The Resort Ch. 05

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“Equipaggio di cabina, si prega di prepararsi all’atterraggio,” came the announcement over the speaker.

Gina settled in to her tiny seat and gazed out the window. The flight from Rome to Sardinia was about to land at Cagliari Elmas Airport. She drank up the last of her vodka and cranberry and handed the trash to the flight attendant.

After getting off the plane, Gina gathered up her luggage and headed to the exit. She found an older gentleman holding sign that read BARESE and went up to him.

“Ciao. Sono Gina Barese. Mia zia è Rosina Barese,” Gina said.

The man smiled and nodded. “Welcome to Sardinia!” he said. Gina could tell that he was struggling with his English. “We, um…como…we go to the house. Mi chiamo Lorenzo.”

Lorenzo was gracious enough to take Gina’s luggage out to the car. He loaded it into the trunk as Gina climbed into the back. The car was more cramped than the larger American cars she was used to. She was short and compact, and even Gina had her knees close to her chest.

Lorenzo drove Gina out along the coast toward the village of Chia. All along the way, Lorenzo tried to speak to Gina in Italian, while Gina begged him to parlare più lentamente. She loved to look at the scenic beaches and the old world villas and shops as they drove along the coast.

After nearly two hours, they pulled up to lovely brick house. Gina got out of the car and looked around. The house was on over three acres of well-maintained land.

A high-pitched squeal came from inside of the house. Gina turned to watch her cousin, Maria Antonella Delfina Barese, was bounding out of the villa in a tizzy. Gina exhaled sharply as she saw her beautiful cousin’s body, a perfect hourglass with slender, long legs and nicely lifted boobs. Maria, called Della by all her friends, grabbed onto her cousin and hugged tight. Gina had to deflect her face to keep from being mashed in by Della’s chest. She was a good eight inches taller than Gina.

“I made it,” Gina announced. “Where’s your hubby-to-be?”

Della rolled her eyes. “That man,” she began with her heavy Italian accent. “He tells me he wants to go golfing in Scotland for his bachelor party.” She blew a raspberry with her lips. “More like partying with loose women, yeah?”

Gina laughed. “Let him have his fun. He has you to look forward to for the rest of his life.”

Della laughed. “I trust Gaetan. Silly men and their time away. Come on! We’ll go see Mama.”

Della led Gina in, hauling her luggage along. Uncle Lorenzo went to have a smoke. Gina made her way in through the foyer to a hot kitchen. A round, short woman with jiggly upper arms and wiry white hair was busy by the stove. She pivoted and screeched with joy. “Bambina Gina!” she exclaimed as she threw her arms open. Gina smiled and gave her Aunt Rosina a giant bear hug.

Rosina patted down Gina’s shoulders. “Thank you for coming,” said Rosina in her thick accent. “Oh, bambina. I’m so sorry about your divorce. Have you been having fun since then?”

Gina smiled. “Oh, yes. But look, I haven’t dated anyone in months, and I’m totally available.”

Rosina gave Gina a smack in the arm. “If I knew where the gorgeous men were, they would be for me!” Gina and Della laughed.

Aunt Rosina had a great dinner of clams and crudité. The girls sat around the table and had a chat.

“This Lorenzo, my idiot brother!” exclaimed Rosina. “He already fuck up everything! He call up the hall, say we are changing the date. I was lucky to get them to give it back.”

Della turned to Gina. “You’re probably tired. I’ll take you up and show you your room.”

Gina slept for nearly twelve hours, still waking up in time to catch her aunt cooking an Italian breakfast. She helped herself to deep dish egg bake and some of the finest coffee she ever had.

Della arose a little later. Gina hated her for looking so great first thing in the morning. Della strutted around in her little pink panties and baby tee as she picked out small bits of the egg dish.

“You will want to see the beach, yes?” Della played with her hair. “I take you after breakfast, okay?”

Gina went up to her room and got on her two-piece blue bikini, then threw on her cutoff jeans and a t-shirt. The two of them were able to walk to the beach across the main road. The sand felt fine on Gina’s toes. She was surprised how much it warmed up that morning.

The two of them made it over to a stack and laid out their towels. Gina sat down and sprayed out her suntan oil on her shoulders. Della looked out to the ocean, then took off her top.

Gina sputtered as she stared at her cousin. “Della! What are you doing?”

Della put her hands on her curvy hips and looked at Gina. “Don’t worry about it! We do this thing all the time. Like they say in America—chill out, dude!”

Della went to lie down on her own towel. Gina had a good look around. “You sure this is okay? I don’t have a problem with Travesti nudity, but I don’t want a bunch of strangers perving on me.”

Della hissed. “It’s fine! Get free.”

Gina shrugged, then undid her top. While she loved being in the buff in the privacy of her own home, out in the open was another matter. Even her sexual tryst on the nude beach in Geraldton was done under cover of darkness.

Gina relaxed as she could start to feel the invigorating warmth of the sun hitting her flesh. She let the sound of the waves crashing in and out calm her. Two weeks in Italy was going to recharge her batteries nicely.

“Buongirono, Della!” said a voice close by.

Gina jolted out of her half-snooze and propped herself up on her elbows. The glare from the sun was still blinding her, as she put her hand up to mask her eyes. She snapped out of it and looked ahead to see a man with a goatee and sunglasses on, wearing surfer shorts and sandals. She looked down and realized she was showing off her breasts. She gasped, then slung her arms around her chest.

Della got up from her blanket, far less shy than Gina. “Achilles!” She shielded her eyes to get a better look at him. “You naughty boy. Were you surfing?”

Achilles laughed. “Ah, no, I went for a swim.” He glanced at Gina. “Who’s the new lady?”

Della held her hand in Gina’s direction. “Questo è mio cugino, Gina.”

Achilles raised his hand to greet her. “Ciao, Gina!” Gina avoided eye contact as she tried to wave a finger back at him while covering her breasts.

“You shoo now, Mr. Looky-Loo!” Della waved her hands away, and Achilles ran off down the beach.

Gina relaxed a bit when she was sure no other men were around. “You’re getting married in three days! Why are you letting him gawk at your tits?”

“Oh, Achilles is a sweet boy,” Della said assuredly. “He’s seen them before. I saw his cazzo a few times, too.” She shook her shoulders in a flirtatious manner. “Invite him to lay with us sometime.”

“How do you know him?” asked Gina.

“He grew up here, just like me,” Della said. “He works up the road at the winery.”

“Your soon-to-be hubby will lose his shit if he found out he was staring at your boobs,” Gina pointed out.

“Conosco I miei polli,” replied Della. “Gaetan’s been with me on the beach when I went topless. He doesn’t care, they don’t care, I don’t care!”

Gina scrunched up her nose, then shrugged. She let her arms rest normally again and showed off her D-cups. There was no one else around as far as she could tell. Gina laid back and let her skin crisp up as she felt the sweat come out of all of her pores.

Della took Gina for a tour on her Piaggio. Della had to meet with the local dressmaker to ensure that the final bridesmaid dress was finished. They went out to lunch at a local bistro, where Gina was pleased to be getting authentic Italian food. She told Della about the chain restaurants and local places that did a half-way decent effort of making real Italian, but nothing came close to what she had out here.

When Della and Gina arrived back at the villa, her auntie was out in the yard with a curly-haired man with a lean body.

“That’s Helio,” Della mentioned to her cousin as they walked up the pathway. “Mama must be getting some work done. He’s the groundskeeper for a lot of places around here. He’s a Spaniard.”

Gina gave Helio a good look over from a distance. He was probably six foot four, and Gina liked his dark skin, no doubt gotten from working outside all day.

Della took Gina in to the kitchen, then prepared two glasses of sparkling lemonade with ice. “Take one to Helio, please,” requested Della.

Gina took the tall glasses out to the yard, where Helio was wiping down his chest with a rag. He had taken off his t-shirt, as his bronzed skin shined in the sun.

Gina got up to him and held up the glasses. “I got you some refreshments,” she mumbled.

Helio’s face lit up as he accepted a glass. “Grazie!” He took a sip out of the straw, then fished out an ice cube and rubbed it up and down his chest.

Gina made a noise of ecstasy under her breath. She wanted to try to impress Helio with her Italian. “Sembra che tu abbia fanculo duramente.”

Helio sputtered as he choked on his lemonade. “You just told me I look like I fuck hard.”

Gina nearly spilled her own drink as she put her hand to her mouth. “Oh my God! I meant to say lavorare!”

Helio continued his boyish laughter as he gave Gina a playful tap on the shoulder. “Maybe I do the English instead.”

“I didn’t realize you spoke English, too,” said Gina. “Wow! Three languages? You must be smart.”

“Yeah, smart man doing gardening,” replied Helio, chuckling. “One day, I go to school. I make something of myself. I get one of these nice homes, yes?”

Gina was half-listening, as she stared at his cutoff jeans, hoping like hell she could get a peek at his salame. “You Antalya Travesti could do it,” breathed Gina. “So, I’m here for a while. Maybe, you can show me around sometime?”

Helio flashed a winning smile. “I would be honoured, signorina,” he said. He extended his hand, and Gina touched it with her free hand. His hands were rough, likely from manual labour. She reluctantly let go and smiled. Helio finished his lemonade and handed her the glass, then she went back to the house.

As the sun went down, Gina wanted to head to the beach again. She made way across the stretch of road with her knapsack, then made her way down the stack where she and Della were earlier. The sun was just about down, and everyone had left already.

Gina laid down her towel, then stripped off her clothes down to her one-piece. The air was still warm, and the sand felt great in between her toes. She looked around one more time, then decided she was going to cut loose.

She peeled off her bikini, then flicked her curly black hair back to tie it up. She had felt so self-conscious next to her cousin, what with Della’s height and long legs, not to mention that her breasts seemed to defy gravity. Being out by herself made her feel sexier. Her boobs and large bottom still made her look hot.

Gina took one more good look around, then ran out to the surf. She kicked through the water, then launched herself forward. The water was still warm enough to swim in. She felt cleansed and alive swimming through completely nude.

She made way further out so she would not be disturbed by the waves. There was a sharp set of rocks farther out that almost made the beach into its own lagoon. Gina hefted herself up and sat out on the rocks, facing out to the water and loving the sunset.

“Hey!” yelled out a voice. “Stai lontano dagli scogli!”

Gina panicked, realizing she was stark nude out there by herself. She hugged her chest and sat perfectly still. A huge wave crashed into the reef, sending Gina backwards and tipping her back into the water. She screamed, realizing she gave up her air doing so. Gina panicked, struggling to find her way upwards. She bobbed up out of the water and went into a frenzy. “Help me!” she screamed.

Gina felt an arm reach around her and hike her up. “Grab on!” The man hoisted Gina onto a float board. She took in heaving gasps as the man pulled her out of the reef area and onto the shore.

Gina was able to catch her breath just as she felt the sand under her feet. She attempted a swim in the shallow water to crawl onto the shore. She slunk down on the dry sand and got her breath back.

The man gave her a gentle pat on the back. “You got your air? Okay, yeah?”

Gina realized who saved her. “Achilles!” she gasped. She rolled over, then realized that she was showing herself off. “Oh!” She tried to cover herself with her arms. “I mean…you saved me!”

“Can you get up?” asked Achilles. “I’m sorry. I look away.”

Gina got up to her knees, then tried to brush away the sand from her front. Achilles was on his feet with his back turned to her. “How much did you see?” asked Gina.

Achilles laughed while Gina got on her feet. “Everything!”

Gina groaned. “What are you even doing here?”

“I come for swim,” insisted Achilles. “Hey, you can no go swim in the dark. You bring a friend next time, okay?”

Gina got to her feet. She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Thank you for coming to my rescue.”

Achilles kicked his feet in the sand. “You are welcome. Maybe go change now.”

Gina ran up near the stack, where her clothes were still waiting for her. She got dressed and packed up her belongings. Achilles ran up from the beach.

Gina gave Achilles a good stare in the dusk light. “So that’s twice you saw me now.”

“Yeah,” Achilles chuckled. “I’m used to it by now.” He held up his hands. “I am sorry, Gina. I do not want to embarrass you. Maybe we have dinner tomorrow, yes?”

She stared again before screwing up her lips. “I guess so.”

Achilles smiled. “I’ll come to Della’s place tomorrow. Ciao, Gina!” He walked off along the beach, as Gina made her way up to the road again.

Gina had spent a good portion of the next day with Della, watching her try on her dress one last time. She was bowled over by just how beautiful and natural Della filled it out. Gina was still self-conscious about her own body. She had to break out and try to feel sexy for once.

Achilles showed up that night at five, and the two of them went to the local café. It was actually a lower part of someone’s house, fitted with tables and booths. Gina loved the rustic feel and the cozy atmosphere.

Achilles was also being great company. He was regaling her with some of his experiences on the mainland. Gina hung on his every word. As silly as he was, there was something so charming about the way he talked. He had a great deal of energy and passion.

They Bursa Travesti went for a walk on the beach again. “Hey, look!” Achilles said as he pointed out by the rock shelf. “That’s where you almost died!”

Gina rolled her eyes and gave Achilles a punch in the arm. “Look, I thanked you already. Don’t make fun!”

Achilles laughed and held up a defensive hand. “Okay. I only kid because I’m so happy you lived. Come on! Let’s go for a swim.”

Gina scoffed. “Oh, come on! I don’t have anything to wear.”

“Hey, you were all comfortable last night!” Achilles took off his shirt, and Gina noticed that working at the winery must have been paying off for him. He had a tattoo of the Italian flag on his bicep. “Come on! We go take a dip, yes?”

“Look, I don’t know,” Gina said hesitantly. “I mean, what if someone sees—WHOA!”

Achilles was full-on nude now. He put his hands on his hips and smiled. “Not bad, yes? Come on!”

The sight of Achilles’s toned body and his impressive penis were being persuasive. Gina unbuttoned her blouse slowly as she kept eye contact with her new companion, occasionally taking a glance at his cock. As it was nearly sunset, Gina figured that he would not get a good enough look, at least this time.

“You go out first,” Gina prodded. “I’ll catch up.” Achilles ran out to the surf and dived in, splashing around and letting out a yelp of joy.

Gina unhooked her bra, then slid off her pants and underwear. “This is nuts,” she muttered to herself. She sauntered out to the water.

Achilles cupped his hands over his mouth. “Ow ow ow! Bella signora!” Gina became flush as she kicked her way into the ocean. She squatted down and dove in, swimming up to Achilles. “How you feeling?” asked Achilles.

“I have to admit, this feels good.” Gina dipped under the water briefly as she let her hair get wet. “Oh, man! How are we gonna get dry once we get out?”

Achilles tutted. “You have to get lost in the moment, bambina! This is how we live in Italy!”

Gina laughed, then splashed Achilles in the face. He screamed and kicked his legs up to give her a full force retaliation. Gina got another glance at his dick when he did so. Gina decided to try the same, only she realized she was letting her breasts pop up out of the water when she did it. She let out a squeal and tried to submerge back down as Achilles barked out a few laughs.

The two of them played in the water for another fifteen minutes. It was getting dark, and Gina decided she had better get back to the house. She felt nervous about emerging from the water again, but she remembered that Achilles was in the same boat.

As they came out, Gina took Achilles hand and kept walking. “Do you like me?” she asked.

“You, Gina, are the most lovely woman I have ever seen,” Achilles responded. “I like that Della, sure, but you have that…how you say…la donna dell’uomo. It’s like I don’t have to think of you like you are a woman.”

Gina sputtered. “That’s what we all like to hear!”

“Ah, no forgive me,” Achilles pleaded. “I mean, it is like I don’t have to worry about doing the wrong thing. You make me feel so comfortable that it’s great.”

They came up to their pile of clothing. Gina took his other hand and stood toe to toe. “I’m feeling pretty comfortable right now, too.” She gave Achilles a kiss as she had her hands flat on his chest. Achilles put his hands down by her hips.

“We’re here, naked,” Achilles mentioned.

Gina sighed as she rested her forehead on Achilles’s shoulder. “Just let me get through this wedding first, okay?” She gave him a quick kiss. “I’m here for a whole week after that.”

Achilles brought her in for one more long kiss. Gina felt his dick press up into her twat. “Let’s get dressed,” Gina suggested. They threw on their clothes, and Gina gave Achilles one more kiss before they headed in their separate directions.

The next day, Gaetan arrived. Gina thought he was no match for his cousin. He was a pudgy, non-charismatic jerk. While he had a fabulous career, Gina wondered what Della saw in him. Maybe like many beautiful women, she had decided on stability rather than chasing a dream. Gina felt as if she was none to comment, as she went and made her own mistake by marrying her ex-husband. The divorce was not so much a surprise but a slow inevitability.

They had the rehearsal in the afternoon, and Gaetan appeared hung over. Gina was getting annoyed with his antics, and she noticed the vibe from the other family members as well.

A buffet dinner was set out, and in typical Italian style it was more than was needed to feed the group. Gina got to meet Gaetan’s parents, and she was charmed by his mother. She had to assume they were a bit embarrassed by their son’s antics. Gaetan was getting into the hard liquor and talking too loudly.

Della and Gina went out for a walk to get away from the crowd for a bit. “Well?” prodded Della. “What do you think?”

“Well, I knew what he looked like already, so that wasn’t a shock,” Gina said. “I just don’t get it, Della. Do you really love this guy?”

“Look, I know he’s probably a little loud,” admitted Della. “He has a good heart, Gina.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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