The Seven Deadly Sisters Ch. 01

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Hello everyone. This is an old story that I have decided to revamp. It’s quirky and a little crazy, but who doesn’t like those things every now and then? Either way, I hope you enjoy the first chapter. I have many already written, but they do need editing so hopefully the next will be up soon.

If you’re a fan of other incest related stories then I suggest you take a look at the two others I have published. Feel free to comment or email your feedback as I love to read all good and bad reviews. With that said, good luck.

Oh, and as a side note: this story has more of a fantasy setting. So expect powers, demons and a whole lot of sex.

The Seven Deadly Sisters

Growing up was never the hard part of life, at least not for Dante. No the hard part was having absolutely nothing interesting about him, no hobbies, no interests, no girlfriends and no purpose. He would read books from the local library in his room every now and then, but can that really be considered a hobby if it’s only a few books a month?

Every so often he would find himself watching porn to release the pressure of the sexual build up every young man has, but even that wouldn’t stop the desire he had for sex.

At 24 years old he still lives at home with his family, his mother, his father and his seven sisters. As it turns out it’s not just him that lacks a personality, they all inherited it from their parents. The best way to describe them is ordinary. They aren’t a bad looking family, but would easily be forgotten after meeting them.

They all have that look about them, the kind of look that if they were to put effort into themselves then they would be knockouts, but no one has the motivation to bother.

Dantes parents never intended on having eight children, but as they’ve had to explain to everyone who asks, birth control never worked for them and with their fathers allergy to latex, they didn’t have many options. They just kept on coming for a number of years until they realised that enough was enough.

Their grandparents once told them that they were fated to have eight children, that having exactly seven girls and one boy was destiny. They would all just laugh it off and thought nothing more of it. Until one fateful night, the night Dante’s whole life changed forever, and that is where his story begins. The beginning of his destiny.

“Breakfasts ready!” shouted Dantes mother.

“Damn it. Another boring day. Wake up, go for a shower, have breakfast, go to school, come home, eat dinner and go to sleep. Day in and day out. God I need some excitement.” Dante said to himself.

“Hey now it’s not all bad, you have me your favourite sister to talk to,”

He looked up from his pillow to see the black silhouette of a woman. The morning sleepiness had muffled his hearing. “Must be one of my sisters” he thought to himself.

“I have seven and none of you are my favourite. Which one are you?”

He could feel the glare through the darkness of his room.

“The one that has her 18th birthday today.” said Gina in an excited tone.

“Oh yeah it’s your birthday. I forgot all about that,” He said as he rose up to lay against the headboard.

Gina ran into Dante’s room and pounced on the bed with her small physique. Her body being so little it barely made the bed move when she landed. “I know you’re lying. You never forget my birthday. Which is exactly how I know I’m the favourite.”

Dante laughed and smiled while his eyes started to focus on her. “Maybe I did this time…” she looked at him with doe eyes. “…or maybe your present is wrapped up under my desk. I can’t remember.”

Gina’s face suddenly lit up. “Eeeek.” She jumped off of the bed and made a bee line for his desk.

She bent down and crawled on all fours to grab the present. Dante couldn’t help himself but enjoy his youngest sisters ass as her pink pyjama bottoms clung to her rear. He quickly turned his head away before she caught him. He hated himself for staring, but it was instinct, which he was never able to control.

She brought the box over to his bed and took up her usual position in the centre. She had always loved Dante’s bed. When she was in his room she would usually be on it making herself comfortable.

“Well go on then. Open it up before I fall back asleep,”

Gina started ripping away at the wrapping paper like she was possessed. Inside was a few smaller presents, pink slippers, a white satin gown that ends at the hips, “For comfort not for myself to stare at.” he thought. A small book on how to mix cocktails and a mug that says “Greedy” on it. Perfect for her personality. She was so happy he could almost see tears forming under her emerald green eyes.

“Thank you Danny. You must have spent a fortune. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many presents from one person before. The “Greedy” mug? Really? I’m not that bad,” she half glared half smiled toward him.

“Well it is your eighteenth birthday so I bought a little extra, and bahis firmaları I know how much you’ve wanted to prepare cocktails to drink with the rest of us. Hopefully the book will come in handy. As for the mug. Yes, yes you are, but I like you just the way you are.”

She gave her brother the biggest smile and lunged herself on top of him. She laid on her brother for a few moments too long so Dante started to rise out of bed. Her tight hug was so strong that it pulled her up with him. As he stood up out of bed she wrapped her legs around his waist in a very intimate way.

Dantes semi hard morning erection was directly between her butt cheeks and growing at the feeling. Luckily he didn’t think she had noticed. “Can you let go now? I need to get ready for college,”

“Never.” She raised her head up to speak before bringing it back down against his shoulder.

“Gina. Come on.”

Secretly he was enjoying the closeness of the situation. Who wouldn’t? With a woman like her wrapped around you in little clothing it was difficult to think straight. Dante was easily strong enough to hold her there in that position, which only turned him on more.

“Fine, but I’m going to hug you again later when you get home.” She slowly slid down his body, massaging his cock with her tight ass and stood in front of him at around five foot two inches tall.

“That’s fine with me as long as it’s later. It’s later than I thought.” Dante looked down at his alarm clock with annoyance. It had been playing up recently.

Gina scuttled out of his room as Dante headed for the bathroom to shower. He shared a bathroom with two of his sisters, Emma and Lucy. It was situated between their rooms with two doors and often caused problems with a sibling walking in on another during the most inappropriate moments. It was something they got used to growing up and is one of the reasons Dante eyed up his sister or all seven from time to time. Walking in on Lucy while showering is definitely the main cause for the forbidden act.

Dante finished up in the shower and walked downstairs after drying himself off and changing into comfortable but tidy clothes ready for college. All of the family was sat around the big wooden ten-seater table except for Gina, who presumably is waiting for him to be seated so she can have the stage to herself. As if on cue the moment Dante took his seat, Gina waltzed in like she owned the place and awaited her praise.

Expecting Gina to want every bit of attention, the family did the opposite and ignored her while grabbing bacon, eggs, toast and beans from the bowls on the table to fill their stomachs in preparation for the day ahead of them.

One of their family traditions is to embarrass the hell out of whoever’s birthday it is, whether it’s singing the classic happy birthday tune in a funny voice or reminiscing about things the person did earlier in life that they would rather forget. Surprisingly, this year was just a song for Gina, but Dante was sure the embarrassment would come later if he knows his family at all.

There was something different about today that felt strange. The air felt cooler, the food tasted better and Dante’s senses seemed heightened. If he focused hard enough on someone then he could usually pick up on how they felt, like an empath, but now he didn’t even need to try. He could tell his father was thinking of work and his mother was excited to have her youngest daughter become an adult. His sisters all had the same unenthusiastic feel to them they always had, but something was different about today, something that Dante couldn’t explain.

They all finished their food and as always, Dante got up first to make his way to college. Before leaving he turned to look at his family for some unknown reason. It felt like it was the last time he would see them. He received smiles from all who saw him and smiled back.

Going from oldest to youngest was Paige, the eldest of the bunch at 29 years old. She wore a proud expression as she looked at her brother. She was very much the mother figure when their actual mother wasn’t home. Willow was next at 28 years old, the problem child you might say. Often the one that was getting into fights or some other kind of trouble.

Gwen is 26 and was currently eating Gina’s leftovers which wasn’t unlike her as she was often hungry, but she would usually wait until after everyone was gone before eating. Gwen was as small as Gina in size, but she was a little taller.

Dante had recently turned 24 and liked to think he was in his prime. Dante was joint with his sister Lucy for being the middle children. Lucy had also recently had her birthday turning 23. Lucy was a little bit of a tease. Usually wearing suggestive clothing or purposefully sitting on her brother to make him uncomfortable.

Emma would soon be 21 and could be considered the quiet one. She had plenty of hobbies and interests, but they would often only last a few days at most. Usually stealing someone else’s ideas or joining in on something kaçak iddaa she wasn’t invited to. Sophie was 18 and basically did nothing, ever. Easily the lazy one and no one seemed to care, it was weird.

And last was Gina, who as you know turned 18 today. Trying to explain her was easy. Greedy. She had to have everything, and she had to have the most of it. There wasn’t any other way to explain it, she was greedy, and she loved it.

Looking at the clock Dante broke out of his trance and realised he was going to be running late so he quickly threw his coat on and slipped into his trainers.

“Professor Glabber is not going to be happy with me if I show up late again.” He said to himself hoping it would make him run faster.

The rain had begun to get heavier with every passing second, only slowing Dante down. After twenty minutes of fast walking and running at times, he gets there, only fifteen minutes late. So still late, but not that bad.

Dante began his walk to class, finding the room he’s meant to be in he pulls on the handle swinging the door open.

“Crap! The professor isn’t in a good mood.” Dante thinks to himself as he sees his professors face redden with anger.

“Dante Lexford! Late again I see,”

“Sorry sir. It’s my sisters birthday and we all got a little lost for time.”

“I don’t care. Besides, that’s a terrible excuse. Either way take your seat and open up your book to page thirty six.” His face went back to its usual colour.

Dante looked up into the class room to see his childhood crush Tilly laughing at him. She was the whole package, beautiful, smart and easily the closest thing to perfection that Dante had ever seen.

Exhaling a giant sigh at his failure to turn up on time, Dante took his seat. Unfortunately the other side of the room from his crush.

“Umm what book sir?” Dante stutters with utter confusion. “Last I remember we were working from our laptops, not reading from books.”

“The book on Global Catastrophes Mr Lexford. I emailed you all to pick up a copy last week. You are hands down my worst student.”

“Ah, umm sir I don’t really check my email….”

“Oh for Christ sake Dante!” The Professor shouted, immediately going crimson red again. “Fine. I heard there’s a spare copy in the library, run and get it. And I do mean run. You’ve already missed the important parts of todays lesson.” The professor huffed.

Before he could say anything else Dante was up out of his chair and out of the door. Closing the door behind him he let out a long sigh. “Well that’s not a great start to the day.” Dante laughed to himself as he walked to the library. As if he would run.

The library was an ancient place. Most of the books here were useless or just plain boring. On the rare occasion Dante would pop in to find something, but very rarely so he didn’t actually know his way around all that well. He made his way over to the nice old lady by the checking desk.

“Where can I find the aisle on catastrophes?” She points towards the aisle and gives him a warm smile without saying a word.

The aisle is near the back of the surprisingly big room. As he makes his way towards the centre of the section Dante trips on a misplaced book, landing flat on his face. He laid there for a moment disorientated.

“Fuck!” Dante grabs at his hurting face and starts to get up when he catches the sight of something in his dark brown eyes.

He thought it looked like a pentagram carved into the bottom of a book shelf. Dante’s curiosity got the better of him and decided to inspect it. Touching the carving he felt the ridges of where the wood had been carved away to form the symbol.

Dante grabbed at the side of the wood and pulled. The plank pops off and reveals a dark black leather book.

“What the hell kind of book is that?” Dante asks himself.

He reached his arm out to grab the book, and as he managed to pull the mysterious item towards himself he could feel a dark and sinister energy flowing from the book. He leaned back against the case behind him to investigate it.

The front cover was a dark black and strange leathery material, with another pentagram etched into the surface. There was something calling him to open it, something dark, something ancient. Dante couldn’t resist the urge to unveil its secrets. A side of himself that he didn’t know existed forced him to open it.

The second he lifted the front cover open his vision went black. Suddenly a force washed over Dante as he was thrown out of the library at such speed he started to lose conscious. He wondered why he hadn’t hit any walls or bookcases. The vibrant rush of power continued to throw his body through the air like a bullet from a gun.

It stopped just as quickly as it had started. Suddenly it felt like Dante was waking up from a dream. But the reality he woke up to felt different from the world he was used to. In the world he woke up into he was laying face first into a puddle..

“What the fuck is going on!” kaçak bahis Dante shouted out into the void.

His vision was blurry and could only see the water around he laid in. The field of water and mud surrounded every direction with nothing else in sight. Confused and scared he got to his feet and started running forward, looking to his left and to his right for a sign of something, anything, but there was only water and the sludge beneath his feet at every angle.

Dante stopped for a breather trying to calm himself down. “Where the fuck am I?!” Again he shouted. Hoping some one would hear him, but to no avail.

He stood in the thin puddle of water for what felt like hours, growing hungry and getting angry at the hopelessness of the situation. He began to scream out loud with anger into the endless plains of muck and darkness. Just when his lungs were about to give out, it happened, something inside him snapped like a twig. A malicious feeling, like a part of himself was unlocked that he didn’t know he had.

“Finally it is time,” said a strong confident voice from all around.

“Who said that? Who’s there?” Dante said, while looking around to locate the man who spoke.

A section of water started to boil in front of him and soon steam arose from the ground creating a thin mist. Suddenly a man started to appear from the boiling water. A tall man with pitch black hair and dark red eyes with a mischievous grin, staring Dante down like he was a piece of meat.

He opened his mouth to speak. “I’ve been waiting for this day for a very long time. No doubt you have some questions for me so go on, I’ll allow it.” The mans voice was deep and charming one second, and the next it was hoarse and evil.

“Who the hell are you? Where am I and how the fuck do I get home?” Dante spoke without fear.

“Those are all very boring questions, but very well,”

The man began to walk around Dante in a circle. Almost gliding along the water as it boiled. He wore a crimson red suit and pitch black shoes. His entire body radiated a power that seemed impossible to pick up. If Dante hadn’t felt it in his bones himself then he wouldn’t have believed it.

“Your kind know me by many names, but most commonly I’m known as the Devil.” A loud crash of thunder sent shockwaves through the area at the word “Devil” which startled Dante to no end. “You are in one of my realms, and you may go home whenever you want. That is, after we’ve had a little…”

“The Devil?” Dante scoffed in his direction. “And I’m a unicorn. Pleased to meet you.”

Where had all this fearlessness come from? The man just appeared out of the ground. That would usually send anyone into some kind of emotion, but Dante felt calm and balanced.

His first thought was that he must be joking, but he realised that this isn’t a dream, it felt too real. He speaks with confidence and seriousness and usually Dante is able to read people, but this guy gave off nothing except for a spine chilling dark aura.

“So you’re here to kill me then? Or rape me, or whatever it is you do in your free time…..Devil was it?” Dante grinned back.

“My oh my, you are a fearless one. Even I couldn’t have predicted how you would turn out. No I’m not here to kill or rape you,” the Devil said with laughter in his tone. “I certainly could, but no, I’m here to help you Dante.”

“Help me do what exactly, boil water? Thanks, but I don’t often drink coffee.”

The Devil looked at him now with an intimidating glare, obviously not happy about the comment.

“DO NOT TEST ME BOY!” The realm seemed to shake in fear a his roar.

The devil walked forward towards the now intimidated boy standing before him.

“I will cut straight to the point. You are an experiment. I created you many years ago to finish what I started and I am here to give you a push in the right direction.”

Dante stood there confused, not knowing whether to laugh or not.

“Right….so you created me? Me? The most boring person on this planet? I’m sorry if I’m having a hard time believing that right now. Its just, if the Devil were to create someone I’d imagine they would probably have wings and be able to spit fire.”

The Devil laughed. “A dragon is not what I need. What I need is you my boy. You, are the embodiment of Desire. Your sole purpose is to crave what you can’t have. The things that one man shouldn’t have, all to himself.”

“Ok, so say I believe you for a second, why me and why should I crave anything? I don’t think I’ve craved anything in my life. In fact I don’t care about anything really.”

“Ah, but you have,” said the Devil with a smirk. “I know everything about you. Everything that’s happened, everything you think and everything you do. I know it all. I know that you crave power. I know that you crave purpose. I know that you crave your sisters!”

The Devil locked his eyes on Dante. Awaiting the reaction.

Dante was shocked at the mans words. He knew it to be true. He had never given it much thought, but it was all true. How could he possibly know that?

“This is ridiculous. Send me home now you bastard!” Dante lunged forward, but his body didn’t move. As if it were locked in place.

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