The Snowstorm Pt. 02

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Mary awoke to the feel of a mouth latching on to each nipple and a cock nudging into her cunt. She winced for a moment, her hole having received more abuse in the last twelve hours than usual. But as two of the men continued to lave at her tits and the third man’s hand played with her clit her passage became incredibly wet and the cock was thrust in to its full length. Her hands moved up to clutch the heads nursing her tender breasts, arching her back as all her nerve endings came alive.

She opened her eyes, looking down to see Patrick at her core and Simon and Mark at her chest. She squirmed a bit and lifted her hips towards Patrick, urging him to continue what he’d started. He smirked, then pulled almost all the way out, before hammering home once more, this time harder. He began a rhythmic thrusting, neither too slow or quick, just languid enough to keep an orgasm out of reach but fast enough to keep her right at the edge. She’d always been quick to cum in the morning if pounded hard enough.

Mark lifted his head, taking in the look of frustration on her face before turning to Patrick. “Let her have it, man,” he said. “She had a tough day yesterday.”

Patrick laughed, but sped up, moving his hips quickly and reaching under her thighs, pushing them towards her chest before leaning more of his bulk onto her and really picking up the pace. Mark and Simon both moved away from her tits, though Mark kept one hand twisting her nipple while Simon moved up and sucked at her neck.

Mary threw her head back, moaning as she came hard, her pussy grasping at his cock. Patrick let out a hard breath. “Her cunt’s squeezing me so tight. It’s like she’s fucking desperate for my spunk,” he groaned, then went still, buried as deep as possible. “Fuck yeah, you love my cum inside you, don’t you?” he asked as his body relaxed on top of hers, her knees now up near her neck.

“Mmmmm,” was all Mary could say as he leaned down and kissed her, their tongues battling. Patrick pulled away, then shifted back to his knees and looked down as he slowly pulled out. A fair amount of cum followed and one string of it connected them as he shuffled back.

Mark moved towards the end of the bed with his hand wrapped around his own cock, stroking it slowly as he took in the sight of her weeping pussy. “Looks like you haven’t cum in months, man,” he laughed, then pushed Patrick to the side and moved up between Mary’s legs, centering his dick to her hole and pushing in. There was no easing her into this one, just immediate hard pounding as he moved her ankles up to his shoulders. “Ugh,” he moaned. “She’s so fucking wet with spunk but still just as tight. Feels like a fucking fist grabbing me.”

Mary closed her eyes, the pleasure washing over her each time he bottomed out. They popped back open a moment later when she felt a finger rimming her ass, pulsing against her hole a few times. Simon grinned at her from the floor where he was kneeling before moving his hand up to her cunt. Mark stilled as Simon pushed two fingers inside her alongside his cock, then started up again as Simon pushed first one, then a second cummy finger inside her ass. His movements picked up, now matching the pace of Mark’s pumps.

When both fingers were firmly wedged inside her an orgasm crashed through Mary. It felt so good and part of her was remembering the feeling of having a cock in each hole the night before. Her head tossed from side to side and she reached down to play with her clit, longing to prolong the divine feeling in her pussy. Mark looked down to watch his cock shuttling in and out of her pussy and couldn’t hold back as he began to cum. Her cunt already full of his cock and another load of cum, spunk was forced out around his dick which slid down towards her ass.

Simon let out a grunt, then pulled his fingers out all the way as he began to push the cum inside her ass. He repeated this a few times until no more cum dripped down, then pushed at Mark’s abdomen, forcing Mark’s cock to slip out, then stood quickly, grabbed Mary’s hips and flipped her over, leaving her on her knees with her ass pointing directly towards Simon’s tool.

He reached down and held his dick steading before pushing it into her cunt. He hammered at her a few times while working two, then three fingers into her ass, replacing them with his cum-soaked cock a few moments later. As soon as he’d pushed all the way inside, he reached down and grabbed Mary by the tits, pulling her towards him and holding them both still.

“You like my cock so far up your ass?” he asked in a gruff whisper while rolling her nipples between his fingers. “Feels so dirty but so good at the same time, doesn’t it?” Mary could only nod in agreement, too wrapped up in the pleasure mixed with the tiniest amount of pain emanating from her lower body. Both men who’d taken her there were about the same size, but larger than any cocks she’d had before. In her ass they felt gargantuan and she loved it.

Simon’s hands moved down to her hips and he spun them around so he was sitting on the edge yakacık escort of the bed with Mary still impaled on his dick. He spread her knees to the outside of each of his, displaying her used pussy to the other two men who’d moved to stand in front of her.

Mark kneeled in front of them both, moving closer until his face was millimetres from their joined bodies. Mary gasped as his tongue reached out and caught a string of cum dripping from her pussy. He made a sound of enjoyment then buried his face in her snatch, aggressively licking the jizz that had leaked out of her. Mary’s moan echoed his, before becoming more high-pitched as Simon began to gently thrust in her ass again, careful not to move so much that Mark would lose contact.

Patrick stepped up to the side and placed his hand on the back of Mary’s heading, urging her down towards his cock, now hard again. She greedily licked at his still-cum-soaked prick then devoured him, the head of his dick hitting the back of her throat. She wasn’t in the right position to deep-throat him, so put more energy into the way her tongue twirled around his dick with each thrust.

Mary reached one hand down to Mark’s head, holding him against her as she came again, this time on a silent scream, her other had wrapping around Simon’s head behind her as he sucked on her neck. A second later the pulsing in Mary’s ass caused him to unload inside her with a grunt. As Mary’s eyes found Patrick’s he groaned and began to shoot his load in her mouth, a small bit leaking around her lips. Mark moved up from her cunt, licking spilled juice from her chin. As Patrick pulled away, Mark pushed back inside her cunt, jack-hammering her.

He kissed her full on the lips, holding her face between his hands as his tongue searched inside her mouth for the remaining cum, both swallowing. Simon moved his hands back to her tits, holding her still as Mark groaned, “fuck, it’s too good. I’m gonna cum”. Mark pulled back slightly, breathing heavily as he continued to lick at her lips before standing and jerking his cock. Cum splashed out and Simon quickly removed his hands as Mark’s jizz rained down on Mary’s tits, painting them in streaks.

As Mark’s fist finally stilled on his dick, Simon’s hands returned to her breasts, slowly spreading the cum around, coating them in spunk. Mary leaned back against him, exhausted. Patrick leaned down in front of her, picking her up under the arms and pulling her towards him. Both she and Simon let out a moan as her ass slid up his prick before a popping sound heralded their detachment. She slumped forward and Patrick held her up. Her legs felt weak and a little numb, though she could feel Simon’s cum running down them. Mark had already cleaned up all the cum from her cunt.

“Time for another bath, eh?” Patrick chuckled, wrapping one arm around her waist and walking her towards the bathroom. Mark was ahead of them and turned on the water, dumping in some Epsom salts as the water level rose. Patrick picked her up and placed her on the seat in the tub before pulling back. “We’ll let you have some time to soak while we get cleaned up in the other bathroom then start on some breakfast.” He and Mark turned away and left the room, Patrick pulling the door shut behind him.

Mary leaned back against the side of the tub, her neck fitting perfectly into a groove. She sighed, her eyes closing as her hands drifted over her breasts, washing the cum away while her mind slowly began to catch up with all that had happened.

She still had no idea why she’d been in the woods and part of her was a little overwhelmed and worried about how quickly these three men had overcome her defences. She couldn’t deny that her only real worry at the moment was what Steve would say when he found out she’d been unfaithful. As much as Patrick, Mark, and Simon had been a little pushy at the beginning, she’d only struggled out of guilt. She’d never felt as sexy, slutty, and turned on as the moment Simon had been pushing inside her while the other two men held her arms.

Her arm reached over to the side of the tub and grabbed a bar of soap and a washcloth, realizing that water wasn’t going to completely clean the cum from her body. She lathered up the cloth and began to clean herself, wincing as the rough cloth cleaned her pussy and ass. It burned a bit, but a good burn, like her legs the day after a long run. Once clean she just relaxed in the tub, her eyes closing as the steam and salts eased her muscles, sore after being out in the cold for so long the day before and then the workout they’d endured the night before and again this morning.

Mary continued to soak until she felt the water cooling. With a sigh she put her hands on the edge of the tub and pushed herself up. She stepped onto the bathmat, looking around and realizing one of the men and left a towel and one of their robes draped over the counter. She dried off then wrapped the robe around herself, rolling up the sleeves that were too long on her. She rooted through a drawer until yakası escort she found a comb and a toothbrush. “Ugh,” she thought. She hadn’t brushed her teeth in a while. Not only did she have morning breath, she also had cum breath.

Feeling much more put together, Mary opened the bathroom door and stepped back into the bedroom. Someone had changed the sheets and made up the bed while she’d been soaking. And someone else had clearly started cooking since the smell of bacon was beckoning her towards the hallway. She moved down the corridor, passing two more, smaller bedrooms and another bathroom before finding herself in a large, open-concept room with a state-of-the-art kitchen and dining area to her left and a living room to her right, complete with roaring fireplace, comfy-looking brown leather couches, and (of course, with three men living here) a huge TV with what looked like at least four gaming consoles. Windows surrounded her, though the wall with the fireplace was all logs, leading up to a high roof made from timber.

“You hungry?” Simon asked from where he stood at the stove. “We have bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, and some fruit. I can make you something else, though, if you don’t like any of this.” Mary gaped at him. He was still naked, though his wet hair indicated he’d showered. Apparently, he thought too highly of his manliness to cover up while frying bacon.

“We also have coffee, water, and juice,” Patrick said from the fridge, where he too stood naked, also having showered.

“Coffee, please,” Mary choked out, dumbfounded.

Arms wrapped around her from behind and Mark’s freshly shaved chin rested on her shoulder. He smelled delicious. “How’re you feeling?” he asked.

“Um, a little sore,” she replied, then blushed when Patrick and Simon smirked at her. She couldn’t see Mark, but she thought he was too.

They gave her a break, though, and turned away, finishing up with breakfast. Mark stepped back but threw his arm around her shoulders and pulled her against his side while walking them towards the table. She glanced down and saw that he was also naked. She blushed harder and took a seat, grabbing at the plate of pancakes in front of her and helping herself to two. She poured syrup over them while reaching for the cream to add to her coffee and some bacon. She took a gulp, then grabbed her silverware and began eating. After the first pancake and three slices of bacon she glanced up to see all three men watching her with amused expressions on their faces.

“I guess you are hungry,” Patrick laughed. Mary shrugged. She’d earned every bit, and then some. She finished off the second pancake as the men began eating, then settled back with her coffee and looked at them. Each of them was gorgeous which she’d noticed before. But now she had a bit more time to study them. Patrick was the only one with a beard, but it was well-trimmed and suited him, she thought. They all had brown hair, but Simon had light blue eyes and Mark had brown eyes. She’d already gazed into Patrick’s green eyes. They were each tall, at least 6’2″ and corded with muscle, though Simon had the biggest arms and Mark’s abs were the most defined.

“Do you still not remember why you were in the woods?” Mark asked while continuing to eat.

“No,” Mary responded. “Like I said, I think I was running from something, but I don’t know from what.” She looked worried as she looked out a window at the snow still whirling around. “I’m really sorry to impose. Do you think the storm will let up soon?”

“No imposition. I think you may have gathered that we’re just fine with you being here,” he said with a wink before looking back down to his eggs. “We have a woodworking shop out back and only go into town once every few months. You’re a breath of fresh air. As to the storm, I think we’re in for a big one. Don’t think you’ll be going anywhere for a week, at least, and we’ll still have to get the road plowed.” Mark and Simon nodded as he spoke.

Mary relaxed, glad they weren’t upset that she’d clearly be here a while. “I can pitch in with cooking and cleaning,” she offered. “Or… you know. Whatever else you may want.”

Simon and Patrick both frowned at her as Mark spoke. “We loved last night and this morning, but don’t for a second think that we expect that in payment for having you stay here. We’ll all gladly do that again, but not if you think you owe us.”

Mary smiled. They were really very sweet, though she probably shouldn’t say that out loud. “Deal.”

She pushed back from her seat and carried her plate to the sink, then refilled her coffee before sitting back down. “I should remind you that I have a boyfriend, though, and I feel a bit guilty enjoying myself so much with three strange men while he’s probably worried.”

“How about we just pretend he doesn’t exist until we can get you home, hmm?” Patrick asked with a wry grin. She didn’t miss that Simon continued to frown but decided to ignore it. If he wasn’t comfortable making Steve a cuckold that ataköy escort was his problem.

Mary smiled, then put her mug down. “So, is there like, a naked rule in this house?” she asked. Mark nodded, looking serious. “It’s one of the rules,” he said standing and coming around behind her chair. He pulled her to her feet until she stood in front of him. He slowly untied the robe and pushed at the shoulders until it slid off her, puddling at her feet. “Do you want to know the other rules?”

With shaky indrawn breath, Mary nodded. Mark’s hands wrapped around her, pulling her against him until his hard dick was sandwiched between them. “Rule 1, as stated, is being naked at all times. Rule 2”, he said as he began to kiss his way across her chest, “is to always let us know if you’ve had enough, either for the moment or altogether.” He glanced up at her expectantly and she nodded. “Rule 3, unless Rule 2 has been invoked, is to always be ready for us in whichever hole we want.”

“Rule 4,” Patrick stated as he came around the table and pushed himself against her back, his dick sliding up between her ass cheeks, “is to make sure you don’t let us cum before you have.”

“And Rule 5,” Simon said as he relaxed in his chair, his eyes on the three of them while he leisurely fisted his shaft, “is to take you bareback. Nothing hotter than our cum leaking out of you. You’ll also have noticed that we have a bit of an affinity for hot jizz, though some more than others,” he said, pointedly looking at Mark.

“Are you guys… bi?” Mary asked. She’d thought it really hot when Mark ate her out after two loads were dumped inside her and was more than turned on when thinking about it happening again.

“I guess you could say that,” Patrick replied, his hands grabbing at her hips as he stroked his cock through her cheeks, his precum making her ass a bit wet. “We don’t fuck each other, but there are only so many times you can jack off out here with just the three of us without mixing it up a bit.”

“Think you can live with the house rules?” Mark asked, his hands now playing with her tits and his cock moving between her legs. “Hmm?” he pressed, as Mary became distracted with the number of dicks touching her.

“Oh, yeah,” she replied in a breathy voice as she wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted one leg around his hips, pushing her mound towards him.

Mark grinned and Patrick lifted her hips higher and angled her body over Mark’s waiting cock. Both Mark and Mary moaned as Patrick gently eased her down, her pussy engulfing his rod until he was fully embedded inside her.

Patrick continued to lift her up and down on Mark, her ass caressing Patrick’s dick as she moved. He stepped back and Mark took a couple of steps towards the table, resting her back against it as he began to pick up the pace. Simon stood and grabbed the syrup, drizzling it over her tits before leaning down to suck on each, cleaning her up. He stood a moment later and poured more over his own dick, turning to the side to present it to Patrick who’d taken up position on his knees.

Patrick leaned forward and inhaled Simon’s cock, licking the sticky sweetness from it as Mary looked on. She sat up suddenly, arms around Mark as she began to cum, what she’d just witnessed and Mark’s dick thrusting into her making her moan. Mark pushed her back down to the table, holding her hips in a bruising grip as he began to shake and deposit his load inside her. He sucked at one of her nipples as he stopped, his cock still inside her. She could feel his warm cum swimming in her depths and wriggled, loving the feeling and wanting more.

Mark pulled out and Simon turned Patrick’s head towards Mark’s dripping cock. “Taste the two of them together while I add to the mess he made of her pussy,” Simon demanded. Patrick obliged and began licking at Mark’s softening cock, able to get most of it in his mouth as he cleaned it up.

Simon turned to Mary and jammed his dick inside her. “I’m not going to last long,” he warned. “Patrick’s almost as good at giving head as you are.” Six more hard thrusts and he was adding to the load that had begun to leak out of her. As he started to pull away, Mary grabbed him. “Rule 4,” she said quickly, and Simon looked embarrassed. He nodded though, before he pulled away again, and dropped to his knees. He pushed two fingers inside her as he latched on to her clit, sucking it then rubbing it with the fingers he’d just had up her snatch. His tongue entered her cunt, licking up the cum in her tight channel, before shoving those fingers in her mouth and returning to her clit. Mary came seconds after tasting the cum of two of these hot men and her own juices.

Patrick released Mark’s semi-hard prick from his mouth and moved towards Mary. As Simon stood and stepped aside Patrick too began eating her out, cleaning up the cum that had dripped towards her asshole, giving her a juicy rim job before moving back to her clit. Mary came a moment later, completely wrung out. But Patrick still hadn’t cum, and he stood and spun Mary around on the table until her head was hanging over the side. Patrick’s cock slapped against her lips and she opened them, his dick quickly slipping into her mouth. He pushed inside insistently, choking her once before she relaxed her throat and took his entire tool deep in her head.

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