The Rescuer Bk. 02 Pt. 05

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help and making this a better story.

This story is a continuation of the Rescuer. It’s a good read on its own, and it helps set up this story. It’s not required reading, but as I said, it’s a good read. I took liberties with the children in the Rescuers, they didn’t fit this story well, so I changed the names, sex, who they were born to, and what order they were born. This has zero effect on the original story and a significant impact on this story.


Chapter 18 — Wedding Night

At 2:00 AM, dad grabs us and throws us in a Jeep. Mom and Mary are by the Jeep and hug us before we get in. They wave as we take off. Phil is driving and takes us to a nice hotel just outside of the base. We both have presidential suites reserved and that are booked for the entire day. We have the North suite while Bubba and Bonnie have the South suite.

We walk into the beautiful suite. There is a large TV, a couch, table, chairs, all tastefully organized. Zeus and Jill are outside of our door, already in guard mode, and almost seem to be smiling. Inside the bedroom is a large modern washroom with an eight-person shower and a jacuzzi. The bedroom is light and dark blue in colors. It’s nicely done. The most interesting part of the finely decorated room is the submissive slave sitting on the corner of the bed. Written on her forehead in lipstick are the words, “Submissive Slave.” This one has a name, Pam. She tries hard not to smile.

I am short, “Pam, explain.”

Pam says in a soft voice, “I’m here to serve you and Porsche. I will do anything you want, no safe word. My one limit is that you may not please me. I’m here strictly to please master and mistress. I will suck cock, eat pussy, clean clock that was in ass or lick ass all night long. You may pee on me, beat me, spank me, send me naked into the hallway, anything that pleases you.”

She looks at the floor, never making eye contact with us. Well, I did not expect this. I look at Porsche, she has wide-open eyes, obviously in shock as much as I am. Well, isn’t that interesting.

I bring Porsche close to me, so we may kiss.

I command Pam, “I want you to slowly and neatly, undress Porsche and me while we enjoy some foreplay.”

Pam starts on Porsche while I engage Porsche in a light and a gentle kiss that is sexually charged.

Porsche giggles, “I’m wet already. I need you.”

The bra is gone, my hands cup the breasts and fondle her heavy breasts. I knead one breast, which causes moaning by Porsche. She is submissive to me, not touching or breaking lip contact. I dig deeper, so our tongues can play with each other. She is now naked. Pam starts on my tie, jacket, and jewelry.

My hands move to the rock-hard nipples. They are at full length, and I can pull on them a bit. It’s a ton of fun and causes Porsche to moan even louder. As my shirt comes off, Porsche moves her hands to my chest. She presses on each muscle to feel its strength, I can tell she loves doing this. Her fingers trace each defined line. My pants are off. I help Pam remove my socks and step out of my pants. I am naked now.

Pam goes back to the bed; she is waiting for orders. I push Porsche onto her back, across the width of the bed. I crawl up on the bed, between her legs.

I command Pam, “I’m going to start sucking on her left nipple. I want you to suck on the opposite nipple and pull away, causing some pain. Limit the pain to three on a ten-point scale. We’ll swap often.”

I suck on a nipple for a minute and then swap. With my hands free, I reach down and insert two fingers into her flooded pussy.

Porsche moans out, “Ahhhhhhhhhh, just what I needed. That feels so good.”

I swap again with Pam and use my other hand, again with two fingers. I feel Porsche shudder internally, she loves this very much. Again, she moans. I swap with Pam again. Pam sticks a finger in Porsche’s pussy and moves it rapidly in contrast to my slow movement.

Porsche starts with a low shout, and it builds to an earth-moving scream. I stop.

Looking at Pam with a soft voice, I say, “I only want you to lightly touch her breasts. Play all you want, however, ignore the nipples.”

Pam eagerly plays with the beautiful, young, and large breasts before her. Mostly, she gently squeezes the breast and lets it spring back to its standard shape. Both women have a smile on their faces.

I am between her legs and use my nose to nudge her pussy lips open. Who am I kidding? She is already spread open and ready for play. It feels nice bumping her clit. Porsche has a narrow slot; it doesn’t hang open from excessive use. I am slow and delicate with my tongue as I stroke it up and down across her entire pussy. I reach both sides. The lips roll a bit with my tongue and then slips back into place.

Typically, I am faster and more deliberate, I use more bahis firmaları pressure. This is entirely new to her, and she loves it. Immediately, Porsche emits a deep guttural moan and makes Pam do a double take. I am sure she is wondering if she heard that right. The second, third, and forth lapping each produce long, low moans.

Porsche is breathing hard and almost giggling with happiness as she says, “Oh fuck me. Who taught you this? TELL ME!! OH, fuck me! I ammmmm, I ammmmmm, cuuuuuummmmmming!

With her orgasm, she jumps up, pushes Pam out of the way, and reaches for me. Upon grasping my body, she pulls me into a bearhug that could kill a bear. There, she enjoys her orgasm. She rides it like a real trooper, smile on her face, love in her eyes, and a look of satisfaction in her entire demeanor.

After the orgasm finishes, she lays back down. I move her onto the pillows, so her body is now lengthwise on the bed. As she exhales, I thrust my cock into her pussy. Her eyes widen, she is surprised that she didn’t get her four orgasms.

Pam answers for me, “Tonight was both physically and emotionally draining. It’s almost 3:00 AM, and he’s dead tired. I’m sorry you didn’t get as good as I got last night. I am sure he’ll make it up to you today. Right now, he’s going to fuck you well, make you happy, and then you two will go to sleep. On waking up, I bet he uses the washroom and then comes back and fucks you good.”

I do most of what she says. I am fucking her at a fast rate. We are all tired and exhausted. I need to cum in my wife. I don’t understand why, but I have this need to fill her pussy with my seed. I am now slamming into her about as fast as I can. Her hair is a mess, and she is a light pink and fighting for her breath. We are both sweaty, and the thick scent of sex is heavy in the room.

Pam says in a low, breathy voice, “Oh Porsche, you lucky bitch, he is treating you like a cheap whore. He handles your body like a sack of potatoes, then thrusts his man meat into you without asking. He took what he wanted, and he wanted you. He owns you, and you will do what he says. Your feelings don’t matter, it’s all about a warm place to stick his cock into.

“He plunges in and pulls out because it feels good to him. That thick sausage slides effortlessly inside your vagina because you are a whore and love meat inside you. You love thick meat that heats your juices and makes you cum.

“He’s using you. Plunging his cock into you. Your tight pussy is opening. He’s spreading you open. Why? Because he is man enough to take you and make you his. You will fuck him on command. He will fuck you in front of others. You’ll suck his cock in front of people you know. Did you know he’ll ask others to take your ass? Yes, he will share your body. Other men will use your body. He’ll ask them to.”

Ok, that was too much. I have no idea what she is talking about. However, I have held out long enough. The dirty talk got to me, and now I am going to blast a hole in my sister, my wife. I thrust as hard as I can, it moves Porsche’s body, and I shoot a huge wad of cum into her unprotected vagina.

Pam has the same effect on Porsche, she explodes with a death wail followed by every muscle in her body pulling tight. Her vagina clamps down on my cock. It’s steel, a clamp has no effect on me, I thrust again, shooting another hefty wad of cum into my sister. I pull back and slam in again. Porsche is frozen, eyes rolled up into her skull, silent.

I thrust three more wads of cum into my love and then fall to the side. I am exhausted. I see Pam at the end of the bed, looking at the floor, she seems sad.

With a weary voice, I ask Pam, “That dirty talk, is that what you wanted tonight?”

She doesn’t say anything. I see tears in her eyes, she looks away from me.

I ask with a forceful voice, “Tell me, slave! Was that what you wanted tonight?”

Pam is evasive, “I was here to please you. I was not to be pleased. I fulfilled my gift to you.”

Ok, she wanted to be a slut tonight. She probably wanted some type of humiliation. How the fuck do I do that now? I mull my options for a few minutes, I am tired. Finally, I get inspired and smile.

With renewed energy, I command, “Pam. These are your direct orders from me. Rule

, nobody fucks you. Rule

bring towels in case you see children. Order

, go to the pool as you are, and swim five laps. Order

, if anyone is there, you are a slut. Blow jobs for men, eat pussy for women, and in general, let them touch and play with your body. Order
, you may enjoy pleasure and orgasm. Order , if you can’t complete Order

, eat Bonnie and Paula to orgasm. Go.”

Pam looks at me with wide eyes, shocked, yet a sly grin on her face.

Chapter 19 — Pam goes swimming

Pam’s point of view:

Holy shit! What have I got myself into? I had no idea he would give me those orders. I expected him to keep it in the family. I do want to get my slut on, just not sure this is how to do it. kaçak iddaa Hell, it is 4:00 am, nobody will be out. I think I will go swim and then rush back to eat Bonnie and Paula. What could go wrong?

I open the door and stick my head out. Nobody in the hallway. Am I surprised? I enter the hallway and walk quickly to the elevator. Jill follows me, I pat her head. I press the button and wait. These are some of the longest seconds of my life. I am standing in front of the door naked, and my heart is beating a hundred times a second. This is worse than being shot at.

The elevator opens, and it smells like pizza, probably a pizza delivery guy was in here last. I press one, and the door closes. My heart is still racing, and my pussy is leaking. I am nervous, afraid, and giddy at the same time. It’s thrilling, knowing people might see me.

After I exit the elevator, I hear voices. People are at the front desk. My heart is racing faster. It’s two couples from the wedding, they go the other direction. I creep slowly down the hallway like that will stop me from being seen. I need to remind myself that I need to breathe.

At the pool entrance, there is a window. Nobody is inside or swimming. How lucky can I get? I quickly enter, set my towels down, then quickly walk to the pool. I hesitantly walk into the warm pool. It feels awesome! My heart slows down, I am relaxing. I move further into the water and then start my five laps.

I enjoy swimming. Doing five laps is relaxing and therapeutic. I don’t rush the swimming; I love the way that the water glides over my naked body. The warm water is fantastic. Typically, the lakes are cold or freezing; it’s only warm when we are in the hot springs. Heated water is very nice.

After five laps, I walk out of the water to get my towels. There is a young couple there already, and they each took one of my towels. They probably thought they were hotel, public towels. They had no idea I brought them down.

I am frozen still with fright. My heart is beating a thousand beats a minute. I can’t talk, and my body is shaking from fear. The couple is looking at me with just about as much surprise. The good-looking young soldier is checking my body out, and he is smiling. The young woman seems amused.

Connie breaks the tension, “Hi. My name’s Connie. This is my boyfriend, Teddy. I know you; I saw you up on stage. Your brother Bubba saved Teddy’s life. He is a pilot that got injured in Central America.”

She is trembling and has tears flowing down her face.

Teddy hugs her, and she continues, “We just took your towels, didn’t we?”

I nod my head, yes, and now I have a few tears flowing down my face. I can’t talk.

Connie is curious, “You didn’t get married, you’re very close to them because you grew up together. I don’t get it, why are you here?

Oh shit, I wish she would have kept her mouth shut. I fall to my knees on the floor, in front of them, and hang my head.

I say to both while looking down, “My gift to them was me as a slut. I assisted his wife some, and then he sent me down here to please others. I may not fuck; I’m here to please others with blow jobs and eating pussy.”

In 0.2 seconds, Teddy has his hard cock out and is using his hand to pull my head towards his cock. I open my mouth.

Connie slaps his arm away; she has a look of hate on her face.

Connie is furious, “Her brother saved your life, and this is how you repay him, you force her to blow you?”

I offer happily, “I am a slut, I’m here to please others.”

Connie looks happy, “Fine. I am going to sit on this chase lounger, spread my legs, and then I want you to eat me.”

She laid down, and I crawl up on the lounger with my knees on the ground still. I eagerly dig in, glad to be fulfilling my orders. I try to emulate Hunter tonight. Porsche seemed to like that a lot. Maybe it’s common with others, I will find out.

Connie is immediately grasping for breathing and saying, “Holy fuck, you are good. Teddy, get to work.”

I feel Teddy behind me, and he feels where my pussy is. Is he going to fuck me?

Connie is commanding in her words, “Make her cum before I do, or you get nothing more this weekend.”

He is lightning fast at moving, so he is on his back and licking my pussy for all he is worth. He alternates between soft and heavy pressure then alternates between inner and outer lips. He uses his fingers very effectively. This man is very good. However, he hasn’t learned that many women like it soft and gentle like his girlfriend.

Connie is softly saying, “Damn woman, you sure can eat pussy. I love that slow and tender lapping of a wide tongue. You hear that, Teddy?”

Teddy immediately changes to soft, slow, and gentle. Oh my, what a difference.

I moan as I say in a deep sexy and breathy voice, “Oh fuck, that feels good.”

My skills falter as Teddy is doing much better and is distracting me. It’s hard to eat pussy good while my own twat is being serviced so well. Oh shoot, kaçak bahis I am not to be pleasured.

I stop and say excitedly, “Stop! Teddy, please stop. I am not to gain pleasure from this. My purpose is the give others pleasure today.”

Connie is rough with me; she pulls my head up by grabbing my ears. OW! OW! OW!

She looks me directly in the eyes yet says, “Teddy, don’t you dare stop now. Now, look here, you whore. Your purpose is to please me. It pleases me to have a husband that sucks my pussy and fucks me good several times a week. Without your family, I’m a lonely secretary that nobody ever notices. I’d be wasting my life doing nothing.

“Since Teddy saved me from that life by asking a geeky girl out, my life has been awesome. So, excuse me when the chance comes along to say thank you and take advantage of your generosity. I can’t believe we use you like a two-dollar whore.” She is full out crying now.

Teddy added more and more pleasure as she rambled on. Her pep-talk obviously inspired him as much as me. Her hands are now on my breasts, massaging them. This is too much; I feel a swell of emotions build in me like a tidal wave. It’s only a few seconds before I explode into a beautiful orgasm.

I can’t move, my body has gone limp. Teddy moves me, so I am on top of Connie, who is hugging me and singing a sweet song in my ear. I hear others show up, but it’s a few minutes before they are near us and checking out my naked body.

As I come around, I ask the boys, “Who wants a blowjob?”

They are all eager. There are five of them, all have accents, they’re not from this area. One grabs my hair and attempts to pull my willing mouth towards his waiting cock. Connie slaps his hands and draws me closer to her, wrapping her arms protectively around my naked body. The man did not like that at all; he is mad now. He raises a fist, but Teddy is quick to punch the guy in the gut, doubling him over and knocking the wind out of him.

Teddy now has a big problem; the guy has four friends. I open my eyes, and Jill is standing next to me. She is growling softly.

I use a soft voice, “Jill, protect me.”

Instantly the previously timid husky becomes a whirling dervish. Her eyes change from carefree to a killer. Her hair is up on end, she howls and then barks with her long teeth showing. This dog is all business now. The boys stop and think. The fifth friend is up, and he is talking them into attacking. Just one dog, they can take out one dog.

That is precisely when Bubba, Chip (Bonnie’s dog), and Jack (Bubba’s dog) walk in.

Bubba activates his dogs, “Jack, Chip, protect Pam.”

The two dogs are now next to me and are in attack mode like my dog. Bubba only has shorts and shoes on, his muscular body is on display. He shoots me a grin at seeing me naked. He takes a few quick steps towards the kids, easily dwarfing all of them. It’s obvious, he has no weapons.

Bubba says with a cocky attitude, “Since my sister is being protected by a woman and a pilot, it’s easy to see you’re up to no good.”

The first guy complains, “She said she was here to hand out blow jobs and eat pussy. I pointed her to my cock, and these two stopped her. We’re here just to have fun. I want my cock sucked.”

One of the men stupidly took a quick step towards Bubba and hit him in the stomach. Bubba laughs at the kid, reaches back, and clobbers him in the face. This is like slow-motion boxing, the head gets whacked, wobbles, and then the body goes down in a heap. What a stupid kid.

Bubba asks, “Anyone else want a try?” No takers.

Bubba commands me, “Pam, go to your room now. I’ll make sure nobody follows you.”

Teddy offers me a hand and wraps a towel around my waist. I get up, and then we assist Connie. She wraps a towel around my chest and kisses me. I walk out with them hand in hand. They don’t need to, but they walk me to my room. Zeus is nervous.

I tell Zeus, “Zeus, friends.” He is happy again. Jill takes her place by the door again.

I kiss both Teddy and Connie, then say goodbye as I step into the suite. I am exhausted, Hunter and Porsche are at it again. I hear her crying out an orgasm. They collapse in a heap. I get in bed after shucking the towels and curl up behind Hunter. I am interrogated about my pool trip. Hunter takes it well, I expected him to be furious with me. He wasn’t. I am in tears, I am tired, and I don’t understand Hunter’s attitude.

I ask Hunter, “Why aren’t you mad at me. I screwed up, I didn’t follow directions, I endangered people. I fucked everything up.” I am crying again.

Hunter is laughing at me.

Porsche explains to me, “Oh, Pam. He called the front desk to watch over you. Teddy’s a friend of his. You rode on his helicopter at least fifty times. When the guys showed up, the front desk called Bubba. He normally doesn’t take his dogs out at 4:00 AM.”

Hunter asks me, “Did you have fun?”

I answer, “What do you mean? I was scared, it was nerve-racking. But it was fun, it was awesome, it sucked, I was scared for my life. I was embarrassed a lot as well.”

Hunter shakes his head, “You’ve never done stuff like that before. Overall, did you have fun? Would you do it again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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