The Seduction Of Grace Ch. 1

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Russ watch his niece, she was running and jumping. Russ enjoys watching her young, large, firm, and luscious breasts. They were bouncing to the beat of the music, she has a sexy, slim body, and long, slender legs that would feel great wrapped around his body. Grace, that’s her name. Russ was thinking about all the things he wanted to do to her. He’s been planning this for 3 years, and today she turned 18.

“Hey Russ, I’m sorry I can’t make it for the camping trip.” Jack said. ” It’s okay, Grace and I will have fun.” Russ told Jack. Grace ran up to Jack, “Thank you Daddy I love your present.” Grace said excited. ” Your welcome Pumpkin.” Jack said quietly. ” Well Grace are you ready for our camping trip?’ Russ asked. ” Yes, I have everything pack.” Grace told him. “Great, I’ll pick you up at 4. see you then, I have to go to work.” Russ said.

Grace was happy that her parents weren’t coming. They have been fighting a lot lately. Grace had taken a dip in the pool when she heard them at it again. Mom was mad that Dad had a conference he had to speak. Mom wanted to go visit her mothers, but couldn’t because Dad wouldn’t be home. Grace left and went to bed. The alarm rang at 3:30, half asleep she gets up and dressed, grabs her bags. She went outside to wait for Uncle Russ. At 4 Russ pulls into the driveway. “Get in the truck and I’ll put your bags in.” Russ told her. Grace gets in and they drive off.

Four hours later they made it to the camp site. ” Let’s set up the tent first Grace.” Russ said. Working together they had the tent sit up facing the lake. Russ built the fire, and Grace gathered the wood. ” Hey Uncle Russ, lets go for a swim.” Grave asked. Russ nodded his head. Grace went and changed into her bathing suit. Russ watch for her to come out. His body stiffen, when he saw Grace walk out. She was wearing the most provocative black bikini he’d ever seen. It look a little snug, her titties were to big for the top. And to his surprise, she was wearing a thong, watching her luscious ass wiggly as she walked away. Russ decided that her Black Bikini was delightfully wicked, and his cock was even harder.

He ran down and into the water, not wanting Grace see his cock yet. The rest of the day was spent eating lunch, playing in the lake. Russ would accidentally brush, touch, or pressed against her body. Then getting supper ready that evening. Grace gave the meat and potatoes to Russ. She went to fix the salad. “These are just about done Grace.” Russ called. Grace brought the salad and drinks over. ” Good I’m hungry.” Grace said. They sat back and watch the sun set, eating their food. ” Grace I wanted to wait till we got here before I gave you my gifts, here’s one now.” Russ said.

Grace took the box, and grasps when she see the Heart shaped Key ring, looking closer she saw a naked man and woman making love. ” bahis firmaları OH!!! Uncle Russ I love it, Thank you.” Grace ran over and gave him a tight hug. He could feel her taut nipples pressing into his chest. He held her in his arms looking at the night sky. ” Grace would like go skinny dipping with me. Russ stood up and unbutton his shirt and take it off. He look down at Grace and saw that she was nodding her head yes. Grace watch as he unzipped his shorts, and slide them down his legs to the ground. The light from the fire wasn’t enough get a look at him. But when he turned, facing her. She saw his enormous thick cock. “What are you waiting for Grace?” Russ said in a deep voice. Grace’s hand automatically reach to unbutton her cover up. Russ watched her untried her bikini top, drop off her chest, she slid her hands down her sides getting her fingertips under her bottoms, and slide them down her legs. Russ walked into the water, hoping that the cool water would soften his cock. Grace swam up to him. ” Uncle Russ, Do you want to fuck me?” she whispers excited.

“You should to know something…I’ve been planning this for three years, I knew that your parents wouldn’t be able to come.” Russ said. ” Why?” She asked. “When you were 14, I noticed your weren’t a kid, but when you had your 15th birthday party, I saw you standing by the pool nude that night. I was no more than 3 feet from you, I saw the most provocatively, sexy, woman, but you were only 15. I had my cock out, and was stroking it, as I watch you. Did you know that your tits were bigger than anybodies, even the adults. By the time you left, I was I wanted to put it in you and to hell with what ever happens. After I jerk off I hatch a plan to get you alone up here so I could fuck you.” Russ told her.

Grace walk closer to him, puts her hands on his shoulders. Tracing his arms with her finger tips, she took his hands, and places them on her ass. Her tummy was pressing against his throbbing cock. With her chest pressed to his, she licks his lips. Russ jerks her to him hard, and kisses her roughly. His head snaps back when he feels her hand wrap around his cock. She could his hard, hot, cock throbbing. She puts her arms around his neck, and raises her legs to his hips.

” Fuck me, Uncle Russ.” she whispered in his ear. He pulled his cock against her pussy lips hard, and slips the cock head in. Russ carries her to the shallow water, and eases her back to the sand. Grace digs her hands and feet into the sand, lifting her hips to meet his thrusting cock. Russ buried his knees in the sand, grab her ass cheeks, thrusting her to him, as he plunges into her. “OOOHHH, FEELS SO GOOD, GOD GRACE YOUR SO TIGHT, OH, BABY I’M GOING FILL YOU UP, I’M CUMMING GRACE. OH GOD BABY HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!” Russ cried out. ” I’M CUMMING TOOOOOOO!!!!” Grace screamed. ” Uncle Russ your kaçak iddaa still hard.” Grace said. ” Mmmm, yes I am. I’m always still hard after the first fuck or suck, because the next time I can draw out the pleasure longer.” He told her, as he ease his cock out and laid back in the water. ” Can we do it again?” Grace asked him. ” Go get comfortable in the tent. I’ll be in as soon as I lock the truck up, Honey.

When he walk in the tent he noticed it was dark, except for the moon light coming from the top of the tent, where the screen is. Russ saw her laying in the moonlight, and she was naked still. ” HEY BIG BOY, WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?” Grace asked with a wicked grin. “I wanted to make you wait for it Baby.” he told her. Grace sat up as he laid down. Grace straddled his stomach, with his cock against her ass. She bent down and kiss his lips teasingly, her hand brush his nipples. Her mouth traveled down leaving kisses. She licked his nipples, sucking them.

She kisses her way down, her hands stroking his cock and balls. She licks the drop of cum resting on his cock head. “SUCK ME BABY SUCK MY HARD COCK.” Russ groans. Grace encloses her mouth on his cock head and suck him. Grace takes his cock down her throat. And slowly sucks,as she pulls her mouth up, she slowly draws her mouth up and down his cock. She can feel his cock throbbing in her throat. “OH, OOHHHH, MANNNNNN, I’M GOING TO….AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!” Russ screamed as she took him down deep in her throat.

” Now Baby, lay back it’s my turn.” Russ told her. She laid back and closes her eyes. Russ kiss her lips, her neck. His hands found her tits, and he squeezed them, using his finger, and thumb he pinch the nipples. He bent, and kiss a nipple, licking, sucking the nipple taut, he moves to the other nipple doing the same thing. He continues down, kissing her tummy, down to her pussy. He flicks his tongue across her little nub, and slips his tongue in her pussy. Using his tongue like a cock, he tongue fucks her. “OH, RUSS, I WANT MORE, PLEASE HARDER, OH GOD, FEELS SOOOO GOOD, DON’T STOP, YES, YES.” Grace cried out. “You like my tongue in your pussy, yes that’s it Baby move those hips, mmmmmm.” Russ said harshly. Grave’s body stiffen, and Russ feel her orgasm and he lick and drinks every drop.

Russ looks down at his niece, her nipples were very sensitive, he like that. Her titties were heaven to suck. When his eyes met hers he saw a smoldering look that sent a hot tingle down to his cock. Grace watch as Russ stroking his cock. ” Are you just going to look, or what?” Grace asked reaching out to touch him, he grab her hand. ” SWEET JESUS BABY DON’T, MY COCK IS ONE MASSIVE NERVE, ONE TOUCH AND I WOULD ERUPT, AND I WANT TO BE INSIDE YOU WHEN THAT HAPPENS.” Russ hissed. Russ moves above her, lowering his hips to her. Russ eases his huge cock in her pussy kaçak bahis slowly so it wont hurt her. Russ pushes his cock in an inch at a time, The last 4 inches of his cock was left.

Russ takes a deep breath and plunges his cock deep. “OOOOH…SWEET….JESUS…YOUR PUSSY’S…SOOOO…DANM…TIGHT.” Russ groaned. ” FUCK ME, UNCLE RUSS, FUUUUCK MEEEEE!!!!” Grace cried out. Russ is pounding his cock in Grace pussy hard. He knew they both were close to an orgasm. “AAAAGGHHHHH!!” Russ groans, as he fills her with his cum. “I’M CUMMIMG!!!!” Grace screams. “I see that your camping trip is going great.” Jack greeted them. Russ and Grace jumped. “Jack, Dad, it’s not….” was all grace and Russ got out. They watch as Jack walks in unzipping his pants, and unbuttoning his shirt. ” I see that you’ve grown into a very beautiful, sexy lady with an inciting body. A body that makes a man want to have his cock inside you.” Jack said. Grace saw that, as her Daddy walk closer his cock was rather large, and pointing at her mouth. Opening her mouth she put him in, and closed her mouth over his cock head. “OH BABY, SUCK MY COCK!!” Jack said groaning. Jack knew it would be a quick one, it always was the first time. When he felt his cock ready to cum he buried it deep in Grace’s throat and exploded.

Grace fell asleep between her Daddy and Uncle. Russ and Jack talk quitely. Jack told Russ he wasn’t mad at all, he was delighted that Grace wanted to keep it in the family. Russ told Jack that he has wanted Grace sense’s her 15th birthday. ” I’ve wanted to fuck her for years too.” Jack confessed. ” Wheres the old lady?” Russ asked. “Well it seems that my “wife” has been fucking her Boss for the last two years, and she went away with this week. She doesn’t sleep with me at least for 8 or 9 months now. And she ~r*doesn’t want a divorce.” Jack answered. They didn’t know that Grace had woke up and was listening. When her hands closed on their cocks. “OOOO” they grasped together.

” Don’t you worry Daddy, I wont let you go without anymore, I’ll keep you and Unlace Russ very happy.” Grace said as she stroke their cocks. ” Oh sweet Grace come up here on top of me I want my cock in your pussy.” Jack told Grace. “OOOO, GOD DADDY YOUR SOOOO BIG, BIGGER THAN UNCLE RUSS’S.” Grace groaned. Grace sat on her Daddy’s cock twisting, and grinding her pussy. “OH GOD BABY, YOUR GIVING YOUR DADDY A WILD, HOT RIDE.” Jack hissed. Russ stood up over them, put his hand on her back and ease Grace down on Jack’s chest. Russ grab her ass and push his cock head in her ass. ” OH, YES I WANT IT, PUT IT IN DEEP, DEEP IN MY ASS UNLCE RUSS.” Grace’s yells. Russ plunges his cock up her ass hard, and fucks her hard and fast. “I’M CUMMING!!!!” the three scream.

“Maybe next time we can plan a boat trip? Oh, Daddy can I have a water bed, a big one, big enough for three to sleep on?” Grace asked. “Yes Baby you can, but only if your Unlace and I can help pick it out, after all, we’ll be fucking on it more than sleeping.” Jack said with a grin.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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