The Step Mom Pt. 02

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Nick was cleaning up the mess he made on the floor, and the wall, and the window. His heart was still beating rapidly in his chest. His cock was still oozing cum after watching his step mom masturbate by the pool. “My dad would freak if he knew what I just did,” he thought. “Holy shit,” he thought. “I hope she didn’t see me! I’m pretty sure she didn’t but man it will be pretty awkward if she did. Maybe I should go down to the pool and say hi, just to get a feel for the climate.”

After cleaning up he looked out the window. Julie was just climbing out of the pool. Her bikini top didn’t have a chance with the weight of the water and one cup peeled down, exposing her right nipple. Even from up here Nick could see it was hard. “Fuck,” he whispered.

He went into his room, pulled a bathing suit out of his dresser and slipped it on over his still naked body. “Here goes nothin,” he said aloud, and walked down the stairs.

Julie saw him coming through the French doors that led out to the pool. “Oh my goodness,” she thought. “Well, here goes nothin.”

“Hey Nick,” she said cheerfully. “I didn’t know you were home!”

Nick uttered a huge internal sigh of relief. “Oh thank God!” he thought.

“I just got home a few minutes ago,” he lied. “Thought I’d take a dip before lunch.”

“Enjoy yourself,” Julie said, smiling at him a little more flirty than she had hoped.

“Oh I will,” he replied.

“What would you like for lunch?” Julie asked. “I guess were alone for the day.”

“Your pussy,” was his first thought, but instead he answered “Surprise me.”

“Okay, I’ll bring it out in a bit,” she said.

He watched her walk away toward the house and he couldn’t take his eyes bahis firmaları off her hips, naked but for those little strings. Flashbacks of her fingering herself and rubbing her clit invaded his thoughts and he felt himself growing inside his trunks. “Easy boy,” he said quietly.

He took a quick dip, swimming a few laps of the pool and was drying off when Julie returned. To his dismay, she had put on a cover up – a very sheer one though that allowed him to see the curve of her breast that were barely covered by her bikini top.

They chatted about school, his plans for the summer while they ate. He managed to keep his cock under control, as difficult as it was, and she managed to ouch back the thought of his cock sticking up over the window sill while he masturbated less than an hour ago. Mostly.

“Well, I have to take a shower Nick,” she said. “Would you mind…”

“Joining me,” he thought. “Please say ‘joining me!!'”

“… cleaning up the lunch dishes for me?” she finished.

“Yeah sure thing,” he replied.

They both carried the dishes into the house and Julie went upstairs while Nick remained in the kitchen.

He quickly washed up and put things away and headed up to his room to change. He stopped dead in his tracks at the top of the stairs.

At the end of the wide hallway, Julie stood naked inside the master bath with the door wide open. She was facing away from him, putting her hair up before she got in the shower. He devoured her with his eyes, hovering at her ass and the ever so inviting crevice beneath it.

Julie saw him out of the corner of her eye and smiled secretly. She felt that tingle again. She fiddled with her hair clip and swayed her ass back and kaçak iddaa forth for no reason other than to tease Nick.

Nick instinctively reached for his cock. In his brave and once again aroused state, he decided to make a bold move. He slipped his swim trunks down and stepped out of them. He picked them up in one hand and kept a close eye on Julie. He stroked his growing cock with the other hand.

Julie turned to step to the shower and caught a discreet but full glimpse of Nick. “Holy fuck” she thought. “He’s naked! I think I have my own personal voyeur!” She stepped in the large walk-in shower and turned on the water. She let the warm water spill over her naked body and reached for the soap. The glass walls did little to conceal her. She was glad of that, given her exhibitionistic tendency.

Nick, still bold in his state, and now harder than ever again, decided to walk towards the bathroom and not back to his room. He heard the water and assumed she was in the shower. “I have to watch” he whispered.

He peeked around the corner and Julie was indeed in the shower. The glass walls, although steamed up a little, still allowed him a full view of his step mom.

She had her back to him and was just pouring a dollop of body wash on her scrubbing sponge. She ran the sponge up and down her arms, in circles over her breasts and tummy, and Nick watched, enthralled, as she slipped it between her thighs.

His cock was at full attention and oozing pre-cum. He looked down for a minute and had to let go else he’s shoot his second load in an hour all over Julie’s bathroom floor.

Her timing was perfect to steal a glance in Nick’s direction. He was looking down at his very hard and wet cock. She turned kaçak bahis to face him, cupping her soapy breasts in her hand and squeezing her thighs together, giving into the ache. “Fuck I wanna lick those abs,” she thought.

Nick looked back at the shower. Julie’s sponge was hanging in a hook in the shower. She was still (again) facing away. She now had one hand on the wall, and the other between her legs. Nick was mesmerized. He watched her pleasure herself while he did the same. He was so aroused he was actually edging at this point, almost at the point of no return.

Julie got lost in her actions. She started gasping moans as the tingles grew stronger. She felt her knees weaken as her second orgasm in an hour neared.

Nicked heard her moan and he had to let go of his cock immediately. He watched and listened to her. He was trying to regain control of himself, but she started to cum. Her cries and whimpers as she erupted were too much for him and he was unable to hold back. He let out a grunt and wrapped to hands around the purple head of his cock. The cum forced its way out, squeezing through his fingers, but he managed to contain it all in his hands. Thankfully it was a small load as he’s just cum an hour ago but the sensation of this orgasm was none the less shuddering. He scurried naked down the hall after watching her finish, still holding his cock in his cum soaked hands.

She heard the grunt as her own juices flowed down her thighs, mixed with the warm and soapy water, and that caused another fluttering in her pussy. She leaned against the wall, head down waiting for it to subside. She rinsed off and shut off the water. She turned to open the door to the shower and Nick was nowhere in sight.

She stepped out, leaving the bathroom door wide open, dried off and got dressed.

She picked up the bath mat to hang it on the rod to dry. “Hmmm,” she thought, smiling. “You missed a drop Nicky boy.”

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