The Sandwich

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“I’m too big to fit in a man sandwich,” Lori said as they got out of the car.

Ben laughed as he removed the gas cap. “You’re not that big,” he said while Lori started washing the windows of the Prius. “And no, I’m not trying to talk you into being in a man sandwich.”

It was the second stop on their way to Madison to meet with Lori’s girlfriend, Wendy. They hadn’t seen each other for almost a year, since they had met online and had helped each other explore their bisexuality. Both women were so alike that Ben thought his wife had a missing twin sister. Ben wasn’t allowed to play with them when Wendy came to visit them in Michigan. It was a decision made and agreed upon by all parties. Both women were still coming out and thought that a three-way would be too much for a first-time get-together. So, while Wendy and Lori made passionate love in the bedroom, Ben went to work, watched TV, read a couple books, slept in another room, and did everything he could to keep his libido at bay.

They were talking about sleeping arrangements when they got around to the topic of threesomes. They had been in a boy-girl-girl before with a cute redhead they knew, but nothing else since. Just before they pulled into the convenience store, Ben mentioned how he didn’t know any men he would feel comfortable sharing her with in bed. The idea seemed too awkward. There seemed to be too much testosterone involved, and all he could imagine would be looking at his friend and laughing too much. Lori then mentioned the problem of size. She weighed close to two hundred twenty-five pounds and stood five-foot-ten. She carried her weight well. Ben never thought of it as a problem, and it never hindered their sex life.

“I wouldn’t mind, really,” she said.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t,” Ben said as he pumped the gasoline, “but with whom? Like I said earlier, I don’t know anybody.”

“Me neither. It would just be…different, that’s all.”

Ben wasn’t even sure he wanted a threesome with Wendy and Lori. He felt like a lone man in the universe. He imagined every other guy in the world demanding that he turn in his Man Card for not wanting to hop in the sack with his wife and a buxom brunette from Wisconsin. He didn’t want to take away from their time. They wouldn’t get another chance to see each other for months, so part of him thought that joining in on their sex would be stealing some of their time together.

He let the subject drop, and they were soon on the road. The conversation moved on to dinner arrangements and making sure they found the correct exit. Within a few hours, they were knocking on the door of Wendy’s house.

“Hey!” Wendy smiled as she rushed out the door to meet them. She squeezed them both to near the point of suffocation. She smelled of patchouli and garlic. She kissed them both. Her kisses were lingering, even with Ben. His groin tingled and his mind jumped in both excitement and puzzlement.

“You smell great,” Ben said into her neck as they hugged.

“I’m cooking! Come on in, I’m cooking a big Italian meal for you guys,” Wendy said.

“You didn’t have to – ” Lori began.

“Cool!” Ben interrupted. They headed inside. Wendy gave them a quick tour of her little home, as she had pasta boiling on the stove. The house was green with plants of all sizes, lengths, and hues. Samples of Wendy’s pottery and paintings were everywhere, including the simple guest room. It had a nice futon that Ben figured he would have all to himself.

“Is this where I’m sleepin’?” He asked. The two ladies looked back and forth at each other. Wendy was blushing.

“Well…” Lori said.

“That’s what I thought.” Ben laughed.

“Is that okay?” Lori sounded a bit worried as Ben began unpacking their overnight bags.

“I’ll go check on the pasta,” Wendy said and headed to the kitchen.

“Yes, honey, it’s okay. We already talked about this. Remember? Besides, it’s not like we haven’t done this before.”

“Okay, I just want to be sure that you’re not…you know…”

“I know. I wouldn’t nişantaşı escort have come if I were freaked out. We wouldn’t be here if I freaked out the first time.”

“Okay. I just worry.”

“I know.” He kissed her forehead. “Why don’t you see if she needs help in the kitchen, and I’ll unpack?”

“You sure?”

“Yes, honey. Go be girlfriends. You need it.”

A little while later, they were talking over baked chicken and pasta. Ben had devoured almost the entire spinach salad and was now on his third plate of the main course. He forgot how he hadn’t eaten a solid meal since breakfast, and his metabolism was now demanding tribute. Lori and Wendy were on their second bottle of red wine, and giggling like they had been inhaling nitrous oxide all night.

“She calls me over,” Wendy continued her story of an awkward situation in a pottery class, “and wants to know how to shape this big hunk of clay without it being too top heavy.”

“What was she making?” Ben asked.

“Well, I look down and she’s got this…this big clay dick in her hands.”

Lori laughed until she was snorting.

“What did you tell her?” Ben asked.

“I didn’t know what to say. It gets worse though. I asked her why she was making it, and that was difficult because I wasn’t out at the time and I didn’t know if she was gay or just making a sex toy for herself or just sculpting a clay penis. So, she says, ‘It’s for my husband’.”

“Hello!” Ben said. Lori’s snorting laugh returned.

“So now I’m really embarrassed, and I’m trying to give her tips on how to make it as smooth as possible and…” Wendy could barely talk through her laughter. “…and then I asked if she wanted it to be bumpy, or if he did, and…”

She couldn’t hold it back any longer. She and Lori were in tears from laughing. Ben wasn’t laughing as much, but that was due to his mouth being full of chicken. He spoke once he was finally able to swallow without killing himself.

“What did she say? Did she give you all the juicy details?’

“She realized what I was implying, and she just started laughing. She told me that she was making an ornamental spearhead. Her husband collected African weapons, and she was making a gift for him.”

“Oh, Jesus.” Lori turned red.

“I was never so embarrassed in my life. Every time we saw each other in class after that, we just started laughing.”

“Oh…” Lori drained her glass. “I have to pee.” She got up, a little wobbly, from the table and headed to the bathroom. There were some silent moments as Ben and Wendy sat across from each other.

“I’m glad you made it,” she said, reaching out to squeeze his hand.

“Me too.”

“You’re sure it’s okay that – ”

“Yes.” He laughed again.

“It’s not that you’re not…well…I mean, you’re a good-looking guy, Ben. It’s just that – ”

“I know. You two need to stop worrying.”

“I know Lori wonders if you’ll feel left out.”

“I suppose I will a little bit. It would be weird if I didn’t.”

Wendy frowned. Ben found himself stroking the back of her hand.

“Don’t worry. You two need this.” He broke a fresh breadstick in two and wiped up some marinara from his plate with it. “I tell you though…She and I had a fun conversation on the way up here that gave me a wild idea.”

“Really?” She sat forward.

Three bowls of sorbet and a half bottle of red wine later, the girls were growing restless. They had moved from holding hands on the couch to giving each other simultaneous foot massages while Ben tried to watch TV and ignore them. There were little things whispered between them that he couldn’t understand. They sprang off the couch with surprising vigor.

“We’re off to bed,” Lori said.

“Okay,” Ben said, noticing the ladies were holding hands.

“I want to take you guys to the art museum tomorrow. It’s really neat,” Wendy said. She winked at him.

“Okay.” Ben smiled. “I’ll see you two later.”

His wife and the other woman headed back to Wendy’s ortaköy escort bedroom. Ben imagined their clothes were already hitting the floor as he was changing channels. He watched an episode of “Time Tunnel” and “Jeeves and Wooster” before he headed used the bathroom, drank a big glass of water, and went to the futon to sleep and wait.

He didn’t know how much time had passed. It could’ve been two hours or twenty minutes. He was deep in sleep when Lori came to him in a dark blue bathrobe. He thought he was dreaming as she crawled onto the futon. Her face was warm and happy. She started kissing at his warm chest as she tugged the sheets down away from him.

“What…” He was still waking up.

“Wendy wants to watch,” she said as she continued her kisses. Ben looked past his wife’s hips to see Wendy standing in the doorway. He winked at her. She grinned back.

Lori’s mouth slid down to his hard cock. His back lifted from the mattress as she curled her tongue around him. His arms reached out for nothing, and his hands tensed as he regained control. Lori giggled as she watched him squirm. Her mouth slithered all over him, making wet smacking sounds and sucking cool air across his skin. She let out a small moan and then looked back in surprise as Wendy pushed the robe over her hips.

Lori looked at Ben in confusion, but only for a moment. Wendy’s face went between Lori’s cheeks and Lori’s eyes closed as she shuddered. She let out a deep moan that turned into a stuttering gasp. Ben couldn’t see well, but he could imagine Wendy’s warm tongue pulsing back and forth in his wife’s cunt. He could feel the futon shaking a bit, and hear the wet sounds Wendy’s hand was making on Lori’s clit.

Lori sucked at his cock with new raciness. She made soft sounds with her lips around him. She pumped the shaft of his hard dick with erratic movements as Wendy’s mouth continued to please her. She was cumming before she knew what was happening. Ben wasn’t far behind, spraying hot semen down her throat. She didn’t miss a drop.

“That was a surprise,” Lori said, looking back and forth between her husband and her girlfriend.

“We’re not done yet,” Ben said.

“We’re not?” Lori asked.

“Nope,” Wendy said. Her smile was mischievous.

“What are you two going to do? I thought – ”

“We’re not,” Ben said. “But I got to thinking about your man sandwich idea and we came up with a solution.”

“What do you mean a – ” Lori couldn’t finish the sentence. Wendy slid her big strap-on vibrator into Lori’s pussy, making her blurt out a sharp cry. Wendy grabbed the belt of Lori’s robe and used it to pull her back to the base of the jelly cock. Ben’s cock was already hard again from the sight of this strong brunette beauty fucking his wife. He rubbed it over his wife’s face, and she grabbed it from him. She kissed and licked at the shaft, not wanting to suck him for fear of losing even more of her breath.

“It’s the closest thing I could think of to two men,” Ben said. “Do you like it?

“Yes,” Lori whimpered.

“What?” Ben asked.


“Oh, baby,” Wendy said, “you look so good.”

Ben wanted to tell Wendy that she looked good too. Her dark-skinned body was slick with sweat that dripped from her D-cups onto the small of Lori’s back. Her face was in a determined smile, and her strong hands held tight to Lori’s ass. He wanted to tell Wendy that he loved the sight of her big tits swaying as she fucked his wife with her eight inch vibrator, but that would spoil it. They agreed that Wendy would act like another guy in this threesome. Ben wouldn’t kiss her, fondle her, or stick anything in her. Tonight, she was one of the guys.

“Fuck,” Lori said. She was about to cum again. “Fuck me! Oh, fuck!” She bounced back and forth against Wendy’s strap-on. Wendy met her with each bounce.

“Oh, yeah, baby! Yeah!” Wendy yelled. Ben slid back a bit to watch, and to avoid Lori’s touch for fear of cumming again. Lori pulled herself away from Wendy’s pendik escort slippery cock and rolled onto her side. She was quivering, and Ben knew she would be sensitive to the slightest touch.

He got on his knees and grabbed her by the hair. He brought her face to his cock, and she was glad for the distraction. It put her in control for a while and gave her the chance to calm her twitching body. She licked and sucked at his balls while she stroked him, which she knew he loved. She could feel that he was near bursting. She hoped he’d cum, it would give her more time to rest.

“Don’t forget about this other…fella here,” Ben said with a laugh. Wendy had slid in beside him. She took Wendy by the chin and led her mouth to the sticky strap-on. She licked it clean, and took her time doing it. Ben crawled around the futon and pulled Lori onto her back. Her legs went around him and her heels dug into his back to help guide him into her.

“Oh, wow, honey. You’re so wet!” Ben hadn’t felt her like this in a long time.

Wendy was lying next to her, watching Ben’s cock sliding back and forth. His hips reminded her of a train. Lori’s eyes were half-open, the eyelids fluttering. Her breaths were quickening.

“Baby, you’re so beautiful,” Wendy said while tickling Lori’s chest and belly.

“Too much! It’s too much!” Lori said and started pushing Ben away from her.

“Okay, okay,” he said and slid away. The sensation of him leaving her almost sent her over the edge again.

“I thought I was going to faint,” she said.

“You need a break?” Ben asked.

“Yes,” she said without hesitation.

“Let’s just lay here for a bit,” Wendy suggested. “We can all catch our breath.”

“Yeah, just for a bit.”

They lay there, with Lori in the middle, for many minutes. Ben had to fight drifting into sleep a few times. He was thankful when Lori started talking.

“How long have you two planned this?”

“Since dinner,” Wendy said.

“Are you having fun?” Ben asked.

“Yeah. Are you? Both of you?”

“I sure am!” He said.

“Yeah, baby.” Wendy kissed her. “Do you want try us both now?”

She didn’t answer. She just nodded, and a wicked smile came over her face.

“Okay,” Ben said. “We’ll go slow. You just tell us if it’s too much.”

He pulled his wife atop him. She braced on her hands, but he pulled her down onto his chest.

“Relax,” he said. “Just relax.”

“How…” Lori shuddered as Wendy dripped cool lube onto her ass. “How can I?”

“I’ll go slow, baby,” Wendy said.

Ben’s cock went into her without effort. She was still slippery. He held her there by her bottom and pulled her cheeks apart for Wendy. Lori’s eyes widened as the glistening strap-on’s cockhead pushed into her ass with a little nudge. Her mouth opened to gasp, but no sound came out.

“Too much?” Ben asked. She shook her head and took several quick breaths. She let out a deep breath and Wendy pushed a little further. Ben could feel pressure on the underside of his cock.

“Oh wow,” he said, “I can feel that.”

“How about this?” Wendy said, and turned her vibrator on.

Lori started thrashing between them. It started at her head, her hair flaying this way and that, then her shoulders bounced, her torso jerked, and her legs started moving her holes back and forth on the two cocks buried inside her. Ben could feel the hum of the vibrator through Lori’s muscles. He came in hard, hot shots. Wendy’s head was buried between Lori’s shoulder blades. Her hands groped at Lori’s ribs and breasts and wherever else they landed as she came, the base of the strap-on spanking her clit as Lori pounded against it.

Ben woke up first. It was a sharp awakening from a sex dream. He sat up on the futon, not quite sure whose house he was in at the moment. The clock said three-forty in the morning. Lori was rolled onto her side, one arm draped across Wendy’s body. Their legs were still somewhat intertwined. Wendy still wore the strap-on. They looked great together.

He got up, almost stumbling into the wall due to his fatigued legs, and headed for the bathroom. After what seemed like a long time there, he downed a glass of water in record time and headed for bed. He slept in Wendy’s bed that night. He didn’t want to wake the girls. They needed time together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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