Phillipa laughed.

“When’s he arrive?”

“Actually it’s all rather sudden and he’ll be there in two weeks.

“He’s at uni? I’d never have thought he was old enough,” Liam said when Sara told him that her nephew would be staying with them for a while.

“He was eighteen earlier this year, don’t you remember?”


Chapter 2

Sara hadn’t seen her nephew for five years so in her mind, as she waited at Heathrow for him to clear customs, it was a young boy that would emerge through the glass sliding doors. She knew he wouldn’t look as she recalled him but she was absolutely amazed to see the tall, blonde haired, ruggedly handsome young man walking towards her smiling.

“Hi there how are you?” He asked with the typical North American confidence bending down and pecking her on the cheek. “Thanks for coming out to get me.”

In the BMW X5 on the way home they chatted easily with Glenn explaining more about the reasons he was here and telling Sara about his family back in Vancouver.

Sara never found meeting strangers that easy and although he was her nephew she didn’t really know him having only ever met him on two occasions. Certainly not as the man he now was as opposed to the boy she had some recollection of. Despite that the conversation flowed easily kaçak iddaa and she had little difficulty in chatting to him and getting to know and like him.

He settled in to the household very well during the first week. He was intelligent, polite and considerate always willing to help with setting and clearing the table, making his own bed and keeping his room spotlessly clean and impeccably tidy. He was interested in everything that was going on and asked lots of questions about London and life in the UK and also about Sara’s and Liam’s lifestyle. Not prying or nosy questions but ones that created conversations and enabled she and he, and Liam to far lesser extent, get to know each other.

Glenn didn’t start the course until four days after he arrived so Sara showed him some of the sights of London and the two of them had a tiring but thoroughly enjoyable couple of days sightseeing. They developed an easygoing relationship. They had similar senses of humour and it wasn’t long before he was gently taking the micky out of her and making little jokes about her. Things like intentionally calling her auntie when others could hear.

“Don’t do that,” Kate asked the first time he’d said it putting on a jokingly stern voice. “It makes me feel old.”

“Well if I don’t they might think I’m your toyboy,” he joked back.

The “auntie and toyboy” theme became their in joke and cropped up quite regularly over the two days sightseeing. Sara did though at times feel a little uncomfortable when out with him. Particularly in restaurants or when they had a drink in a bar or pub. She felt that others would be looking at them and thinking that he really was her toyboy and this made her feel embarrassed. It also made her feel rather guilty but she couldn’t put her finger on the reason for that.

The truth of the matter was that as Glenn looked older than his eighteen years, and could quite easily be taken for twenty five or so, and Sara, looked younger than her, approaching, forty years at a quick glance anyone would probably have taken them to be a couple.

“He seems to be a really nice lad,” Liam said as they finished dinner at nine thirty a few evenings later. Glenn had eaten with them but had excused himself to go to bed early.

“Big day tomorrow, start of my course and I’d better be really up for it, ” he’d said giving Sara a peck on the cheek and shaking hands with Liam as had become the custom.

“Yes he is very nice and intelligent and so considerate as well,” she replied as she cleared away the dishes.

As Liam looked over some work papers Sara watched a little TV and then logged on to her PC. She checked her “proper” e-mail account and then making sure she’d hear if he came out of the kitchen she opened up the one she used for her chat room contacts. There were several new mails that she flicked through noting the usual sexy and rather crude manner of writing and then she opened up the one she’d been hoping for from Iloveolderwomen2000. It was the young guy that she’d been chatting to recently and with whom she’d masturbated several times. He wrote well and expressed himself clearly. Unlike many she’d corresponded with he had the knack of being graphic and open with his writing producing a highly erotic narrative yet not sounding crude or too basic.

She was surprised that nowadays she could read the most intimate of writing and not feel put off or offended. But she’d got used to it since finding chat rooms and starting exchanging e-mails with other people. Both men and women actually for her experience with Amanda had opened up her awareness of her sexuality and she’d met several women in chat who she’d got on very well with. To the point, even, of mutually masturbating with one as they spoke on the phone and Sara looked at the girl on her webcam.

The mail from Jason was exciting her. Reading him describe what he’d done as they’d chatted was arousing her. But then any woman who’d become a chat room aficionado couldn’t fail to be aroused she thought by passages such as.

“I was naked and rigidly hard at the mere thought of you caressing those beautiful little breasts that I’ve only seen in that topless bathing photo Sara. I was stunningly hard. Almost frighteningly hard. For that’s what you did to me. What you did by telling me I’d aroused you, by explaining that you were getting “warm and tingly.” The mere thought Sara of me being able to make you feel like that so got to me. You know because I told you that it got to me so much I had to touch that hardness you’d created. Touch it, feel it and bare it. But as I bared it for me and for you my lovely I knew that I would have to be naked. Completely nude as I would be were I with you. And that’s how I was even before I mentioned it , I hope you understand Sara that as we simply discussed how I’ve always been attracted to older women that I was sitting before my PC naked and so strainingly hard for you.”


“Oh Sara the feel of myself in my hand as you told me to imagine kaçak bahis that was your pussy. Your wet pussy you said. Your wet and throbbing pussy. Yes the feel was sublime. Outstanding. It was as if my hand was your pussy and my fingers your lips that were gripping me. Yes the palm of my hand that I was thrusting into became your cunt Sara and I was fucking your cunt.”


“And when you told me that your blouse was undone, that your nipples were achingly hard and you were pinching them imagining it was my teeth I thought I would explode. As you described the way you stroked your breasts and slid your fingers down your combat pants. As you told me that those pants were being pushed down. As you said your pale blue, lacy panties were down your thighs. As you told me all that Sara and as you described how you were starting to cum I did explode. I exploded with such a force. So powerful an ejaculation. In my mind my sexy darling I was cumming in you. It wasn’t my hand pumping my cock but you Sara. Yes as I came so strongly Sara I was shooting the spunk from my cock right up your hot, wet, ready cunt.”

Reading those words from the young man she’d cyber with aroused Sara. Her frustration hit her, it began to boil up.

“I’m going up Lee,” she said poking her head into the kitchen. “Will you be long?”

“No I shouldn’t be, just ten minutes or so.”

Sara went upstairs and Liam finished reading the attachment to the offer document that he’d be negotiating tomorrow. He switched off the lights and wearily climbed the stairs that he’d descended at five thirty this morning. His wife was already in bed. The room was lit only by the low wattage bulb in his bedside table lamp and from the light that came in from the streetlamps. Liam quietly undressed.

“It’s ok darling there’s no need to be quiet I’m not asleep,” he heard her say as, naked, he lifted the bedclothes and slipped into bed. Sara cuddled up to him. There was little response. He didn’t reach out for her. He didn’t turn towards her or cup a breast as he used to. She pressed herself against him. She put her hand on his chest and started running it downwards.

“Sara, I’m sorry, I’m beat,” Liam said. “I was up at five this morning and I’ve got to be up at five tomorrow. Night love.” Sara threw the bedclothes back and jumped out. “Fuck you Liam and fuck your fucking job,” she said.

“Oh come on Sara, don’t be like that,” he replied sitting up and looking at his wife. He saw that she was wearing a black lacy thong. A particularly sexy one that she sometimes used to keep on in bed knowing that it turned him on.

“Don’t be like that? She shouted back at him. “I’ll be like I want to be. You never feel like it, you’re always too tired or too busy.”

“Please Sara,” he replied with the infuriating measured way of lawyers when arguing. “You have to understand, I’m in the middle of one of the biggest deals we’ve ever done and tomorrow there’s a crucial meeting.”

“There always seems to be,” she snorted walking to her closet and pulling out a silk robe.

Despite the tiredness and the importance of the meeting the next day the sight of his wife’s bum in the black thong did start to stir him. As she walked across the large room her cheeks wobbled deliciously, their white roundness being erotically emphasised by the slither of black lace sliding between them and vanishing through the tops of her shapely legs. He weighed the situation up in his mind. He knew that if they started making love it would go on for some time and that he’d be hellishly tired the next day. On the other hand his legal brain reasoned he hadn’t made love to her for ages and that wasn’t fair. He rationalised that it was either take a risk with the deal or upset his wife. He thought for a moment and then leaned over and turned out the light.

Sara went to her study. She was shaking partly with the fury she felt for Liam, partly from the cruel rejection and partly from the sheer arousal she still felt. She logged on. Checked her business e-mails and then her other ones. Nothing. The house was quiet. Liam wasn’t coming after her she realised becoming even more mad at him. She could see he’d turned the light off. She logged onto messenger in invisible mode. There were several names lit up indicating they were online.

“Hi Jason,” she typed.

“Oh God Sara I’m so pleased you’re there, How are you?”

“Like shit actually.”


“Long story.”

“Husband trouble?”


“Hmmmm he’s such a stupid sod you know if you don’t mind me saying.”

“That’s ok, I agree lol.”

“So bloody daft to not make love to you properly so that I can electronically.”

“Can you Jason?”

“Yes Sara if you want me to. Do you?”

“You want me to be honest Jason?”

“Of course I do.”

“OK. Right at this moment I want nothing more in the world than to be fucked. Is that honest enough for you?”

“Perfectly, love, what are you wearing?” He asked as his totally naked form came upon her screen.

As usual seeing his gorgeously, youthful tanned and toned body and his delicious, mouthwateringly hard cock made Sarah shudder with desire and expectation.

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